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E5 - I Cried, Cried My Lungs Out, and Stopped Crying \ The Meaning of Courage

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[00:08] Subaru
    I'm back here again...
[00:10] Rem
    Sister, Sister. It appears our
    guest is still half-asleep.
[00:14] Ram
    Rem, Rem.
[00:15] Ram
    For one so young, it's quite
    sad how out of it he is.
[00:28] Rem
    What is the matter, sir?
[00:30] ---
    Do you feel unwell?
[00:31] Ram
    What's wrong, sir?
[00:32] ---
    Do you have a chronic illness flaring up?
[00:34] Subaru
    Let me see your hands.
[00:41] Subaru
    So it's true...
[00:44] Subaru
    I wasn't mistaken.
[00:47] Rem
    No, sir. I think you are
    mistaken about everything.
[00:51] Ram
    No, sir. I think your
    very birth was a mistake.
[00:54] Subaru
    When I think about what's to come,
    I can't laugh off that comment...
[00:58] Subaru
    But right now, even that's a good feeling.
[01:00] Rem
    Sister, Sister.
[01:01] Rem
    Could our guest be a troubled man
    who takes pleasure from torture?
[01:05] Ram
    Rem, Rem. Our guest appears to be
[01:06] ---
    a pervert who's turned on by insults.
[01:09] Subaru
    Sorry to do that out of the blue,
[01:11] Subaru
    but I trust you both.
[01:15] Subaru
    Let's be friends, okay?
[01:19] Emilia
    It was awfully noisy, so I came to check...
[01:22] Emilia
    Subaru, I'm glad you seem well.
[01:24] Subaru
    There was a lot on my mind a second ago,
[01:26] Subaru
    but seeing you blew it all away, Emilia-tan!
[01:29] Subaru
    I guess you were the wonder
    drug that my heart needed.
[01:32] Emilia
    Sorry, I have no idea what you're saying.
[01:35] Emilia
    But good morning. I'm glad you're well.
[01:37] Subaru
    Yeah, good morning.
[01:40] Subaru
    Okay, might as well get started...
[01:45] Subaru
    Hire me to work in this mansion!
[01:49] Subaru
    There are two broad conditions
[01:51] ---
    I need to clear in order to survive
    a week in Roswaal's mansion.
[01:55] Subaru
    First is to earn the trust of the staff here.
[01:58] Subaru
    If I don't gain those girls' favor,
[02:01] Subaru
    they're likely to kill me to keep me silent.
[02:05] Subaru
    That goes not only for Rem and Ram,
[02:07] Subaru
    but for their master, Roswaal, as well.
[02:11] Subaru
    And second is to defeat the shaman
    that attacks Roswaal's mansion.
[02:19] Subaru
    I'm exhausted...
[02:21] Puck
    You're quite the hard worker.
[02:23] Subaru
    I'm not done yet.
[02:24] Subaru
    I still need to prepare dinner
    and clean the rooms.
[02:27] Subaru
    I'll get back to work after a little break.
[02:29] Pack
    It's only your first day, and you're so spirited.
[02:31] Subaru
[02:34] ---
    Some important things are at stake here.
[02:41] Subaru
    By the way, what kind of magic
    does Emilia-tan use?
[02:46] Puck
    Technically, Lia isn't really a magic user.
[02:49] Puck
    That goes for her contract with me, too.
[02:52] Puck
    She's a spirit arts user.
[02:54] Subaru
    So magic users and spirit
    arts users are different...
[02:57] Puck
    Magic users cast magic with their own mana,
[03:01] Puck
    but spirit arts users draw from
    mana in the atmosphere.
[03:05] Subaru
    And how are those two different, Sensei?
[03:07] Puck
    Basically, it depends on whether
    or not you use a gate.
[03:10] Subaru
    A gate?
[03:11] Puck
    Mana passes through a gate within your body.
[03:15] Puck
    You both draw mana in and
    expel it out through the gate.
[03:19] Subaru
    I see... So it's like a faucet for MP.
[03:22] Puck
    You should have one, too, Subaru.
[03:24] Subaru
    Really?! Does that mean
    I can use magic, too?
[03:28] Puck
    Want me to figure out
    what your attribute is?
[03:31] Puck
    Magic users are divided into fire, water,
    wind, and earth attributes.
[03:38] Subaru
    Whoa, that's totally a magic sound effect!
[03:40] Puck
    I know what your attribute is.
[03:42] Subaru
    Yes! I've been waiting for this!
[03:43] Subaru
    Is it the burning fire of passion?
[03:45] Subaru
    Or a relaxed, cool-guy water type?
[03:48] Subaru
    Or maybe a gentle wind
    blowing across the plain?
[03:50] Subaru
    Or is it solid, reliable earth?
SIGN    Shadow
[03:53] Puck
    It's shadow.
[03:54] Subaru
    All rejected?!
[03:55] Emilia
    Wow, shadow? That's very rare.
[03:58] Subaru
    What is shadow, anyway?
[04:00] Subaru
    Weren't there only four attributes?
[04:01] ---
    This is a category error!
[04:03] Puck
    In addition to the four basic attributes,
[04:05] ---
    there's also shadow and light.
[04:07] Subaru
    Is it actually some amazing ability?
[04:09] Subaru
    Like a talent that only comes
    along once in 5,000 years?
[04:12] Emilia
    With shadow magic,
[04:14] Emilia
    you can obstruct an opponent's
    vision, block sound,
[04:17] Emilia
    slow their movements,
    and things like that.
[04:19] Subaru
    It's just debuffs?!
[04:21] Puck
    An easy one would be something like Shamac.
[04:24] Emilia
    That's a blinding spell, right?
[04:27] Puck
    Want me to show you?
[04:29] Emilia
    Wait, Puck...
[04:29] Subaru
    For real?! Let's see, let's see!
[04:31] Puck
[04:46] Puck
    Okay, that's it.
[04:49] Puck
    What'd you think? That was Shamac.
[04:52] Emilia
    Are you all right?
[04:55] Subaru
    I-I'm fine!
[04:57] ---
    It's not too flashy, but it
    seems pretty effective!
[04:59] Subaru
    That means I can use this
    Shamac, too, right?
