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E50 - Offbeat Steps Under the Moonlight

Source: Crunchyroll
(Please feel free to edit the speaker names if incomplete or inaccurate. Names are handled on a best-effort basis depending on the info on the source file. Dialogue is left as is.)
[00:02] Subaru
    Since everyone's sheltering
    in the graveyard,
[00:05] Subaru
    I guess that means you finished the trial.
[00:08] Subaru
    Great job, Emilia-tan.
[00:14] Subaru
[00:16] Beatrice
    Subaru! Focus your attention
    over here for now, I suppose!
[00:20] Beatrice
    What kind of weird reaction was that?
[00:22] Subaru
    Oh, just... Hearing you call
    me just "Subaru" is new.
[00:26] Subaru
    I was just savoring the joy of it.
[00:28] Beatrice
    Save that for later, I suppose... S-Subaru.
[00:31] Subaru
    Damn, you're so cute!
[00:34] Subaru
    So, we're up against the Great Rabbit.
     Are you ready for this?
[00:38] Beatrice
    The contract was only just signed,
[00:40] Beatrice
    and it's one of the Three Great Mabeasts.
[00:43] Beatrice
    The contractor is a novice,
[00:44] Beatrice
    and it's been 400 years since
    I was involved in a battle.
[00:48] Subaru
[00:51] Beatrice
    I'd call it the perfect handicap.
[00:58] Beatrice
    Are you scared?
[01:00] Subaru
    No, I'm not scared.
[01:05] Subaru
    I've got Emilia behind me and you beside me.
[01:09] Subaru
    I'm feeling stronger than ever!
[01:12] Beatrice
    That's right.
[01:18] Beatrice
    El Minya!
[01:29] Subaru
    Holy crap!
[01:30] Subaru
    So what should I do?!
[01:32] Beatrice
    Just keep holding my hand and
    don't leave me alone, I suppose.
[01:36] Beatrice
    And imagine yourself
[01:38] Beatrice
    weaving mana, shaping your power
    into arrows, and crushing the enemy
[01:43] Beatrice
    in a single, supreme attack.
[01:45] Subaru
[01:46] Beatrice
    Then all that's left is
    to say it, I suppose!
[01:48] Both
    El Minya!
[01:54] Beatrice
    Cross over!
[01:55] Subaru
[01:58] Beatrice
    Take the left, I suppose!
[02:00] Subaru
    Then the right's all yours!
[02:03] Subaru
[02:05] Subaru
    Minya! Minya!
[02:07] Subaru
    That's hard to say! Minya!
[02:11] Subaru
    There's no end to them!
    Beako, what's the plan?
[02:13] Beatrice
    What we need to do is gather
    all of the Great Rabbits here.
[02:18] Beatrice
    They may be infinite, but that doesn't
    mean there's no upper limit, I suppose.
[02:22] Beatrice
    They can only multiply
    up to a certain number.
[02:25] Beatrice
    Which means...
[02:26] Subaru
    If we can stop all of them when they
    hit that max, we can destroy them!
[02:30] Beatrice
    The question is how to do it.
[02:32] Subaru
    It's not like the two of us
    have to solve this alone.
[02:38] Beatrice
[02:41] Beatrice
    Act as a decoy while I'm
    getting ready, I suppose.
[02:44] Subaru
    Don't you worry.
[02:46] Subaru
    There's no one in all of
    Lugunica better than me
[02:48] Subaru
    when it comes to being bait
    for insanely strong enemies!
[02:58] Subaru
    Hey, Great Rabbit!
[03:00] Subaru
    It's me you want! Follow me!
[03:03] Subaru
    You're too slow!
[03:07] Subaru
[03:09] Subaru
    Beatrice and I are gonna knock
    all of these bastards out!
[03:12] Subaru
    I'd appreciate it if you
    could help us a little!
[03:15] Emilia
[03:16] Subaru
    I know I'm asking too much!
[03:18] Subaru
    If you can't do it, I'll just
    have to think a little harder,
[03:21] Subaru
    but if you think you can, I want you to try!
