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E9 - The Greed of a Pig \ Disgrace in the Extreme

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:07] Russell
    If Crusch-sama's goal should be attained,
[00:10] Russell
    I'm sure it would suit your
    desires, Wilhelm-dono.
[00:13] Russell
    I expect the best.
[00:13] ---
[00:15] Russell
    My, how unusual it is to see you!
[00:20] Russell
    My apologies.
[00:22] Russell
    I am the treasurer of the
    capital's merchant guild.
[00:26] Russell
    My name is Russell Fellow.
[00:28] Russell
    It's a pleasure to meet you,
[00:32] Russell
    Natsuki Subaru-dono.
[00:37] Subaru
    Wilhelm-san, who was that?
[00:39] Wilhelm
    Russell Fellow.
[00:41] Wilhelm
    He is, despite what he said,
[00:43] Wilhelm
    a shrewd man with dealings in all of the
    capital's inner and outer financial matters.
[00:47] Wilhelm
    Now, I was just about to head back inside...
[00:54] Wilhelm
    Do you have something to say?
[02:29] Subaru
    Some people calling themselves
    the Witch's Cult
[02:32] Subaru
    plan to attack Roswaal's
    domain in three days.
[02:34] Subaru
    I want to ask for your help in stopping them.
[02:38] Crusch
    I see.
[02:39] ---
    So they have made their move.
[02:40] Felix
    It seems so.
[02:42] Felix
    Of course, from the moment Emilia-sama,
    a half-elf, entered the scene,
[02:46] Felix
    we foresaw something like this happening.
[02:49] Crusch
    I understand the situation.
[02:51] Crusch
    My next question is why you
    chose me to assist you.
[02:54] Subaru
    Because, to be honest, you seem
    the most likely to help right now.
[02:58] Subaru
    You've helped me and Rem—
[03:00] Crusch
    Don't misunderstand.
[03:01] Crusch
    I helped you two because I
    was contracted to do so.
[03:05] Crusch
    If you wish to negotiate, you need
    to show me what I stand to gain.
[03:08] Crusch
    Otherwise, there is nothing to negotiate.
[03:11] Crusch
    If, with my assistance,
[03:13] ---
    you can eliminate the threat
    posed by the Witch's Cult,
[03:16] Crusch
    what would my profit be?
[03:17] ---
    Tell me that.
[03:20] Subaru
    If you help me out with this problem,
[03:23] Subaru
    I'll owe a huge debt to your camp.
[03:27] Crusch
    Should I accept that proposal,
[03:29] Crusch
    it would mean Emilia drops
    out of the royal selection.
[03:33] Crusch
    You understand that?
[03:36] Crusch
    What did you expect?
[03:37] Crusch
    To place your own domain's survival
    in the hands of another lord calls
[03:40] Crusch
    into question your ability
    to rule the nation.
[03:43] Crusch
    With that in mind, I ask you again...
[03:45] Crusch
    If you incur a debt to me through this deal,
[03:48] Crusch
    it will mean the elimination of
    Emilia's camp from the race.
[03:51] Crusch
    Are you sure that's what you want?
[03:54] Subaru
    Even so...
[03:55] Subaru
    I still want your help.
[03:58] Subaru
    If she dies, everything ends, anyway.
[04:02] Crusch
[04:04] Crusch
    In that case, the Karsten family will
    lend you no assistance whatsoever.
[04:08] Subaru
[04:10] Crusch
    First of all, the condition
    of Emilia's withdrawal,
[04:14] Crusch
    which you offered in desperation
    as an advantage to me,
[04:18] Crusch
    carries no weight in this negotiation.
[04:21] Subaru
    But why?
[04:22] Subaru
    Isn't removing one of your rivals
    enough compensation?!
[04:25] Crusch
    Are you really not aware?
[04:27] Crusch
    Emilia's elimination from
    the royal selection
[04:29] Crusch
    will happen with or without my involvement.
[04:33] Subaru
    Then you'll just let the
    Witch's Cult slaughter
[04:36] Subaru
    all the people of that village
    in Roswaal's domain?!
[04:38] Crusch
    Don't change the subject, Natsuki Subaru.
[04:41] Crusch
    It is Emilia who lacks the
    power to protect that domain,
[04:43] Crusch
    and Emilia whose people will
    die for her incompetence.
[04:46] Crusch
    Not me.
[04:48] Subaru
    B-But isn't it wrong to know people
    will die and not stop it?!
[04:51] Subaru
    If you have the power to save
    them, why wouldn't you?!
[04:54] Felix
    Hey! I've heard enough of—
[04:55] Crusch
    It's fine.
[04:57] Crusch
    Allow me to correct one idea you have.
[04:59] Crusch
    Say the Witch's Cult does make a move.
[05:01] Crusch
    That what you say comes to pass.
[05:03] Crusch
    However, the problem comes afterward.
[05:05] Subaru
[05:07] Crusch
    It's simple.
[05:09] Crusch
    How do you know when and
    where they will attack?
[05:13] Subaru
[05:16] Crusch
    If you are a member of the Witch's Cult,
[05:19] ---
    it would make sense.
[05:20] Subaru
    That's bull—
[05:20] Rem
    Crusch-sama, please don't make jokes.
[05:23] Rem
    Of course Subaru-kun isn't a
    member of the Witch's Cult.
[05:26] Crusch
[05:27] Crusch
    Given what he has said,
[05:29] ---
    if he can't explain how
    he knows these details,
[05:31] Crusch
    I can draw no other conclusion.
[05:34] Crusch
    Have you never sensed any
    such inclination in him?
