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E6.5 - Memory Snow

Source: Crunchyroll
(Please feel free to edit the speaker names if incomplete or inaccurate. Names are handled on a best-effort basis depending on the info on the source file. Dialogue is left as is.)
[00:05] Subaru
    It was a fearsome battle.
[00:15] Subaru
    We were curseded by unknown force...
[00:22] Subaru
    Experienced insvainvasions
    by a herd of ulgarm...
[00:28] Subaru
    Engaged in mortal combat with boss garm...
[00:41] Subaru
    Then well-deserved halcyon days had come.
[00:46] Subaru
    The threet of the monstrust
    beast ulgarm has gone,
[00:50] Subaru
    and the village was saved for good.
[00:55] Subaru
[00:57] Subaru
    I am yet on a mission.
[01:01] Subaru
    A secret mission that I have to execute
    without being noticed by anyone...
[01:14] Subaru
    Scouting out a course for
    my date with Emilia-tan.
[01:21] Petra
[01:22] Lucas
    Subaru, what're you doing?
[01:24] Mildo
    Why are you dressed like that?
[01:28] Subaru
    So much for top secret!
[01:30] Subaru
    I was recognized three
    seconds into my mission!
[01:33] Dyne
    What's a "mission"?
[01:34] Mildo
    What's "top secret"?
[01:35] Lucas
    I peed my pants!
[01:37] Subaru
    I'm busy right now! Go away!
[01:40] Subaru
    And don't you dare butt
    in during the actual date!
[01:43] Petra
    Date? What's a "date"?
[01:46] Subaru
    A date is a secret fun time
    of pleasurable embarrassment
[01:49] ---
    for two people who love each other!
[01:51] Mildo
    What's "pleasurable embarrassment"?
[01:53] Dyne
    We know a secret too, y'know!
[01:56] Lucas
    That way! That way!
[01:57] Subaru
    Hey! Hang on a second!
[01:59] Subaru
    Say something to them, Petra!
[02:02] Kid
    C'mon! C'mon, Subaru!
[02:05] Subaru
    Huh? Why are you making that face?
[02:07] Mildo
    C'mon, hurry up! This way!
[02:13] Dyne
    This is our secret place!
[02:19] Subaru
    It's wonderful...
[02:33] Rem
    Sister, please come look at this flower.
[02:36] Ram
    What could have happened?
[02:38] Ram
    They only just bloomed.
[02:42] Roswaal
    Oh, dear. What's all this?
[02:47] Ram
[02:50] Roswaal
    During an important time like this,
    with the royal selection at hand...
[02:54] Roswaal
    It appears something quite troubling
    has found its way to us.
[03:33] Subaru
    Just a dream...
[03:35] Rem
    Are you all right, Subaru-kun?
[03:37] Subaru
    Yeah, I'm fine.
[03:39] Subaru
    Wait, Rem?!
[03:40] Subaru
    Why are you in here like
    it's totally natural?!
[03:42] Rem
    It's nearly time for me to begin work,
[03:44] Rem
    so I was gazing upon your face
[03:46] Rem
    in order to get my spirits up.
[03:48] Subaru
    What kind of spirits can
    you get up by doing that?
[03:50] Rem
    That aside, what were you dreaming about?
[03:52] Subaru
    If I tell you about it, the
    nightmare will become real.
[03:56] Subaru
    Don't worry about it.
[03:58] Subaru
    Hey, Rem, isn't it kinda cold today?
[04:01] Rem
    Yes, it may indeed be a
    bit chilly this morning.
[04:05] Rem
    How very perceptive of you, Subaru-kun!
[04:07] Subaru
    Uh, anyone can tell whether it's cold or not.
[04:13] Subaru
    I mean, it was so warm yesterday,
    I couldn't stop sweating.
[04:17] Subaru
    That's a heck of a difference
    after just one night.
[04:23] Subaru
    Don't you have separate maid
    outfits for warm and cool weather?
[04:26] Subaru
    You must be freezing in that.
[04:28] Rem
    When the glacial period begins in earnest,
[04:30] Rem
    I'll change into my maid
    outfit for the cold season.
[04:33] Rem
    It's made from thick material
    and lined with cotton,
[04:36] Rem
    so it's very warm.