[05:02] Puck
    Well, that depends on your training.
[05:04] Puck
    Want to try the beginner's course?
[05:06] Subaru
    Please, Master!
[05:09] Puck
    I'll act as a support and use
    the mana inside you,
[05:13] Puck
    so the magic will come from your own gate.
[05:15] Puck
    Lia, on the off-chance that Subaru's magic
    goes out of control and explodes,
[05:19] Puck
    you should step away so your
    clothes don't get messy.
[05:22] Subaru
    That only happens if I screw
    it up really bad, right?!
[05:26] Puck
    If you're relaxed enough for lighthearted
    comments like that, you'll be fine.
[05:29] Puck
    Now, visualize the flow of
    mana through your body,
[05:34] Puck
    then expel a part of it out of
    your body through your gate.
[05:38] Subaru
    Visualizing, I can do.
[05:40] Subaru
    Fantasizing is what I do best.
[05:49] Puck
    Huh? That's not good. The gate just—
[05:59] Puck
    Long story short,
[06:01] ---
    you don't have very good
    control over your gate,
[06:03] ---
    so you shouldn't try too hard.
[06:05] Subaru
    You're the one who said I'd be fine.
[06:07] Puck
[06:08] Subaru
    That's not cute at all.
[06:10] Puck
    Well, for better or for worse,
    your gate isn't very well-used.
[06:14] Puck
    That's why the mana inside ignored
    the user's will and burst its way out.
[06:18] Subaru
    What am I, a soy sauce bottle with a loose cap?
[06:23] Emilia
    You shouldn't move.
[06:25] Emilia
    You used up all the mana in your body.
[06:27] Emilia
    You might not be able to
    work any more today...
[06:29] Subaru
    No! I have to!
[06:31] Emilia
    Don't try to overdo it!
[06:33] Subaru
    This is exactly when I need to overdo it!
[06:35] Subaru
    I can't waste a single day!
[06:39] Emilia
    You really are hopeless...
[06:43] Subaru
[06:45] Emilia
[06:47] Emilia
    Chew and swallow it. Three, and... go!
[06:53] Subaru
    Wh-What was that?
[06:57] Emilia
    A fruit called "bocco fruit."
[06:59] Emilia
    When you eat it, the mana
    in your body activates,
[07:01] Emilia
    and your gate regains a little of its strength.
[07:06] Emilia
    Sorry... I guess I've caused you some trouble.
[07:10] Emilia
    You don't understand, Subaru.
[07:13] Emilia
    It's more satisfying to hear a single
    "thank you" than a lot of "sorry"s.
[07:20] Emilia
    I did it because I wanted to help you,
[07:22] ---
    not because I wanted an apology.
[07:24] Emilia
[07:29] Roswaal
    So, Ram, given what you've seen so far,
[07:33] ---
    what do you think of him?
[07:36] Ram
    In terms of abilities,
    he's completely incompetent,
[07:39] Ram
    but he can be excessively
    quick-witted when it counts.
[07:42] Ram
    I believe it may be necessary to
    keep an eye on him for a time.
[07:46] Roswaal
    This is a problem we must
    handle with utmost care.
[07:50] Roswaal
    Be sure to give the proper warnings
[07:53] ---
    so that your sister doesn't act rashly.
[07:58] Subaru
    I guess that's about all I can
    expect of the first day.
[08:01] Subaru
    I earned quite a bit of trust
    from Ram and Rem... I think.
[08:05] Subaru
    But the problem is that shaman's attack...
[08:08] Subaru
    How do I fight that?
[08:12] Beatrice
    You want to know more about shamans?
[08:14] Subaru
    Yeah. How do you avoid curses?
[08:18] Beatrice
    There is no way.
[08:20] Subaru
[08:20] Beatrice
    There is no way to undo a curse once
    it's been activated, I suppose.
[08:25] Beatrice
    Once it's activated, that's it.
[08:27] Beatrice
    That's what curses are.
[08:29] Subaru
    It's actually possible to nullify
    instant death resistances?
[08:32] Beatrice
    However, before they're activated,
    curses are just simple spells,
[08:36] Beatrice
    so I can easily undo them.
[08:41] Beatrice
    The witch's scent...
[08:42] Subaru
    You know, Rem mentioned that, too.
[08:45] Subaru
    Who is this witch?
[08:47] ---
    Are witches related to shamans?
[08:52] Beatrice
    In this world, the word "witch"
    refers to only one person.
[08:58] Subaru
    The Witch of Envy?
[09:00] Beatrice
    Exactly. The Witch of Envy, Satella.
[09:03] Beatrice
    Long ago, she devoured the six witches
    who bore the names of the deadly sins,
[09:07] Beatrice
    and drained half the world dry.
    She's the worst of the worst, I suppose.
[09:12] Beatrice
    It's said that she was starved for love.
[09:15] Beatrice
    It's said that she doesn't
    understand human language.
[09:18] Beatrice
    It's said that her body never
    withers, weakens, or dies.
[09:23] Beatrice
    It's said that, though she was sealed by the
    powers of a dragon, a hero, and a sage,
[09:28] Beatrice
    they were unable to destroy her flesh.
[09:30] Beatrice
    It's said that her body is that
    of a half-elf with silver hair.
[09:38] Emilia
[09:39] Emilia
[09:42] Subaru
    What would it take to make someone
    steal the Witch of Envy's name?
[09:45] Subaru
    Oh, I guess "steal" makes
    the person sound bad...
[09:48] Subaru
    Maybe I should say to make someone
    "borrow" the Witch of Envy's name.
[09:52] Beatrice
    In either case, they must have
    no fear of death, I suppose.
[09:55] Beatrice
    One who would steal her name can
    be called nothing but insane.
[10:04] Subaru
    I see... So that's why...
[10:06] Beatrice
[10:07] Subaru
    If people just saw her as a crazy freak,
[10:09] Subaru
    she wouldn't have to be involved
    in this royal selection mess.
[10:13] Beatrice
    What are you talking about, I suppose?
[10:17] Subaru
[10:20] Subaru
    Good morning!
[10:21] Subaru
    It's another sunny day,
    perfect for drying laundry!
[10:24] Subaru
    Let's make this a day filled with happiness!
