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E12 - A Flash of Sloth \ Nefarious Sloth

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:06] Felis
    Just now joining us, Julius?
[00:09] ---
    Thanks for gracing us with your presence.
[00:11] Julius
    Please, you're going to ruin my reputation.
[00:14] Julius
    But I am not the man called "Julius."
[00:19] Julius
    Let's see...
[00:21] ---
    Perhaps I'll go by "Juli."
[00:24] Julius
    Even if it is temporary,
[00:26] Julius
    a man with the status of a knight
    must never lower himself
[00:30] Julius
    to the rank of mercenary.
[00:32] Julius
    The man you see here is not
    Julius Euclius, the knight,
[00:37] Julius
    but a simple wanderer called Juli.
[00:40] Felis
    A proper household's code of
    chivalry is a real pain, huh?
[00:43] Subaru
[00:45] Julius
    It seems you're doing better than I expected.
[00:48] Julius
    How are you feeling?
[00:51] Subaru
    Well, it was just some scratches!
[00:54] Subaru
    A little spit fixed them right up, pretty much!
[00:57] Subaru
    What about you?
[00:58] ---
    Been busy writing letters of apology
[01:00] ---
    for fighting so seriously with an amateur?
[01:04] Julius
    I didn't mean that.
[01:06] Julius
    I was talking about the damage to your
    honor by the mabeast subjugation.
[01:12] Julius
    But I'm glad your wounds from
    before seem to have healed.
[02:52] Subaru
    We succeeded in taking out the
    White Whale thanks to all of you.
[02:55] Subaru
    But it's not over yet.
[02:58] Subaru
    I have to settle a score with the Witch's
    Cult guys who picked a fight with me.
[03:03] Subaru
    Once that's done,
[03:04] ---
    the White Whale subjugation will be complete.
[03:06] Mimi
    The Witch's Cult is next?
[03:08] Tivey
    Can we trust the allegations that the White
    Whale and the Witch's Cult are connected?
[03:13] Tivey
    We only came as reinforcements for
    the White Whale's subjugation—
[03:17] Tivey
    What was that for?
[03:18] Mimi
    If you can't believe him,
[03:20] ---
    then you just need to believe me!
[03:23] Subaru
    I'd prefer it if you believed me, though.
[03:28] Subaru
    I don't like to recall it,
[03:30] Subaru
    but I've run up against
    the Witch's Cult before.
[03:32] Subaru
    I found out then.
[03:34] Felis
    Didn't you look into that, Old Man Wil?
[03:37] Wilhelm
    I wouldn't call it definitive evidence,
[03:40] Wilhelm
    but the distributions of Whale
    appearances and Cult activities
[03:43] Wilhelm
    coincided in several respects.
[03:47] Subaru
    That makes it doubly credible!
[03:49] Subaru
    On that note,
[03:50] ---
    we're going to head
    for the Mathers domain.
[03:53] Subaru
    The Witch's Cult is hiding in the forest there.
[03:56] Subaru
    The way to defeat them
    is as simple as it gets.
[03:59] Subaru
    Raid them before they can
    read our movements,
[04:02] ---
    and crush them!
[04:03] Conwood
    Is there a way to keep the villagers safe?
[04:06] Subaru
    I asked Anastasia-san and Russell-san
[04:09] Subaru
    to talk to the merchants along the highway.
[04:13] Subaru
    Under the condition that Margrave Mathers
    buys their cargo at the asking price,
[04:17] Subaru
    they'll ask the merchants
    to evacuate the villagers
[04:20] ---
    of Arlam and the residents
    of Roswaal's mansion.
[04:23] Subaru
    And a messenger from Crusch-san's household
[04:26] ---
    is headed to the mansion
    with a handwritten letter.
[04:29] Subaru
    There will be chaos if we don't
[04:30] ---
    notify Emilia and the others
    about the alliance and all that.
SIGN    Sounds like we're all ready.
[04:36] Both
[04:37] Wilhelm
    We have never enjoyed such an advantage
    in a battle with the Witch's Cult.
[04:42] Subaru
[04:43] ---
    With Julius and his crew joining us, we don't
    have to worry about being outnumbered.
[04:49] Julius
    I'd like to offer one correction.
[04:53] Julius
    My name is Juli.
[04:55] Julius
    Please take care to use it.
[04:56] Subaru
    That's just gonna be a hassle
    in informal settings!
[05:03] Subaru
    The battle with the White Whale
    was so tough, I thought I'd die.
[05:08] Subaru
    Some of us did die.
[05:11] Subaru
    Some others vanished, never to return.
[05:17] Subaru
    Let's win the war without losing anyone here.
[05:22] Subaru
    Let's all go back home alive!
[05:31] Julius
    You really managed to win?
[05:33] Subaru
[05:35] Julius
    The subjugation of the White Whale
[05:37] Julius
    was a long-standing wish that the
    Imperial Knights were to fulfill.
[05:43] Julius
    It seems I owe you my thanks.
[05:46] Subaru
    You don't have to force it.
[05:48] Julius
    For putting an end to a calamity that
    all nations ignored for far too long,
[05:53] Julius
    I thank you.
[05:59] Subaru
[06:01] Subaru
    grateful to you, too.
[06:03] Subaru
    For coming to back us up.
[06:05] Subaru
    Even after what happened.
[06:08] Subaru
    About that... I was...
[06:11] Subaru
    Oh, damn it! Crap!
[06:14] ---
    I know, okay?! I know it now!
[06:18] Subaru
    It was my fault.
[06:20] Subaru
    Sorry. I... I apologize.
[06:25] Julius
    I apologize, as well.
