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E11 - Wilhelm van Astrea \ A Wager That Defies Despair

Source: Crunchyroll
(Please feel free to edit the speaker names if incomplete or inaccurate. Names are handled on a best-effort basis depending on the info on the source file. Dialogue is left as is.)
[00:31] Wilhelm
    I haven't seen you before.
[00:32] Wilhelm
    What is a woman doing here
    so early in the morning?
[00:45] Theresia
    Oh, don't worry about it.
[00:48] ---
    Just come here.
[01:05] Theresia
[01:10] Theresia
    Do you like flowers?
[01:23] Crusch
[01:24] Subaru
    Let him have it!
[01:26] Rem
    Al Huma!
[01:43] Crusch
    Troops! Follow those two fools!
[02:01] Rem
    They're firing the night-banisher!
[02:03] ---
    Close your eyes!
[02:14] Subaru
[02:15] Subaru
    It's just like everyone said! Incredible!
[03:00] Subaru
    That's... the White Whale?
[04:46] Subaru
    It's so huge...
[04:49] Rem
    Are you scared?
[04:52] Subaru
    Yeah, I'm scared...
[04:53] Subaru
    of the blindingly bright future
[04:55] ---
    where I'm praised for defeating it!
[04:58] Subaru
    Now, let's run like hell!
[05:01] Rem
[05:09] Subaru
    It's so fast!
[05:21] Crusch
    You greatly underestimate us,
[05:22] ---
    looking away so carelessly.
[05:25] Rem
    The intangible sword
    with no regard for range...
[05:28] Rem
    That's Crusch-sama's sword art,
[05:30] ---
    famous for its Hundred-Man Strike.
[05:54] Crusch
[05:55] All
[06:13] Wilhelm
    For fourteen years,
[06:15] ---
    I have dreamed of nothing but this day.
[06:19] Wilhelm
    Fall here, and leave your corpse behind.
[06:35] Wilhelm
    You're nothing but a monster!
[06:58] Wilhelm
    How wonderfully cooperative of you,
[07:00] Wilhelm
    coming here to be slain!
[07:13] Subaru
    Oh, crap!
SIGN    Don't you look away from us, moron!
[07:29] Mimi
    Here we go!
[07:30] Hetaro
    Everyone, now!
[07:36] Crusch
    Troops, get back!
[07:45] Crusch
    Fire at its flank!
[07:47] All
[08:07] Subaru
    Looks like that was pretty effective!
[08:09] Subaru
    I think we can pull this off!
[08:11] Rem
    No, in truth,
[08:13] ---
    we had hoped that attack would ground it.
[08:19] Subaru
    It's not losing altitude at all...
SIGN    We used all of our best attacks right from the get-go.
SIGN    If that didn't make it fall,
SIGN    that means it's a lot tougher than we thought.
[08:34] Subaru
    The magic attacks didn't work?
[08:36] Rem
    Its white hair scatters mana
    and disperses force.
[08:40] Rem
    My magic wasn't as effective
    as it appeared, either.
[08:44] Crusch
SIGN    Time for the second campaign.
SIGN    Hack away at its reserve power!
[09:03] Subaru
    Acting as a decoy now
    would just be a hindrance.
[09:07] Subaru
    So all we can do is watch
    until it makes a move?
[09:10] Felix
    I feel just as irritated as you do.
[09:14] Felix
    I don't even have any attacks,
[09:16] ---
    so all I can do is watch, anyway.
[09:18] Subaru
    But with your healing specialty,
    you're our lifeline.
[09:22] Subaru
    Just fulfill that role for us!
[09:25] Subaru
    We're counting on you!
[09:27] Felix
    You've really changed
    in just one day, huh?
[09:31] Felix
    What happened?
[09:33] Subaru
    If I had to say,
[09:34] ---
    I've just become a slightly better man.
[09:36] Rem
    Wilhelm-sama is...
SIGN    Upsy-daisy!
[10:29] Wilhelm
[10:31] Guy
    What is that?
[10:35] Guy
    Something's odd...
[10:36] Guy
    What's going on?
[10:45] Subaru
    The color of its eye...
[11:50] Theresia
    Have you grown to like flowers?
[11:55] Wilhelm
    No, I hate them.
[12:03] Theresia
    Why do you wield that sword?