[10:26] Subaru
    Now... Victory!
[10:30] Subaru
[10:32] Emilia
    You're so energetic again this morning.
[10:34] Subaru
    Yep! Even as I'm ordered around and
    disciplined by the maid sisters,
[10:38] Subaru
    I'll enjoy my servant life to the fullest again!
[10:40] Subaru
    But when that lifestyle wears me out,
[10:43] ---
    I'll come rest my head in your lap,
[10:45] Subaru
    so save it for me, okay?
[10:46] Subaru
    You really do look like a cat when
    you wash your face like that!
[10:49] Subaru
    So do spirits get sleepy and stuff, too?
[10:51] ---
    Do they oversleep?
[10:53] Puck
    Don't you people get sleepy
    when you're fatigued, too?
[10:57] Puck
    Spirits go through something
    similar when their mana,
[11:01] ---
    the source of their energy, is depleted.
[11:04] Subaru
    Did you two stay up all night or what?
[11:06] Subaru
    I bet you were up late talking
    about who you like, right?
[11:09] Subaru
    Let me in on the fun!
[11:11] Subaru
[11:11] Subaru
    Who I like? It's embarrassing to say, but...
[11:14] Emilia
    The one I like is Puck,
    and the one Puck likes is me.
[11:18] Emilia
    There. That conversation's over.
[11:19] Subaru
    Your love is mutual?! Then where do I fit in?!
[11:22] Puck
[11:23] Puck
    Lia's head-over-heels for my charms.
[11:26] Puck
    You're not a bad guy,
[11:28] ---
    but compared to me, you've got nothing.
[11:30] Puck
    You should give up on Lia and—
[11:33] Emilia
    Don't get carried away, you two.
[11:35] Emilia
    I'm going to get mad if you keep this up!
[11:37] Both
    Ow! Ow! You are mad! You are mad!
[11:40] Subaru
[11:41] Subaru
    I should get going, or the maid
    sisters will be angry!
[11:44] Subaru
[11:48] Puck
    What's wrong? You don't look happy.
[11:52] Emilia
    I just feel... sort of uneasy.
[11:55] Emilia
    I can't really explain it...
[11:58] Puck
    Well, I can't blame you for being confused.
[12:01] Puck
    This has gotten to be a bit of a problem.
[12:05] Subaru
    Don't worry! Don't worry!
    Forget about it! It's fine!
[12:08] Emilia
    A problem?
[12:09] Subaru
[12:10] ---
    I'll clean this up so fast, no one will get hurt!
[12:13] Puck
    Subaru's mind is really mixed up.
[12:17] Puck
    The inside and outside are all confused.
[12:20] Rem
    I think that is an admirable attitude,
[12:23] Rem
    but you were the one who knocked it over.
[12:26] Rem
    I'll bring a replacement—
[12:27] Subaru
    No, that's okay!
[12:29] ---
    I'll take care of the vase and flowers!
[12:31] Subaru
    You just do your own work, Senpai!
[12:34] Puck
    If he keeps this up, he'll wear
    himself out before long.
[12:42] Subaru
    It feels great to finish a job, huh, Rem-rin?
[12:46] Rem
    It was work you created and
    took care of on your own, though.
[12:51] Rem
    When did you learn where the vases are kept?
[12:54] Ram
    Did my sister...
[12:55] Subaru
    Yeah, that's right! Your sister told me!
[12:58] Subaru
    Since she knows me, she said, "You're
    bound to break a vase eventually.
[13:01] Subaru
    I'll tell you where the extra vases
    are, so you'll be prepared."
[13:06] Rem
[13:07] Subaru
    Whoops! I forgot about some work
    Ram-chi asked me to do!
[13:11] Subaru
    Would you excuse me for a bit?
    I'll take care of it quick.
[13:13] Subaru
    Later! I'll come find you soon!
[13:17] Subaru
    I feel sick...
[13:21] Subaru
    Don't you think my knife technique has
    come a long way in just one day?
[13:25] Subaru
    I think my talent has awakened!
[13:26] Subaru
    I feel sick. I feel sick. I feel sick!
[13:28] Subaru
    Rem-rin, check out my aptitude that
    makes such detailed crafting possible!
[13:32] Subaru
    There must be a miracle residing
    in my fingertips right now!
[13:35] Subaru
[13:36] Subaru
    I feel sick...I feel sick... I feel sick...
    I feel sick... I feel sick... I feel sick...
[13:41] Subaru
    Honestly, Emilia-tan! Every time
    we meet, you stir up my heart!
[13:44] Subaru
    You're such a sinful girl! You're guilty!
[13:48] Subaru
    I should be able to laugh better.
[13:50] Subaru
    I should be able to make them laugh better.
[13:52] Subaru
    I can't fail this time.
[13:54] Subaru
    I can't waste a single second.
[13:56] Subaru
    I have to throw all my strength into
    my work and produce results, or...
[14:00] Subaru
    Oh, Ram-chi! I wasn't slacking!
    I'll finish all my work!
[14:05] Subaru
    You can just kick back in your room
    and take a siesta while I—
[14:15] Subaru
    Damn, I look so lame...
[14:18] Subaru
    I don't have time to spend whining.
[14:21] Subaru
    You idiot.
[14:25] Emilia
[14:28] Subaru
[14:29] Emilia
    Subaru, come with me.
[14:31] Subaru
    Uh-oh! A personal request from Emilia-tan?
[14:33] Subaru
    How joyous! How embarrassing! How rare!
[14:35] Subaru
    Say anything! Tell me to do anything!
[14:37] Subaru
    For you, I'd dive into fire, water,
    the loot house, anywhere!
[14:41] Emilia
[14:43] Subaru
    Hey, come on! The Emilia-tan
    I know would say...
[14:46] Subaru
    Wait! Are you a fake?!
[14:48] Subaru
    But is anyone else capable of looking
    so gorgeous that I just want to hug her?
[14:55] Emilia
    All right.
[14:56] Emilia
    Subaru, come here.
[14:58] Subaru
[14:58] Emilia
    Just come.
[15:00] Emilia
    Okay, sit here.
[15:02] Subaru
    Can't I sit on the bed or a chair? Why the floor?