[06:28] Julius
    I can't take back my words and actions,
[06:33] Julius
    but I apologize from the bottom
    of my heart for belittling you.
[06:37] Subaru
    I'm sorry, but...
[06:41] Subaru
    I hate your guts.
[06:43] Subaru
    I feel bad for what happened,
    and I'm grateful you're here.
[06:47] Subaru
    But I hate your guts.
[06:50] Subaru
    I seriously hate you from
    the bottom of my heart!
[06:58] Julius
    That's as it should be.
[06:59] Julius
    I'm quite certain I could never
    befriend you, either.
[07:08] Subaru
    All right, as I say every time,
    let's get this fight started.
[07:11] Subaru
    Bring it on, Fate.
[07:32] Puck
    You must be exhausted, Lia.
[07:33] Puck
    You should rest a bit.
[07:36] Emilia
[07:37] ---
    I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep.
[07:40] Emilia
    What about you? Aren't you tired?
[07:42] Puck
    I'm fine.
[07:44] ---
    The forest barrier is all fixed up, too.
[07:46] Puck
    You don't have to worry about anything.
[07:48] Emilia
[07:51] Emilia
[08:04] Subaru
    This feels like the time
[08:07] ---
    I found a cockroach in the
    corner of a quiet room.
[08:11] Subaru
    You were drawn to the smell, huh?
[08:13] ---
    Perfect cockroach bait.
[08:16] Subaru
    Do I really smell that bad?
[08:20] Subaru
    Thanks for coming to meet me.
[08:22] Subaru
    Sorry to say it when you just got here,
[08:24] Subaru
    but I'd rather discuss the
    details with your boss.
[08:27] Subaru
    So don't get in my way.
[08:33] Subaru
    If they'd stuck around long enough
    for me to order them
[08:36] Suabru
    to gather their stuff and go home,
    this would've been easier...
[08:48] Betel
    I've been waiting for you, believer in love.
[08:52] Betel
    I am a Sin Archbishop of the
    Witch's Cult, representing sloth,
[08:56] Betel
    Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti!
[09:01] Betel
    I welcome you, beloved
    child blessed with love!
[09:05] Betel
[09:07] Betel
[09:11] Subaru
[09:13] Subaru
    I really appreciate the unexpected welcome.
[09:16] Subaru
    But I'm not sure I really feel this
    "love" you keep bringing up.
[09:20] Betel
    It always begins suddenly.
[09:22] Betel
    Everyone, on a certain day,
[09:24] Betel
    realizes that they are loved.
[09:26] Betel
    They feel the love!
[09:28] Betel
    The love! The love! The love! The love!
    The love! The love! The love!
[09:32] Subaru
    Um... And what am I supposed to do now?
[09:36] Betel
    Ah, the generous love of the witch...
[09:40] Betel
    You wouldn't happen to be Pride, would you?
[09:45] Betel
    Of the six Sin Archbishops,
[09:48] Betel
    only Pride's seat remains vacant.
[09:52] Betel
    You have
[09:54] Betel
    received the Gospel, haven't you?
[09:58] Subaru
    The Gospel?
[10:00] Betel
    My brain
[10:02] Betel
[10:07] Betel
    Presentation of the Gospel!
[10:08] Betel
    Proof of love!
[10:10] Betel
    Proof! Proof! Proof! Proof!
[10:15] Betel
[10:17] Betel
    There is no account of you in my Gospel.
[10:21] Subaru
    That book is the Gospel?
[10:24] Betel
    Then why did you appear here?
[10:27] ---
    Why visit here?
[10:28] Betel
    What fortune are you here to bring me?!
[10:33] Subaru
    Oh! So that's the Gospel!
[10:35] Subaru
    I see, I see!
[10:37] Subaru
    I understand, I understand.
[10:39] Subaru
    You should have just said so.
[10:43] Subaru
    Aw, darn it! I'm sorry!
[10:47] Betel
[10:48] Subaru
    My Gospel is, well, you know...
[10:52] Subaru
    I used it as a coaster, and it got messy,
[10:56] Subaru
    so I threw it out.
[11:03] Betel
    Proof of love!
[11:04] Betel
    Authority of Sloth!
[11:06] Betel
    Unseen Hand!
[11:09] Betel
[11:11] Subaru
    It's an "unseen hand," right?
[11:13] Subaru
    So if I can see it, I can evade it!
[11:16] Betel
    You can see my Unseen Hand?!
[11:19] Subaru
    Okay, I'm just about done buying time!
[11:36] Subaru
    Prepare to be buried alive!
[11:38] Subaru
    Suffer as you regret all
    the things you've done!
[11:42] Betel
    How... How could this be?
[11:46] Betel
    My fingers, so cruelly, so mercilessly,
[11:51] Betel
    so chaotically, so arbitrarily,
    so artlessly, so meaninglessly...
[11:58] Betel
    My brain... My brain trembles!
[12:03] Mimi
    Yikes, that guy's kinda scary!
[12:06] Tivey
    I think all the Witch's Cultists are like that.
[12:11] Betel
    Yes, of course...
[12:15] Betel
    Fine. Fine!
[12:18] Betel
    I understand. Let's do this!
    I'm ready to do this!
[12:21] Betel
    The time has come to learn which
    of us is worthy of her love!
[12:26] Betel
    Her love! Yes, her love!
[12:29] Subaru
    Sorry to interrupt your fun, but...
[12:32] Betel
[12:33] Subaru
    I've got someone else lined up to take you on!
[12:50] Subaru
    I-It's over... right?
[12:53] Felix
    He's very much dead.
[12:56] Felix
    The most powerful healer in
    the capital guarantees it.