[05:38] Rem
[05:41] Crusch
    Regardless, I cannot lend
    assistance to Emilia—
[05:46] Subaru
    The Witch's Cult is coming!
[05:49] Subaru
    They're going to slaughter
    everyone in the village!
[05:54] Subaru
    Kill them...
[05:55] Subaru
    We just have to kill them!
[05:56] Subaru
    All we have to do is kill every
    single bastard in that cult!
[06:01] Subaru
    That will solve everything! Everything!
[06:04] Subaru
    You get that, right?
[06:05] ---
    We can't let those bastards live!
[06:08] Subaru
    I'm going to kill them!
[06:10] Subaru
    Please help me!
[06:16] Crusch
    Is this why you behave as you do?
[06:21] Crusch
    Your hatred for the Witch's Cult...
[06:22] Crusch
    Is that your real reason
    for approaching Emilia?
[06:26] Subaru
    No! I—
[06:28] Crusch
    What else could one call that glint
    in your eyes but murderous intent?
[06:35] Subaru
    Are you suggesting I'm using Emilia as a
    pretense for revenge against them?!
[06:39] Subaru
    My hatred has nothing to do
    with how evil they are!
[06:42] Subaru
    They can't be allowed to live!
[06:44] Subaru
    That's why we have to kill every one of them!
[06:47] Subaru
    That will save everyone!
[06:53] Crusch
    I'm certain I told you, Natsuki Subaru,
[06:55] Crusch
    that if your own lie doesn't fool you,
    it won't deceive others.
[06:58] Subaru
[07:00] Crusch
    You don't know why?
[07:02] ---
    Because you haven't once said
[07:03] Crusch
    that you want to save Emilia.
[07:16] Wilhelm
    I cannot allow you to come any closer.
[07:20] Rem
[07:22] ---
    please calm down.
[07:26] Crusch
    I can generally tell when the person
    I'm speaking with is lying.
[07:32] Crusch
    I'm quite proud of the fact that I have
    never been deceived in negotiations.
[07:37] Crusch
    Speaking from those years of experience,
[07:40] Crusch
    I can say you aren't lying.
[07:42] Subaru
    W-Well, then...
[07:43] Crusch
    You adamantly believe that
    your rantings are true.
[07:46] Crusch
    That is nothing short of madness,
[07:51] Crusch
    Natsuki Subaru.
[07:56] Crusch
    Felis, heal his lip.
[07:58] Subaru
    Don't bother!
[08:01] Subaru
    Rem, let's go.
[08:03] Crusch
    Do you have anywhere else to turn?
[08:05] Subaru
    I hope you become a great ruler.
[08:08] Subaru
    The kind of dictator who abandons the weak.
[08:16] Rem
    I thank you in my master's stead
[08:19] ---
    for the care you have given us.
[08:23] Rem
    What will we do?
[08:24] Rem
    If what you say is true, we have little time.
[08:28] Subaru
    "If" it's true?
[08:30] Rem
    We have little time.
[08:32] Rem
    Shall we return to Roswaal-sama's mansion?
[08:34] Subaru
    No, there's not much the two of us
    could do by going back there now.
[08:39] Subaru
    There aren't enough of us.
[08:41] Subaru
    What the hell is Roswaal doing?
[08:43] Rem
    Roswaal-sama has been required to visit
    some officials within the domain.
[08:49] Rem
    He will be staying with them for a few days.
[08:51] Subaru
    That's why he can't do
    anything about the attack?
[08:54] Subaru
    Then we won't get anywhere unless
    we can bring reinforcements...
[09:00] Subaru
    What about Reinhard?
[09:01] ---
    Wouldn't he help us?
[09:03] Rem
    He said yesterday that he would be
[09:05] ---
    away from the capital for a
    while on a courtesy call.
[09:07] Subaru
    Damn it!
[09:08] Subaru
    Why are you all so useless?!
[09:16] Subaru
    Tomorrow, we'll have to look
    for someone else to help us.
[09:19] Subaru
    You head to the knights' station.
[09:22] Subaru
    I'm going to talk to one of
    the other candidates.
[09:25] Rem
    Very well.
[09:27] Priscilla
    The Witch's Cult?
[09:29] Subaru
[09:30] ---
    If left alone, they'll hurt lots of people.
[09:33] Subaru
    Emilia won't be their only victim.
[09:36] Subaru
    I want to defeat them before that happens!
[09:38] ---
    That's why I—
[09:41] Priscilla
    Amusing! You are amusing!
[09:44] Priscilla
    Of course.
[09:45] ---
    Any jester who makes it this
    far has mastered his act.
[09:49] Subaru
    Wh-What's so funny about this?!
[09:51] Priscilla
    I can appreciate your desperation,
[09:53] Priscilla
    but you haven't thought things through.
[09:56] Priscilla
    In trying to aid your ally, you corner them,
    benefiting the enemy, and lose all control.
[10:01] Priscilla
    You're better off dying.
[10:04] Priscilla
    In fact, I could just lop off your
    head for you right now.
[10:11] Priscilla
    Still, even in the face
    of such harsh treatment,
[10:14] Priscilla
    the devotion you show for your master,
    at least, is commendable.
[10:19] Priscilla
[10:21] Priscilla
    I will give you an opportunity.
[10:24] Subaru
    A-An opportunity?
[10:24] Priscilla
    Yes, an opportunity.
[10:26] Priscilla
    What you would call a "chance."
[10:30] Priscilla
    Lick it.
[10:31] ---
[10:32] Priscilla
    Crawl on the floor,
[10:34] Priscilla
    savor the shame and humiliation,
[10:36] Priscilla
    and like a wretched beast,
[10:38] Priscilla
    like a baby suckling on its mother's teat,
[10:41] Priscilla
    lick my foot.
