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E6 - Fanatical Methods Like a Demon \ Rem

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[00:00] ---
[00:03] Rem give up?
[00:05] ---
    Is there no other way to save...
[00:07] Beatrice
    ...all, I suppose.
[00:09] ---
    You can do as you like with him now.
[00:16] Rem
    I swear...
[00:18] ---
    I'll save you.
[00:25] Subaru
    Another unfamiliar ceiling...
[00:28] Subaru
[00:34] Subaru
    So they barely managed to save my life,
[00:36] ---
    and these are the scars...
[00:47] Subaru
[00:50] Subaru
    I guess now I owe her yet another debt.
[00:54] Puck
    I don't know about that.
[00:56] Puck
    This time, you produced results
    equal to the effort you invested,
[01:00] Puck
    so I doubt Lia will think of it as a debt.
[01:04] Subaru
[01:05] Puck
    Good morning, Subaru.
[01:06] Subaru
    You say these are results equal to my effort,
    but I don't remember anything
[01:11] ---
    after I got nommed on by
    those dogs in the forest.
[01:13] Puck
    "Nommed on"? That's a cute way to put it.
[01:16] Puck
    But it was actually...
[01:18] Puck
    Munch, gobble, snarf, chew,
     chomp, snap, crunch!
[01:22] Puck
    More like that.
[01:23] Subaru
    With all those sound effects,
    I should definitely be dead now.
[01:27] Subaru
    I think I'm five or six arms short for all that.
[01:29] Puck
    Yeah, well, the blue-haired maid
    took the rest of the damage.
[01:33] Puck
    She was in awful shape.
[01:35] Puck
    Though she heals fast, thanks to
    her demon transformation.
[01:40] Puck
    By the time she carried you
    back to the village,
[01:42] Puck
    she had no visible injuries.
[01:45] Subaru
    Don't scare me for no reason...
[01:47] Subaru
    Anyway, so Rem went back to the village, then?
[01:50] Subaru
    And what about the kids?
[01:52] ---
    Was the curse removed?
[01:54] Puck
    No worries there.
[01:55] ---
    Betty and I took care of it, so all's well!
[01:58] Puck
    Your judgment was right on the mark!
[02:01] Puck
    Clap, clap, clap.
[02:03] Subaru
    Has Emilia been here all night?
[02:05] Puck
[02:06] Puck
    She drained her resources,
[02:08] ---
    right down to her od, to heal you,
[02:11] Puck
    so you should let her sleep.
[02:27] ---
    I'm lost, trapped in my own past
[02:32] ---
    Telling myself that it's not true
[02:37] ---
    And that I don't really know
    if I can control it all at will
[02:42] ---
    The sky is growing hazy
[02:45] ---
    Where is the right answer?
[02:47] ---
    The only precious thing left in my hands
[02:53] ---
    Is a memory I'll never forget
[02:57] ---
    I shout over and over that
    I'll protect you to the end
[03:03] ---
    The love that I've grasped in
    the midst of all this rewinding
[03:08] ---
    I'll never let it go
[03:10] ---
    My scattered feelings become
    a wish I can only make once
[03:15] ---
    So I entrust it to the next incarnation of me
[03:20] ---
    The promise we once made
    will be my guiding light
[03:25] ---
    I'll make this vow for
    you, until the very end
[03:36] ---
    And by turning even my tears into
    strength, I'll reach my desired future
[03:53] Ram
    Barusu, you're awake?
[03:55] Subaru
[03:57] Subaru
    Listen, uh... I mean, about Rem...
[04:02] Ram
    How shameful you are,
[04:04] ---
    pestering others for food so soon
    after being that badly injured.
[04:07] Ram
    Maybe some dog rubbed off
    on you from the dog bites.
[04:10] Subaru
    How the heck does dog rub off?
[04:12] Ram
    Eat this.
[04:13] Subaru
[04:14] Subaru
[04:19] Ram
    Delicious, isn't it?
[04:20] Subaru
    I thought I was gonna die!
[04:21] Subaru
    But yes, it was good!
[04:23] Ram
    It's freshly made... I mean...
[04:26] Ram
    Freshly steamed.
[04:27] Subaru
    Why do you look so proud of yourself?!
[04:29] Ram
    Okay, okay.
[04:30] Ram
    You can have another, so be quiet and eat it.
[04:33] Ram
    And, well... As for last night,
    you have my honest thanks.
[04:37] Ram
    Nice work.
[04:39] Subaru
    "Nice work"? Always with
    the condescending tone...
[04:42] Subaru
    Was it something deserving of your thanks?
[04:47] Ram
    When the people of a domain suffer
    any loss, its lord is held liable.
[04:51] Ram
    If that pack of ulgarm had further
    endangered those children...
[04:55] Ram
    You were right to do as you did.
[04:58] Subaru
[05:00] ---
    That's what those black mabeasts are called?
[05:02] Ram
    Yes, but it's all right.
[05:06] Ram
    I reconnected the broken barrier,
[05:08] ---
    so the village is safe.
[05:19] Ram
    I kept an eye on the barrier overnight
    to ensure there were no problems,
[05:23] Ram
    so no ulgarm should be able to
    cross it and enter the village.
[05:27] Ram
    So you can relax.
[05:38] Subaru
[05:40] Subaru
[05:41] ---
    I heard you helped remove
    the curse from the kids.
[05:43] Subaru
[05:44] Beatrice
    No big deal.
[05:46] ---
    Betty only helped because
    Bubby asked, I suppose.