[12:59] Subaru
    I see...
[13:02] Subaru
    Wilhelm-san, I'm sorry to ask
    such an unreasonable favor.
[13:05] Wilhelm
    Was it unreasonable?
[13:08] Subaru
    Isn't cutting someone down
    from behind without warning
[13:11] Subaru
    the worst thing a knight can do?
[13:13] Wilhelm
    Chivalry is long dead.
[13:18] Wilhelm
    You need not concern yourself with that.
[13:21] Tivey
    Hmm... Doesn't look like he's
    carrying anything useful.
[13:27] Subaru
    You mini guys are ransacking his corpse
    like it's the obvious thing to do...
[13:31] Tivey
    I'm not mini. I'm Tivey.
[13:34] Tivey
    I think it's our right to search
    out the spoils of battle.
[13:40] Tivey
    What is this?
[13:42] Subaru
    I think that's the book Betelgeuse
    called the "Gospel."
[13:46] Tivey
    Eep! This is the Gospel?!
[13:49] Tivey
    Oh, no! I touched it!
[13:55] Subaru
    I can't read it...
[13:56] Subaru
    Felis, can you read this?
[13:58] Felix
    Whoa, nyo way! Don't point that thing at me!
[14:01] Felix
    And don't do something as stupid
    as trying to read the Gospel!
[14:05] Subaru
    Is it that dangerous?
[14:09] Wilhelm
    The Gospel is the proof that one
    belongs to the Witch's Cult.
[14:12] Wilhelm
    It's basically their sacred text.
[14:15] Subaru
    Sacred text?
[14:17] Felix
    The rumors say that one is delivered to
    anyone with the potential to join the cult.
[14:22] Felix
    And once a person gets it... Imagine that!
[14:26] Felix
    They're nyow a devout member
    of the Witch's Cult.
[14:29] Subaru
    How shady can you get?
[14:32] Subaru
    Well, I guess I'll take this with me.
[14:36] Subaru
    If I can decipher it,
[14:37] ---
    maybe I can figure out what
    the Witch's Cult really is.
[14:41] Mimi
    Hey, hey, we've killed the enemy here,
[14:45] Mimi
    so shouldn't we go make sure the
    other enemies are dead, too?
[14:49] Subaru
    You know, as adorable as you look,
[14:51] ---
    you say some pretty disturbing things.
[14:54] Mimi
    Aw, I'm adorable? You're makin' me blush!
[14:58] Wilhelm
    So the subordinates that Betelgeuse
    called "fingers" number ten in total?
[15:04] Tivey
    I think one of them is pinned under there.
[15:07] Mimi
    Ten minus one is nine!
[15:08] ---
    So nine are left!
[15:11] Wilhelm
    Then, shall we go?
[15:20] Subaru
    But they really are dead, right?
[15:23] Subaru
    They're not gonna come back the
    second we look away, right?
[15:26] Mimi
    Oh. fine. If you're that
    worried, we'll make sure.
[15:36] Julius
    We crushed two fingers here.
[15:40] Julius
    A few of the cultists were skilled,
    but they posed no threat.
[15:44] Julius
    We made no errors in driving them off.
[15:46] Subaru
    I'm glad it went well for you guys, too.
[15:48] Julius
    Given your demeanor,
[15:50] ---
    it seems I can assume your
    news is good, as well?
[15:53] Subaru
    Yep! We took out Betelgeuse!
[15:56] Mimi
    And since this guy is such a worrywart,
[15:58] Mimi
    we blasted him to bits with one more
    "kaboom" after we killed him!
[16:01] Mimi
    All to bits!
[16:04] Guy
    So that just leaves the simple task
    of mopping up the remnants, huh?
SIGN    We'd better hurry up
[16:09] ---
    and take care of 'em before
    my lady turns into an old granny.
SIGN    Oh, that was my best joke, y'know!
[16:18] Julius
    We rendezvous soon with the dragon-drawn
    carriages you arranged.
[16:22] Julius
    Let's eliminate the remaining fingers
    and greet our victory together.
[16:26] Felix
    Okay, Subaru-kyun, time for the bait.
[16:29] ---
    Put out that smell!
[16:30] Felix
    Breathe in...
[16:32] Felix
    And out...
[16:34] Mimi
    And out... And out... And out...
[16:38] Subaru
    Hey, hang on! Don't be crazy!
[16:45] Subaru
    So I guess...
[16:47] Subaru
    Once this is all done,
[16:48] ---
    we'll all go back to being friend and foe.
[16:52] Julius
    How confident of you to worry
    about what's yet to come.
[16:55] Subaru
    Hey, sue me.
[16:56] ---
    It's going almost too well,
    so maybe I let my guard down.
[17:03] Subaru
    Get down!
SIGN    What is this?
SIGN    What's goin' on?!
[17:19] Subaru
    The Unseen Hand!
[17:21] Subaru
    Betelgeuse should be dead!
[17:23] Subaru
    So who's...
[17:27] Wilhelm
[17:32] Subaru
    Damn it!
[17:44] Woman
[17:45] Woman
    My brain... trembles...
[17:51] Subaru
    Who are you?
[17:56] Subaru
    Wh-Who the hell are you?
[17:59] Subaru
    Are you Betelgeuse's...
[18:02] Woman
    Finger, yes!
[18:06] Subaru
    Let me go...
[18:08] Woman
    I am a finger,
[18:10] Woman
    one who reciprocates love.
[18:13] Woman
    A faithful, diligent
    disciple who will carry out
[18:17] ---
    the Ordeal, following love's guidance!
[18:22] Subaru
    A copy?