[12:05] Wilhelm
    Because this is all I have.
[12:14] Subaru
    It disappeared?
[12:18] Rem
    We're going to move! Hang on!
[12:28] Crusch
    Troops, retreat!
[12:30] Guy
[12:31] Guy
    Retreat! Re—
[12:37] Subaru
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
[12:48] Subaru
    That's what the magic fog looks like?
[12:51] Subaru
    If that hits us...
[13:02] Crusch
    How many men did we lose?
[13:03] Conwood
    Twelve from my unit.
[13:06] Conwood
    We're three short now.
[13:08] Crusch
    Who was lost?
[13:09] Conwood
    I don't know.
[13:11] Guy
    Fourteen from mine.
[13:12] ---
    One deserted.
[13:14] Guy
    I'm missing six. I'm sorry.
[13:20] Otto
    No one was riding on the
    opposite side of me.
[13:23] Otto
    Who is Rem?
[13:25] Ram
    Rem... Who is that?
[13:27] Subaru
    You've forgotten Rem, too?
[13:29] Subaru
    That's it...
[13:31] Subaru
    People hit by the White Whale's fog
[13:33] ---
    vanish from existence, along with
    all memories of them.
[13:37] Subaru
    The Fog of Elimination...
[13:40] Crusch
    You're back?
[13:42] Wilhelm
    Forgive my haste.
[13:43] ---
    What are the damages?
[13:44] Crusch
    A total of twenty-one lost.
[13:47] Crusch
    It appears one whole platoon was wiped out.
[13:50] Crusch
    It won't even be possible
[13:52] ---
    to properly protect the honor of those lost.
[13:55] Conwood
    My apologies.
[13:58] Theresia
    Why do you wield that sword?
[14:06] Wilhelm
    Because I couldn't think
[14:08] ---
    of any other way to protect.
[14:17] Crusch
    Now that it's in the fog,
[14:19] Crusch
    we don't know where it will attack from.
[14:22] Crusch
    Staying close together is
    the worst thing we can do.
[14:25] Crusch
    Disperse immediately—
[14:28] Crusch
    What is that?!
[14:33] Subaru
    Is that the White Whale?
[14:40] Subaru
    Hey! What's wrong?!
[14:44] Subaru
[14:56] Subaru
    Hey! Rem!
[14:58] Rem
    That voice is the fog
    directly attacking our minds...
[15:03] Rem
    It's similar to mana sickness,
[15:06] ---
    but much worse...
[15:08] Subaru
    Some people can resist it, and some can't?
[15:12] Subaru
    I don't feel anything...
[15:15] Rem
    It's all right.
[15:16] ---
    It will calm down now.
[15:19] Subaru
[15:20] Subaru
    Enough! Stop it!
[15:24] Crusch
[15:25] ---
    Have the unaffected help them!
[15:27] Subaru
    They say hurting people is harder
    on an army than killing them,
[15:31] Subaru
    but what monster does that?
[15:33] Felix
[15:41] Subaru
    I guess Felis can remove the effects
    of the fog's contamination,
[15:45] Subaru
    but there's not enough time.
[15:47] Subaru
    If it comes for us now, we're finished.
[15:58] Subaru
[15:59] ---
    I'll buy us time.
[16:01] Subaru
    Have everyone regroup!
[16:03] Crusch
[16:04] Subaru
    Rem, sorry, but I need you to come with
    me to the most dangerous place here!
[16:08] Rem
    Of course. Anywhere.
[16:10] Crusch
    Wait, Natsuki Subaru!
[16:11] Crusch
    In this fog...
[16:11] Subaru
    Anyone who can hear me, cover your ears!
[16:14] Subaru
    Anyone who can't, stay where you are!
[16:19] Subaru
    I'll Return by Death to—
[16:31] Subaru
    I'm back!
[16:33] Subaru
    Well, Rem?
[16:34] ---
    Do I smell like the witch?
[16:36] Rem
    Yes! You reek!
[16:38] Subaru
    That's what I wanted, but did
    you have to say it that way?!
[16:41] Crusch
    Those who can move, get the injured
    to the foot of the tree!
[16:45] Crusch
    We'll have to use a bit of force.