[04:39] Subaru
    In this cold, wouldn't you be better
    off in your glacial period outfit?
[04:43] Subaru
    If you don't want to bring it up,
[04:45] ---
    I'll ask Ros-chi to allow it myself.
[04:48] Rem
    My sister and I are both used
    to this. We'll be all right.
[04:51] Rem
    It's not worth troubling Roswaal-sama with.
[04:55] Subaru
    Well, if you say so...
[05:00] Rem
    Where is your sister, anyway?
[05:01] Rem
    Oh, she said she didn't want to get
    out of bed because it was too cold,
[05:05] Rem
    so she's sleeping in.
[05:06] Subaru
    This comes right after you say
    you're both used to the cold?!
[05:09] Subaru
    I can't let this go on!
[05:11] Subaru
    We've gotta tell your sister that
[05:12] ---
    live-in servants aren't allowed to
    sleep in, whether they're cold or hot!
[05:17] Subaru
    Let's go, Rem!
[05:18] Rem
    But she's exhausted from her daily duties.
[05:21] Rem
    A little extra sleep on a cold day won't...
[05:22] Subaru
    Let's go, Rem!
[05:23] Rem
    Very well! If you insist, Subaru-kun!
[05:39] Ram
    Look at all the dust you missed. Do it over.
[05:42] Ram
    You really are useless, Barusu.
[05:44] Subaru
    How long are you gonna hold a grudge
    over being dragged out of bed?
[05:49] Subaru
    C'mon, stop being mad already...
[05:53] Subaru
    Hey, Ram...
[05:55] Subaru
    There's a secret door built into the floor.
[05:58] Subaru
    Do you know what's in there?
[05:59] Ram
    I do not.
[06:02] Ram
    Don't do it, Barusu.
[06:04] Ram
    What if a swarm of bugs flies
    out the moment you open it?
[06:06] Ram
    Wait until I've gone outside
    and locked the door.
[06:09] Subaru
    Why would you lock the door?
[06:11] Subaru
    Also, too late.
[06:14] Subaru
    Oh, this is...
[06:17] Subaru
    There's a lot here.
[06:19] Subaru
    Is it all alcohol?
[06:21] Ram
    Come to think of it,
[06:21] ---
    I heard that Roswaal-sama's
    grandmother was a heavy drinker.
[06:26] Ram
    I bet they've been here since her time.
[06:28] Subaru
    Ros-chi's grandma?
[06:31] Subaru
    I can't even picture that.
[06:33] Subaru
    But if all this is from that long ago,
[06:35] Subaru
    they must be worth a lot by now, right?
[06:38] Ram
    No matter how much you struggle
    to get by from day to day,
[06:40] Ram
    you mustn't drink them
    without permission, Barusu.
[06:42] Subaru
    I'm not gonna drink them!
[06:44] Emilia
    Oh... Subaru and Ram.
[06:47] Emilia
    I wondered what all the
    rummaging noises were.
[06:49] Emilia
    So it was you two.
[06:52] Subaru
[06:54] Emilia
    What are you doing in here?
[06:56] Ram
    I was warning Barusu that no
    matter how painful his life is,
[06:59] ---
    he mustn't run away to alcohol.
[07:01] Emilia
[07:03] Emilia
    Subaru, if you were suffering
    that much, you should have said so.
[07:06] Subaru
    I'm not, okay?!
[07:07] Subaru
    I won't drink it, and I won't run away!
[07:09] Subaru
    I'm not even twenty yet, so I'm
    too young to drink, anyway!
[07:13] Subaru
    I can't even peep at adult websites
    without a guardian's supervision.
[07:17] Emilia
    I don't know what "adult websites" are,
[07:20] Emilia
    but in Lugunica, it's legal to drink alcohol
    as long as you're fifteen or older.
[07:24] Subaru
[07:25] Emilia
    And as for these "adult websites"...
[07:27] Emilia
    If you want to see some,
[07:29] ---
    I'd be glad to act as your
    guardian and look with you.
[07:31] Subaru
    You're so sweet! EMT!
    Emilia-tan, major angel!
[07:35] Subaru
    And you totally are, but an angel
    shouldn't say stuff like that!