[10:44] Priscilla
    If you can do that,
    I'll consider your proposal.
[10:48] Priscilla
    If you don't want to, that's fine.
[10:50] Priscilla
    If you'd rather favor your minuscule pride
[10:53] Priscilla
    and abandon the mistress you wagged
    your tail for to the wasteland, then fine.
[10:57] Priscilla
    Either choice you make will entertain me.
[11:06] Subaru
[11:23] Priscilla
    I guess you really are just
    an insignificant man!
[11:31] Priscilla
    What you just displayed was
    neither loyalty nor devotion.
[11:34] Priscilla
    It's something more filthy, like a dog's
    dependence or a pig's greed.
[11:38] Priscilla
    You lazy pig who knows only how to want!
[11:40] Priscilla
    A pig's greed is the ugliest thing there is!
[11:44] Priscilla
    Even if the Witch's Cult is defeated,
[11:47] Priscilla
    I will strike down any camp you are part of!
[11:51] Priscilla
    Your careless behavior and attitude
    have led me to that decision!
[12:01] Priscilla
[12:03] Al
    Hey, now, what happened in here?
[12:05] Priscilla
    Throw that detestable fool out of here.
[12:07] Priscilla
    Or kill him if you want. It matters not.
[12:09] Al
    I think that matters quite a bit.
[12:12] Al
    Let's go, brother.
[12:15] Al
    Don't get so mad, Princess.
[12:17] Al
    That fierce look will make your
    cute face drop in value.
[12:20] Priscilla
    Unless you want your
    ruined face further ruined,
[12:23] Priscilla
    take him away at once, Aldebaran.
[12:25] Al
    I've told you not to call me that.
[12:29] Al
    Can you stand, brother?
[12:31] Subaru
[12:33] Al
    You seem okay.
[12:34] Al
    I don't know what you were talking about,
[12:37] Al
    but it looks like it didn't go very well.
[12:43] Al
    If I take too long,
[12:44] ---
    she might seriously tell
    me to chop you in half,
[12:48] ---
    so I'm heading back.
[12:49] Al
    Later, brother.
[12:53] Subaru
    That damn stuck-up bitch...
[12:55] Subaru
    She's forgetting that I saved
    her when we first met!
[13:01] Subaru
    Okay, change gears.
[13:02] ---
    This is no time to be bogged
    down by those idiots.
[13:04] Mimi
    Sniff, sniff. Sniff, sniff.
[13:06] Mimi
    That looks super painful! Are you okee?
[13:10] Subaru
[13:12] Mimi
    You smell like blood,
    and not just from your lip.
[13:15] Mimi
    Was your nose bleedy?
[13:17] Anastasia
    Now, Mimi, no getting into mischief.
[13:20] Mimi
[13:21] Anastasia
    I'm awful sorry she's been botherin' you.
[13:25] Anastasia
    Hmm? Aren't you...
[13:27] Anastasia
    Right, you're Natsuki-kun.
[13:29] Anastasia
    Emilia's knight, Natsuki Subaru-kun.
[13:32] Anastasia
    Ain't this a coincidence?
[13:35] Subaru
    Anastasia Hoshin...
[13:41] Mimi
    Let's eat!
[13:44] Subaru
    So, about the dragon-drawn carriage...
[13:46] Anastasia
    You don't beat around the bush.
[13:49] Anastasia
    You won't make anyone happy
    by puttin' your own goals first.
[13:52] Anastasia
    The basic rule of negotiation is to
    try to get on the other's good side.
[13:56] Anastasia
    That's where you're lackin', Natsuki-kun.
[13:58] Subaru
    Sorry, but I've got a real problem here.
[14:01] Subaru
    I want to leave the capital tomorrow, so...
[14:04] Anastasia
    When you're up against my kind,
[14:05] ---
    tryin' to appeal to sentimentality
    is the worst strategy there is.
[14:10] Anastasia
    But I applaud your effort.
[14:13] Anastasia
    It's no easy task to find a dragon-drawn
    carriage in the capital right now.
[14:18] Anastasia
    Apparently, someone's buyin' up all of 'em.
[14:21] Anastasia
    Here. The place at this address
    should have a carriage left.
[14:24] Anastasia
    I've signed it with my own name.
[14:27] Anastasia
    This'll square everything away.
[14:31] Subaru
    Don't put on airs.
[14:33] Anastasia
    I surely will put on airs.
[14:35] Anastasia
    It's no fun if I just hand
    it to ya normally, right?
[14:38] Anastasia
    I just wanted to chat with
    ya about this an' that.
[14:41] Subaru
    Why bother with that?
    You don't gain anything from it.
[14:45] Anastasia
    I believe there's nothin' in this
    world that has no meaning.
[14:50] Anastasia
    Ya never know who might
    give ya some inspiration.
[14:54] Subaru
    What do we talk about?
[14:57] Mimi
    Hey, my lady,
[14:58] ---
    I wanna eat some more!
[15:00] ---
    Can I order?
[15:01] Anastasia
    Sure. Eat all ya like.
[15:03] Anastasia
    Oh, but don't get your mouth
    all messy with sauce.
[15:06] Mimi
    Wipe my face, please!
[15:10] Mimi
    Yay! I'll be back!
[15:13] Anastasia
    Despite her looks,
[15:14] ---
    she's second-in-command in my private army.
[15:17] Subaru
    Private army?
[15:18] Mimi
    Um, um, I want this, too!
    And also, um, um...
[15:19] Anastasia
    It's quite famous in Kararagi.
[15:21] Anastasia
    The Hoshin Company's personal
    mercenary squad, Iron Fang.