[15:06] Emilia
    Just sit!
[15:07] Subaru
    Yes, ma'am! With pleasure!
[15:21] Emilia
    Just this once, all right?
[15:27] Emilia
    Your position is a little weird...
[15:29] Emilia
    And... it tickles...
[15:33] Subaru
    You're letting me rest in your lap?
[15:34] Emilia
    Don't say it out loud! It's embarrassing!
[15:37] Emilia
    And no looking up here.
[15:40] Emilia
    Close your eyes.
[15:41] Subaru
    You're adorable when you're
    embarrassed, too, but...
[15:44] Subaru
    What's this about, anyway?
[15:47] Subaru
    When did I do something worthy
    of this kind of reward?
[15:51] Emilia
    You don't have to put on that
    weird tough act now.
[15:56] Emilia
    Didn't you tell me to lend you my
    lap when you were exhausted?
[16:01] Emilia
    I can't do this all the time, but today is special.
[16:05] Subaru
    Special? It's only my second day.
[16:08] Subaru
    If I'm already completely worn out,
    what kind of weakling am I?
[16:12] Emilia
    It's plain to see that you're overwhelmed.
[16:16] Emilia
    You won't tell me what's
    really going on, will you?
[16:20] Emilia
    I can't imagine this will make things any easier,
[16:24] Emilia
    but this is all I can do.
[16:29] Subaru
    Emilia-tan, come on, now...
[16:33] Emilia
    Are you tired?
[16:34] Subaru
    I'm totally fine.
[16:37] Emilia
    Are you troubled?
[16:38] Subaru
    If you're this nice to me,
    I'm gonna fall in love with you...
[16:42] Subaru
    When you... I mean... like that...
[16:46] Emilia
    It's been rough, hasn't it?
[16:57] Subaru
    It was rough.
[17:00] Subaru
    It was so painful.
[17:02] Subaru
    I was so scared.
[17:04] Subaru
    I was so sad.
[17:06] Subaru
    It hurt so much, I thought I'd die.
[17:09] Emilia
[17:10] Subaru
    I tried so hard...
[17:13] Subaru
    I tried so hard!
[17:15] Subaru
    I was so desperate...
[17:16] Subaru
    So desperate to make everything right!
[17:21] Subaru
    It's the truth.
[17:22] ---
    I've honestly never tried so
    hard at anything in my life!
[17:28] Emilia
    Uh-huh, I know.
[17:31] Subaru
    Because I loved this place...
[17:35] Subaru
    Because it was so important to me...
[17:40] Subaru
    I was so desperate to get it back.
[17:43] Subaru
    I was scared... I was so scared!
[17:47] Subaru
    I didn't want those eyes looking
    at me like that again...
[17:52] Subaru
    And I hated myself so much
    for feeling that way!
[18:09] Rem
[18:11] Emilia
[18:13] Rem
    Is Subaru-kun just asleep?
[18:16] Emilia
[18:18] Emilia
    He looks like a child, doesn't he?
[18:21] Rem
    It doesn't look like Subaru-kun
    can do any more work today.
[18:25] Emilia
    Yes, he's done for today.
[18:28] Emilia
    What a bad boy, taking a day off
    on just his second day of work.
[18:33] Emilia
    When he feels better, you can punish him.
[18:37] Rem
    When I see him like this,
    I almost don't want to.
[18:41] Emilia
[18:46] Rem
    I'll go inform my sister that Subaru-kun
    will be useless for today.
[18:50] Emilia
[18:52] Emilia
    Subaru is a good boy.
[19:05] Subaru
    Did I really just bawl all over the girl I love
[19:08] Subaru
    and fall asleep with tears and
    snot all over my face?!
[19:11] Subaru
    What kind of shame play is that?!
    I'm totally hopeless!
[19:15] Beatrice
    You burst in here late at night,
    and that's what you say, I suppose?
[19:18] Subaru
    Don't say that, Beako! We're tight, aren't we?
[19:22] Beatrice
    What kind of relationship do you think we—
[19:25] Beatrice
    Wait, what did you just call me?!
[19:28] Subaru
    Oh, "Beako"?
[19:29] Subaru
    I think pet names are indispensable
    in showing affection.
[19:33] Subaru
    So I'm gonna call you Beako.
[19:36] Subaru
    That's the best proof of my
    affection that I can give.
[19:39] Beatrice
    What sort of obtrusive display
    of goodwill is that?
[19:41] Beatrice
    That's not just disgusting,
    it's revolting! Hmph!
[19:44] Subaru
    Don't be so cold, Beako.
[19:47] Subaru
    The thing is...
[19:50] Subaru
    I'm backed into a corner here.
[19:52] Subaru
    To be honest, I want your help
    with the curses I asked about.
[19:55] Beatrice
    I told you that curses can't be undone
    once they're activated, I suppose.
[19:58] Subaru
    Yeah, you did.
[20:00] Subaru
    So can you detect curses before
    they're activated instead?
[20:04] Beatrice
    I am capable of discovering curses
    before they're activated.
[20:10] Subaru
    How are curses placed?
[20:12] Beatrice
    There is one rule of casting curses
    that cannot be broken, I suppose.
[20:17] Subaru
    A rule that can't be broken?
[20:19] Beatrice
    Physical contact with
    the target of the curse.
[20:22] Beatrice
    That is the prerequisite.
[20:25] Subaru
    The only people I've touched other than
[20:27] ---
    the ones in this mansion are the
    villagers at the base of the mountain.
[20:31] Subaru
    I was cursed in the village,
[20:33] ---
    it activated in the mansion that night,
[20:35] Subaru
    and then I died?
[20:37] Subaru
    That would explain why the shaman
    got Rem last time.
[20:41] Subaru
    I didn't go to the village, so she
    ended up being the target.
[20:46] Subaru
    It fits... It all fits now!
[20:49] Subaru
    I've finally found a lead,
[20:51] Subaru
    damn it!
[20:53] Beatrice
    Is that any attitude to take toward someone
    you asked for help, I suppose?
[20:57] Beatrice
    If it was helpful to you, I think
    there's something you should say.
[21:01] Subaru
    Yeah, that's right!