[16:49] Subaru
    With the ulgarm,
[16:50] ---
    it was effective enough
    to cover the whole forest.
[16:54] Subaru
    What will it do this time?
[16:55] Subaru
    Honestly, it's an unknown quantity...
[16:57] Rem
    No, it's working.
[17:01] Subaru
    It's coming...
[17:03] Subaru
    It's coming! Here it comes!
[17:06] Rem
    Ul Huma!
[17:12] Subaru
[17:24] Hetaro
    Sis! Together!
[17:32] Mimi
SIGN    I got this!
[17:46] Subaru
[17:55] Wilhelm
    Looking away from me? How unfriendly.
[17:58] Wilhelm
    And after I've spent the past fourteen
    years utterly mad for you!
SIGN    This is startin' to get fun!
SIGN    It's more sturdy than expected, but not all that strong!
[18:12] Wilhelm
    No, it's putting up less
    of a fight than it should.
[18:17] Wilhelm
    I find it hard to believe this mabeast
[18:20] Wilhelm
    got the better of my wife,
    a Master Swordsman.
[18:23] Wilhelm
    The fact that we got the jump on it,
[18:24] Wilhelm
    and that it didn't use its fog to
    divide our forces to start with—
[18:34] Wilhelm
    I'll take one more thing before I leave!
[18:46] Subaru
[18:47] Wilhelm
    Be alert!
[18:48] ---
    We don't know where it'll come from!
SIGN    What's up?
[19:12] ---
    It ain't gonna follow us?
[19:20] Wilhelm
    It comes!
[19:23] Subaru
    The fog's coming down!
[19:38] Subaru
[19:46] Theresia
    Hey, have you grown to like flowers?
[19:51] Theresia
    What is it?
[19:53] Wilhelm
    There was talk of conferral,
[19:55] ---
    and I became a knight.
[20:00] Theresia
    Well, congratulations!
[20:02] Theresia
    So you're one step closer to your dream.
[20:04] Wilhelm
    My dream?
[20:05] Theresia
    You wield a sword so you can protect, right?
[20:09] Theresia
    A knight is someone who protects another.
[20:22] Wilhelm
    I don't want... to die...
[20:45] Wilhelm
    It's humiliating!
[20:48] Theresia
    I see.
[20:49] Wilhelm
    Were you laughing at me?!
[20:52] Wilhelm
    Answer me, Theresia!
[20:55] Wilhelm
[20:57] Wilhelm
    Master Swordsman Theresia van Astrea!
[21:08] Theresia
    I won't come here again.
[21:16] Wilhelm
    With a face like that,
[21:18] ---
    you shouldn't be holding a sword!
[21:21] Theresia
    I'm the Master Swordsman.
[21:24] Theresia
    I didn't understand the reason why,
[21:26] ---
    but I do now.
[21:28] Wilhelm
    The... reason?
[21:31] Theresia
    Wielding a sword to protect someone...
[21:34] Theresia
    That sounds nice to me, too.
[21:41] Wilhelm
    Wait, Theresia!
[21:44] Wilhelm
    I'll take your sword from you!
[21:46] Wilhelm
    I don't care about the role bestowed
    upon the Master Swordsman!
[21:50] Wilhelm
    Wielding a sword...
[21:53] Wilhelm
    The beauty of a steel blade...
    Don't look down on them,
[21:57] Wilhelm
    Master Swordsman!
SIGN    We've got trouble!
[22:42] Subaru
    You're kidding me...
SIGN    Wilhelm van Astrea
[23:01] Mimi
[23:07] Guy
[23:08] Guy
    It's all over.
[23:10] Guy
    We're dead.
[23:14] Subaru
    Don't let it swallow him!
[23:18] Subaru
    If we get him out before he's swallowed,
[23:19] ---
    we can save him!
[23:29] Rem
[23:32] Subaru
    Don't think this little bit of despair
    is enough to stop me!
[23:37] Subaru
    Giving up doesn't suit us!
[23:39] Subaru
    Not me, not you,
[23:40] Subaru
    not anyone!
[24:03] Subaru
    Let's go, Patrasche!
[24:05] Subaru
    Run right under the Whale's nose!
[24:12] Rem
    The only one who may sniff
    Subaru-kun is me!
[24:24] Crusch
    Close your mouth!