[05:50] Beatrice
    I have something more important to discuss.
[05:58] Subaru
    What did you bring me all
    the way out here to say?
[06:05] Beatrice
    In less than half a day,
[06:07] ---
    you will die, I suppose.
[06:12] Beatrice
    You don't look as disturbed as I expected.
[06:15] Beatrice
    I thought you'd scream and cry, I suppose.
[06:18] Subaru
    The curse still isn't lifted, then?
[06:22] Beatrice
    When the pack of mabeasts
    attacked you in the forest,
[06:24] Beatrice
    they planted another curse deep inside you.
[06:27] Subaru
    Can I ask why this one can't be removed?
[06:31] Beatrice
    That's simple, I suppose.
[06:32] Beatrice
    Too many curses have been placed on you,
    making it too complex to remove.
[06:38] Subaru
    Too many curses?
[06:40] Beatrice
    When there's only one, removing it
    is as simple as untying a knot.
[06:45] Beatrice
    But the curses on you are a complex
    web of many threads,
[06:49] Beatrice
    too tangled to undo.
[06:51] Subaru
    Well, I get the idea that it's
    high on the difficulty scale.
[06:54] Subaru
    But why half a day?
[06:56] Beatrice
    After half a day, mabeasts activate
    their spells to replenish mana.
[07:01] Beatrice
    The curse those mabeasts used drains
    a target's mana, I suppose.
[07:06] Beatrice
    In other words, they made you mabeast food.
[07:11] Subaru
    So they attack people because they're hungry?
[07:14] Subaru
    That's a wild animal for you.
    So simple-minded!
[07:17] Subaru
    I guess we should be thankful
    they never got hungry before now.
[07:21] Beatrice
[07:24] Beatrice
    aren't even scared, I suppose?
[07:26] Beatrice
    I'm telling you how much time
    you have left to live, you know.
[07:30] Subaru
    Well, sure, I'm scared.
[07:32] Subaru
    But I doubt you came here just
    to tell me I'm going to die.
[07:36] Subaru
    I don't think you're that mean.
[07:38] Beatrice
    What do you know about me, I suppose?
[07:41] Subaru
    If nothing else, I feel like I've known you
    four times longer than I really have.
[07:46] Beatrice
    You make no sense!
[07:49] Beatrice
    But it's a fact that the chance for you
    to be saved is much lower now.
[07:53] Subaru
    So tell me just how low it is.
[07:57] Beatrice
    We're talking about eating
    by means of a spell.
[08:00] Beatrice
    If the one that's eating dies,
[08:02] ---
    logic dictates the meal would
    be canceled, I suppose.
[08:05] Subaru
    So that's it...
[08:07] Subaru
    I just have to kill the things that cursed me.
[08:12] Subaru
    But there are too many of them.
[08:16] Beatrice
    That's why Bubby hasn't told
    that silly girl about the curse.
[08:20] Subaru
    Yeah, if Emilia knew, she'd definitely try
    to do more than she's capable of...
[08:24] Subaru
    Which makes me really happy,
[08:27] ---
    but also really scared.
[08:28] Subaru
    Man, the difficulty level here
    is seriously demonic!
[08:30] Subaru
    This is just plain impossible.
[08:32] Subaru
    I might as well give up—
[08:34] Rem
    So you're going to give up?
[08:36] Rem
    Is there no other way to save him?
[08:39] Beatrice
    His head must be hurting, I suppose.
[08:41] ---
    That's not surprising.
[08:45] Beatrice
    That's all, I suppose.
[08:46] ---
    You can do as you like with him now.
[08:50] Rem
    I swear... I'll save you.
[08:53] Subaru
    It can't be...
[08:55] Subaru
    Where... is Rem?
[08:59] Subaru
    Beako... Beatrice, where is Rem?!
[09:02] Beatrice
    What would you do in her position, I suppose?
[09:07] Ram
    I can't ignore what you just said.
[09:10] Subaru
[09:11] Ram
[09:13] Ram
    Rem didn't go to the forest alone, did she?
[09:18] Rem
    I... I have to do this alone.
[09:21] Rem
    No one else needs to get hurt anymore!
[09:26] Subaru
[09:28] Subaru
    Why would Rem go to such lengths for me?
[09:32] Subaru
    Hey, hold on!
[09:34] Ram
    Let go of me, Barusu!
[09:36] Ram
    I'm not calm enough to be kind right now!
[09:38] Subaru
    If you want to save Rem,
[09:40] Subaru
    and if you consider me an
    ally at all, listen to me!
[09:44] Subaru
    Do you know where Rem is?
[09:45] Ram
    If I use my clairvoyance, I will!
[09:47] Subaru
[09:49] Ram
    It's a power that allows me to see
[09:51] ---
    what the bugs and animals on
    my wavelength are seeing.
[09:55] Subaru
    So they're like your security cameras?
[09:58] Subaru
    Well, if we can use it
    to get to Rem, then fine.
[10:02] Subaru
    So, are you the kind of maid that fights?
[10:06] Ram
    What does that even mean?
[10:08] Subaru
    It means I'm going into the forest with you.
[10:11] Ram
    You're going to follow me?
[10:12] Subaru
    Yeah. I'm bound to slow you
    down in a fight, you know.
[10:17] Ram
    If you expect me to be able to fight like
    Rem does in her demon form, I can't.
[10:21] Subaru
    You're twins, right?
[10:22] Subaru
    If Rem is a demon, aren't you a demon, too?
[10:28] Ram
    Unlike Rem, I'm hornless.