[21:03] Subaru
    You saved me! Thanks to you,
    I can see the light!
[21:06] Subaru
    Beako, I love you!
[21:07] Beatrice
    Let me—
[21:09] Beatrice
    Put me down, I suppose!
[21:11] Subaru
[21:17] Subaru
    And so, a lot has happened,
[21:19] ---
    but today is a fresh start! I'm a new me!
[21:21] Rem
    The lap pillow, right?
[21:23] Rem
    It was the lap pillow.
[21:25] Subaru
[21:26] Subaru
    Wait, you guys knew?!
[21:28] Emilia
    Subaru, good morning.
[21:30] Subaru
[21:32] Emilia
    Um, this is kind of embarrassing...
[21:37] Emilia
    Are you feeling okay?
[21:39] Subaru
    I wasn't so sure until I heard
    your voice just now, but...
[21:46] Subaru
    I'm okay now.
[21:47] Subaru
    So, um, listen...
[21:50] ---
    I'm sorr—
[21:54] Subaru
    I mean, thanks for everything.
[21:58] Emilia
    You're welcome.
[22:02] Rem
    Well, shall we get started on this
    morning's work, Subaru-kun?
[22:05] Ram
    We need to begin our morning duties.
[22:08] Subaru
    Before that, I have a favor to ask...
[22:12] Rem
    A lap pillow, right?
[22:13] Ram
    It's a lap pillow.
[22:14] Subaru
    I'm not that unscrupulous!
[22:16] Subaru
    Actually, I want to go to the village.
[22:18] Subaru
    It's not far away, right?
[22:19] Subaru
    Do we have any plans to shop for anything?
[22:22] Rem
    If I recall, we are low on seasonings,
[22:25] Rem
    so I was thinking of going
    to the village tomorrow.
[22:28] Subaru
    Then why don't we go today instead?
[22:30] Subaru
    If we're running low, it never
    hurts to restock sooner!
[22:35] Ram
    I don't see a problem with that.
[22:37] Rem
[22:38] Ram
    You do need to go shopping,
    and we have no urgent duties.
[22:41] Ram
    And you have Barusu to carry your packages.
[22:45] Rem
    If you say so, Sister.
[22:46] Subaru
    All right!
[22:48] Ram
    But I'm going with you.
[22:51] Ram
    You'll have a pretty flower on each arm, Barusu.
[22:53] Subaru
[22:55] Subaru
    Uh, I just hope those
    flowers aren't poisonous...
SIGN    I Cried, Cried My Lungs Out,
    and Stopped Crying
[23:05] Subaru
    And now for the final exercise!
[23:07] Subaru
    Swing your arms out wide,
[23:09] Subaru
    then cross them in front of you
    as you take slow, deep breaths.
[23:13] Subaru
    In... And out...
[23:14] Ram
    I came to check on you since
    break time's almost over.
[23:16] Subaru
    In... And out...
[23:17] Rem
    Things are quite lively.
[23:19] Subaru
    Okay, finally...
[23:21] Subaru
[23:22] All
[23:27] Subaru
    All right!
[23:28] Guy
[23:31] Old
    I feel so much younger.
[23:40] Subaru
    Okay, everyone has touched me now.
[23:43] Ram
[23:45] Ram
    What sort of game is this?
[23:47] Subaru
    Radio calisthenics.
[23:48] Subaru
    I think the fact that everyone,
    young and old, can enjoy it
[23:52] Subaru
    is the secret to its many
    long years of success!
[23:55] Ram
    Who cares?
[23:56] Mildo
    Ram-chi, that was cold.
[23:58] Dyne
    Ram-chi, that was mean.
[23:59] Lucas
    Ram-chi, you're scary.
[24:03] Ram
    Did you teach these children to call me that?
[24:05] Subaru
    Well, it was more like...
[24:07] Subaru
    I wanted to spread some friendliness around?
[24:11] Ram
    I don't mind, but what about Rem?
[24:15] Mildo
[24:16] Dyne
[24:16] Lucas
[24:21] Ram
    And? Did you enjoy the village
    trip you wanted so much?
[24:24] Subaru
    Nothing to worry about there.
[24:26] Subaru
    When Muraosa patted my shoulder at
    the end, my trip was complete.
[24:31] Subaru
    What's up?
[24:33] Subaru
    If you wanna say something, out with it.
[24:37] Maylie
[24:39] Maylie
    Over there.
[24:46] Ram
    Have your way a bit longer.
[24:48] Rem
    If you say so, Sister.
[24:50] Subaru
    All right! I owe you both, Senpai!
[25:01] Subaru
    That's right, there was
    an event like this, too.
[25:06] Subaru
    And this still happens?
[25:08] Petra
    She's usually so tame.
[25:10] Mildo
    She only gets mad at Subaru.
[25:12] Lucas
    What'd you do to her, Subaru?
[25:14] Subaru
    That's what I'd like to know.
[25:17] Subaru
    If it's happened three times,
    I guess we're just incompatible...
[25:21] Subaru
    Oh, now's my chance!
[25:22] Subaru
    If you'll excuse me...
[25:27] Subaru
    There's the sensation I've longed to feel!
[25:29] Subaru
    Nice! For a stray, this is great!
[25:32] Subaru
    Hey, you've got a bald
    spot on top of your head.
[25:35] Subaru
    Is it a scar? What did you walk int—
[25:38] Subaru
[25:40] Subaru
    You even bit me in nearly the same spot...
[25:42] Subaru
    Are you a time traveler?
[25:45] Lucas
    You got carried away!
[25:47] Mildo
    It's what you get for touching her so much.
[25:49] Petra
    She is a girl, after all.
[25:51] Subaru
    I don't think that's quite the problem here.
[25:54] Subaru
    Also, no one's worried about me?
[25:56] ---
    I'm gonna cry!
[26:00] Subaru
    I made it... I made it!
[26:02] Subaru
    Well done, me! Good job!
[26:04] Subaru
    Seriously, good job!
[26:05] Rem
    Yes, yes, well done.
[26:07] Ram
    Yes, yes, good work.
[26:09] Roswaal
    Ah, I see the three of you are together.
[26:13] Roswaal
    That will save me some time.
[26:15] Both
[26:17] Subaru
    Formal clothes?