[18:23] Subaru
    A replica of... the original Betelgeuse?
[18:27] Subaru
    If so, this couldn't
    possibly get any worse!
[18:33] Woman
    Sniff, sniff.
[18:35] Woman
    The love that cloaks you does not
    compare to that of a mere follower.
[18:39] Woman
    It is equal to that of a Sin Archbishop!
[18:43] Woman
    It is exceedingly
[18:44] Woman
    displeasing, dissatisfying, disagreeable,
    discomforting, disproportionate, discordant!
[18:50] Woman
    But that is the proof that you are Pride!
[18:55] Subaru
    Don't make me keep saying it!
[18:57] Subaru
    I'm not even close to Pride!
[18:59] Subaru
    I've never even gotten a free
    book as a membership perk!
[19:03] Woman
    My! Are you being stubborn?
[19:06] Woman
    Still, soon enough, you will quite readily...
[19:10] Woman
    The Gospel...
[19:12] Woman
    My love's guidance!
[19:14] Woman
    The Gospel that allows me, though
    inexperienced, to reciprocate love!
[19:19] Woman
    It is not with me now!
[19:24] Woman
    Was it you?
[19:27] Woman
    You? You? You? You? You? You? You? You?!
[19:30] Woman
    Did you steal it?!
[19:36] Subaru
[19:37] Woman
    A spirit?
[19:42] Woman
    A spirit!
[19:44] Woman
    Spirit! Spirit! Spirit!
[19:52] Subaru
    Damn it.
[19:59] Woman
    Is that all you can do?
[20:01] Woman
    If so...
[20:02] Woman
    Be dismayed! Disappointed! Dejected!
[20:05] Woman
    Are you two slothful?!
[20:14] Woman
    My life is spilling out...
[20:16] ---
    My blood is running dry.
[20:19] Woman
    My diligent pulse, my life's support,
[20:24] Woman
    is stopping... disappearing...
[20:27] Woman
    Ah, my brain... trembl—
[20:34] Felix
    So the first Sloth we defeated was a double,
[20:37] Felix
    and this was the real one?
[20:40] Julius
[20:41] ---
    this may not even be a matter
    of which is the real one.
[20:45] Wilhelm
    You mean that there may be more
    than one Sin Archbishop of Sloth?
[20:50] Julius
    Either that,
[20:51] Julius
    or all hundred followers,
    including the fingers,
[20:54] Julius
    are the Sin Archbishop of Sloth.
[20:57] Subaru
    I dragged you all into this.
[21:12] Subaru
    If I'd realized it sooner,
    I could have avoided this.
[21:16] Subaru
    I knew what kind of power it was, so I...
[21:22] Wilhelm
[21:25] Wilhelm
    I'm sure many thoughts are going
    through your mind right now.
[21:31] Wilhelm
    And I'm certain none of
    them are superficial.
[21:35] Wilhelm
    But while it may be inelegant
    of me, I must say this.
[21:42] Wilhelm
[21:44] Wilhelm
    Even if you have regrets,
[21:46] ---
    even if you are remorseful, you must fight.
[21:49] Wilhelm
    If you have made the decision for
    yourself to fight, to struggle,
[21:54] Wilhelm
    then fight with all you have.
[21:57] Wilhelm
    Don't give up for one second,
    one moment, or one instant.
[22:02] Wilhelm
    Cling greedily to the victory
    you have within your sight.
[22:06] Wilhelm
    If you can still stand,
    if your fingers still move,
[22:10] Wilhelm
    if all your teeth haven't broken...
[22:13] Wilhelm
    Stand and fight.
[22:20] Wilhelm
    You must fight.
[22:25] Subaru
    You're telling me to get stronger?
[22:29] Wilhelm
[22:32] Wilhelm
    I'm telling you to be strong.
[22:38] Wilhelm
    Ready to go?
[22:40] Subaru
    Yeah. Let's go.
[22:44] Subaru
    Lend me your wisdom and strength!
[22:49] Subaru
    We're gonna start evacuating
    the mansion and village!
[22:52] Subaru
    Don't waste a single second!
[22:57] Subaru
    Right now,
[22:59] ---
    the Witch's Cult hasn't noticed yet
    that the plain is wide open.
[23:03] Subaru
    We can get Emilia and the others in carriages,
[23:05] ---
    and get them to safety in plain sight.
[23:08] Felix
    With Emilia-sama and the others safe,
    we won't have to worry about them,
[23:12] Felix
    so we can focus on
    subjugating the Witch's Cult.
[23:14] Felix
    It's not easy to fight when you
    know you have a weak point.
[23:18] Subaru
    You're making my ears hurt...
[23:19] Subaru
    But that's exactly right.
[23:22] Felix
    While I'm at it, let me say one more thing.
[23:26] Felix
    Subaru-kyun, you should really
    make up with Julius soon.
[23:31] Subaru
    Soon? We already reconciled after our fight.
[23:35] ---
    Didn't you see?
[23:36] Felix
    That was just for starters, wasn't it?
[23:38] Felix
    You're still subconsciously
    harboring some resentment.
[23:42] Felix
    You can rely on Julius.
[23:45] Felix
    Though I admit he's a bit unapproachable
    and incomprehensible.
[23:52] Felix
    Go on, hurry up.
[23:56] Subaru
    Okay, fine!
[24:02] Subaru
[24:04] Subaru
    So, hey, there's something
    I wanted to say to you...
SIGN    A Flash of Sloth
[24:35] Subaru
    What the hell's going on?
[24:37] ---
    Is this the Witch Cult's doing?
[24:39] Subaru
    Hey! Anyone?