[03:24] Subaru
    Let's all win this together!
[03:28] Emilia
    All right! You can count on me!
[03:30] Emilia
    So I'll count on you!
[03:32] Subaru
    Hell yeah! I'm on it!
[03:40] Subaru
    Now, Emilia! Trace the line!
[03:43] Emilia
    You're doing so well!
[03:45] Emilia
    You always do!
[03:51] Emilia
    I'm not letting any of you escape!
[03:56] Subaru
[03:59] Subaru
    And now you guys are the guiltylowe
    that came up one step short!
[04:05] Subaru
    Okay, your turn to be the star,
[04:08] Beatrice
    Great Spirit Beatrice!
[04:13] Beatrice
    Al Shamac!
[04:40] Subaru
    We did it...
[04:41] Emilia
    That was... so amazing.
[04:44] Beatrice
    I sent them to an isolated space,
    much like the forbidden library.
[04:48] Beatrice
    They'll never be able to
    come back out, I suppose.
[05:15] Emilia
    Subaru, look.
[05:21] Beatrice
    Have you nothing to say to the
    one who just performed such a—
[05:24] Subaru
    You did it!
[05:26] Subaru
    I knew you could! I love you, Beako!
[05:27] Beatrice
    Wha... Wait! No! Let me go, I suppose!
[05:29] Subaru
    That's my girl! You're so cute!
[05:32] Subaru
    Beako's amazing!
    Beako's the best! Beako for life!
[05:33] Beatrice
    Su... Suba... Suba... Subaru!
[05:52] Beatrice
    I'm sorry, Mother.
[05:55] Beatrice
    I couldn't keep my promise.
[05:58] Roswaal
    Yet you look as if a weight was
    lifted from your shoulders.
[06:03] Beatrice
    You don't seem like yourself either, I suppose.
[06:06] Beatrice
    I thought an encounter with Mother
    was your clan's dearest wish.
[06:13] Roswaal
    May I ask something?
[06:15] Beatrice
[06:16] Roswaal
    Did Subaru-kun turn out to
    be "that person" for you?
[06:21] Beatrice
[06:22] Beatrice
    Subaru is not at all suited
    for that, I suppose.
[06:25] Beatrice
    But that's just fine.
[06:28] Beatrice
    I chose Subaru, who is not
    "that person," I suppose.
[06:32] Roswaal
[06:33] Beatrice
    Because when I asked him to be
    "that person" for me, he laughed.
[06:38] Beatrice
    He insisted that he could
    make me happier than
[06:40] ---
    some stranger I wouldn't even
    recognize could, I suppose.
[06:44] Roswaal
    That is quite an arrogant answer.
[06:48] Beatrice
    But I don't dislike how pushy he is.
[06:51] Roswaal
    Are you sure about this?
[06:52] Roswaal
    You will never be number one to Subaru-kun.
[06:55] Beatrice
    You seem to be mistaken, I suppose.
[06:59] Beatrice
    I didn't leave the forbidden library
    because I became his number one.
[07:03] Beatrice
    I left because I want to
    make Subaru my number one.
[07:09] Subaru
    Choose me.
[07:15] Roswaal
    No matter how old you get, you never change.
[07:18] Roswaal
    You're just like back then.
[07:20] Beatrice
[07:21] Roswaal
    You and I really haven't
    spoken enough, have we?
[07:25] Roswaal
    Not in all the time since
    we were with Teacher.
[07:29] Beatrice
[07:32] Beatrice
    You're... Roswaal?
[07:35] Roswaal
    I have always been Roswaal.
[07:38] Beatrice
    No! That's not what I meant!
[07:40] Roswaal
    I was joking.
[07:42] Roswaal
    I am...
[07:44] Roswaal
    I'm Roswaal, Beatrice.
[07:47] Beatrice
    You can't mean... Soul transcription?
[07:50] Beatrice
    From Mother's pursuit of immortality?
[07:53] Beatrice
    But that failed!