[10:35] Ram
    I can only use a rather extreme
    bit of wind magic.
[10:40] Beatrice
    Going to retrieve the younger sister
[10:43] ---
    would mean giving up on your own life.
[10:46] Beatrice
    You do understand that, I suppose?
[10:49] Subaru
    That's not quite right. Let me correct you.
[10:52] Subaru
    It's dumb to get into the habit of
    giving up because you're used to dying.
[10:56] Subaru
    Life is precious! You only get one!
[10:58] Subaru
    I realized that when you guys went
    through so much to save mine.
[11:02] Subaru
    So if you don't mind, I'm going
    to struggle pathetically.
[11:05] Subaru
    Let's go make a comeback!
[11:08] Subaru
    I've bounced back from the
    terrible state I was in.
[11:11] Subaru
    I'm a greedy guy,
[11:13] ---
    and I want to see the continuation
    of this story, with me in it!
[11:17] Subaru
    Now, let's get moving to
    our last big showdown!
[11:21] Subaru
    Bring it on, Fate-sama!
[11:29] Ram
    You gave a pretty heroic speech back there,
[11:32] Ram
    but when I see you so close to
    becoming nothing but baggage,
[11:36] Ram
    it's difficult to hide my disappointment.
[11:38] Subaru
    I'm still recovering, so my energy
    is spent, and I'm low on blood...
[11:43] Subaru
    Oh, and I didn't get to hear
    Emilia-tan say, "See you soon."
[11:48] Ram
    Until you say, "I'm home," last night's
    "See you soon" is still in effect.
[11:52] Subaru
    I-Is that how it works?
[11:55] Ram
    Besides, didn't you get something from
    someone other than Emilia-sama?
[12:01] Subaru
    Yeah, something really awesome.
[12:05] Guy
    Take this.
[12:07] Guy
    It's the sharpest sword in the village.
[12:09] Subaru
    Thanks, man.
[12:10] Guy
    We're counting on you.
[12:11] Kid
[12:13] Kids
[12:14] Subaru
    Hey, you guys! You're awake?
[12:16] Mildo
    Where are you going?
[12:17] Petra
    Back into the forest?
[12:19] Lucas
    Don't go back there, Subaru!
[12:21] Subaru
    I'll be fine. Don't worry.
[12:23] Subaru
    I'm not going anywhere.
[12:24] Mildo
    What's the sword for?
[12:26] Subaru
[12:27] Guy
    It's a thank you gift from all of us.
[12:29] Petra
    I wanna thank you, too!
[12:30] Subaru
[12:31] Kid
    You can have this!
[12:32] Kid
    And this!
[12:38] Subaru
    Candy, a pretty stone...
[12:41] Subaru
[12:44] Subaru
    There was a freaking bug in it!
[12:46] Subaru
    Damn brats, sneaking that
    in while I was distracted!
[12:49] Subaru
    I'll give them a talking-to later!
[12:50] Ram
    It's just proof that they admire you.
[12:52] Ram
    I wonder what they see in a man like you...
[12:55] Subaru
    In the pure eyes of a child,
[12:57] ---
    my true, manly nature shines.
[13:00] Subaru
    Also, I'm not the only one they like.
[13:03] Subaru
    You could tell, right?
[13:06] Ram
[13:08] Kid
    Take this, too!
[13:09] Subaru
    Hey! Why did you put dirt in there?
[13:12] Kid
    Just accept it!
[13:13] Petra
[13:17] Petra
    We want to thank Rem-rin,
    too, so bring her over later!
[13:21] Petra
    Promise, Ram-chi!
[13:28] Ram
    Barusu, I'm going to use my clairvoyance.
[13:31] ---
    Wait a moment.
[13:50] Ram
    Barusu, something is watching us right now.
[13:53] Subaru
[13:54] Ram
    Up there.
[13:55] Subaru
[13:59] Ram
    More are coming.
[14:06] Subaru
    Hey! D-Don't just walk off!
[14:11] Ram
    Anyway, why does every individual lose their head when they see you?
[14:17] Ram
    I don't understand.
[14:22] Ram
    Because you seem so weak?
[14:23] Subaru
    After all that hesitation,
    that's your conclusion?
[14:25] ---
    How rude!
[14:26] Ram
    Because you seem like a wimp, then?
[14:28] Subaru
    That doesn't change the root of
    what you're saying, Onee-sama!
[14:35] Subaru
    Hey, can I ask what that "hornless"
    thing you mentioned means?
[14:46] Ram
    Nothing special.
[14:47] Ram
    Just as it sounds,
[14:49] ---
    it's another name for a foolish
    demon that lost its horn.
[14:53] Ram
    I got into a bit of trouble
    and lost my only horn.
[14:57] Ram
    I've relied on Rem for everything ever since.
[15:03] Subaru
    I guess I shouldn't have asked, huh?
[15:05] Ram
[15:06] Subaru
    Well, I don't know how important horns
    are to the race you call "demons,"
[15:11] Subaru
    but I assume it's a pretty serious problem.
[15:14] Subaru
    I just thought asking about it
    might have been insensitive.
[15:19] Ram
    Back then was one thing, but now,
    things have calmed down.
[15:22] Ram
    There are things I've gained, and
    lives I've saved, by losing my horn.
[15:26] Ram
    I'm sure Rem doesn't feel
    the same way, though.
[15:29] Subaru
[15:31] Ram
    Originally, members of the
    demon race had two horns,
[15:34] Ram
    but twins are born with just one horn each.