[24:29] Crusch
    At a glance, the situation looks dismal.
[24:32] Crusch
    Where is Wilhelm?
[24:33] Subaru
    If you remember him,
[24:35] ---
    at least we know the fog hasn't erased him.
[24:38] Subaru
    It'll all depend on how well Rem fights...
[24:43] Crusch
    What do you think, Natsuki Subaru?
[24:45] Crusch
    Does nothing seem strange to you?
[24:47] Subaru
[24:48] Crusch
    There are now three White Whales.
[24:50] Crusch
    If it is actually a mabeast
    that lives in groups,
[24:52] Crusch
    how could we not know that by now?
[24:55] Crusch
    There must be some trick behind it.
[24:58] Subaru
    And we need to find it, huh?
[25:02] Crusch
    If we don't, we won't hold out for long.
[25:04] Crusch
    We'll do something.
[25:05] ---
    Retreat is no longer an option.
[25:10] Crusch
[25:14] Crusch
    Fire, I said!
[25:21] Subaru
[25:45] Subaru
[25:50] Subaru
    Damn... Just being a daredevil
    isn't gonna be enough!
[25:53] Subaru
    I've gotta use my head!
[25:55] ---
    Why are there three of them?
[25:56] Crusch
[26:13] Subaru
[26:15] Subaru
[26:19] Hetaro
    We'll all back up Natsuki-san and Crusch-san
[26:23] Hetaro
    until the captain is fully healed
    and we can regroup.
[26:26] Subaru
    Ricardo's still alive?
[26:28] Hetaro
    Yes, my sister took him to Felix-san.
[26:33] Mimi
    He struggled a lot! It wasn't easy!
[26:35] Subaru
    I see... That's a relief.
[26:38] Hetaro
    On the verge of death,
    our captain sent a message.
[26:41] Hetaro
    "Hey, it's gettin' a lot lighter.
[26:43] Hetaro
    The fact that I didn't die proves that!"
[26:47] Hetaro
    That's what he said.
[26:48] Subaru
[26:51] Subaru
    What's light about a hard,
    heavy situation like this?
[26:59] Subaru
[27:09] Subaru
    That's it... I get it!
[27:13] Subaru
[27:21] ---
[27:50] Subaru
[27:53] Wilhelm
    Not skilled enough...
[27:55] ---
    I was careless...
[27:57] Hetaro
    Is he all right?!
[27:59] Subaru
    Yeah, he's just unconscious!
[28:02] Subaru
    Sorry, but could you take him to Felis?
[28:04] Hetaro
    Of course! What about you?
[28:07] Subaru
    I realized something.
[28:16] Crusch
    It split up?
[28:18] Subaru
[28:19] ---
    Its fighting strength and the left eye
[28:22] ---
    that Wilhelm-san gouged out convinced me.
[28:24] Subaru
    Your group's been engaging it head-on,
    so you must have sensed it.
[28:28] Rem
    I was absorbed in battle, but...
[28:30] ---
    You're right.
[28:31] Crusch
    I do agree with the conjecture that
    this one is weaker than the original body.
[28:36] Crusch
    But what good does knowing that do?
[28:39] Crusch
    Killing three White Whales is
    much easier said than done.
[28:43] Subaru
    We don't need to kill all three of them.
[28:46] Subaru
    Just one should be enough.
[28:48] Subaru
    That bastard's been making
    its two doubles fight,
[28:51] Subaru
    while it just hangs around
    up there and watches.
[28:54] Subaru
    What do you think it's doing?
[28:58] Crusch
    That's the real one?
[29:00] Subaru
    It won't come down
[29:01] ---
    because it knows it can't
    let itself be killed.
[29:05] Crusch
[29:07] Crusch
    I can't rely on my sword
    to hit from this distance.
[29:11] Crusch
    If I had one strike, it might be possible, but...
[29:15] Subaru
    I have a plan
[29:18] Subaru
    that's just a bit too much of a wager.
[29:21] Subaru
    You want in?
[29:34] Crusch
    I think you're insane.
[29:36] Subaru
    We're already insane for taking on
    that huge thing in the first place.
[29:43] Crusch
[29:45] ---
    No, you're right.
[29:47] Crusch
    That goes for everyone here right now.
[29:52] Guy
    Get away!