[15:25] Anastasia
    Ain't she super cute?
[15:27] Anastasia
    Nothin' beats sleepin' with her in your arms!
[15:32] Anastasia
    Lots of people have been gatherin'
    in the capital lately.
[15:36] Anastasia
    Have ya noticed the atmosphere's
    different now, Natsuki-kun?
[15:40] Subaru
    Now that you mention it, everyone
    did seem to be in a frenzy.
[15:44] Subaru
    Because of the royal selection?
[15:45] Anastasia
    When those on top move, the people move.
[15:48] Anastasia
    When the people move, things move.
[15:50] Anastasia
    By the way, the value of goods in the
    capital is fluctuatin' a lot now,
[15:55] Anastasia
    but some of the most valued
    are iron products.
[15:58] Anastasia
    Weapons like swords and spears are bein'
    gathered from both inside and outside.
[16:02] Subaru
    Iron and weapons?
[16:04] Subaru
    They're not planning to go to war
    with those things, are they?
[16:07] Anastasia
    It's also possible their objective
    isn't to acquire the items,
[16:11] ---
    but to get the economy rollin'.
[16:13] Subaru
    The way you said that...
[16:14] Subaru
    Is it well known who's
    gathering all this iron?
[16:18] Anastasia
    It's someone you know well, Natsuki-kun.
[16:21] Anastasia
    Duchess Crusch Karsten.
[16:24] Subaru
    It's Crusch?
[16:26] Subaru
    Come to think of it, she did have
    a constant stream of visitors...
[16:30] Subaru
    I get it.
[16:31] ---
    That's why that Russell guy was there.
[16:35] Anastasia
    Russell Fellow?
[16:37] Anastasia
    He's quite a big fish.
[16:39] Anastasia
    This has been fairly informative.
[16:42] Anastasia
    Thank ya, Natsuki-kun!
[16:45] Anastasia
    You just left Crusch-san's place after
    fightin' with her last night, right?
[16:49] Anastasia
    So I figured it'd be easy to get
[16:51] ---
    all sorts of information from your
    mouth, eyes, and expressions!
[17:00] Subaru
    You set me up from the start?
[17:04] Subaru
    Are you happy with yourself,
[17:07] ---
    using underhanded methods like that?
[17:10] Anastasia
    If ya want to convince
    someone you're righteous,
[17:12] ---
    you've gotta show somethin' to merit it.
[17:15] Anastasia
    And I see no such thing in you.
[17:18] Anastasia
    The only way to change your reputation
    is to replace it with another.
[17:22] Anastasia
    What determines your reputation
    is the things you've done...
[17:25] Anastasia
    That is, your past.
[17:26] Anastasia
    And there's no way to change your past,
[17:29] Anastasia
    so my opinion of ya isn't
    gonna change, either.
[17:32] Anastasia
    The things you've done won't ever go away.
[17:39] Mimi
    You don't wanna get any closer to my lady.
[17:43] Mimi
    I'm super strong, you know.
[17:44] Anastasia
    Thanks, Mimi.
[17:47] Anastasia
    But ya don't have to do anything.
[17:49] Anastasia
    There's nothin' Natsuki-kun can do, anyway.
[17:52] Subaru
    Both of you are absolute scum!
[17:54] Subaru
    Screw you both!
[17:56] Anastasia
    I guess Julius's efforts went to waste.
[17:59] Anastasia
    It's partly my fault, though.
[18:03] Anastasia
    I guess even you wouldn't
    do something that dumb.
[18:06] ---
    I'm relieved.
[18:08] Anastasia
    Mimi, let's go.
[18:09] Mimi
[18:13] Anastasia
    One last thing.
[18:16] Anastasia
    The key to negotiation is how prepared
    you are before ya come to the table.
[18:21] Anastasia
    Know what the other person wants,
    and dangle it in front of 'em.
[18:25] Anastasia
    And since all you do is want,
    that's where you're lackin'.
[18:30] Anastasia
    Now, shall we go, everyone?
[18:41] Mimi
    See ya later!
[18:48] Mimi
[18:53] Subaru
    Damn it!
[18:59] Rem
    Subaru-kun, what's wrong?
[19:01] ---
    Did something happen?
[19:01] Subaru
[19:03] Subaru
    Rem, how did it go?
[19:06] Rem
    I reported the maneuvers of the
    Witch's Cult to the knights' station.
[19:11] Rem
    I gave them Roswaal-sama's name, but...
[19:14] Subaru
    We didn't get the response we wanted?
[19:17] Rem
    It seems the knights have received
    several such reports already.
[19:22] Rem
    They said, since the Cult's
    background is unclear,
[19:24] Rem
    they receive countless anonymous
    tips that cannot be verified.
[19:27] Subaru
    If that's how the real cultists stay hidden,
[19:30] ---
    it's no laughing matter.
[19:32] Subaru
    If we can't scrape a
    military force together...
[19:36] Rem
    What shall we do?
[19:42] Subaru
    We'll go back to the mansion.
[19:44] Subaru
    We'll go back and take Emilia
    and Ram away from there.
[19:47] Subaru
    To the capital or to where
    Roswaal is... Anywhere's fine.
[19:50] Subaru
    Where they are now is dangerous!
[19:53] Subaru
    There's no time.
[19:53] ---
    We should leave now.
[19:58] Subaru
    At this pace, we should reach
    the mansion by morning.
[20:01] Subaru
    Then we'll have plenty of time to take
    Emilia and run from the Witch's Cult.
[20:06] Subaru
    The question is how to transport her...
[20:13] Subaru
[20:16] Otto
    From here to the Mathers domain?