[24:41] Subaru
    Is anyone there?
[24:43] Subaru
    Answer me!
[24:48] Subaru
    Wh-What is that intense smell?
[25:04] Subaru
[25:11] Subaru
[25:12] Subaru
    A flower like this couldn't actually exist.
[25:16] Subaru
    And Patrasche wouldn't just let me die...
[25:19] Subaru
    Which means... this is an illusion.
[25:23] Subaru
    It's all make-believe!
[25:36] Subaru
    A lesser spirit? Did you come to help me?
[25:43] Julius
[25:45] Subaru
    It was you?
[25:47] Julius
    That spiteful tone means it's definitely you.
[25:51] Julius
    I can't imagine my subconscious
[25:53] ---
    creating such a realistic imitation of you.
[25:59] Julius
    It's a bewitching spell.
[26:02] Julius
    You and I are the only ones
    who have returned to normal.
[26:06] Julius
    How did you make it back?
[26:07] Subaru
    I burned a flower in my illusion.
[26:10] Julius
    I see...
[26:11] Julius
    Someone put a suggestion
    spell on the flower's scent.
[26:17] Subaru
    Hey, is that...
[26:19] Julius
    It's the glow of my little buds.
[26:22] Julius
    I will now teach everyone how to
    break out of the bewitching spell.
[26:25] Julius
    In! Nes!
[26:34] Mimi
    Hi-ho! Hi-ho! There's nobody
    here! Where am I?!
[26:39] Wilhelm
    I've strayed away... No,
    we've been pulled apart!
[26:40] JUlius
    Is his affinity too great?
[26:41] Wilhelm
    This is bad! If I don't do something...
[26:43] Julius
    I'm sorry. Take a deep breath
    and endure it.
SIGN    No! This is awful! No matter how much
    forest I destroy, nothin' changes!
[26:46] Julius
    I can't spare the energy to
    fine-tune it just for you.
[26:46] Felix
    For this to happen at a time
    like this... Crusch-sama!
[26:49] Julius
    Bringing them all back is our priority.
[27:06] Wilhelm
    That will be quite enough.
[27:12] Ram
    Kill me.
[27:14] ---
    I won't accept this disgrace.
[27:17] Ram
    And? What is the meaning of all this?
[27:19] Ram
    You will explain it to me, right, Barusu?
[27:22] Subaru
    That's what I'd like to ask you.
[27:24] Subaru
    You're the one who attacked us first.
[27:27] Subaru
    What were you thinking?
[27:29] Ram
    You shouldn't have to
    ask what I was thinking.
[27:31] Ram
    That's rich, coming from an ingrate like you.
[27:34] Subaru
[27:35] Ram
    You are, aren't you?
[27:37] Ram
    After everything Roswaal-sama did for you...
[27:40] Ram
    Once you're done with him, you rush
    to wag your tail for another master.
[27:44] Subaru
    Hang on! I think you've
    got your stories mixed up!
[27:47] Ram
    So this is what it means to bite
    the hand that feeds you.
[27:50] Subaru
    Listen to me! The handwritten letter!
[27:52] ---
    I wrote you a letter about this!
[27:55] Subaru
    Wasn't it delivered to the mansion?
[27:57] Ram
    Yes, I did get a letter from the capital.
[27:59] Ram
[28:01] Ram
    That was quite an amusing scheme,
    sending me a blank letter.
[28:05] Subaru
    A blank letter?
[28:07] Julius
    To send a blank letter
[28:09] Julius
    is a metaphor meaning you have
[28:11] ---
    no intention of speaking to the recipient.
[28:14] Julius
    It could easily be interpreted
    as a declaration of war.
[28:18] Subaru
    This is a huge misunderstanding!
[28:20] Subaru
    Do I even look that clever to you?
[28:22] Ram
    So this is what it means to bite
    the hand that feeds you.
[28:25] Subaru
    You're still saying that?!
[28:27] Ram
    I can't say it enough.
[28:29] Ram
    But I get the gist now.
[28:31] Ram
    The blank letter was some kind of mistake,
[28:34] Ram
    and you are still Emilia-sama's dog.
[28:36] Ram
[28:37] Subaru
    Not really, but...
[28:39] Subaru
    Okay, sure. Dogs are like family, anyway.
[28:42] Subaru
    I'm fine with being a dog if I'm Emilia's.
[28:45] Wilhelm
    Wouldn't you say that standard is a bit low?
[28:49] Subaru
    In any case, these guys are reinforcements.
[28:51] ---
    They're friends.
[28:53] Subaru
    We pulled them together to
    wipe out the Witch's Cult.
[28:57] Subaru
    There's no time.
[28:58] ---
    We need to start by evacuating the villagers.
[29:07] Julius
    Subaru, they seem rather uneasy.
[29:11] Julius
    Remember to be considerate.
[29:14] Subaru
    Okay, attention!
[29:16] Subaru
    I haven't seen you guys in a while.
[29:18] ---
    How have you been?
[29:20] Subaru
    Look, I know this is sudden,
[29:21] ---
    but I need to ask you all a favor!
[29:24] Subaru
    It seems mabeasts are up to no good
    in the forest near here again.
[29:28] Subaru
    So I've brought some specialists
    to exterminate them,
[29:33] Subaru
    but while they're working,
[29:35] ---
    I'd like you all to leave the village.
[29:37] Head
    Don't try to fool us!
[29:39] Head
    You're trying to sound cheerful about this,
    but the villagers are frightened!
[29:44] Head
    We've feared all along that the
    Witch's Cult would try something!
[29:47] Ketty
    The Witch's Cult? No one told me about that.
