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E49 - Choose Me

Source: Crunchyroll
(Please feel free to edit the speaker names if incomplete or inaccurate. Names are handled on a best-effort basis depending on the info on the source file. Dialogue is left as is.)
[00:04] Emilia
    Why is it snowing?
[00:05] Tokaku
[00:11] Emilia
    Everyone! What happened?
[00:13] Emilia
    Why is it snowing?
[00:14] Milde
    It only started falling moments ago,
[00:17] Milde
    and it's already accumulated this much.
[00:20] Milde
    And of course, we can't evacuate.
[00:22] Milde
    We've escaped it thanks to this, but...
[00:25] Emilia
    Who made this for you?
[00:30] Milde
    It wasn't you, Emilia-sama?
[00:33] Emilia
    What? Me?
[00:35] ---
[00:36] Milde
    But that spirit said if we
    wanted to thank someone,
[00:40] Milde
    We should thank Emilia-sama...
    rather, "Lia."
[00:44] Emilia
[01:02] Puck
    You still have a job to do, don't you, Lia?
[01:08] Emilia
    Everyone, I've finished the trial.
[01:11] Emilia
    But I think it'll be too
    dangerous to move now.
[01:14] Emilia
    So take refuge in the graveyard.
[01:17] Emilia
[01:19] Emilia
    Can I count on you to handle this?
[01:22] Tokaku
[01:23] Milde
    What will you do, Emilia-sama?
[01:26] Emilia
    It seems like I have to go over there.
[01:30] Emilia
    Can you stay safe and wait for me?
[01:35] Milde
    We will keep the promise we made
    before you started the trial.
[01:38] Milde
    Please stay safe yourself, Emilia-sama.
[01:58] Roswaal
[02:00] Puck
    You lost your temper when
    she burned the book.
[02:03] Puck
    That's not like you...
[02:05] Puck
    But she was prepared for what would happen.
[02:07] Puck
    She is strong.
[02:11] Roswaal
    Ram... Why did you...
[02:15] Ram
    Roswaal-sama, I love you.
[02:20] Puck
    You've lost, Roswaal.
[02:23] Puck
    She achieved her goal.
[02:26] Puck
    She crossed that fine line.
[02:29] Puck
    Soon, Lia will complete her trial.
[02:32] Puck
    And the book you relied on is gone.
[02:34] Puck
    Your attachment to it was impressive, but...
[02:41] Puck
[02:42] Puck
    It can't be!
[02:46] Puck
    You got me. You inscribed the spell that calls
    the snow clouds before the battle began?
[02:53] Puck
    The snow will fall.
[02:55] Puck
    It'll turn out just as Subaru feared.
[02:58] Puck
    I'm going to go try to delay that.
[03:03] Puck
    Roswaal, you amaze me.
[03:06] Puck
    You're quite the magician.
[03:08] Puck
    As far as I know, there's no
    human alive as skilled as you.
[03:14] Puck
    But no matter how far you go,
    you're still a human.
[03:18] Puck
    You'll never be like that devil.
[03:43] Roswaal
    I made snow fall, as the
    Tome of Wisdom dictated.
[03:50] Roswaal
    What do I do now?
[04:05] Roswaal
[04:08] Roswaal
    Yes, that's it, Ram...
[04:19] Roswaal
    Teacher, what shall I...
[04:23] Roswaal
    What shall I... What am I
    supposed to do, Teacher?!
[04:32] Roswaal
    I don't... I still don't know anything.
[04:36] Roswaal
    So give me your guidance again, Teacher...
[04:47] Emilia
    Mana is swirling here.
[04:50] Emilia
    Is this what's making the snow fall?
[05:00] Emilia
    Puck is waiting. I have to go.
[05:09] Emilia
[05:11] Ryuzu
    Emilia-sama? Why are you here?
[05:16] Emilia
    This many of you?
[05:19] Emilia
    That must've been really
    rough on your mother.
[05:23] Ryuzu
    Explanations about us clones can wait.
[05:26] Ryuzu
    Please, for now, just stop me!
[05:28] Emilia
    Stop... you?
[05:35] Emilia
    You're Shima-san, right?