[20:18] Subaru
[20:19] Otto
    It's already late. Isn't it too dangerous?
[20:21] Otto
    We were planning to camp here tonight.
[20:24] Otto
    Would you care to join us?
[20:26] Guy
    You say that, Otto,
[20:28] Guy
    but I bet you just wanna get rid of some
[20:30] ---
    of the oil in storage that you
    bought out of season, right?
[20:34] Guy
    That's not my intention at all!
[20:37] Otto
    Though, it's not as if I wasn't hoping
    you could use a little oil...
[20:43] Rem
    What's this about oil?
[20:45] Otto
    Oh, I just made a bit of a mistake,
[20:48] Otto
    and now I have a lot of oil that
    isn't worth much right now.
[20:54] Otto
    Even if we go to the capital,
    I don't know if I can sell it all off...
[20:59] Otto
    And if I can't, I'm ruined!
[21:02] Otto
[21:05] Subaru
    Otto, I need to talk—
[21:07] ---
    I mean, ask for your help.
[21:09] Subaru
    I'll buy all the oil you
    have in your carriage,
[21:13] Subaru
    so lend us transport in return.
[21:16] Subaru
    All of the merchants and carriages here...
[21:18] Subaru
    Anyone who'll sell transportation
    for money, sell it to me!
[21:22] Subaru
    We're transporting people!
[21:23] Otto
    People?! We don't want any
    part in human trafficking!
[21:26] Subaru
    I'm not running that kind of side business.
[21:29] Subaru
    There's a village near the Mathers mansion.
[21:31] Subaru
    I want you to take its
    residents somewhere else!
[21:39] Rem
    We will, of course, thank you properly.
[21:45] Otto
    If we run through the night,
[21:47] Otto
    we should enter the Mathers
    domain by morning.
[21:51] Subaru
    Sorry we can't take breaks.
[21:53] Otto
    No problem!
[21:54] ---
    If I can get rid of my excess stock
    and even earn transport fees,
[21:57] Otto
    I feel invincible!
[21:58] Rem
    Subaru-kun, I'm sorry.
[22:00] Rem
    I'd like to check the map to
    confirm the remaining distance.
[22:04] Subaru
[22:05] Rem
    It's in your bag.
[22:08] Subaru
    Oh, this?
[22:10] Subaru
    It's too dark to see anything, though...
[22:13] Subaru
    Oh, I know.
[22:20] Rem
    Subaru-kun, what is that?
[22:22] Subaru
    A bit of lost technology...
[22:24] Subaru
    I mean, it's future technology
    called a cell phone.
[22:27] Subaru
    I guess it's a good thing it just
    barely has some battery left.
[22:30] Subaru
    Here, look.
[22:32] Otto
    Natsuki-san, what is that?
[22:35] Guy
    Never seen a crystalight like that before.
[22:37] Subaru
    It's a secret tool the margrave gave me.
[22:40] Subaru
    Sorry, but you should probably
    forget you ever saw it.
[22:43] Otto
    Whoa, why does that sound like dark
    dealings that reek of nothing but money?
[22:47] Rem
    Just a bit farther,
[22:48] ---
    and we should see Flügel's Tree.
[22:51] Rem
    If we head northeast from there,
    the Mathers domain isn't far.
[22:55] Subaru
    Flügel's Tree?
[22:56] Otto
    It's a huge tree standing so tall in the Lifaus
    Highway, it seems to pierce the clouds.
[23:01] Guy
    Legend has it that a wise man named
    Flügel planted it centuries ago.
[23:07] Subaru
    I see...
[23:09] Subaru
    I can't call that anything but amazing.
[23:16] Subaru
    Where'd the guy in the bandana go?
[23:19] Subaru
    He didn't get distracted by the tree
    and run off course, did he?
[23:23] Otto
    What's wrong, Natsuki-san?
[23:25] Subaru
    Where'd that buddy of yours go?
[23:27] Subaru
    The older guy in the bandana,
[23:29] ---
    who was riding on this side of us?
[23:34] Otto
    What are you talking about?
[23:36] Otto
    No one was riding on the
    opposite side of me.
[23:39] Subaru
SIGN    A Pig's Greed
[24:25] Rem
[24:45] Subaru
    What happened?
    What the hell is going on?!
[24:49] Rem
    Subaru-kun, stay down!
[24:51] ---
    We've lost our divine
    protection of Windbreak!
[24:52] Otto
    You didn't know?
[24:54] Otto
    There's only one being that can fly
    through fog with such a huge body!
[25:00] Otto
    The White Whale!
[25:10] Subaru
    Rem, do you see the White Whale?
[25:12] Rem
    I can't! It's too dark!
[25:14] Subaru
    What happened to the other carriages?
[25:16] Rem
    It seems they've scattered and fled.
[25:18] Rem
    But I don't know where they've fled to!
[25:20] Subaru
    Damn it!
[25:21] Subaru
    After we finally found some transportation...
[25:41] Rem
    Run past it to the left!
[25:43] Otto
    Left, left, left, left, left, left, left!
[25:54] Rem
    Eat this!
[26:03] Otto
    D-Did you get it?
[26:09] Subaru
    It didn't work.
[26:10] Otto
    Wh-Why is it zeroing in on us?
[26:13] Otto
    There are other carriages out there!
[26:16] Subaru
    Complaining won't change anything!
[26:19] Subaru
    Think... Think, think!
[26:22] Subaru
    We need a way out!
[26:23] ---
    Isn't there something? Anything?!
[26:27] Rem
[26:30] Rem
    Please accept this.
[26:32] Subaru
    Did you come up with something?