[29:50] Guy
    Hey, wait...
[29:50] Guy
[29:51] Guy
    Why lie about that?
[29:52] Guy
    Maybe he's trying to hide something.
[29:56] Head
    You don't deny it, then?
[29:59] Guy
    So it was true!
[30:01] Guy
    Why would they bother a
    remote village like this?
[30:03] Guy
    Why else? Because of that half-elf!
[30:06] Guy
    Because the lord of the domain
    endorses a half-elf for our ruler!
[30:11] Subaru
    Why do you have to make it about that?
[30:13] Subaru
    The half-elf thing...
[30:15] Subaru
    Emilia has nothing to do with it!
[30:17] Guy
    She has everything to do with it!
[30:19] Guy
    If you mess with a half-elf,
    the Witch's Cult shows up.
[30:22] Guy
    Even the children of this village know that!
[30:26] Subaru
    You guys seriously believe that?
[30:30] Subaru
    That it's all the fault of the
    half-elf in the mansion?!
[30:37] Emilia
    The village, huh?
[30:38] Emilia
    But it might cause trouble for you.
[30:45] Subaru
    Does that mean I'm just being selfish again?
[30:53] Felix
    "Lift your head. Don't look down."
[30:56] ---
    That's what Crusch-sama would say.
[30:59] Subaru
[31:00] Felix
    Did you think what you were doing was wrong?
[31:03] Felix
    If not, there's no reason to look down.
[31:06] Felix
    Or is it harder to lift your head here
[31:09] ---
    than to throw a tantrum in the castle?
[31:12] Subaru
    Now, listen...
[31:14] Subaru
    You're right.
[31:16] Subaru
    Compared to that, this is nothing!
[31:20] Subaru
    I understand your feelings
    and concerns very well!
[31:23] Subaru
    I won't tell you to try to change them now.
[31:27] Subaru
    Obviously, you'll have your own opinions.
[31:29] Subaru
    It hurts, but I understand.
[31:33] Subaru
    But for now, please accept my request.
[31:36] Subaru
    Please do as I say!
[31:37] Subaru
    It's dangerous to stay in the village!
[31:40] ---
    That's the truth!
[31:43] Ram
    The words of my household's employee
[31:46] Ram
    are those of our master,
    Roswaal-sama, himself.
[31:49] Subaru
[31:50] Ram
    Follow his instructions immediately.
[31:57] Subaru
    You saved me back there. Thanks.
[32:00] Subaru
[32:01] Ram
[32:02] Subaru
    Having you take my side so easily
    is kind of a new feeling.
[32:06] Subaru
    Does that mean you've acknowledged me?
[32:10] Petra
[32:12] Subaru
    Hey, Petra. What's up?
[32:14] Petra
    U-Um, will the lady from the
    mansion run away with us?
[32:19] Subaru
[32:21] Petra
    She came to the village yesterday.
[32:25] Petra
    She told us
[32:26] Petra
    we should take refuge in the mansion because
[32:28] ---
    it's dangerous here, just like you said.
[32:32] Petra
    But no one in the village
    would listen to her...
[32:36] Subaru
    It's okay.
[32:38] Subaru
    She wouldn't get mad or anything.
[32:41] Subaru
    Anyway, you should hurry and run.
[32:42] Petra
[32:47] Subaru
    What happened to Emilia after that?
[32:49] Ram
    You should know that she's not
    so perceptive as to back down
[32:53] ---
    the moment someone denies her.
[32:55] Subaru
    But I also know she's not the kind of girl
    who wouldn't be hurt by mean words.
[33:01] Ram
    She tried to convince the villagers
    to leave, but they refused.
[33:04] Ram
    But she couldn't just do nothing,
[33:06] Ram
    so she repaired the forest barrier.
[33:10] Ram
    She feared there might be a mabeast attack.
[33:13] Subaru
    That's not a bad decision in
    and of itself, but still...
[33:19] Subaru
[33:21] Subaru
    Come with me.
[33:23] Subaru
    I'm going to explain things to Emilia
    and the loli in the mansion.
[33:26] Subaru
    It'll be more convincing with
    you there than without.
[33:31] Subaru
    Just take it as a sign of my repentance
    for going nuts in the castle.
[33:36] Julius
    I see. Understood.
[33:38] Julius
    If that will help the discussion
    to go more smoothly,
[33:41] Julius
    don't hesitate to use me.
[33:43] Subaru
[33:46] Subaru
    You were the one who put a
    spirit on me, weren't you?
[33:49] Subaru
    Explain that.
[33:51] Subaru
    I get that you're a spirit arts user.
[33:55] Julius
    More precisely, I prefer to
    be called a "spirit knight."
[33:58] Julius
    I do use the spirit arts, of course,
[34:00] Julius
    but that hasn't prevented me
    from training with the sword.
[34:05] Subaru
    And you were the one who set
    the little red one on me?
[34:09] Julius
    "Set it on you" is a harsh way to put it.
[34:11] Julius
    I was only having her, Ia,
    secretly keep you safe.
[34:16] Subaru
    By the way, what was that thing you
    did when you broke the illusion?
[34:20] Julius
    A high class of magic known as "Nect."
[34:23] Julius
    It connects the gates
    of all who are in range
[34:26] Julius
    so they can communicate with each other.
[34:29] Julius
    It appeared to work a bit
    too well on you, though.
[34:32] Subaru
    I thought I was about to lose myself.
[34:35] Julius
    It's unusual for the spirits
    to mistake the tuning.
[34:38] Julius
    It may be that you have a strong
    affinity toward spirits.
[34:44] Subaru
    Sadly, the only spirit I ever made
    friends with was a gray cat.