[07:55] Roswaal
    The soul of another will not
    take hold in an empty vessel.
[07:58] Roswaal
    So rather than use someone else,
[08:00] Roswaal
    you need only prepare a vessel that
    has high affinity with the soul.
[08:08] Roswaal
    Would you curse me as an inhuman monster?
[08:16] Beatrice
    Kneel down there, I suppose.
[08:19] Roswaal
    Right here?
[08:23] Beatrice
    Brace yourself.
[08:29] Roswaal
    Was that supposed to be
    a show of your contempt?
[08:34] Beatrice
    No. I neither know nor care why
    you want to be reprimanded.
[08:38] Beatrice
    That was obviously payback for burning
    down the forbidden library, I suppose!
[08:46] Beatrice
    That would cause nothing but
    trouble for Mother, I suppose.
[08:49] Beatrice
    What do you think you're saying?!
[08:49] Echidna
    All three of you are here?
[08:50] Ryuzu
    It would make me very happy.
[08:51] Beatrice
    Naturally, I suppose.
[08:52] Roswaal
    So said Beatrice as she echoed the
    very same words her teacher used.
[08:52] Echidna
    Have you been getting
    along and not fighting?
[08:54] Roswaal
    Well, I love you.
[08:57] Beatrice
[08:59] Roswaal
[09:01] Beatrice
    Welcome back.
[09:04] Roswaal
    Yes... That's right.
[09:07] Roswaal
    I'm back, Beatrice.
[09:12] Roswaal
    And welcome home.
[09:43] Emilia
    They still haven't come out.
[09:45] Subaru
    Yeah, but I'm sure they're fine.
[09:48] Emilia
    You trust Beatrice so well now.
[09:51] Emilia
    I guess you two were always
    good friends, huh?
[09:54] Subaru
    Both now and back then, I'd have my
    reservations about calling us friends.
[09:59] Subaru
    Is that Puck?
[10:02] Subaru
    I'd like to thank him for his help,
    but that won't work, will it?
[10:05] Emilia
    You're right.
[10:07] Emilia
    I guess he overdid it a bit,
[10:09] Emilia
    and even having this stone to occupy
    isn't enough to wake him up.
[10:12] Subaru
    You'll definitely call him
    back someday, though.
[10:15] Subaru
[10:18] Emilia
[10:22] Subaru
    You've changed, Emilia-tan.
[10:25] Subaru
    You're stronger now.
[10:27] Emilia
    If I have, it's thanks to
    you and everyone else.
[10:31] Emilia
    All I ever do is take, after all.
[10:33] Emilia
    I need to get to a point where I
    can give back to everyone soon.
[10:37] Subaru
    I feel like all I ever do is take, too.
[10:44] Emilia
    By the way, Subaru... You know...
[10:47] Subaru
    Huh? Your face just turned red super fast.
[10:51] Subaru
    You okie?
[10:51] Emilia
    I'm o-okie. Totally fine.
[10:54] Emilia
    Anyway, there's something
    important I wanted to discuss.
[10:58] Subaru
    Y-You're being weirdly formal now.
[11:01] Emilia
    So... you said that you...
    l-loved me, right?
[11:07] Subaru
    Huh? uh, yes, I did!
    I love you! A whole lot!
[11:11] Emilia
    And that, um... makes me
    really, really happy...
[11:16] Emilia
    But I wanted to have a proper talk.
[11:23] Emilia
    About... well...
[11:25] Emilia
    the baby I'm carrying in my belly!
[11:33] Subaru
[11:35] Emilia
    I-I don't know if it's a boy or a girl,
[11:38] Emilia
    but I know I have to take good care of it.
[11:40] Emilia
    But I don't know anything
    about this kind of thing.
[11:43] Emilia
    So I knew I had to talk to the father...
[11:45] Subaru
    E-Emilia-tan! Wait, wait!
    Seriously, wait a hot minute!
[11:49] Subaru
    You just said... a baby, right?
[11:51] Emilia
[11:53] Emilia
    It won't be easy with the
    royal selection going on.