[26:34] Rem
    I will get off the carriage and intercept it.
[26:36] Rem
    You escape the fog in the meantime.
[26:40] Rem
    Otto-sama, please take care of Subaru-kun.
[26:43] Rem
    He has the payment we promised you.
[26:45] Otto
[26:47] ---
    That's the least of our problems now!
[26:48] Otto
    We have to stay alive first!
[26:51] Rem
    Subaru-kun, I'm not very smart,
[26:53] ---
    so this is the only plan I can think of.
[26:56] Rem
[26:57] Subaru
    Hold on, Rem!
[26:58] Subaru
    I won't let you! I won't let you go!
[27:01] Subaru
    If... If you die too, I'll...
[27:12] Rem
    I believe I was born for this very moment.
[27:19] Subaru
    What are you talki—
[27:23] Subaru
    What did you...
[27:26] Rem
    It will be all right.
[27:27] ---
    I'll always be watching over you from behind.
[27:57] Subaru
    Where's Rem?
[27:58] Otto
    Natsuki-san, you're awake?
[28:01] Otto
    Please don't move.
[28:02] ---
    The ground dragon's still
    running at full speed!
[28:04] Otto
    I don't have time to worry about you!
[28:07] Subaru
    I don't care about that!
[28:09] Subaru
    Where's Rem? What happened to Rem?!
[28:11] Subaru
    Answer me, Otto! What happened to Rem?!
[28:17] Otto
    So that we could escape,
[28:20] Otto
    she jumped out of the carriage
    to intercept the White Whale.
[28:29] Subaru
    Go back.
[28:30] Otto
[28:31] Subaru
    I said go back! We have to...
[28:34] Subaru
    We have to save Rem!
[28:36] Subaru
    Go back right now!
[28:39] Otto
    Wh-What good will that do?
[28:41] Otto
    Didn't you see how terrifying
    that White Whale monster is?
[28:45] Otto
    That would be suicide!
[28:46] Subaru
    I saw the monster up close!
[28:49] ---
    That's why I'm telling you to go back!
[28:51] Otto
    Have you gone insane?!
[28:54] Otto
    Do you want the hope that she
    left with us to go to waste?
[28:58] Subaru
    Don't you dare talk about Rem!
[29:00] Subaru
    You abandoned her!
[29:02] ---
    You have no right to talk about her!
[29:04] Subaru
    Go back!
[29:05] Otto
    You still don't understand how
    terrifying the White Whale is?!
[29:08] Otto
    When a punitive force assembled by
    Lugunica set out to subjugate it,
[29:12] Otto
    that monster killed the
    first Master Swordsman!
[29:15] Otto
    There's no way we can win!
[29:17] Subaru
    It killed... the Master Swordsman?
[29:21] Otto
    I'm weak, and so are you.
[29:24] Otto
    So there's no way we can save that girl.
[29:30] Subaru
    But I know Rem isn't actually strong, either.
[29:35] Otto
    We were fortunate to escape it for now,
[29:38] Otto
    but in this mist, there's no telling
    when it'll show up again.
[29:43] Subaru
    Otto, watch what you say!
[29:45] Otto
    Huh? What do you mean, Natsuki-san?
[29:47] Subaru
    Don't talk like this is some game!
[29:49] Subaru
    We were "fortunate"?!
[29:51] Subaru
    You must be joking!
[29:53] Subaru
    Do you know how Rem felt when she—
[29:55] Otto
    Who is Rem?
[29:57] Subaru
[29:59] Otto
    There was no one with that name
[30:02] ---
    among the merchants who separated from us.
[30:05] Otto
    Who are you talking about?
[30:14] Otto
    What do you think you're doing?!
[30:16] Subaru
    Cut the crap!
[30:17] ---
    You talk about how Rem let us escape,
[30:20] Subaru
    and then ask who she is?!
[30:22] Subaru
    Do you have a death wish?!
[30:23] Otto
    I'm telling you, I don't know
    what you're talking about!
[30:26] Otto
    Why are you suddenly talking like this?
[30:29] Otto
    Did seeing the White Whale
    make you lose your mind?!
[30:40] Otto
    Why? Why? Why is it so persistent?
[30:43] Otto
    I thought we'd left it behind!
[30:49] Otto
    Why is it only after us?
[30:52] Otto
    Even in this darkness... Why?
[30:55] Otto
[30:55] Otto
    Is... Is there some mark that it's following?!
[31:00] Subaru
    It can't be...
[31:02] Subaru
    That monster, the White Whale,
[31:07] Subaru
    is a mabeast, too?
[31:10] Subaru
    So it's being drawn to me?
[31:15] Subaru
[31:17] Subaru
    Rem, I... No...
[31:21] Subaru
    It's my fault...
[31:25] Otto
    Natsuki-san, please die.
[31:28] Subaru
[31:32] Otto
    It's all your fault!
[31:34] Otto
    It's following us because of you!
[31:36] Otto
    T-Take responsibility!
[31:39] Otto
    Die! Die so that I can live!
[32:09] Subaru
    I don't wanna die...
[32:13] Subaru
    No... I don't wanna die...
[32:16] Subaru
    Help... I don't wanna die!
[32:20] Subaru
    I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!
[32:22] ---
    I don't wanna die!
[32:24] Subaru
    No! No!
[32:25] Subaru
    Help me!
[32:27] Subaru
    No! I don't wanna die!
[32:33] Subaru
    I don't wanna die...
[32:50] Subaru
[32:58] Subaru
[33:00] Subaru
    Rem, forgive me.
[33:09] Subaru
[33:14] Subaru
    Where is he? Where's Otto?
[33:19] Subaru
    I see...