[34:51] Felix
    Well? Did you patch things up with Julius?
[34:54] Felix
    Did it work out?
[34:55] Subaru
    I'm gonna take that matter back with me
[34:57] ---
    and mull it over carefully before
    making an optimistic decision.
[35:01] Subaru
    Come to the mansion with me.
[35:03] Subaru
    I'll need at least one person
    from the Crusch camp with me,
[35:06] ---
    to smooth over the misunderstanding
    with the letter.
[35:09] Felix
    I'll do that after I finish my work here.
[35:12] Felix
    Come help us too, Subaru-kyun.
[35:14] Felix
    It's dangerous work
    involving the Witch's Cult.
[35:17] Felix
    The contract said he'd buy their
    cargo at the asking price,
[35:20] Felix
    so we need to inspect the goods thoroughly.
[35:22] Subaru
    Huh? But that shouldn't be our job.
[35:26] Subaru
    Isn't this more importa—
[35:27] Felix
    Oh, come on!
[35:28] Ketty
    Hey, hey! No lovers' quarrels
    in my carriage!
[35:33] Felix
    Hee hee! You got in trouble, Subaru-kyun!
[35:37] Felix
    Really, what a troublemaker!
[35:40] Felix
    There. He let his guard down.
[35:47] Felix
    This guy is one of the Witch's Cult.
[35:49] Felix
    I touched him earlier to confirm it.
[35:51] Felix
    There's some weird spell implanted in him,
[35:54] ---
    just like the "fingers"
    of the Sin Archbishops.
[35:56] Subaru
    There was one among the merchants?
[35:58] Felix
    That's why I stole into his carriage
    to get under his guard.
[36:03] Felix
    Now, tell us all the details
     of what you're plotting.
[36:07] Felix
    My hands are the gentlest in the world,
[36:10] Felix
    but they can do some nasty things, too.
[36:14] Felix
[36:17] Ketty
[36:18] Felix
[36:19] Ketty
    And now, it's the beginning
[36:19] Felix
    Protect him!
[36:20] Ketty
    of the end!
[36:34] Felix
    Thank goodness! You're awake!
[36:38] Subaru
    Why are... you dressed like that?
[36:41] Felix
    I had no choice.
[36:42] ---
    I can't reproduce clothes with healing magic.
[36:45] Julius
    Regardless, given the situation,
[36:48] ---
    I'm glad you and Felis are all right.
[36:50] Guy
    Run 'em off! Don't back down!
[36:56] Subaru
    How did they get into the village?
[36:59] Felix
    They stowed away in the carriages.
[37:01] Felix
    There was a finger among the merchants,
[37:03] ---
    and we didn't take care of him.
[37:05] Felix
    I failed.
[37:06] Julius
    This is not the time for regrets.
[37:09] Julius
    We had Tivey and Madame Ram evacuate
    to the mansion with the injured.
[37:13] Julius
    Felis, join them and heal who you can.
[37:15] Felix
    Got it.
[37:17] Subaru
    Okay, let's crush all the
    fingers that are left!
[37:27] Guy
    To think, to think, to think, to think!
[37:30] Guy
    That you would resist us this much!
[37:39] Guy
    Such tenacity, clinging so
    to this ever-increasing love!
[37:44] Guy
    As a diligent disciple, I cannot
    begin to express my respect.
[37:49] Guy
    Ah! My brain trembles!
[37:52] Wilhelm
    You're mine.
[38:00] Guy
    If one focuses on what the
    unseen arm does in battle,
[38:03] Guy
    one will fail to see what is visible.
[38:06] Guy
    That is sloth, yes?
[38:09] Guy
[38:19] Julius
    He self-destructed...
[38:21] Subaru
[38:25] Subaru
    We can't leave you like this.
[38:27] ---
    We've gotta get you to Felis!
[38:29] Woman
[38:31] Woman
    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?!
[38:35] Woman
    Why are you still alive?
[38:38] Woman
    After the attack you just endured... Why?!
[38:43] Woman
    Why do you not bend to my diligence?!
[38:45] Subaru
    A time like this, and still
    they just keep coming!
[38:48] Subaru
    Hey, look here!
[38:49] ---
    This is what you're looking for, right?
[38:52] Subaru
    It's a gift from your precious witch!
[38:55] Woman
    You thief!
[38:58] Woman
    So you really did have it!
[39:00] Subaru
    Quit shouting.
[39:02] ---
    If you keep yelling at me like that,
[39:04] Subaru
    it'll make my brain tremble.
[39:07] Woman
    You must
[39:08] Woman
[39:10] Subaru
    Julius, we'll handle things here.
[39:13] Subaru
    You take care of your end!
[39:15] Subaru
    And take care of Wilhelm-san!
[39:17] Julius
    That is quite a vague order,
[39:19] ---
    but very well.
[39:23] Subaru
[39:25] Subaru
    Actually, it can wait!
[39:30] Woman
    Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
[39:32] ---
    Wait right there!
[39:35] Woman
    You cowardly, foolish, insolent little man!
[39:41] Woman
    No matter where you try to run, it is futile.
[39:44] Woman
    What do you expect to find
    wherever you run to?
[39:54] Woman
    At long last, it would seem the end has come!
[40:00] Subaru
    Do you
[40:01] Subaru
    know what this is?
[40:05] Subaru
    It's a magic stone for creating barriers.
[40:07] Subaru
    They were stashed in trees
    throughout the forest.
[40:10] Subaru
    You didn't notice?
[40:13] Woman
    What are you talking about?
[40:24] Subaru
    This area is a mabeast breeding ground,
[40:27] Subaru
    and we're a prime feast for them...