[15:39] Ram
    So twins are detested,
[15:42] Ram
    and it's customary to dispose of
    them immediately after birth.
[15:45] Ram
    But Rem and I were allowed to live.
[15:48] Ram
    A demon's horns awaken its demon instincts
[15:51] Ram
    and allow it to devour mana,
    heightening its combat ability.
[15:56] Ram
    But if one is reckless,
[15:57] ---
    the recoil will leave them battered.
[16:06] Ram
    I don't want to see Rem like that.
[16:09] Subaru
    Are you worried because you care for Rem?
[16:11] Ram
    Of course I am.
[16:13] Ram
    It's true that she is stronger than I am,
[16:16] Ram
    but that's no reason not to worry about her.
[16:21] Ram
    No matter what we're told to do,
    she does it far better.
[16:24] Ram
    But I am her older sister.
[16:27] Ram
    I won't waver from that position.
[16:31] Subaru
    Okay, I get it.
[16:33] Subaru
    I've got an idea.
[16:35] Subaru
    So don't worry.
[16:37] ---
    We'll bring Rem back safe!
[16:41] Subaru
    If my idea is right, they're sure to come.
[16:44] Subaru
    They'll be drawn here by my attempt
    to tell her about Return by Death.
[16:48] Subaru
    Ram, the thing is, I can Retur—
[16:53] Ram
    What's that?
[16:56] Subaru
    I made a wager that brought
    a bit of pain with it.
[17:00] Ram
    What did you do, Barusu?
[17:02] Ram
    The wind is erratic, and I
    smell beasts approaching!
[17:05] Ram
    A lot of them!
[17:06] Ram
    And we haven't found Rem yet!
[17:08] Subaru
    Well, don't worry.
[17:10] ---
    I'm pretty sure we'll cross paths soon.
[17:12] Ram
    What makes you so sure?
[17:14] Subaru
    Because of the witch's scent!
[17:18] Subaru
    Rem's goal is to hunt down
    all the mabeasts, right?
[17:21] Subaru
    The mabeasts will be drawn
    to the witch's scent
[17:24] ---
    and come right to me.
[17:26] Subaru
    Then Rem will have no choice
    but to follow them toward me.
[17:30] Subaru
    I call it "Operation:
    Natsuki Subaru Is the Bait"!
[17:37] Subaru
    Okay, I'm gonna have to rely on you
    to do the fighting, so go for it!
[17:41] Ram
    When this is over, take an objective
    look at what you just said
[17:45] Ram
    until you wish you were dead!
[17:58] Subaru
    This is what I get for believing you
    when you said you could fight!
[18:01] Ram
    Well, I was fighting, wasn't I?
[18:04] Ram
    My strength just didn't hold out
    as long as I thought it would.
[18:07] Subaru
    Damn it!
[18:11] Subaru
[18:15] Subaru
    D-Damn it all!
[18:23] Subaru
    We were almost dead meat...
[18:27] Ram
    If we fall, we'll both be in trouble.
[18:30] Ram
    Barusu, can you climb up?
[18:33] Subaru
    I'd like to make it up by sheer willpower,
[18:35] Subaru
    but the mabeasts waiting
    up there are a problem—
[18:39] Subaru
    The sharpest sword!
[18:41] Ram
    El Fula!
[18:47] Subaru
    That was close...
[18:50] Subaru
    Seriously, Ram-sama had timing like Buddha...
[18:53] Subaru
    Huh? Hey, Ram...
[18:56] Subaru
[18:57] Subaru
    Damn it... You can't be serious!
[19:06] Subaru
    Shit, this timing couldn't be worse...
[19:16] Subaru
[19:20] Subaru
    Thank goodness you're alive! We're saved!
[19:32] Subaru
    Damn it.
[19:33] ---
    She can turn into a demon,
    but she can't control it?!
[19:40] Subaru
    Hey, Rem! My name is Natsuki Subaru!
[19:43] Subaru
    A completely useless trainee in odd jobs!
[19:44] Subaru
    The Roswaal mansion's most promising servant!
[19:47] Subaru
    I've always caused trouble for you and Ram,
[19:49] Subaru
    but we've been friends at times,
[19:50] ---
    and we've fought at times—
[19:52] Subaru
    Trying to beat me to death while
    I'm still talking is bad manners!
[20:11] Subaru
    Now's my chance...
[20:27] Subaru
    Damn, it's no use! I can't ignore her!
[20:29] Subaru
    Take the plunge, Subaru!
[20:31] Subaru
    Men are about guts,
    and women are about beauty!
[20:34] Subaru
[20:37] Subaru
    Quit making that scary face,
    and try to smile, Rem!
[20:40] Subaru
    I can Return by—
[20:57] Ram
    Her horn...
[20:57] Subaru
    You're awake?!
[20:59] Ram
    That should have been the perfect moment.
[21:02] Subaru
    You've got good intuition, Onee-sama!
[21:04] Subaru
    What about her horn?
[21:06] Ram
    It's the horn that's making Rem a demon.
[21:09] Ram
    One good, solid hit should
    bring her back to normal.
[21:12] Subaru
    You're sure?
[21:13] Ram
    I am. I think. I hope.
[21:16] Subaru
    That's vague!
[21:21] Subaru
    A hit to that one spot...
[21:23] ---
    Doesn't that seem impossible?
[21:25] Ram
    Muster up all your wisdom and
    courage, and do something.
[21:27] Subaru
    I actually do have an idea for
    something we could do,
[21:31] Subaru
    but it'll make you mad.