[30:00] Crusch
    We will hold off the two doubles.
[30:04] Crusch
    I'll take your wager.
[30:12] Guy
    They're coming this way...
[30:14] Guy
    Stay away!
[30:15] Guy
[30:17] Guy
    We'll be wiped out!
[30:46] Guy
[30:51] Crusch
    Stand up! Lift your faces!
[30:53] ---
    Take up your weapons!
[30:55] Crusch
    Look at that boy!
[30:57] Crusch
    He's so weak and fragile,
[30:59] ---
    a breath could blow him away,
    and he's unarmed!
[31:01] Crusch
    He's a powerless boy whose defeat
    I have seen with my own eyes!
[31:05] Crusch
    He's weaker than anyone else here!
[31:09] Crusch
    Yet he's shouting louder than anyone
[31:12] ---
    that we can still do this.
[31:15] Crusch
    So how can we sit around,
    looking at the ground?
[31:18] Crusch
    If our weakest man hasn't given up,
[31:21] Crusch
    how is it acceptable for
    us to kneel in defeat?
[31:29] Crusch
    Did you all come this far
[31:34] Crusch
    to wallow in shame?!
[32:04] Crusch
    Follow me!
[32:19] Subaru
    She has some nerve, calling
    me a weakling and a loser.
[32:26] Subaru
    Let's do this, Rem.
[32:28] ---
    Time for the climax!
[32:29] Rem
    Right, Subaru-kun!
[32:38] Rem
    Al Huma!
[32:46] Rem
[32:56] Crusch
    I'm counting on you.
[32:59] Subaru
    Hey, now that I see you up close,
[33:02] ---
    you really are creepy.
[33:10] Subaru
    Try to keep up with me.
[33:12] Subaru
    Just so you know, I'm infamous for being
[33:15] Subaru
    so annoying that no one can ignore me!
[33:22] Subaru
    Okay, let's do this!
[33:27] Subaru
    I'm doing you a huge favor! Listen up!
[33:30] Subaru
    It's because of you that Rem died
[33:32] Subaru
    and I experienced such horrible trauma!
[33:45] Subaru
    I made it back!
[33:59] Subaru
[34:00] Rem
[34:14] Subaru
    You saved me!
[34:15] Rem
    Thank you for the treat.
[34:17] Subaru
    What are you talking about?
[34:27] Subaru
    Don't let me down, Patrasche!
[34:29] ---
    You're a dragon, aren't you?
[34:31] Subaru
    Show me how awesome you are!
[34:40] Subaru
    Take this!
[34:42] Crusch
[35:44] Wilhelm
    This is for my wife, Theresia van Astrea.
[36:08] Wilhelm
    I win.
[36:10] Wilhelm
    As a weaker swordsman, you no longer
    have any reason to hold a sword.
[36:14] Theresia
    If I don't hold it, who will?
[36:18] Wilhelm
    I'll inherit your reason
    for wielding the sword.
[36:24] Wilhelm
    You need only
[36:26] Wilhelm
    become my reason for wielding it.
[36:34] Theresia
    Hey, do you like flowers?
[36:38] Wilhelm
    I don't hate them anymore.
[36:40] Theresia
    Why do you wield that sword?
[36:43] Wilhelm
    To protect...
[36:48] Wilhelm
[36:53] Theresia
    Do you love me?
[36:57] Wilhelm
    You should know.
[36:59] Theresia
    I still want to hear you say it sometimes.
[37:03] Wilhelm
    All right...
[37:05] ---
[37:07] Wilhelm
    When I feel like it.
[37:26] Wilhelm
    Sleep for all eternity.
[37:44] Wilhelm
    It is finished, Theresia.
[37:48] Wilhelm
    At last...
[37:50] Wilhelm
    Theresia, I...
[37:55] Wilhelm
[38:00] Wilhelm
    I love you!
[38:11] Crusch
    The White Whale has fallen!
[38:14] Crusch
    The mabeast of fog
[38:17] ---
    that has terrorized the
    world for four centuries
[38:21] Crusch
    has been defeated by Wilhelm van Astrea!
[38:33] Crusch
    We have won this battle!
[38:57] Crusch
    Are you all right, Natsuki Subaru?
[39:02] Subaru
    Somehow or other...