[07:39] Subaru
    By the way, Emilia-tan, do you like to drink?
[07:41] Subaru
    You'd look cute all drunk and sexy, too!
[07:44] Emilia
    Sorry... I'm not quite
    sure what you're saying.
[07:47] Emilia
    But I've never had any alcohol before.
[07:50] Subaru
    Too bad!
[07:51] Subaru
    If we could drink, our date
    tomorrow could be an adult date.
[07:54] Subaru
    A drink in the hand, and a flowe—
[07:56] Subaru
    Whoops... I can't spoil the surprise.
[08:00] Emilia
    Oh, right... Tomorrow is our date...
[08:03] Subaru
    That's right! It's finally tomorrow!
[08:04] Subaru
    I can't wait!
[08:06] Subaru
    I'll get up early and
    pack lunch for us, okay?
[08:08] Emilia
    R-Really? I'll look forward to that.
[08:11] Subaru
    I hope it'll be warm and sunny tomorrow.
[08:15] Subaru
    Speaking of, aren't you cold in that outfit?
[08:18] Emilia
    Huh? No, I'm not cold at all!
[08:21] Emilia
    In fact, I'm kind of hot!
    It's really toasty in here!
[08:24] Subaru
    What's wrong, Emilia-tan?
    You're acting weird...
[08:27] Emilia
    Well, I have things to do!
    Things that came up really suddenly!
[08:30] Emilia
[08:35] Ram
[08:36] Ram
    Those things she needs
    to do are trivial matters
[08:38] ---
    that aren't even worth mentioning.
[08:40] Ram
    That means you mean less than
    such trivial matters, Barusu.
[08:43] Subaru
    No way!
[08:44] Subaru
    It's more like, you know,
[08:46] ---
    she's so excited about our date
    that her head's in the clou—
[08:53] Subaru
    Canteen: check.
[08:54] Subaru
    Bread for lunch: check.
[08:56] Subaru
    Date guide: check.
[08:58] Subaru
    Handkerchief: check.
[08:59] Subaru
    Lucky underwear: check.
[09:01] Subaru
SIGN    No Service
SIGN    Alarm Tone
SIGN    1. Daybreak Path
    2. Alarm Tone 1
    3. Alarm Tone 2
    4. Alarm Tone 3
SIGN    Set
[09:05] Subaru
    Alarm set: check.
[09:14] Subaru
    It's no use. I can't sleep.
[09:17] Subaru
    Well, when that happens...
[09:19] Subaru
    One Puck, two Pucks, three Pucks...
[09:24] Subaru
    Wait... I'm getting intense
    déjà vu right now.
[09:28] Subaru
    I'm sure this has happened before.
[09:30] Subaru
    And that night, I was cursed...
[09:32] Subaru
    I can't use Puck! It's bad omen!
[09:35] Subaru
    In that case...
[09:37] Subaru
    One Emilia-tan, two Emilia-tans,
    three Emilia-tans...
[09:42] Subaru
    Is this paradise or what?!
[09:43] Subaru
    And I've done that before, too!
[09:45] Subaru
    It's time for some innovation.
    I'll take this in a different direction.
[09:49] Subaru
    One Roswaal, two Roswaals,
    three Roswaals, four—
[09:58] Subaru
    Anyway, is this date really
    gonna work if it's this cold?
[10:02] Subaru
    I hope the flower field Petra and the
    rest told me about hasn't died.
[10:07] Subaru
    No, I'm sure the weather
    will be nice tomorrow.
[10:10] Subaru
    It'll be fine.
[10:11] Subaru
    Gotta believe that...
[10:31] Subaru
    It's freezing! We'll die in this!
[10:38] Subaru
    I think it's even colder than yesterday.
[10:41] Subaru
    What's going on?
[10:46] Subaru
[10:48] Subaru
    Why are you up to so early in the morning?
[10:51] Beatrice
[10:52] Beatrice
    Stop snooping, I suppose!
[10:54] Subaru
    Anyway, isn't it insanely cold?
[10:56] Subaru
    I have a date with Emilia-tan today.
     Is it gonna work out?
[11:00] Beatrice
    I have no idea about that,
    and besides, I'm quite busy.
[11:04] Beatrice
    I have no time to play with you, I suppose.