[40:30] Subaru
    if you don't have one of
    Emilia's barrier stones!
[40:40] Subaru
    Only one finger left now.
[40:42] Subaru
    Once we get rid of that one...
[40:49] Subaru
    Damn... We have to hurry...
[40:52] Guy
[40:55] Guy
[40:58] Guy
    Ah! My brain trembles!
[41:04] Subaru
[41:10] Emilia
    That's enough, villain.
[41:25] Subaru
[41:27] Emilia
    Stand down, villain.
[41:29] Emilia
    I won't allow you to do such wicked things!
[41:32] Guy
    A-Ah... Ah! How grand!
[41:37] Guy
    What a grand day! What a lucky day!
[41:39] Guy
    What a grand destiny!
[41:42] Subaru
[41:43] Felix
[41:44] Subaru
    I... I can't wait around right now!
[41:46] Subaru
    Do you want to make Emilia fight him?!
[41:48] Felix
    Calm down.
[41:49] ---
    Have a little faith in her.
[41:52] Felix
    The people you want to protect
[41:55] Felix
    are not just those behind you.
[42:03] Guy
    Oh, my witch!
[42:06] Guy
    My witch! My love's guide!
[42:11] Puck
    I don't blame you for being charmed
    by my beloved daughter,
[42:15] Puck
    but I won't allow any
    unwanted pests around her!
[42:24] Guy
[42:25] Guy
    Naïve! Naïve! Naïve! Naïve!
    Naïve, naïve, naïve, naïve, naïve, naïve!
[42:33] Guy
    This is love's true ending...
[42:36] Guy
    The fruit of my love!
[42:37] Guy
    Proof that the witch has returned my love!
[42:41] Puck
    That proof doesn't exist.
[42:43] Puck
    Your crush is purely one-sided!
[42:49] Guy
[42:54] Guy
    Ah, this is true... true diligence.
[43:02] Emilia
    Thank you for being defeated.
[43:23] Felix
    See? Didn't I tell you?
[43:28] Julius
    We've now eliminated all the fingers.
[43:30] Julius
    Victory is ours.
[43:35] Subaru
    It's finally over...
[43:44] Felix
    Go see her.
[43:46] Subaru
[43:59] Felix
[44:07] Subaru
    I have to get away...
[44:09] Subaru
    From Emilia... From everyone...
[44:14] Felix
    Subaru-kyun, where are you going?
[44:16] Subaru
    Stay away!
[44:17] Subaru
[44:18] Julius
[44:20] Subaru
    Julius, stay away from—
[44:24] Subaru
    You're too late.
[44:28] Julius
    The moment Ia was flung from his
    body, I had a bad feeling...
[44:32] Felix
    What do you mean?
[44:33] Julius
[44:35] Julius
    isn't Subaru.
[44:38] Subaru
    That's right.
[44:38] ---
    I am a Sin Archbishop of the Witch's
    Cult, representing Sloth...
[44:43] Subaru
    Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti!
[44:50] Subaru
[44:52] Subaru
    What a fantastic body this is!
[44:55] Subaru
    It's been decades since I had
    a body that fit me so well!
[44:58] Julius
    You madman!
[44:59] Julius
    Get out of that body right now!
[45:02] Subaru
[45:03] Subaru
    That's right. I am driven mad with love!
[45:08] Subaru
    Generous love, respectful love, pure love,
[45:10] ---
    tender love, familial love,
    erotic love, friendly love!
[45:13] Subaru
    Love, love, love! Love! Love! Love! Love!
[45:16] Subaru
[45:21] Julius
    Subaru! Wake up!
[45:24] Subaru
    It's no use.
[45:25] Subaru
    This body is already under
    my subconscious control.
[45:30] Julius
    Realize what you're about to do, Subaru!
[45:34] Julius
    Remember what you came back here to do!
[45:37] Subaru
[45:38] Subaru
    Don't "what" me, you moron!
[45:43] Subaru
    I am Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti!
[45:48] Subaru
    This body has already become my finger!
[45:50] Subaru
    Shut up! I'm Natsuki Subaru!
[45:55] Subaru
    Kill me, Julius.
[45:57] Subaru
    Use your sword...
[45:59] Julius
    What are you saying, Subaru?!
[46:00] Subaru
    If you don't stop me now, we can't win.
[46:05] Subaru
    Before that happens...
[46:07] Julius
    No, Subaru! I can't do that!
[46:09] Julius
    You told me, "It can wait."
[46:12] Julius
    Wasn't there something
    you meant to say to me?!
[46:14] Subaru
    Sorry... It looks like
    I won't get the chance.
[46:18] Subaru
[46:22] Subaru
[46:30] Felix
    You can resent me for this, Subaru-kun.
[46:32] Felix
    I will, too.
[46:42] Julius
[46:43] Felix
    No one else can do it, can they?
[46:45] Felix
    This is what Subaru-kyun wants!
[46:49] Julius
    But still...
[46:50] Felix
    Do you think I did that
    because I wanted to?
[46:52] Felix
    To use the power meant for Crusch-sama,
[46:54] ---
    the power I swore to our leader, for this?!
[46:57] Subaru
    Ah, it can't be, it can't be...
[47:00] Subaru
    Just when I'd found such a perfect vessel...
[47:04] Julius
    It was my lack of virtue that forced this
    undesirable decision on you and Felis.
[47:05] Subaru
    Just when the completion of
    the Ordeal was at hand...
[47:09] Julius
    I'm sure I'll be punished for it one day.
[47:13] Subaru
    I will never die...
SIGN    Nefarious Sloth