[05:37] Shima
    The fact that you are here, Emilia-sama,
[05:41] Shima
    must mean that you have overcome the trial.
[05:44] Shima
    Young Gar's wager was correct.
[05:47] Emilia
    Is that Ryuzu-san inside the magic crystal?
[05:50] Emilia
    Are you here to get her out?
[05:52] Emilia
    Should we all take her to
    the graveyard together?
[05:55] Echidna
[05:57] Echidna
    You see this, and that's the
    first thing you think of?
[06:01] Emilia
    Yes, it'll be fine.
[06:03] Emilia
    If we make a sled and put her on it,
[06:05] Emilia
    I think we can all pull her there.
[06:08] Shima
    We do appreciate it,
[06:11] Shima
    but the reason I came here
    is to fulfill my role,
[06:15] ---
    along with my progenitor,
    who sleeps within this crystal.
[06:18] Emilia
    Fulfill your role?
[06:20] Shima
    This crystal is the core of the
    barrier surrounding the Sanctuary.
[06:25] Shima
    You undid its spell, Emilia-sama.
[06:27] Shima
    Now, once the core is gone,
[06:30] Shima
    the Sanctuary's role will be completed,
    and it will be liberated.
[06:34] Shima
    If it is gone, that is.
[06:37] Emilia
    Um... Does that have to happen right now?
[06:41] Emilia
    It's snowing really hard outside...
[06:43] Shima
    In the event that this facility is destroyed
    and the one who runs it is lost,
[06:48] Shima
    the resulting damage will be irreparable.
[06:50] Shima
    We are the key to preventing that.
[07:00] Shima
    Emilia-sama, take this.
[07:06] Emilia
    Wait! Is this Puck?
[07:08] Shima
    The great spirit visited here in advance
[07:11] Shima
    and delayed the spell's activation.
[07:14] Shima
    He exhausted all of his
    strength to save everyone.
[07:19] Emilia
    He made that wall of ice to
    protect everyone from the snow,
[07:24] Emilia
    and pushed himself this
    far to let me know.
[07:28] Emilia
    How many other impossible tasks did you do?
[07:32] Shima
    He lent us aid in many forms.
[07:34] Shima
    Now that we have been
    given this opportunity,
[07:39] Shima
    it is my responsibility
    to fulfill our role.
[07:43] Ryuzu
    I understand your role, but—
[07:45] Shima
    Our beloved grandson has
    been with me for ten years.
[07:50] Shima
    Garf, our grandson, is giving his
    all to make it to the outside.
[07:55] Shima
    I will give him a push.
[07:59] Shima
    Please watch and see where it takes him,
[08:02] Shima
    my sisters made from half of me.
[08:16] Emilia
    I'll take care of the rest.
[08:21] Shima
    You have grown a shocking
    amount in only half a day.
[08:25] Shima
    This is the one thing old folks
    such as me take pleasure in.
[08:56] Emilia
    Let's go, Ryuzu-san.
[08:58] Emilia
    There's something we need to do.
[09:02] Ryuzu
[09:04] Emilia
    A desire has been entrusted to me,
[09:06] Emilia
    and I have a wish I want to fulfill.
[09:09] Emilia
    So crying and all that can wait.
[09:12] Emilia
    That's what the people I love
    told me, always with a smile.
[09:19] Emilia
    Please, tell me where Ram and Roswaal are.
[09:38] Emilia
    Ram! Roswaal!
[09:44] Emilia
    Come on, Roswaal! You can't stay here!
[09:48] Emilia
    You can't freeze solid!
[09:55] Emilia
[09:57] Emilia
    Ram? Ram!
[10:03] Emilia
    She's alive!
[10:04] Emilia
    It's all right. There's still time! Roswaal!
[10:09] Emilia
    You're helping Ram, right?
[10:12] Emilia
    Roswaal, just bring Ram and come with me.
[10:15] Emilia
    I'll do what I can, so don't give u—
[10:17] Roswaal
    It doesn't matter.
[10:19] Emilia
[10:20] Roswaal
    It doesn't matter anymore.
[10:25] Emilia
    Don't say things like that!
[10:27] Emilia
    What do you mean, it doesn't matter anymore?
[10:30] Emilia
    Of course it still matters!