[33:28] Subaru
    Let's go.
[33:49] Subaru
    The forest?
[33:54] Petra
    Huh? Subaru?
[34:00] Mildo
    It is Subaru!
[34:02] Dyne
    What happened to you, Subaru?
[34:06] Lucas
    You're a mess, Subaru. You stink!
[34:11] Subaru
    You guys...
[34:15] Subaru
    I wasn't too late this time?
[34:21] Petra
[34:42] Subaru
[34:46] Ram
    Why are you so readily touching me, Barusu?
[34:48] Ram
    I understand that you're happy
    to see me after a few days away,
[34:51] Ram
    but don't instinctively jump on me like that.
[34:54] Ram
    It's indecent.
[34:56] Subaru
    Oh... Yeah, that's right...
[34:59] Ram
    So, Barusu, tell me what happened.
[35:03] Ram
    You were in terrible shape.
[35:04] Ram
    Your dislocated shoulder, split forehead,
    and broken ribs have been mended,
[35:09] Ram
    but if you move too much, they'll reopen.
[35:11] Ram
    I've discarded your muddy,
    blood-soaked clothes.
[35:13] Subaru
    Oh. Thanks.
[35:17] Subaru
    The one who healed my wounds...
[35:19] Ram
    It was Emilia-sama.
[35:25] Ram
    She didn't tell me what happened
    between you two in the capital.
[35:29] Ram
    I'm not interested.
[35:31] Ram
    Judging by your reaction,
[35:33] ---
    I'm sure you did something you shouldn't have.
[35:35] Subaru
    That's harsh.
[35:37] Ram
    I think it's an appropriate assessment.
[35:39] Ram
    Perfect for a loser who's afraid to approach
[35:41] Ram
    the heart of the matter and would do
    anything to put it off a little longer.
[35:53] Subaru
    Rem is dead.
[35:57] Subaru
    I... couldn't do anything.
[36:01] Subaru
    The fog... the White Whale...
    appeared on the road.
[36:04] Subaru
    So, to cover my escape, Rem...
[36:08] Subaru
    But... I was left alone in the fog,
[36:12] ---
[36:13] Ram
[36:16] Ram
[36:19] Ram
    Who is that?
[36:22] Subaru
[36:23] Ram
    Who is Rem, Barusu?
[36:26] Subaru
    Wh-What do you mean, "who"?
[36:28] ---
    Don't be ridiculous!
[36:29] Subaru
    Sh-She's your younger sister!
[36:32] Subaru
    You know, Rem! Rem! That Rem!
[36:34] Subaru
    This is no time for—
[36:35] Ram
    I have no younger sister.
[36:37] Subaru
    Don't say that! If not for Rem...
[36:40] Subaru
    That's right!
[36:41] ---
    What would you call that whole
    mess in the mabeast forest?!
[36:44] Subaru
    You, Rem, and I fought those mabeasts and—
[36:46] Ram
    Something is seriously wrong with you, Barusu.
[36:49] Ram
    I hate to admit it,
[36:50] ---
    but you were half-responsible
    for the ulgarm eradication.
[36:54] Ram
    Roswaal-sama and I handled the rest.
[36:58] Ram
    There was no place in it for this
    long-lost sister you call "Rem."
[37:04] Subaru
    That's not funny.
[37:06] Subaru
    Even for a nightmare, this doesn't make sense!
[37:08] Ram
    I am always serious.
[37:11] Ram
    You must be the one who's dreaming.
[37:13] Subaru
    Dreaming... Dreaming?
[37:16] Subaru
[37:18] Subaru
    That's bull!
[37:20] Ram
    Barusu, you shouldn't stand—
[37:21] Subaru
    Shut up! Just... Just be quiet and watch!
[37:33] Subaru
    It can't be...
[37:36] Ram
    Barusu, are you satisfied?
[37:39] Subaru
    Rem isn't...
[37:41] Ram
    No such person has ever lived in this room.
[37:50] Ram
    Go back to your room and sleep.
[37:53] Ram
    Your exhaustion is making you confused.
[37:59] Subaru
    All I have to do is run away,
    run away, run away.
[38:06] Subaru
    What good will running do?
[38:18] Subaru
    Lend me your courage, Rem!
[38:29] Emilia
[38:35] Emilia
[38:37] ---
    did you come back?
[38:41] Subaru
    Let's go.
[38:42] Subaru
    We can't stay here!
[38:44] Emilia
    Go? Where?
[38:46] Emilia
    No... Why?
[38:48] Subaru
    Anywhere that isn't here is fine!
[38:50] Subaru
    If you have to ask why,
    I'd say, "For your sake."
[38:54] Subabu
    I came back here for you!
[38:56] Emilia
    That again, Subaru?
[38:58] Emilia
    You came back covered in wounds
    and worried me to death.
[39:02] Emilia
    Weren't you in the capital
    being treated by Felis?
[39:05] Emilia
    Why are you here now?
[39:08] Subaru
[39:09] Subaru
    If you're going to protest,
    I'll drag you away if I have to!
[39:11] Subaru
    In a few days, you'll see I was right,
    whether you want to or not!
[39:15] Subaru
    So just...
[39:15] Emilia
    Wait! Wait, Subaru!
[39:17] ---
    What happened to you?
[39:18] Emilia
    You weren't this kind of person before.
[39:21] Emilia
    I thought you... And yet—
[39:23] Subaru
    Just be quiet and do as I say!
[39:26] Subaru
    You can't stay here!
[39:28] Subaru
    You'll regret it! You will!
[39:31] ---
    No one will be saved.
[39:32] Subaru
    I don't want to suffer and cry anymore!