[26:20] Roswaal
    Well spotted.
[26:21] Roswaal
    I'm seeing someone who's a hassle
    to deal with in normal attire,
[26:26] Roswaal
    so I had no choice but to wear dress clothes.
[26:29] Rem
    A visitor?
[26:30] Ram
    You're going out?
[26:32] Roswaal
    Ram is correct. I'm going out.
[26:35] Roswaal
    I received a message that
    was a tad troublesome...
[26:39] Roswaal
    So I'm off to make the rounds outside.
[26:41] Roswaal
    I don't expect to be home tonight,
[26:45] Roswaal
    so Ram and Rem, take care of things.
[26:48] Ram
    Yes, sir. As you command.
[26:49] Rem
    Yes, sir. Even if it costs our lives.
[26:52] Subaru
    Roswaal didn't leave the mansion before...
[26:58] Roswaal
    I'm counting on you, too, Subaru-kun.
[27:01] Roswaal
    Take good care of Emilia-sama.
[27:05] Subaru
    Sure. You can definitely
    count on me for that!
[27:10] Roswaal
    Then, look after things while I'm away.
[27:14] Subaru
    H-He can fly?
[27:24] Subaru
    Magic is incredible...
[27:29] Subaru
    The difference in circumstances
[27:31] Subaru
    must have been triggered
    by my visit to the village.
[27:36] Subaru
    That means my strategy of acting
    as a decoy is working as planned.
[27:43] Subaru
    And that's why I'm here for my
    long-awaited Beako time!
[27:46] Beatrice
    Your face looks quite different
    than it did half a day ago.
[27:49] Beatrice
    You've been busy, I suppose.
[27:51] Subaru
    I'd love to take it easy
    for a change, you know...
[27:53] Subaru
    But there's something I want
    you to check out for me.
[27:58] Subaru
    I think I've been cursed.
    Could you find out for sure?
[28:02] Beatrice
    What are you talking about?
[28:04] Subaru
    I think I've been cursed.
    Could you find out for sure?
[28:07] Beatrice
    No one asked you to repeat
    yourself, I suppose!
[28:10] Beatrice
    It's only been half a day since
    I told you about shamans.
[28:14] Beatrice
    You're far too impressionabl—
[28:16] Beatrice
    Traces of a curse...
[28:19] Beatrice
    You really have been cursed, I suppose?!
[28:21] Subaru
    So the shaman was one
    of the villagers, after all.
[28:25] Subaru
    Can you tell what kind of curse it is?
[28:28] Beatrice
    I can't say just from looking at the curse.
[28:31] Beatrice
    But as I told you, once it's activated,
[28:34] Beatrice
    chances are you'll die, I suppose.
[28:40] Beatrice
    You don't seem to be afraid of dying at all.
[28:44] Subaru
    Huh? Are you nuts?
[28:46] Subaru
    I'm insanely scared of dying!
[28:48] Subaru
    There's nothing in the world that
    scares me more than dying!
[28:51] Subaru
    I wish people who say "I'd rather die"
    would actually die before they say it!
[28:56] Subaru
    That's why, this time, I'll find a way out...
[29:01] Subaru
    of this fate.
[29:04] Subaru
    Okay, so get rid of this
    curse for me, would you?
[29:07] Subaru
    I don't have much time.
[29:08] Beatrice
    Why should I have to save
    your life, I suppose?
[29:12] Subaru
    I expected an unlovable response like that,
[29:14] Subaru
    so I came prepared to convince you.
[29:17] Subaru
    If I die, Puck is bound to be sad.
[29:21] Beatrice
[29:22] Beatrice
    Bubby wouldn't be all that
    disturbed if you died.
[29:26] Subaru
    Oh, no...
[29:28] ---
    If I were to die, Emilia would
    be at least a little shocked.
[29:31] Subaru
    When Emilia feels shock,
    Puck takes damage, too.
[29:34] Subaru
    And if you could have stopped it,
    but didn't, what would he think of you?
[29:39] Beatrice
    I'll go along with your smooth
    talk this time, I suppose!
[29:42] Beatrice
    But after this, I'll have nothing
    more to do with you again.
[29:46] Subaru
[29:47] Subaru
    But I'll always come to ask for
    your help when I'm in trouble!
[29:53] Beatrice
    I'll destroy the spell used in
    the curse now, I suppose.
[29:57] Beatrice
    The spell is burned into you on the
    spot that the shaman touched,
[30:01] Beatrice
    so that's our reference.
[30:02] Subaru
    I prepared for this. Don't worry.
[30:06] Subaru
    The young men's leader with the crew cut...
[30:08] Subaru
    The old lady who felt so much younger
    that she patted my butt...
[30:10] Subaru
    And Muraosa, the fake village head.
[30:12] Subaru
    I made sure all the suspects
    touched different parts of me.
[30:28] Subaru
    A black mist?
[30:30] Beatrice
    How abhorrent, I suppose.
[30:34] Beatrice
    All done. You'll be fine now, I suppose.
[30:40] Subaru
    So the place that the black mist came from
[30:43] ---
    is where the shaman touched me, right?
[30:49] Subaru
    Could that puppy actually be...
[30:53] Subaru
    I have to get to the village.
[30:55] Subaru
    They just keep messing with me!
[31:01] Ram
    The village? What for?
[31:03] Subaru
    Beatrice said the one who gave me this
    wound is responsible for cursing me.
[31:08] Subaru
    It was the dog that the
    kids were playing with!
[31:12] Subaru
    That dog-looking thing
    cursed everyone it bit!
[31:16] Subaru
    If I don't do something,
    they'll be in danger.
[31:20] Subaru
    If you don't trust me, you can come along.
[31:22] Subaru
    But we can't leave Emilia alone here.
[31:25] Subaru
    Only one of you can come!
[31:28] Rem
    You're making up your own rules...
[31:29] Rem
    And if we are to obey Roswaal-sama's orders,
[31:32] Rem
    there's no reason for either
    of us to go with you.
[31:35] Subaru
    No, there's not.
[31:37] Subaru
    But was that the only order Roswaal gave me?
[31:42] Ram
    Very well, Barusu.