[21:34] Ram
    If it'll bring my sister back to
    her senses, I won't get mad.
[21:38] Subaru
[21:39] Ram
[21:40] Subaru
    You swear to Ros-chi?
[21:42] Ram
    That's the most reckless name
    you could have chosen.
[21:46] Ram
    Yes, I swear to Roswaal-sama.
[21:49] Subaru
    All right!
[21:52] Subaru
[21:54] Subaru
[22:07] Subaru
    I freaked out!
[22:08] ---
    I didn't have the guts to take that last step!
[22:33] Subaru
    If I let this chance go by,
    there won't be any others!
[22:37] Subaru
    Smile, Rem!
[22:40] Subaru
    Today, I'm more demonically
    inspired than a real demon!
SIGN    Demonically Inspired Methods
[23:00] Chief
    To us of the demon clan, twins are taboo.
[23:05] Mom
    Please wait, Chief!
[23:07] Chief
    No! To protect our pride as a race,
[23:11] Chief
    we must dispose of them.
[23:13] Chief
    Such is the demon clan's custom!
[23:16] Chief
    It is our law!
[23:47] Chief
    This child is...
[24:14] Chief
    She is a true prodigy.
[24:16] Guy
    Such power, with only one horn!
[24:19] Guy
    If she had two horns...
[24:25] Dad
    Very good, Ram!
[24:27] Mom
    Rem, you'll have to follow your
    sister's example and work hard.
[24:30] Dad
    Don't worry.
[24:31] ---
    One day, Rem will show us that
    she has incredible power.
[24:34] Mom
    You're right. She is Ram's sister, after all.
[24:38] Dad
    We expect great things.
[25:00] Ram
    Don't worry.
[25:03] Rem
[25:04] Ram
    Just be you, Rem.
[25:06] Ram
    You don't have to worry about what people say.
[25:29] Rem
    I can never match my sister in demon power.
[25:33] Rem
[25:42] Rem
    Hey, Mom...
[25:45] Mom
    What is it, Rem?
[25:47] Mom
    I'll make dinner tomorrow.
[25:52] Ram
    What are you going to make for dinner?
[25:54] Rem
[25:55] ---
    Maybe a stir-fry with barbaro rabbit meat
    and nuts from the trees in the forest.
[26:00] Rem
    And steamed tatoes!
[26:02] Ram
    I'll help you.
[26:03] Rem
    No, I'll be fine by myself.
[26:06] Rem
    Just watch me.
[26:16] Rem
    Now I just need a barbaro rabbit...
[26:48] Rem
[26:58] Mom
    I'm just so glad you're both all right.
[27:01] Rem
[27:03] Dad
    Rem, don't go into the forest alone again.
[27:06] Mom
    You don't want to worry your sister.
[27:09] Rem
    Yes, Mom. I'm sorry.
[27:13] Ram
    Wait, don't forget about this.
[27:16] Ram
    The steamed tatoes Rem made are really good.
[27:21] Ram
    They have just the right amount of salt.
[27:23] Dad
    You're right! They are good!
[27:26] Mom
    I had no idea Rem could make
    something so delicious!
[27:41] Mom
    That's enough, Rem.
[27:44] Mom
    I'm just happy both of you are all right.
[27:47] Dad
    Yes, we're so glad you're both safe.
[27:51] Chief
    No, it would have been better
    if only Ram had been safe.
[27:55] Guy
    That's right.
[27:57] Guy
    You said it.
[28:00] Mom
    Yes, if only that useless Rem had died...
[28:03] Dad
    ...and only Ram had lived,
    that would have been best.
[28:28] Ram
    You were having a scary dream, weren't you?
[28:31] Ram
    You were moaning.
[28:33] Rem
[28:35] Ram
    It's all right. I'm with you.
[28:38] Ram
    So you don't have to worry about anything.
[28:41] Rem
    Right, Sissy.
[28:45] Rem
    I love you.
[28:49] Rem
    My sister really is amazing.
[28:51] ---
    I can't match her in anything.
[28:53] Rem
    In that case, I don't have
    to do anything anymore.

[28:57] Rem
    I can just walk behind her.
[29:09] Rem
[29:45] Rem
[29:57] Ram
    Rem... I'm glad you're safe.
[30:17] Rem
    It finally broke off.
[30:21] Rem
    Because of me,
[30:23] ---
    my sister's horn was broken,
[30:26] ---
    and she lost her power.
[30:28] Rem
    From now on, I have to learn to
    do all the things that Sissy...

[30:32] ---
    That Sister could do.
[30:35] Rem
    This is what Sister would have done.
[30:37] Rem
    Sister is even more amazing.
[30:39] Rem
    Sister could do even more.
[30:41] Rem
    I'm only imitating what Sister could do.
[30:44] Rem
    If I can't even do that satisfactorily,
[30:47] Rem
    I'm worthless.
[30:49] Roswaal
    You're doing a fine job.
[30:51] Rem
    I heard those words back home many times.
[30:56] Ram
    Don't overdo it.
[30:58] Rem
    Even if I overdo everything,
    it will never be enough.

[31:02] Frederica
    Why do you try so hard?
[31:05] Rem
    Why else? Because nothing I do is enough.
[31:09] Rem
    Why should I go on living?
[31:11] Rem
    All of this is my atonement for
[31:15] ---
    what I thought on that fiery night.
[31:18] Rem
    What can I do to atone?
[31:21] Rem
    I'll risk my life to walk the path
    that Sister would have walked,

[31:25] Rem
    the path I took from her.