[39:35] Subaru
    Just do as I say!
[39:38] Subaru
    Then everything will work out! It will!
[39:41] Subaru
    Why doesn't anyone understand?!
[39:45] Emilia
    I'm sorry.
[39:46] ---
    I don't understand what you're saying.
[39:50] Emilia
    I want to...
[39:52] Emilia
    But I'm not sure I have the
    time for that right now.
[39:57] Emilia
    There's so much I need to do.
[40:00] Emilia
    So for now...
[40:02] Subaru
    It won't work.
[40:05] Subaru
    It won't work.
[40:07] Subaru
    You won't work. You'll fail!
[40:09] Subaru
    You can't do it. It's no use.
[40:11] ---
    You're all talk! You can't save
    anyone, or be saved!
[40:14] Subaru
    You'll keep doing rash
    and unreasonable things,
[40:16] Subaru
    until you see as many corpses as the
    number of reckless decisions you made!
[40:19] Subaru
    That's your future!
[40:22] Emilia
[40:24] Emilia
    Why are you crying as if you're in such pain?
[40:32] Subaru
    After... After she sent me here...
[40:36] Subaru
    No, after she brought me here, there's...
[40:39] Subaru
    There's something I have to do for Rem's sake...
[40:43] Emilia
[40:47] Subaru
    You, too?
[40:49] Subaru
    You've forgotten Rem, too?
[40:51] Emilia
[40:54] Subaru
    Fine. I'll tell you everything.
[40:57] Subaru
    If all of you are going to forget Rem,
[41:00] Subaru
    I'd rather expose everything
    and end up vomiting blood!
[41:04] Subaru
    If you're coming for me, then come.
[41:06] Subaru
    I'll gladly give you my beating heart!
[41:11] Subaru
[41:13] Emilia
[41:16] Subaru
    I can use Return by Death to—
[41:40] Subaru
    What was that about?
[41:42] Subaru
[41:45] Subaru
[41:48] Subaru
[41:54] Subaru
    Don't... Wha... Huh?
[42:34] Beatrice
    You have the look of someone who believes
    he's the most unfortunate soul in the world.
[42:41] Subaru
[42:44] Beatrice
    Bubby won't come out, I suppose.
[42:53] Beatrice
    Don't worry. Bubby won't die, I suppose.
[42:56] Beatrice
    He just returned to his
    original form for now.
[43:01] Beatrice
    You have something you
    want to say, I suppose?
[43:08] Subaru
    Please kill me. Right here.
[43:13] Beatrice
    You would ask me to kill you?
[43:16] Beatrice
    That's too cruel, I suppose.
[43:19] Beatrice
    You understand nothing.
[43:21] Beatrice
    You understand nothing at all.
[43:24] Subaru
    Huh? Beatrice?
[43:26] Beatrice
    I won't grant any of your wishes, I suppose.
[43:30] Beatrice
    If you want to die, then die on your own.
[43:34] Beatrice
    Betty wants no part of it, I suppose.
[43:38] Subaru
    What are you...
[43:39] Beatrice
    Everything is already hopeless,
[43:42] Beatrice
    but your staying here is a problem.
[43:45] Beatrice
    I will at least protect
    this mansion, I suppose.
[43:51] Subaru
[43:53] Beatrice
    Betty is not like Roswaal.
[43:56] Beatrice
    Even if it would secure a future for me,
[43:58] Beatrice
    I've had enough of pain, suffering, fear...
[44:01] ---
    Everything, I suppose!
[44:10] Beatrice
    At least die where I
    can't see you, I suppose.
[44:26] Subaru
[44:33] Subaru
    Sorry... I'm sorry.
[44:35] Subaru
    I'm sorry.
[44:38] Subaru
    I'm so sorry...
[44:42] Subaru
    Someone... Anyone...
[44:47] Subaru
    Please kill me!
[45:03] Betel
    I've been waiting for you, believer in love.
[45:10] Subaru
[45:13] Betel
    My, my, my!
[45:14] Betel
    The one you're clutching to your chest there
[45:17] Betel
    wouldn't be the half-devil girl, would it?
[45:20] Betel
    How diligent you are!
[45:23] Betel
    Before we could even act,
[45:25] ---
    you took the half-devil's life
    in the name of the Ordeal!
[45:28] Subaru
    I'm diligent?
[45:31] Betel
    That's right!
[45:32] Betel
    You are diligent! Fantastic!
[45:38] Betel
[45:39] Betel
    Unable to overcome even one Ordeal,
[45:42] Betel
    much less to confront one of the sins,
[45:45] Betel
    and after all that waiting...
[45:47] Betel
    She trips over the first pebble
    in her path, and it's over.
[45:51] Betel
    Ah, you are
[45:53] Betel
    truly slothful.
[46:06] Betel
    Did you see the Unseen Hand just now?
[46:12] Betel
[46:14] ---
    That's bad.
[46:16] Betel
    This isn't right! It's all wrong!
[46:18] ---
    It's a mistake! A mistake!
[46:23] Betel
    My Authority...
[46:26] Betel
    The Authority of Sloth...
[46:28] Betel
    My Unseen Hand, granted to me by love...
[46:32] Betel
    No others can be allowed to see it!
[46:46] Betel
    You held her as if she were
    terribly precious to you,
[46:49] Betel
    but how beautifully will you cry when
    the half-devil's body is torn apart?
[47:01] Subaru
[47:03] Subaru
[47:07] Subaru
    Please stop!
[47:18] Puck
    What are you doing?
[47:24] Puck
    What are you doing to my daughter,
[47:29] Puck
    you scum?
SIGN    Disgrace in the Extreme