[10:32] Emilia
    Don't just give up and
    accept that it's over!
[10:35] Emilia
    For me, for Ram, and for you...
[10:37] Emilia
    There's not a single thing
    that doesn't matter anymore!
[10:41] Emilia
    I completed the trial!
[10:43] Emilia
    The past that I was afraid to face,
[10:45] Emilia
    the happy present that could have happened,
[10:47] Emilia
    the tragic future that might come one day...
[10:50] Emilia
    I saw it all!
[10:51] Emilia
    I saw it and still made up
    my mind to walk this path!
[10:55] Emilia
    And now I finally get to start walking!
[11:02] Emilia
    When you're talking with someone,
[11:04] Emilia
    you need to look them in the face!
[11:09] Emilia
    I won't let anyone say it
    doesn't matter anymore.
[11:12] Emilia
    As long as you're alive, there's nothing
     that doesn't matter anymore.
[11:16] Emilia
    So I'm never going to
    give up on anyone again!
[11:28] Emilia
    They're following me.
[11:30] Emilia
    Right... because I'm a witch.
[11:33] Emilia
    Or is it because Puck is with me?
[11:44] Emilia
    Take Roswaal and Ram.
[11:50] Emilia
    When we get back to the graveyard,
[11:51] Emilia
    I will protect all of you!
[12:03] Beatrice
    I first began waiting for "that person"
[12:06] Beatrice
    right after I lost Ryuzu,
[12:07] Beatrice
    and the Sanctuary was
    established in her place.
[12:18] Echidna
    Beatrice, I'm leaving you in charge of
    the library filled with my knowledge.
[12:25] Echidna
    I want you to continue protecting
    this library until the time comes.
[12:31] Beatrice
[12:33] Echidna
    I know. We'll call it the forbidden library.
[12:36] Echidna
    I will write down all of the knowledge
    I possess and store it there.
[12:42] Beatrice
[12:43] Echidna
    Build the library in Roswaal's mansion.
[12:46] Echidna
    I'm sure he will help you.
[12:49] Beatrice
    Wait, I suppose!
[12:51] Beatrice
    Wh-What forbidden library? I don't
    know what you're talking about!
[12:54] Beatrice
    I want to stay with you!
[12:56] Echidna
    I'm sorry, but you'll be of no help
    against an enemy Roswaal can't handle.
[13:01] Echidna
    If both you and I die,
[13:03] ---
    what becomes of that
    accumulation of knowledge?
[13:05] Echidna
    I am obligated to pass it down.
[13:09] Beatrice
    You mean... my power exists...
     for this moment?
[13:15] Beatrice
    You knew it all from the start?
[13:22] Beatrice
    What is this?
[13:23] Echidna
    It is incomplete, but it's a replica of the
    Tome of Wisdom, the Authority granted to me.
[13:30] Echidna
    It should serve as a simple guide
    to its owner's future, at least.
[13:35] Echidna
    There are two copies of this book.
[13:37] Echidna
    This one is for you, and I
    gave the other to Roswaal.
[13:41] Echidna
    I'm sorry, but please understand.
[13:45] Echidna
    Let's discuss the time frame.
[13:47] Echidna
    If, for some reason, I don't return,
[13:50] Echidna
    someone suitable for inheriting
    my knowledge will come for you.
[13:55] Beatrice
    Come... for me?
[13:57] Echidna
    For now, let's just call them "that person."
[13:59] Echidna
    Wait for that person.
    This is my last request.
[14:07] Echidna
[14:09] Echidna
    I want you to grow up healthy, at least.
[14:18] Beatrice
    As Mother instructed, I relocated
    to Roswaal's mansion,
[14:23] Beatrice
    built the forbidden library,
    and became its librarian.
[14:27] Beatrice
    At some point, Roswaal started visiting
    the forbidden library frequently.
[14:33] Roswaal
    Hello. I'm back for another visit today.
[14:38] Roswaal
    Replicating a soul...
[14:41] Beatrice
    What he sought was within the books.
[14:41] Roswaal
    Saving it in a vessel...
[14:44] Beatrice
    We rarely spoke to each other at all.
[14:49] Roswaal2
    Pleased to meet you, Beatrice-sama.