[31:28] Rem
    Because I'm inferior to her in every way.
[31:31] Rem
    I'm nothing but a replacement.
[31:37] Ram
    Barusu, head to the right of
    that broken tree ahead!
[31:40] Ram
    You're too slow!
[31:41] Subaru
    Don't ask any more of me!
[31:43] Subaru
    I'm running... as fast as I can!
[31:45] Rem
    Subaru-kun... What...
[31:49] Subaru
    You're awake, Rem?
[31:51] Ram
    Thank goodness, Rem.
    You really are a handful.
[31:56] Ram
[32:06] Rem
[32:08] Rem
    Why didn't you just leave me alone?
[32:12] Rem
    You and Sister showing up
    makes it all pointless...
[32:17] Rem
    I have to do it by myself.
[32:19] Rem
    No one else needs to get hurt anymore...
[32:22] Subaru
    Too late for that.
[32:23] Subaru
    Ram and I are already torn to shreds,
    maybe even more than you!
[32:27] Subaru
    My right shoulder's dislocated!
[32:30] Rem
    It's... It's my fault.
[32:33] Rem
    So I have to take responsibility.
[32:36] Rem
    If I don't, I can't do anything
    for Sister, or for you...
[32:42] Rem
    I haven't changed at all.
[32:46] Rem
    I committed the same sin I did back then.
[32:50] Rem
    Because I hesitated to
    extend my hand to you...
[32:55] Rem
    The witch's scent?
[32:57] Rem
    You nearly died.
[33:03] Subaru
    I'm not sure what you're talking about,
[33:05] Subaru
    but you decided to do this
    alone to atone for that?
[33:10] Subaru
[33:14] Rem
[33:15] Subaru
    Super slap!
[33:19] Subaru
    For starters, are you dumb?
[33:21] Subaru
    No, you are dumb!
[33:23] Ram
    Barusu, the cut on your forehead
    is reopened and bleeding again.
[33:26] Subaru
    Yeah, I know I'm dumb, too!
[33:28] Subaru
    But your sister is even dumber!
[33:31] Subaru
    Listen, where I'm from, there's a saying,
    "Three heads are better than one."
[33:36] Subaru
    Wait, is it two heads?
[33:37] Subaru
    Whatever! The point is,
[33:38] ---
    three heads thinking together are
    harder to break than one arrow alone!
[33:43] Subaru
    It means you should rely on
[33:44] ---
    those around you instead of
    thinking about stuff alone!
[33:47] Rem
[33:53] Subaru
[33:55] Subaru
    Ram, which way should we run
    to get outside the barrier?
[33:58] Ram
    We'd have to run left at full
    speed. What's your plan?
[34:03] Subaru
    I could shove Rem toward you and
    run tragically to the right—
[34:07] Ram
    You'll draw the ulgarm's attention
[34:08] ---
    while I take Rem and run?
[34:10] Subaru
    Could you not expose my attempt at
    hiding my embarrassment so easily?!
[34:13] Rem
    There's no way you'll survive.
[34:15] Rem
    Please don't. If you do that, I'll...
[34:19] Subaru
    Don't worry.
[34:21] ---
    I have a brilliant plan you don't know
    about to round up all the mabeasts.
[34:25] Rem
    Subaru-kun, why would you do all this?
[34:29] Subaru
[34:35] Subaru
    You were my partner on my very first date.
[34:39] Subaru
    I wouldn't be so heartless as to desert you.
[34:45] Subaru
    All right, guess I'd better go and do this.
[34:49] Subaru
    Take care of Rem, Onee-sama!
[34:51] Ram
    I'll be praying for our safe reunion, Barusu.
[34:55] Ram
    Barusu's risking his life to buy us time.
[34:58] Ram
    Let's make the most of it.
[35:07] Subaru
    I'd love to finish you off right about now...
[35:22] Subaru
    I've got an ace up my sleeve, too!
[35:25] Subaru
    It's you and me, pal. Get ready!
[35:29] Rem
    Sister! Subaru-kun is... Subaru-kun is...
[35:32] Ram
    Don't look back, Rem.
[35:33] ---
    Barusu's determination will be for nothing.
[35:43] Rem
[35:53] Rem
[35:58] Subaru
[36:11] Subaru
    I could do without the bugs,
    but I appreciate the bocco fruit!
[36:14] Subaru
    Thanks for that, brats!
[36:19] Subaru
[36:25] Subaru
    You need to die!
[36:31] Subaru
    What's the matter?
    Bring it on, boss garm!
[36:37] Roswaal
[36:47] Roswaal
    Oh, my! You look an absolute fright!
[36:53] Subaru
    You're way late, Ros-chi...
[37:00] Subaru
    I'm surprised you knew
    where to find me, though.
[37:03] Roswaal
    Emilia-sama drove it into me
    quite thoroughly in the village.
[37:08] Roswaal
    "Even if it's rash or reckless,
    he'll use magic if he's cornered,
[37:12] Roswaal
    so don't lose sight of
    him from above," she said.
[37:15] Ram
[37:22] Ram
    I'm sorry to cause so much trouble for you.
[37:25] Roswaal
    Oh, not at all.
[37:27] Roswaal
    In fact, you both did fine work in my absence.
[37:33] Roswaal
    I will most certainly show my gratitude
    for what you've done for me.
[37:37] Roswaal
    You have my word.
[37:40] Rem
[37:41] Subaru
    Rem, that hurts! Stop!