[39:05] Subaru
    I'm glad you're safe, too, Crusch-san.
[39:08] Crusch
    I am, yes.
[39:09] Crusch
    But our losses are not few.
[39:13] Crusch
    With the White Whale defeated,
[39:15] ---
    those who have vanished will not return.
[39:21] Subaru
    I think you did great, Crusch-san.
[39:24] Subaru
    Your popularity should shoot through the—
[39:27] Subaru
    Wait, did I just give you a boost in the
    royal selection that I shouldn't have?!
[39:31] Crusch
    That's quite a gloomy look on your face.
[39:34] Crusch
    You don't look like the hero who
    brought down the White Whale.
[39:37] Subaru
    The first thing Emilia-tan's
    gonna do is call me a traitor...
[39:41] Subaru
    What did you call me?
[39:43] Crusch
    The hero who brought down the White Whale.
[39:46] Crusch
    I don't want to be so shameless
[39:48] ---
    as to claim your achievements for my own.
[39:53] Subaru
    No, I really didn't do anything...
[40:06] Subaru
    It sounds like your opinion
    of me has improved a lot.
[40:09] ---
    I'm surprised.
[40:10] Crusch
    There's no reason to be modest.
[40:12] Crusch
    In truth, I'd love to welcome you
[40:15] ---
    into my household and reward
    your accomplishments.
[40:18] Subaru
    Please don't ask that of me!
[40:20] Subaru
    It's not really about loyalty or allegiance,
[40:23] Subaru
    but my faith already lies
    exactly where it should.
[40:28] Subaru
    I'm going to make Emilia the ruler.
[40:32] Subaru
    Not for anyone's sake.
[40:34] ---
    It's just what I want to do.
[40:40] Crusch
    I was already aware of that,
[40:42] ---
    but it still stings a bit.
[40:46] Subaru
    Honestly, I think you're an amazing person.
[40:48] Subaru
    If I'd been on my own, I'm pretty sure
    I would've accepted your offer.
[40:53] Subaru
    I'll be counting on you
    to uphold the alliance.
[40:55] Subaru
    Even if we end up as enemies,
[40:58] Subaru
    I believe we can get along until then.
[41:03] Crusch
    Natsuki Subaru, allow me to
    correct one idea you have.
[41:08] crusch
    Even if we do find ourselves
    in conflict one day,
[41:11] Crusch
    I will remain friendly toward you.
[41:14] Crusch
    Even if the day comes that
    we must settle things,
[41:17] Crusch
    I will not forget the debt
    I have incurred to you this day.
[41:21] Crusch
    Therefore, even if we do become enemies,
[41:24] Crusch
    I will respect you and show
    you favor until the end.
[41:35] Subaru
    If I didn't already have a
    #1 and #2 in my heart,
[41:39] Subaru
    that would've been a close call.
[41:43] Crusch
    I haven't gone so far as to think
    of you the way a woman might.
[41:47] Crusch
    I don't deny there were occasions
    where my heartstrings felt a pull,
[41:50] Crusch
    but my heart lies at the end of my dream.
[42:02] Crusch
[42:04] Crusch
    I'll be leaving
[42:05] Crusch
    to take our wounded and the White
    Whale's carcass to the capital,
[42:10] Crusch
    but it would seem you still
    have a duty to attend to.
[42:14] Subaru
[42:15] Subaru
    It may sound rude,
[42:16] ---
    but in a sense, that's what this
    whale hunt was really about.
[42:19] Crusch
[42:20] Crusch
    Subjugating the White Whale was secondary?
[42:22] Crusch
[42:25] Crusch
    Do you need assistance?
[42:26] Subaru
    I do.
[42:28] Subaru
[42:30] Subaru
    Frankly, I didn't think it would
    take this kind of toll on us.
[42:34] Subaru
    On top of that—
[42:35] Wilhelm
    In that case, why not
    make use of this old man?
[42:43] Wilhelm
    Natsuki Subaru-dono.
[42:45] Wilhelm
    With this subjugation,
[42:47] Wilhelm
    it was because of you that
    I was able to carry out my reason
[42:52] ---
    for living all this time.
[42:54] Wilhelm
    I thank you...
[42:56] Wilhelm
    I thank you.
[42:58] Wilhelm
    I thank you with all that I am!