[11:56] Emilia
    But that's not the baby's fault!
[11:58] ---
    I just want to make them happy!
[12:02] Subaru
    Emilia-tan, babies don't get
    carried to you by storks
[12:06] ---
    or grow in cabbage fields.
[12:08] Emilia
    But when a boy and a girl kiss,
     it makes a baby, right?
[12:13] Subaru
[12:18] Subaru
    I hate you, Puck!
[12:29] Garfiel
    I got ya!
[12:33] Otto
[12:37] Subaru
    Okay, now that we've gotten
    all of our scores settled,
[12:41] Subaru
    I'd like to talk about
    where we go from here.
[12:45] Subaru
    I was sure you'd be pissed, though.
[12:48] Ram
    Don't be silly.
[12:49] ---
    Even I don't think Roswaal-sama
    has nothing to apologize for.
[12:53] Ram
    But it's my own choice to treat him with
    kindness and respect after he's paid for—
[12:58] Beatrice
    You have such bizarre tastes.
[13:00] Beatrice
    With a wound that grave, what would have
    happened if I wasn't here, I suppose?
[13:04] Ram
    I am deeply grateful.
[13:05] Ram
    But I would rather not be
    told whom I should love.
[13:08] Garfiel
    Ram ain't gonna change her mind.
[13:11] Garfiel
    But Boss, are you seriously sayin'
    this bastard's one of us now?
[13:16] Garfiel
    If not for you and these guys, it would've
    been a disaster for the village and the mansion!
[13:20] Garfiel
    And he's the one who planned all that!
[13:22] Subaru
    Still, we need Roswaal's strength.
[13:26] Garfiel
[13:27] Subaru
    Emilia can't compete in the royal
    selection without his support.
[13:32] Subaru
    It's natural that you'd
    want to get even with him,
[13:35] Subaru
    but we can't just say
    goodbye and send him off.
[13:37] Garfiel
    I don't agree with this.
[13:40] Frederica
    I am willing to forgive the master.
[13:43] Garfiel
    What the hell you sayin'?!
[13:44] Garfiel
    This bastard put you and the mansion in—
[13:47] Frederica
    Regardless, I am still alive...
[13:50] Frederica
    because you saved me.
[13:53] Garfiel
    That's just hindsight!
[13:55] Frederica
    I have been in the master's
    care for more than ten years.
[14:00] Frederica
    I accepted his aid in
    achieving my own goals,
[14:06] Frederica
    and I am here today because
    I learned so much from him.
[14:10] Garfiel
    You think your debt and your
    life are the same thing?!
[14:13] Garfiel
    He used you and Ram to—
[14:14] Otto
    Sorry to interrupt this heated debate.
[14:17] Otto
    It's natural that Garfiel would be angry.
[14:20] Otto
    I did technically take part in
    the "purification ritual," too.
[14:23] Subaru
    You say "technically," but you were throwing
    some pretty hardcore punches, too.
[14:27] Otto
    Anyway, how much does the
    margrave intend to yield to us?
[14:32] Roswaal
    I believe your concern
[14:34] Roswaal
    is when and where I might
    become your enemy again,
[14:39] Roswaal
    but you needn't worry about that.
[14:40] Garfiel
    You think I'm gonna trust
    a damn word you say?
[14:44] Roswaal
    I suppose not.
[14:46] Roswaal
    So... I will prove it to you
    in a form that you can see.
[14:58] Beatrice
    That is an oath sealed with a curse.
[15:01] Subaru
    An oath... sealed with a curse?
[15:03] Beatrice
    An agreement can take the form of
    a contract, an oath, or a covenant.
[15:09] Beatrice
    A covenant applies to all blood relatives,
[15:11] Beatrice
    and an oath binds an individual.
[15:15] Roswaal
    I lost my battle.
[15:17] Roswaal
    Therefore, per my oath,
    I cannot harm any of you.
[15:22] Roswaal
    If I break this promise,
    my soul will be tainted,
[15:25] Roswaal
    and my body will burn away
    in the flames of hell.