[11:06] Subaru
    I wasn't asking you to play with me.
[11:08] Subaru
    Anyway, it's easy to catch
    cold when the seasons change,
[11:11] Subaru
    so be careful—
[11:12] Beatrice
    I'm not so weak that I need
    you to worry about me.
[11:15] Subaru
    It's not you I'm worried about.
[11:16] Subaru
    I'd feel bad for Rem if
    she made you rice gruel
[11:19] ---
    because you got sick, and then
     she couldn't find you.
[11:22] Subaru
    At least be on your best
    behavior when you're sick!
[11:24] Beatrice
    Why am I being criticized over a hypothetical
     story with a hypothetical ending, I suppose?!
[11:28] Beatrice
    In any case, I'm very busy!
[11:30] Beatrice
    Don't make me repeat myself, I suppose!
[11:32] Subaru
[11:37] Subaru
    So your date with Emilia-sama
    has been canceled?
[11:41] Subaru
    Not canceled. Just postponed.
[11:43] Subaru
    This nasty cold would ruin our date, anyway.
[11:46] Subaru
    And Emilia-tan said...
[11:48] Emilia
    You're right! Yes! I think
    we should postpone it!
[11:51] Emilia
    It's so cold, after all!
[11:52] Emilia
    I know you've been excited
    about it, and I promised, but...
[11:54] Emilia
    Oh, of course, it's not
    only because I promised.
[11:56] Emilia
    I was sort of looking forward to it myself.
[11:58] Emilia
    But if it's this cold...
    Yes! We have no choice!
[12:02] Subaru
    It kind of bugs me how she looked
    just a little bit relieved.
[12:07] Rem
    I think it was a wise decision.
[12:09] Rem
    If you were stranded in terrible
    weather and the worst happened...
[12:12] Subaru
    Stranded? We're not up
    on some snowy mountain.
[12:15] Subaru
    Wait, mountain?! Is that what this is?!
[12:18] Rem
    What what is?
[12:19] Subaru
    We get trapped in a blizzard during our
    date and take shelter in a mountain hut,
[12:22] Subaru
    where we keep each other
    warm with our body heat!
[12:24] Subaru
    A pleasurably embarrassing
    heart-pounding situation!
[12:27] Rem
    Understood! You can count
    on me to keep you warm!
[12:29] Subaru
    You've got the characters
    in this story mixed up!
[12:33] Subaru
    Still, I guess a blizzard
    wouldn't hit that suddenly.
[12:36] Subaru
    There's no way it'll get that cold...
[12:42] Subaru
    It just made a crunching sound.
[12:44] Rem
    Yes, it would seem a bit of the
    water in the bucket has frozen.
[12:48] Subaru
[12:58] Subaru
    Okay, something's obviously wrong here!
[13:04] Rem
    I'm sorry! I should have come to warm you up,
[13:08] Rem
    but I couldn't leave my sister...
[13:10] Subaru
    W-W-Were you keeping each other warm?
[13:13] Subaru
    Just imagining that is bringing my body
    temperature up about three degrees.
[13:18] Roswaal
    Well, well, Subaru-kun!
[13:20] Roswaal
    You don't seem well. Whatever is the matter?
[13:22] Subaru
    What do you think?! It's freaking cold!
[13:25] Subaru
    This goes beyond climate extremes!
[13:27] Roswaal
    Goodness, how faint-hearted of you.
[13:30] Roswaal
    If you keep your mind and
    body in optimal condition,
[13:33] Roswaal
    you can remain calm no matter how cold—
[13:36] Subaru
    That's not very convincing coming from
    someone dressed as warmly as you are!
[13:40] Subaru
    I could develop murderous
    intentions at this rate!
[13:44] Roswaal
[13:46] Roswaal
    Yes, we may indeed be reaching our limit.
[13:49] Subaru
    The way you said that...
    Do you know what's going on?
[13:53] Subaru
    If it's General Winter
    causing this, let's go beat him!
[13:55] Subaru
    Like, as soon as possible! Please, Sensei!
[14:00] Roswaal
    Subaru-kun, do you not handle the cold well?