[31:44] ---
    I'll allow you to act on your judgment.
[31:46] Rem
[31:48] Ram
    Rem will accompany you.
[31:49] Subaru
    Just what I wanted to hear!
[31:51] Ram
    Rem, that's my decision, so please go.
[31:54] Ram
    I'll confirm with Beatrice-sama
    and protect Emilia-sama.
[31:59] Ram
    I'll keep an eye on that, too.
[32:01] Rem
    Sister, you shouldn't...
[32:03] Emilia
    Subaru, are you going somewhere?
[32:05] Emilia
    I heard loud voices, so I came down
    to see what was going on...
[32:08] Emilia
    What happened?
[32:09] Subaru
    Something might be happening.
[32:12] Subaru
    But you don't need to worry.
[32:14] Emilia
    You look like you're going to do
    something dangerous again!
[32:17] Subaru
    We were just wrapping up a dispute
    on that particular topic.
[32:21] Emilia
    I can't stop you, can I?
[32:23] Subaru
    I guess not, no.
[32:26] Subaru
    In fact, if you do, it'd be a
    hindrance in several ways...
[32:31] Emilia
    Fine, fine, I get it.
[32:34] Emilia
    I won't stop you.
[32:35] Emilia
    It's probably no use telling you not
    to be rash or reckless, too, right?
[32:39] Subaru
    Depending on what happens...
[32:41] Subaru
    I mean, it's not like I
    want to do any of that.
[32:46] Emilia
    May the blessing of the spirits be with you.
[32:50] Subaru
    Huh? Say what?
[32:53] Emilia
    It's a prayer to send you off.
    It means "come back safely."
[32:58] Subaru
    Got it, Emilia-tan.
[33:02] Subaru
    Okay, I'm off.
[33:04] Emilia
    Take care.
[33:19] Rem
    Has something happened?
[33:21] Guy
    Y-Yeah... Several of the village
    children have gone missing.
[33:25] Guy
    All the adults are looking for them.
[33:27] Subaru
    Was I too late?
[33:32] Subaru
[33:34] Rem
[33:49] Rem
    The barrier is broken.
[33:52] Subaru
    What happens when the barrier's broken?
[33:54] Rem
    Mabeasts can cross the boundary.
[33:57] Subaru
[33:58] Rem
    Mabeasts are creatures
    of the witch's creation.
[34:01] Rem
    They're enemies of humanity
    that have magic powers.
[34:04] Rem
    They live gregariously in the forest.
[34:07] Subaru
[34:09] Subaru
    You mean tons more dogs
    like that one are out there?
[34:15] Subaru
    The kids are in the forest.
[34:17] Subaru
    Tell everyone!
[34:19] Guy
[34:24] Rem
    Subaru-kun, what are you...
[34:26] Subaru
    I have to go save those kids!
[34:28] Rem
    Wait! You can't make that
    decision on your own.
[34:31] Rem
    With Roswaal-sama away from home,
[34:34] Rem
    can you be sure that this isn't a ruse to
    divert attention from the mansion?
[34:37] Subaru
    What do we do, then?
[34:39] Subaru
    Ignore kids who are in trouble right now,
[34:42] Subaru
    go back to the mansion, and tighten security?
[34:44] Subaru
    If you won't care when all the
    villagers are dead tomorrow,
[34:47] Subaru
    I guess that's an option.
[34:50] Subaru
    Rem, let's go. We're the only ones
    who can do something about this.
[34:55] Rem
    Why go so far?
[34:57] Rem
    Why should this village matter to you?
[35:00] Subaru
    You know, Petra...
[35:01] Subaru
    She wants to make clothes in
    the capital when she grows up.
[35:05] Rem
[35:06] Subaru
    Lucas wants to succeed the
    village's best woodcutter.
[35:11] Subaru
    Mildo wants to make a crown
    from the flowers in the fields,
[35:14] Subaru
    and give it to his mother.
[35:17] Subaru
    Meina is going to have a baby sister soon.
[35:20] Subaru
    And the brothers, Dyne and Cain, are
    always fighting over who'll marry Petra.
[35:30] Subaru
    They do matter to me.
[35:32] Subaru
    I know their names, their faces,
[35:34] Subaru
    and what they want to do in the future.
[35:37] Subaru
    And I promised them we'd do radio
    calisthenics again tomorrow.
[35:42] Subaru
    I keep my promises, and I make
    sure others keep theirs.
[35:46] Subaru
    I'm going to do radio calisthenics
    with those kids again.
[35:51] Subaru
    So I'm going in there.
[35:57] Rem
    Very well.
[35:59] Rem
    My orders were to keep an eye on you.
[36:04] Subaru
    Yeah, that's right.
[36:06] ---
    Make sure I don't do anything shady!
[36:11] Rem
    I will.
[36:17] Subaru
    Um, Rem-san, is that...
[36:19] Rem
    It's for protection.
[36:20] Subaru
    But that's...
[36:22] Rem
    It's for protection.
[36:35] Rem
    We're close. I smell something alive.
[36:38] Subaru
    The kids?
[36:39] Rem
    I'm not sure, but it doesn't
    smell like animals.
[36:54] Subaru
    It's the kids!
[36:59] Subaru
    She's alive.
[37:00] Subaru
    They're alive!
[37:01] Rem
    No, they're still breathing now,
[37:04] ---
    but they are very weak.
[37:05] Rem
    If left alone...
[37:07] Subaru
    Weak... The curse?
[37:11] Subaru
    And we finally found them...
[37:14] Subaru
    Rem, can't you undo it?
[37:16] Rem
    I lack the skill for this.
[37:18] Rem
    If only my sister were here to see them...
[37:21] Rem
    But I will cast a healing
    spell to comfort them.
[37:24] Rem
    When they're calm, we'll carry them back.
[37:28] Subaru
    Okay, I'll...
[37:30] Subaru
    Damn, I'm so useless.
[37:33] Subaru
    I'll keep watch—
[37:34] Petra
[37:36] Subaru
    You're awake, Petra?
[37:38] Subaru
    All right, good. You're a tough girl.
[37:40] Subaru
    Don't overdo it, though.
[37:42] Subaru
    I'll take you back home, where you
    can say goodbye to the pain.