[15:29] Roswaal
    Then, I will descend into nothingness.
[15:32] Roswaal
    That is what this promise means.
[15:34] Subaru
    Wh-Why would you make a
    crazy promise like that?
[15:36] Roswaal
    That's quite a thing to say.
[15:39] Roswaal
    Were you not the one who
    proposed such a contest to me?
[15:43] Roswaal
    That is what this mark is for.
[15:45] Subaru
    And if I had screwed it up...
[15:47] Roswaal
    This mark would have been engraved on you,
[15:49] Roswaal
    and if you broke the promise,
    you would burn to ashes.
[15:52] Subaru
    That's scary!
[15:53] Subaru
    But still,
[15:54] Subaru
    this means Roswaal can't betray us.
[15:57] Subaru
    Garfiel, what do you say?
[16:00] Ryuzu
    Young Gar.
[16:03] Ryuzu
    What happened to Shima was her own choice.
[16:06] Ryuzu
    Regardless of what happened to Young Ros,
[16:08] Ryuzu
    it was necessary for one of us to
    act as the key to undo the barrier.
[16:15] Ryuzu
    Shima said that she was not
    lonely these past ten years...
[16:20] Ryuzu
    Because she had you.
[16:23] Garfiel
    I know.
[16:25] Garfiel
    Quit lookin' like you're
    about to cry, Grandma.
[16:32] Garfiel
    Swear it, Roswaal.
[16:34] Garfiel
    Swear you'll never do the
    shit you've done again.
[16:39] Garfiel
    Swear it.
[16:42] Roswaal
    Never again shall I attempt
    to sacrifice anyone here
[16:46] Roswaal
    in order to achieve something else.
[16:52] Roswaal
    I swear upon the soul of my beloved teacher.
[16:57] Petra
    Not me. I can't forgive you.
[17:00] Petra
    You tried to do something awful
    to the people of the village!
[17:04] Petra
    They all trusted you, and then you...
[17:07] Petra
    I thought you were a good person, too!
[17:10] Roswaal
    Your words cause me pain.
[17:13] Petra
    But... But I don't want to be stubborn
    and make things harder for everyone.
[17:20] Petra
    So... I'm never going to forgive you!
[17:24] Petra
    Not ever... But that's all.
[17:30] Frederica
    Very good.
[17:34] Garfiel
    I'm only agreeing for my sister,
    the old hag, and this little girl.
[17:38] Garfiel
    Don't forget that!
[17:40] Roswaal
    Of course.
[17:42] Subaru
    Anyone else got anything to say?
[17:45] Emilia
    I do.
[17:46] Subaru
    Okay, Emilia-tan.
[17:48] Subaru
    You've got the chance to
    say anything you want.
[17:50] Emilia
    Then I'll take you up on that and say this.
[17:54] Emilia
    You're all being very weird.
[17:56] Emilia
    Roswaal hasn't even done the
    most important thing yet.
[18:00] Emilia
    We can't end this discussion
    before he's done that.
[18:05] Subaru
    The most important thing?
[18:07] Emilia
    When you do something bad, you
    have to say, "I'm sorry."
[18:13] Emilia
    You've all been telling him to do this
    and say that to prove he regrets it.
[18:19] Emilia
    And Roswaal, you said you'd
    swear on your teacher's soul,
[18:22] Emilia
    but isn't there something
    you should say before that?
[18:25] Emilia
    Roswaal, did you say that
    to them, even once?
[18:28] ---
    I didn't hear it.
[18:31] Subaru
    Apologize, Roswaal.
[18:33] Subaru
    If you're gonna work with us from now on,
[18:35] Subaru
    that's the right thing
    to do as a human being.
[18:41] Roswaal
    I am sorry.
[18:44] Emilia
[18:46] Emilia
    That's enough.
[19:05] Subaru
    Conferment of knighthood?
[19:07] Subaru
    They're really going all-out here.
[19:09] Roswaal
    I thought this was what you
    had awaited for a long time.