[37:44] Subaru
    I'm kinda hurt all over right now...
[37:47] Rem
    You're alive... You stayed alive...
[37:49] Rem
    Subaru-kun! Subaru-kun! Subaru-kun!
[37:53] Subaru
    This... again...
[38:09] Rem
    Are you awake?
[38:19] Subaru
    Did I do this? Like, grabbed you
    and never let go?
[38:24] Rem
    No, um... This is, well...
[38:27] Rem
    It was me.
[38:29] Rem
    You looked like you were in
    pain while you slept, so I...
[38:35] Subaru
    You held my hand?
[38:37] Rem
    I don't know what to do at times like these,
[38:41] Rem
    so I did what would have made me the
    happiest if I were in your place...
[38:46] Subaru
    Anyway, I'd like to hear the rest... I mean,
[38:49] Subaru
    I'd like to know how it ended.
[38:51] Subaru
    Were my curses removed?
[38:54] Rem
    Yes. Roswaal-sama took
    care of all the mabeasts.
[38:59] Rem
    So there's no chance
    the curses will activate.
[39:06] Rem
    I'm sorry, Subaru-kun.
[39:09] Subaru
    Hey, come on... Lift your head, Rem.
[39:11] Subaru
    There's nothing wrong with me.
[39:16] Subaru
    You always look calm,
[39:18] ---
    but you're not calm or
    collected at all, are you?
[39:22] Rem
    I do realize
[39:24] Rem
    that I am a powerless and
    incompetent demon clan dropout.
[39:29] Rem
    So no matter what I do,
    I can never match my sister.
[39:33] Rem
    I'm only her replacement,
[39:35] Rem
    and one far inferior to her.
[39:37] ---
    Good for nothing.
[39:43] Rem
    Why was I the one to keep my horn?
[39:48] Rem
    Why couldn't Sister be
    the one to keep her horn?
[39:53] Rem
    Why was she born with only one horn?
[39:59] Rem
    Why did we have to be twins?
[40:05] Rem
    I'm sorry. That was a strange
    thing for me to say.
[40:09] Rem
    Please forget it.
[40:13] Subaru
    You know, Rem, you keep
    putting Ram on a pedestal
[40:18] ---
    and undermining yourself,
[40:20] Subaru
    but I don't think Ram's situation would be
[40:22] ---
    any better if she were in your position.
[40:25] Subaru
    Ram is weaker than you, she can't cook,
[40:28] Subaru
    she slacks off on the job,
    she says mean things...
[40:30] Rem
    Y-You're wrong!
[40:32] Rem
    Sister's true self is more...
[40:34] ---
    If she had her horn, you wouldn't say...
[40:37] Subaru
    But Ram doesn't have her horn,
[40:40] ---
    so I don't know that Ram.
[40:43] Subaru
    I'm pretty sure you're the only one
[40:45] ---
    who cares whether she has a horn or not.
[40:49] Subaru
    What Ram doesn't have, you do.
[40:53] Subaru
    Just accept that.
[40:55] Subaru
    You're kind, you're hardworking,
    you always do your best,
[40:59] Subaru
    and your chest is bigger than hers!
[41:02] Subaru
    If you hadn't been around, those dogs
    would've chewed me to death.
[41:08] Subaru
    I was saved because you were there.
[41:11] Subaru
    And as you can see, I'm alive.
[41:13] Subaru
    Not only because of your sister,
[41:16] ---
    but because of you.
[41:20] Rem
    My true Sister could have done much more.
[41:23] Subaru
    Maybe so.
[41:26] Subaru
    But the one who was there for me was you.
[41:31] Subaru
    I'm glad you were there.
[41:33] ---
    Thank you.
[41:36] Rem
    I... I told you that I'm only
    my sister's replacement...
[41:41] Subaru
    Don't define yourself that way. It's too sad.
[41:44] Subaru
    Of course, I haven't heard the details
    of how she lost her horn,
[41:47] Subaru
    and I won't ask, so I'll never know.
[41:50] Subaru
    And since I don't know, I get to
    talk as if I know all about it.
[41:56] Subaru
    All you have to do is be the
    horn Ram doesn't have.
[42:00] Subaru
    You two can be a demon together.
[42:05] Subaru
    Also, you call yourself a replacement,
[42:08] Subaru
    but no one could replace you.
[42:11] Rem
[42:12] Subaru
    Where I come from, there's a saying,
[42:14] Subaru
    "Demons laugh when you talk about next year."
[42:18] Subaru
[42:20] Subaru
    Laugh, Rem.
[42:22] Subaru
    Wipe off the sad face and laugh.
[42:25] Subaru
    Laugh while we talk about the future!
[42:29] Subaru
    Let's talk while looking
    forward to make up for
[42:32] Subaru
    all the time you've wasted looking back.
[42:35] Subaru
    We can start by talking about tomorrow.
[42:37] Rem
[42:39] Subaru
    Yep, tomorrow.
[42:41] Subaru
    You can say anything, like...
[42:43] Subaru
    Whether you'll make a Japanese- or
    Western-style breakfast tomorrow,
[42:49] Subaru
    or whether you'll put on your
    right or left shoe first.
[42:52] Subaru
    It can be something silly like that.
[42:55] Subaru
    No matter how silly it is,
[42:57] ---
    you can talk about tomorrow
    because you have a tomorrow.
[43:00] Subaru
    How about it?
[43:02] Rem
    I am... very weak.
[43:06] Rem
    So I'm sure I'll end up leaning on you.
[43:10] Subaru
    What's wrong with that?