[37:45] Subaru
    Just rest for—
[37:46] Petra
    One is...
[37:48] Petra
    still... in the...
[37:52] Subaru
    Hey, what'd you say? Petra!
[37:58] Subaru
    Damn it, she's right. I don't
    see the little girl with the braid!
[38:01] Rem
    P-Please, wait! It's too dangerous.
[38:04] Rem
    And if the mabeasts took her, it's already...
[38:07] Subaru
    I get what you're saying! I do!
[38:10] Subaru
    But, Rem...
[38:11] Subaru
    Petra says another girl was taken away.
[38:15] Subaru
    She showed concern for her friend
    before asking for my help.
[38:20] Subaru
    She put her friend before herself!
[38:25] Subaru
    I want to respect Petra's feelings.
[38:27] Subaru
    If you take something on, you should
    make the effort to take it all on.
[38:31] Rem
    If you get too greedy,
[38:32] Rem
    you might take on more
    than you can carry back.
[38:37] Subaru
    That's why you're with me, isn't it?
[38:40] Rem
    What does that have to do with me?
[38:42] Subaru
    Those kids need you now.
[38:46] Subaru
    When the villagers show up,
[38:47] Subaru
    leave the kids with them and follow me.
[38:51] Rem
    We don't know the threat our opponent
    presents, or when the villagers will arrive.
[38:55] Rem
    And at worst, there is a chance
    I won't be able to find you.
[38:59] Subaru
    It'll be fine. You won't lose me.
[39:02] Rem
    What makes you so sure?
[39:04] Subaru
    Even if no one else does,
    you can pick up my scent.
[39:09] Subaru
    The foul odor that hangs on me...
[39:11] ---
    The witch's scent.
[39:13] Subaru
[39:15] Rem
    Subaru-kun, how much do you know about...
[39:17] Subaru
    No idea... There's a ton I don't understand.
[39:21] Subaru
    So much that no matter how
    many times I start over,
[39:24] Subaru
    I can't find the answer I'm looking for.
[39:28] Subaru
    Just like there are things
    you want to ask me,
[39:31] Subaru
    there are tons of things I want to ask you.
[39:34] Subaru
    So when this is all taken
    care of, let's talk.
[39:37] Subaru
    Until our voices are hoarse! Promise?
[39:43] Subaru
    I trust you, Rem.
[39:46] Subaru
    So I want to act in a way
    that makes you trust me.
[39:49] Subaru
    I'll make that promise right now!
[39:53] Rem
    Very well. The promise is made.
[39:57] Rem
    I will ask you many questions, so be ready.
[40:00] Subaru
[40:01] Rem
    Once the villagers come for
    the kids, I'll come join you.
[40:05] Rem
    Don't do anything reckless.
[40:07] Subaru
    Don't worry! I'm demonically inspired today!
[40:12] Rem
[40:14] Subaru
    It's the demon version of divine inspiration.
[40:16] Subaru
    It's my favorite phrase lately!
[40:20] Rem
    Please be careful.
[40:28] Subaru
    If the one that cursed those kids
    really was that dog from today,
[40:33] Subaru
    there's no way I can lose, right?
[40:37] Subaru
    I smell animals.
[40:50] Subaru
    Is it a trap?
[40:55] Subaru
    Emilia wouldn't hesitate!
[41:07] Subaru
    Thank goodness...
[41:23] Subaru
    This is not what we discussed!
[41:25] Subaru
    Why is it so huge?
[41:28] Subaru
    And was it waiting for me to come for her?
[41:33] Subaru
    Nowhere to run...
[41:38] Subaru
    Damn it! If you wanna fight, bring it on!
[41:52] Subaru
[41:53] Subaru
    doesn't hurt!
[41:56] Subaru
    You just bit me, didn't you, you moron?!
[42:18] Subaru
    I won...
[42:27] Subaru
    You've gotta be kidding me...
[42:33] Subaru
    If you wanna fight, bring it on!
[42:45] Rem
    The children have been safely
    returned to the village.
[42:48] Rem
    Thank you for buying time.
[42:52] Subaru
    Rem, watch ou—
[42:54] Rem
[42:58] Subaru
    Y-You're strong!
[43:00] Rem
    I'm not sure if that's a nice thing
    to say to a girl, Subaru-kun.
[43:05] Subaru
    I have no other words to describe you!
[43:08] Subaru
    You're seriously incredible!
[43:13] Subaru
    So, Rem, would you be able to take them
    all out in one shot, by chance?
[43:17] Rem
    We are outnumbered. With this
    many, our situation is dire.
[43:20] Subaru
    Yeah, I guess it would be.
[43:22] Subaru
    In that case... There!
[43:25] Rem
[43:45] Subaru
    Rem, I don't know the way!
[43:47] Rem
    Straight ahead.
[43:49] Rem
    Once we cross the barrier,
    the battle will end.
[43:51] Rem
    Run toward the village bonfire!
[43:53] Subaru
    Got it!
[44:06] Subaru
    Rem, I see light!
[44:07] Subaru
    We're almost to the barrier!
[44:27] Subaru
[44:45] Subaru
    Damn it...
[45:22] Rem
    Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast!
[45:24] Rem
[45:25] Rem
    Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast!
[45:37] Subaru
    She's a demon...
[45:57] Rem
[46:02] Rem
    Don't die...
[46:03] Rem
    Don't die! Don't die!
[46:06] ---
    Don't die!
SIGN    The Meaning of Courage
[46:10] ---
    A clock telling the wrong
    time marks out my life
[46:15] ---
    The sands of my memory spill over
[46:20] ---
    Are even these feelings that have sprouted
[46:25] ---
    Doomed to disappear
[46:33] ---
    So quickly and hopelessly?
[46:39] ---
    I wish I was there
[46:41] ---
    Oh, please don't let me die
[46:44] ---
    Waiting for your touch
[46:47] ---
    To ensure that I'll never lose anything again
[46:52] ---
    I'll forget myself and restart
[47:00] ---
    No, don't give up on life
[47:03] ---
    This endless dead end
[47:06] ---
    I pray this grief that's crushing you
[47:11] ---
    Will one day end
[47:18] ---
    For now I'll see you off