[19:14] Subaru
    Yeah, but isn't it kinda shameless
    to do it in a rented space?
[19:19] Roswaal
    The Miload family is a branch
    of the Mathers family,
[19:22] Roswaal
    and their leader, Annerose, is
    head over heels for Emilia-sama.
[19:28] Subaru
    And? You wanted to say something to me?
[19:31] Roswaal
    My goal is to reunite with my teacher.
[19:35] Subaru
    That's the woman who was
    in that coffin, right?
[19:38] Subaru
    So haven't you already—
[19:39] Roswaal
    Do not misunderstand.
[19:42] Roswaal
    I wish to reunite with a teacher whose
    blood flows, who breathes and houses a soul.
[19:48] Roswaal
    That is my desire and my dearest wish.
[19:50] Subaru
    And is there a way to do that?
[19:53] Roswaal
    I have lost the Tome of Wisdom,
    and I am bound by the mark of the oath.
[19:57] Roswaal
    But I have no intention of
    giving up on my teacher.
[20:00] Subaru
    What good is that gonna do?
[20:02] Roswaal
    It's simple.
[20:04] Roswaal
    I will continue to keep my eye on you.
[20:10] Roswaal
    You decided that you would lose
    nothing and pick up all the pieces.
[20:16] Roswaal
    You will surely continue
    to be hurt from now on.
[20:20] Roswaal
    You will lose things over and over,
    and each time you get them back,
[20:24] Roswaal
    you will carry on with new,
     invisible wounds.
[20:28] Roswaal
    If I lost anyone, I would not hesitate
    to reduce everything to ashes.
[20:33] Roswaal
    I will not compromise.
[20:35] Roswaal
    Nothing can lead me back to my teacher but you,
     Subaru-kun, and the path you walk.
[20:50] Annerose
    We will now begin the ceremony
    of the conferment of knighthood.
[20:54] Annerose
    Natsuki Subaru, come forward.
[20:58] Roswaal
    Congratulations, Subaru-kun.
[21:00] Roswaal
    You've earned the praise
    of the witch's disciple.
[21:04] Roswaal
    You win... for today.
[21:28] Emilia
    The sun that looks down
    upon a brilliant world,
[21:31] Emilia
    the stars that keep watch over
    the world when it sleeps,
[21:34] Emilia
    the wind, to the water, to
    the earth, to the light,
[21:38] Emilia
    the spirits that dwell in all things...
[21:41] Emilia
    The world that will accept
    you and nurture you,
[21:44] Emilia
    the vast world into which
    you will be sent forth...
[21:47] Emilia
    The pride that has supported you,
    protected you, and created you...
[21:53] Emilia
    May you find a way to
    live that will not shame
[21:56] Emilia
    all that watch over you,
[21:58] Emilia
    the world that nurtures you,
[22:01] Emilia
    and the pride that supports you.
[22:03] Emilia
    May you live as your heart dictates,
[22:07] Emilia
    never fearing, never cowering,
    never hesitating.
[22:10] Emilia
    Have you the will to do all this,
[22:12] Emilia
    as all things surrounding you have done,
[22:15] Emilia
    to swear that you will henceforth
    protect the one standing before you?
[22:21] Subaru
    On the sun, the stars, the
    spirits, the world, my pride...
[22:30] Subaru
    And on my father and mother, I swear it.
[22:38] Subaru
    I will protect you.
[22:40] Subaru
    I will grant your every wish.
[22:43] Subaru
    My name is Natsuki Subaru...
[22:47] Subaru
    your knight, Emilia, and yours alone.
[22:54] Emilia
[23:08] Subaru
    This is nothing new, but you look
    so sexy and cute in that outfit.
[23:14] Emilia
[23:25] Emilia
    Subaru? So this is where you were.
[23:30] Subaru
    Oh, it's you, Emilia-tan.
[23:32] Subaru
    I thought some angel or
    fairy had come to get me.
[23:34] Emilia
    You're being weird again.
[23:36] Emilia
    Are you drunk or something?