[43:05] Subaru
    It was your own strength that
    made it possible, Wilhelm-san.
[43:09] Subaru
    The reason I thought to defeat the White Whale,
    and could fight without giving up...
[43:14] Subaru
    I don't know if it's okay
    to say it like this, but...
[43:17] Subaru
[43:18] Subaru
    And thank you for your service.
[43:22] Subaru
    I believe you were able to do this because
    you loved your wife like crazy.
[43:28] Wilhelm
    I thank you.
[43:34] Crusch
    You should hold on to that
    treasured sword for a while.
[43:39] Crusch
    In the days to come, being unarmed
    will do you little good.
[43:42] Wilhelm
    Yes, my lady. Thank you.
[43:43] Crusch
    Take Felis and half of the uninjured.
[43:47] Crusch
    They should number about twenty.
[43:49] Subaru
    Are you sure?
[43:50] Crusch
    I told you, I don't want to be shameless.
[43:53] Crusch
    And that I would respect you.
[44:00] Subaru
    Thank you.
[44:05] Rem
[44:07] Felix
    Well, nya can't move, right?
[44:11] Felix
    As a healing magic user, I can't
    let you push yourself any further.
[44:14] Felix
    You'll stay behind—
[44:16] Rem
[44:17] Subaru
    H-Hey, careful!
[44:19] Subaru
    Please, do as Felis says,
    and don't overdo it.
[44:22] Rem
    I won't!
[44:23] ---
    It hurts too much! I can't bear it!
[44:26] Rem
    When you're in trouble,
[44:28] ---
    I want to be the first to reach out to you.
[44:32] Rem
    That's all I want! So please...
[44:35] Subaru
    In that case, you don't have to worry.
[44:39] Subaru
    You've already saved me so many times.
[44:43] Subaru
    Don't you realize how much you've
    done for me up to this point?
[44:48] Subaru
    I want you to help me from now on, too.
[44:51] Subaru
    So leave everything to me this time.
[44:56] Rem
    You'll still keep me by your side from now on?
[45:01] Subaru
    I'm the one who should be
    begging you to do that.
[45:07] Rem
    I'll take that as a promise.
[45:09] Rem
    You can't back out now.
[45:17] Subaru
    It'll be okay, Rem.
[45:18] Subaru
    I'll find a way to take care of everything!
[45:21] Subaru
    I'm your hero.
[45:24] Subaru
    I've made up my mind to
    take that first step.
[45:27] Subaru
    So you don't have to worry!
[45:29] Subaru
    I managed to pull off the whale hunt.
[45:31] Subaru
    Your hero is demonically
    inspired right now.
[45:35] Rem
[45:42] Rem
[45:43] Rem
    My hero is the greatest in the world!
SIGN    Man, you really got all the good parts back there, y'know?
[46:11] Mimi
    Captain! Mimi, too! Mimi, too!
[46:14] Mimi
    I did super-duper good!
[46:16] Subaru
    Didn't you almost die?
[46:18] Subaru
    Also, your brother was exhausted.
[46:21] ---
    How do you have so much energy?
[46:23] Mimi
    Hetaro's just a baby. He's weak.
[46:26] Mimi
    Honestly, it's so pathetic.
SIGN    I didn't get much done later on in the battle with the whale,
SIGN    but don't you worry.
SIGN    My lady asked me for a favor, after all.
SIGN    I'll show ya what I've got in the real battle comin' up!
[46:39] Subaru
    The real battle?
[46:41] ---
    What're you trying to do here?
SIGN    You're takin' on the Witch's Cult, right?
SIGN    Never underestimate the merchant information network.
SIGN    Ah, here they come.
SIGN    That's half of our mercenary team.
[46:57] Subaru
SIGN    Half of 'em were sent to block the road
[47:02] ---
    instead of fightin' the whale.
[47:04] Subaru
    They're going to help us, too?
[47:07] Subaru
    Who's leading them?
[47:08] Mimi
    My younger brother, Tivey!
[47:11] Subaru
    You have another younger brother?
[47:13] Subaru
    I'm really curious to know whether
    he's more like you or Hetaro.
[47:24] Mimi
[47:30] Subaru
    Why is he with them?
SIGN    A Wager That Defies Despair