[14:52] Roswaal2
    I have heard about you from my predecessor.
[14:57] Roswaal2
    Do not worry.
[14:59] Roswaal2
    As the current Roswaal, Roswaal B. Mathers,
[15:02] Roswaal2
    I will inherit your role and
    your debt to your mother.
[15:07] Beatrice
    Control over the mansion was handed
    down throughout the Mathers clan
[15:11] ---
    from one Roswaal to the next.
[15:14] Beatrice
    Nothing worth speaking of happened
    for 400 years after that.
[15:22] Beatrice
    A few people found their way
    to the forbidden library
[15:25] Beatrice
    and tried to take me out of it,
[15:28] Beatrice
    but it never happened.
[15:31] Beatrice
    When I was unexpectedly reunited with
    the one I admired as a big brother,
[15:34] Beatrice
    my heart sang for the first time in ages.
[15:36] Beatrice
    But I quickly realized that
[15:39] Beatrice
    my brother and I weren't the same.
[15:41] Beatrice
    Driven by envy and jealousy,
[15:44] Beatrice
    I killed my emotions and stopped talking
    so I wouldn't hurt the half-devil girl
[15:48] Beatrice
    who was always with him.
[15:51] Beatrice
    And then...
[15:52] Subaru
    NPC #1 found!
[15:54] Beatrice
    Suddenly, with no hesitation, an outsider
    walked in with his dirty shoes on.
[15:59] Subaru
[15:59] Beatrice
    For whatever reason,
    he stayed in the mansion.
[16:00] Subaru
[16:01] Subaru
[16:02] Beatrice
    He was somehow different from the others
    who had come to the forbidden library.
[16:06] Beatrice
    At times, I even thought he might be
    "that person," as Mother had talked about.
[16:13] Beatrice
    Afraid that the faint hope
    I had would end up betrayed,
[16:17] Beatrice
    I sent him to the Sanctuary
    according to Roswaal's plans.
[16:22] Beatrice
    Then Roswaal departed for the Sanctuary,
[16:25] Beatrice
    saying he was off to see the Witch of Greed,
[16:28] Beatrice
    and I realized he intended
    to settle the score.
[16:32] Beatrice
    What about me, then?
[16:34] Beatrice
    A blank book, a promised savior
    who never came for me...
[16:39] Beatrice
    I finally realized
[16:40] Beatrice
    "that person" was
    never going to show up.
[16:45] Beatrice
    I've known that for a long time.
[16:47] Beatrice
    And yet...
[16:48] Subaru
    I'm getting you out of here, Beatrice.
[16:51] Subaru
    This time, you're gonna let me
    drag you out into the sunlight...
[16:54] Beatrice
    Would you be... "that person" for me?
[16:59] Subaru
    Are you dumb?
[17:01] Subaru
    There's no way I could be whoever
     "that person" is—
[17:06] Beatrice
    I'm so tired.
[17:17] Subaru
    Damn it! Where are you, Beako?!
[17:37] Beatrice
    I might as well just...
[17:39] Subaru
    I finally made it back!
[17:42] Subaru
    Hey, you idiot! You've got some nerve—
[17:43] Subaru
[17:46] Beatrice
    You're the one who ended our conversation.
[17:49] Beatrice
    And now you... How impudent
    you are, I suppose.
[17:52] Subaru
    Cut that out already!
[17:54] Subaru
    You have the temper of a child!
[17:56] Subaru
    If you jump straight to
    violence, we'll never—
[17:56] Beatrice
    You need to cut it out!
[18:04] Subaru
    I endured that one!
[18:06] Beatrice
    You don't know when to give up!
[18:08] Subaru
    Until you actually shut me out for real,
[18:11] Subaru
    I'll just come back over and over!
[18:13] Beatrice
    I am shutting you out for—
[18:14] Subaru
    No, you're not! If you were serious,
[18:17] Subaru
    would I be able to come
    back here so many times?!
[18:20] Subaru
    You're just putting on a front!
[18:27] Beatrice
    You... You're not... "that person"!
[18:32] Beatrice
    You said yourself that you're not!
[18:35] Beatrice
    You said it! You did, I suppose!
[18:39] Beatrice
    If you were "that person"...