[23:39] Subaru
    I told you before, I don't drink.
[23:42] Subaru
    I'm only drunk on myself and
    the atmosphere right now.
[23:45] Emilia
    See? You are drunk.
[23:48] Emilia
    Are you getting along with Roswaal?
[23:51] Emilia
    What were you talking about
    before the ceremony?
[23:53] Emilia
    Ah, I knew he was messing with you.
[23:56] Subaru
    You're so perceptive, Emilia-tan.
[23:59] Subaru
    I get the feeling things are gonna
    be even tougher than before.
[24:02] Emilia
    I think Roswaal is just afraid of
    forgetting everything he's done.
[24:07] Emilia
    That's why he acts like that
    to get everyone's attention.
[24:11] Emilia
    Honestly, he's such a child.
[24:14] Subaru
    You're amazing, Emilia-tan.
[24:17] Emilia
    You think so?
[24:19] Emilia
[24:21] Emilia
    But I think that about you, too. I really do.
[24:28] Emilia
    You know, Subaru...
[24:30] Emilia
    There's something I want
    to say to my knight later.
[24:35] Subaru
    What a coincidence. There's a
    lot I want to say to you, too.
[24:42] Emilia
    Then it's a promise.
[24:49] Emilia
    When the ceremony's over,
    we'll have an important talk.
[24:53] Emilia
    Would you come to my room?
[24:55] Subaru
    I'm a repeat offender when it
    comes to breaking promises,
[24:58] Subaru
    but when you invite me
    to your room at night,
[25:00] Subaru
    is breaking that promise even
    an option? No, it's not!
[25:04] Emilia
    Sorry... I'm not really sure
    what you're talking about.
[25:10] Subaru
    I can't wait to find out
    what we'll talk about.
[25:14] Emilia
    One evening might not be enough.
[25:17] Subaru
    If it's that important, I'll give
    you as many evenings as it takes.
[25:21] Subaru
    I'm your number one knight! Okay?
[25:25] Emilia
[25:32] Subaru
    Don't worry, Emilia-tan.
[25:35] Subaru
    No matter what you say, I'll never
    become disenchanted with you.
[25:39] Emilia
[25:41] Subaru
    What's important isn't the
    beginning or the middle.
[25:44] Subaru
    It's the end.
[25:46] Subaru
    Besides, no matter what started it,
[25:48] Subaru
    it's not like it's still
    the same now, right?
[25:51] Emilia
    How... do you know?
[26:01] Subaru
    You were looking out over the hall
    with those sweet eyes before.
[26:05] Subaru
    Seeing that made it obvious.
[26:07] Subaru
    If making that circle around you bigger
[26:10] Subaru
    is one of your reasons for
    wanting to work so hard,
[26:14] Subaru
    then let your number one help you.
[26:18] Emilia
    You really don't mind if I rely on you?
[26:22] Subaru
    What do you think I promised
    you a minute ago?
[26:26] Subaru
    I want you to rely on me before anyone else.
[26:29] Subaru
    If there's anything I can
    help you with, I will,
[26:32] Subaru
    and if there's anything you don't understand,
     I'll think about it with you.
[26:42] Emilia
[26:45] Subaru
    All right, my doubts are gone now!
[26:51] Emilia
    Subaru, your face looks so sweet right now.
[26:54] Subaru
    I wonder why.
[26:55] Subaru
    Maybe I'm just happy to see what
    you're seeing, and I think it's nice.
[27:00] Emilia
    Oh, I can understand that.
[27:02] Emilia
    It makes me happy if you
    feel the same way about it.
[27:05] Subaru
    I'm not so sure...
    That might not be quite right.
[27:09] Subaru
    I do think it's okay if
    we think differently.
[27:14] Subaru
    It's such a nice atmosphere,
    isn't it, Emilia-tan?
[27:18] Emilia
[27:22] Emilia
    I think this scene just might be my ideal.
[27:27] Emilia
    I'll never forget it.
[27:39] ---
SIGN    Offbeat Steps Under the Moonlight