[43:12] Subaru
    I'm weak, stupid, scary-looking, and dense.
[43:17] Subaru
    But I still live my life expecting others
    to take care of things for me.
[43:23] Subaru
    We can lean on each other as we move forward.
[43:27] Subaru
    Let's laugh and talk about tomorrow with
    our arms around each other's shoulders.
[43:32] Subaru
    It's always been my dream to talk
    about next year with a demon
[43:35] ---
    while we both laugh!
[43:40] Rem
    You are demonically inspired.
[43:44] Subaru
SIGN    Rem
[44:08] Roswaal
    By the way, Ram,
[44:09] ---
    did you find the one who was
    controlling the mabeasts?
[44:14] Ram
    Yes, but the trail has already vanished.
[44:18] Ram
    It seems one of the children that
    Barusu and Rem brought back
[44:22] Ram
    from the forest disappeared the next day.
[44:24] Roswaal
    Was this all connected to the
    battle for the throne, as well?
[44:28] Roswaal
    The Bowel Hunter, mabeast masters...
[44:30] Roswaal
    We've gotten involved with
    some bizarre characters.
[44:33] Ram
    No matter how many strange
    characters you face,
[44:36] Ram
    you aren't the sort of man
    to lose heart, are you?
[44:39] Roswaal
    My, how audacious you've become.
[44:44] Roswaal
    Come here.
[44:48] Roswaal
    Now, shall we begin?
[44:52] Roswaal
    I was unable to attend to you
    for a whole night, after all.
[44:55] Ram
    I'm sorry. Please do.
[44:58] Roswaal
    You've used quite a lot of mana.
[45:01] Roswaal
    May the stars protect you.
[45:09] Roswaal
    I will be busy again for a time.
[45:11] Roswaal
    I know it will be hard on you,
    but I'll be counting on you and Rem.
[45:16] Ram
    As you wish.
[45:18] Ram
    Since that fiery night,
[45:21] ---
    my body has belonged to you, Roswaal-sama.
[45:23] Roswaal
    I must win this battle for the throne,
    no matter what it takes.
[45:28] Roswaal
    For the sake of my goal...
[45:33] Roswaal
    For the coming day when I kill the dragon...
[45:37] Emilia
    You're constantly getting hurt,
    aren't you, Subaru?
[45:41] Emilia
    You came to this mansion in the
    first place because you were injured.
[45:45] Emilia
    It's only been four days since then.
[45:48] Subaru
    It's not like I get hurt because I want to.
[45:51] Subaru
    The world's just a little harsh on me...
[45:55] Subaru
    So you're welcome to spoil me rotten,
    since no one else will, Emilia-tan!
[46:00] Emilia
    Don't joke around.
[46:01] Emilia
    Puck kept trying to stop me from
    going after you guys, too.
[46:06] Emilia
    Who knows what would've happened
    if Roswaal hadn't made it back?
[46:09] Emilia
    Do you get it?
[46:12] Emilia
    Still, I suppose you saved me again.
[46:15] Subaru
[46:16] Emilia
    I brought you to the mansion
    as thanks for saving me,
[46:20] ---
    and now...
[46:22] Emilia
    Still, thank you so much!
[46:26] Subaru
    Hey, it's fine, it's fine!
[46:28] Subaru
    I only did it because I wanted to!
[46:31] Emilia
    I thought you'd say that,
[46:33] ---
    but it doesn't make me feel any better.
[46:35] Emilia
    I need to do something to thank you...
[46:38] Subaru
    I see. Well, then, I'll take you up on that.
[46:42] Subaru
    Go on a date with me, Emilia-tan!
[46:44] Emilia
    A "date"?
[46:46] Subaru
    We'll go out together, see the same things,
[46:49] Subaru
    eat the same things, do the same things,
[46:51] ---
    and share the same memories.
[46:54] Emilia
    And that's all you want?
[46:56] Subaru
    That's exactly what I want.
[46:58] Subaru
    I want to show you off to the village kids,
[47:00] Subaru
    and there's this awesome flower field!
[47:03] Subaru
    Even if all we do is stroll around,
    it'll be a special occasion for me!
[47:11] Emilia
    All right. I'll go on a "date" with you.
[47:18] Subaru
    Yes! That's why you're my EMF!
[47:22] Subaru
    Oh, "EMF" stands for "Emilia-tan, major fairy"!
[47:39] ---
    Oh, please don't let me die
[47:41] ---
    Waiting for your touch
[47:47] ---
    No, don't give up on life
[47:49] ---
    This endless dead end
[47:56] ---
    A clock telling the wrong time marks out my life
[48:00] ---
    The sands of my memory spill over
[48:04] ---
    Are even these feelings that have sprouted
[48:08] ---
    Doomed to disappear
[48:15] ---
    So quickly and hopelessly?
[48:20] ---
    I wish I was there
[48:22] ---
    Oh, please don't let me die
[48:24] ---
    Waiting for your touch
[48:26] ---
    To ensure that I'll never lose anything again
[48:30] ---
    I'll forget myself and restart
[48:37] ---
    No, don't give up on life
[48:40] ---
    This endless dead end
[48:42] ---
    I pray this grief that's crushing you
[48:46] ---
    Will one day end
[48:51] ---
    For now I'll see you off
[48:57] ---
    And we'll die
[48:58] ---
    Waiting for a new day
[49:01] ---
    Never again...
[49:03] ---
    And we'll start
[49:04] ---
    Waiting for a new day
[49:06] ---
    Me and you...