[18:41] Beatrice
    If you'd said you were,
    even if it was a lie,
[18:43] Beatrice
    I know I would've believed you.
[18:46] Beatrice
    Even knowing it was a lie,
    I would've had to believe you!
[18:51] Subaru
[18:53] Beatrice
    But you said you weren't, I suppose!
[18:57] Beatrice
    You said you weren't, and I was dumb!
     That's what you said!
[19:00] Beatrice
    Because I'm a fool... a huge fool who
    can't forget a 400-year-old promise...
[19:07] Beatrice
    So no matter what you say,
    it's over, I suppose!
[19:18] Subaru
[19:23] Subaru
    I'm not whoever "that person" is.
[19:27] Subaru
    I'll say it all you want!
[19:30] Subaru
[19:34] Subaru
    I want to stay with you, Beatrice.
[19:40] Subaru
    I want to be near you so you won't be sad,
[19:43] Subaru
    because you're a nice girl!
[20:01] Subaru
    What the...
[20:12] Subaru
[20:18] Subaru
[20:28] Subaru
    The entrance to the mansion...
[20:30] Subaru
    Is she telling me to just leave for good?
[20:35] Subaru
    If all the doors in the mansion burn down,
[20:38] Subaru
    her forbidden library will...
[20:40] Beatrice
[20:42] Subaru
    "Farewell," my ass!
[20:44] Subaru
    You think I'm just gonna
    let you end it like that?!
[20:55] Subaru
    There are no doors left...
[21:00] Subaru
    Yes, there are!
[21:23] Subaru
    Beatrice, if you can hear me, listen.
[21:29] Subaru
    There aren't any other doors left.
[21:31] Subaru
    This is the last one.
[21:34] Subaru
    If I open it, I'll probably die.
[21:46] Subaru
[21:48] Subaru
    I have faith in you!
[22:03] Beatrice
    You are a fool.
[22:05] Subaru
    That's the first thing you say?
[22:09] Beatrice
    Well, it's true, I suppose.
[22:11] Beatrice
    It's a stalemate now.
[22:15] Beatrice
    There is little more I could ask for now.
[22:17] Beatrice
    My promise with Mother has been
    fully realized, I suppose.
[22:22] Subaru
[22:25] Subaru
    hear me out until the end.
[22:32] Subaru
[22:34] Subaru
    Please save me.
[22:36] Beatrice
[22:38] Subaru
    I thought about all kinds
    of cool things to say,
[22:41] Subaru
    like how I was gonna save
    you from loneliness,
[22:45] Subaru
    but they all just sounded like stopgaps
    thought up in the heat of the moment.
[22:49] Subaru
    You don't need me to save you.
    You don't need my help at all.
[22:55] Subaru
    You're strong, smart, and cute.
[22:59] Subaru
    You're plenty well-equipped
    to survive on your own.
[23:03] Subaru
    So saying I'd save you or
    help you out wasn't enough.
[23:09] Subaru
    But even as strong, smart,
    and cute as you are,
[23:13] Subaru
    you were afraid to live on alone.
[23:15] Subaru
    You were hurting... and sad, weren't you?
[23:19] Subaru
    So no one could blame you for clinging
    to the idea of "that person."
[23:25] Beatrice
    Y-You think...
[23:27] Beatrice
    you can just reject how I feel?
[23:31] Beatrice
    What do you know about me?!
[23:37] Subaru
    I do know you.
[23:39] Subaru
    I know you're a kind girl.
[23:42] Subaru
    A girl who'd hold someone's hand and calm
    them when they're wracked by nightmares.
[23:47] Subaru
    Don't talk as if you know me.
[23:49] Subaru
    I don't have any strength,
    so I can't be of help to you.
[23:54] Subaru
    But if there's anything I can do because
    I don't want to leave you alone,
[23:58] Subaru
    it's to just hang on and keep begging.
[24:09] Subaru
    Beatrice, please help me.
[24:13] Subaru
    Without you, I'd be too sad to go on living.
[24:16] Subaru
    So please help me.
[24:19] Beatrice
    Not fair...
[24:22] Beatrice
    It's not fair... to ask me like that.
[24:27] Beatrice
    You said... that you're not "that person."
[24:31] Beatrice
    You rejected me.
[24:37] Beatrice
    And yet...
[24:39] Beatrice
    I've been alone for 400 years.
[24:43] Beatrice
    Even if I take your hand here and now,
[24:46] Beatrice
    you'll just die soon anyway.
[24:49] Beatrice
    Compared to mine, a human's life
    is over in the blink of an eye.
[24:55] Beatrice
    Clinging to that now wouldn't...
[24:57] Subaru
    But I'll still be able to
    hold your hand tomorrow.
[25:02] Subaru
    Tomorrow, and the next day,
     and the day after!
[25:06] Subaru
    I can't make it 400 years,
[25:08] Subaru
    but I can spend the days I have with you.
[25:12] Subaru
    Even if I can't be with you forever,
[25:15] Subaru
    I can treasure you tomorrow and right now!
[25:20] Subaru
    So Beatrice...
[25:25] Subaru
    Choose me.
[25:28] Beatrice
    But... you're not "that person"...
[25:31] Subaru
    No, I'm not.
[25:32] Subaru
    I'm me. I'm Natsuki Subaru.
[25:35] Subaru
    Just forget this crush on some stranger
    you wouldn't even recognize.
[25:41] Subaru
    Instead of fearing a goodbye
    that might or might not happen,
[25:44] Subaru
    live with me through a guaranteed
    lifetime of tomorrows!
[25:49] Subaru
    I'm weak, but I want a lot.
[25:53] Subaru
    Since you're so caring,
    you'll be so busy looking after me,
[25:57] Subaru
    you wouldn't have time to think
    about being bored or lonely.
[26:02] Subaru
    Choose me, Beatrice.
[26:05] Beatrice
    But you'll... go away.
[26:08] Subaru
    There is no "forever."
[26:09] Subaru
    The future you're so afraid
    of will come sooner or later.
[26:13] Subaru
    But still...
[26:14] Beatrice
    You'll leave me.
[26:16] Subaru
    But still, let's be together!
[26:18] Subaru
    Let's live together! Let's do things together!
[26:22] Subaru
    Let's make so many memories
    together that you'll be able
[26:24] Subaru
    to proudly say you've had fun!
[26:27] Subaru
    Take back those lonely 400 years
    you've had, with interest!
[26:33] Beatrice
    Even if... I do... you'll
    leave me alone eventually!
[26:40] Subaru
    For someone like you who'll live forever,
[26:42] Subaru
    your time with me might
    feel like just a moment.
[26:46] Subaru
[26:48] Subaru
    I'll engrave it all into your soul!
[26:51] Subaru
    The moment you spend with me,
[26:55] Subaru
    and the fact that Natsuki Subaru
     was a guy so memorable
[26:59] Subaru
    that even after an eternity,
    he'll never fade to sepia!
[27:06] Subaru
    Choose me, Beatrice!
[27:10] Subaru
    You want someone to get you out of here!
[27:13] Subaru
    Isn't that why you always sat
    right in front of this door?!
[27:37] Petra
    Otto-san, look!
[27:54] Beatrice
[27:55] Subaru
    Yeah, that's right.
[27:57] Beatrice
    Subaru... Subaru...
[27:59] Subaru
    That's right. That's my name.
[28:02] Beatrice
    Subaru! Subaru! Subaru! Subaru!
[28:07] Subaru
    You finally called me by my name.
[28:19] Emilia
    I absolutely will not let
    anything or anyone be lost!
[28:27] Emilia
    Mother and Geuse, everyone from today,
[28:31] Emilia
    and the words he wrote...
    So long as I remember all of them,
[28:36] Emilia
    I won't give up!
[28:42] Subaru
    You don't have to push yourself
    that hard, Emilia-tan.
[28:54] Subaru
    You can step back and
    leave the rest to me now.
[28:57] Subaru
    I need to make a revision
    to my first battle.
[29:01] Emilia
    Sorry... I'm not sure what
    you're talking about.
[29:13] Beatrice
    Don't blame me for whatever may happen next.
[29:16] Subaru
[29:18] Subaru
    We'll make it work out!
[29:21] Subaru
    You and me together!
SIGN    Choose Me