[14:03] Subaru
    I complain when it's cold in winter,
[14:06] ---
    when it's hot in summer,
[14:08] Subaru
    when I'm sleepy in spring,
[14:10] ---
    and when matsutake mushrooms
    are expensive in fall.
[14:13] Subaru
    I'm just an ordinary person.
[14:17] Roswaal
    Are you curious about
    what's happening outside?
[14:19] Subaru
    Well, yeah.
[14:21] Subaru
    If it's snowing,
[14:22] ---
    I'm worried about the village fields
    and how they'll clear it all away.
[14:25] Roswaal
    You are indeed quite friendly with
    the villagers, especially the children.
[14:30] Subaru
    Just by chance.
[14:32] Subaru
    I don't even like kids. They're too
     selfish and impulsive for me.
[14:37] Subaru
    But they like me, so I don't
     have much choice.
[14:40] Roswaal
    Yes, yes. I believe that's
    what you call "tsundere."
[14:44] Subaru
    Sniffle! Augh, my nose is killing me!
[14:47] Subaru
    Sniffle, sniffle! Oh, man, this sucks!
[14:49] Rem
    Don't worry! Allow me to take
    care of all your sniffles!
[14:53] Roswaal
    Well, rest easy.
[14:56] Roswaal
    This chill is only occurring
    around this mansion.
[15:00] Subaru
    How the heck does that even happen?!
[15:03] Roswaal
    We have two here who work hard to ensure
    that this cold doesn't spread beyond here.
[15:09] Subaru
[15:11] Rem
    It isn't me or my sister.
[15:13] Subaru
    That pretty much narrows it down, doesn't it?
[15:16] Roswaal
    And it would seem that I don't need
    to explain what is causing this cold.
[15:28] Roswaal
    Emilia-sama, forgive me for
    disturbing you so early.
[15:32] Roswaal
    Do you have a moment?
[15:35] Emilia
[15:36] Emilia
    Um, um... Wait just a minute!
[15:38] Emilia
    Just a minute, okay?
[15:40] Roswaal
[15:47] Subaru
    That's freezing! What the hell?!
[15:49] Subaru
    Are you okay in there, Emilia-tan?!
[15:51] Emilia
    Huh? What?! Subaru's there, too?!
[15:54] Subaru
    Yes, I am, but we have bigger issues here!
[15:57] Subaru
    Don't you have something else to say?!
[15:59] Emilia
    Something to say... Something to say...
[16:01] Emilia
    G-Good morning!
[16:04] Subaru
    Yes, yes. That's a good, polite greeting.
[16:07] Subaru
    Wait, no!
[16:08] Subaru
    Forget it! I'm opening the door!
[16:10] Subaru
    If you're in the middle
    of changing, thank you!
[16:12] Emilia
    Don't you mean "sorry"?!
[16:16] Subaru
    It's freezing! What the hell?!
    What's going on here?!
[16:20] Emilia
    Y-You shouldn't come into someone's
    room before they say you can!
[16:24] Emilia
    It's rude!
[16:27] Emilia
    Yeah! Really rude!
[16:30] Emilia
    You know... I mean...
[16:32] Emiila
    You know!
[16:34] Emilia
    Start over!
[16:35] Subaru
    So says Emilia-tan.
[16:38] ---
    What does the owner of
    the mansion have to say?
[16:40] Roswaal
    I grant you permission to enter.
[16:43] Emilia
[16:45] Subaru
    Well? What's the cause of this cold?
[16:47] Emilia
    Cause? What do you mean, "cause"?
[16:50] Emilia
    It's not... I mean... It is, but...
[16:53] Emilia
    I don't know!
[16:54] Puck
    It's okay, Lia.
[16:55] Puck
    It looks like there's no
    hiding it any longer, anyway.
[17:01] Emilia
    Jeez, Puck, you're no help!
[17:03] ---
    I was so close to convincing him!
[17:04] Subaru
    Uh, another hundred years
    wouldn't get you closer to that.
[17:08] Emilia
[17:09] Puck
    Sorry for causing so much trouble.
[17:13] Puck
    Don't be angry with Lia or Betty, okay?
[17:16] Puck
    They're both just looking out for me.
[17:23] Subaru
    Magic release period?
[17:25] Subaru
    What's a magic release period?
    Like, your mating season?
[17:29] Puck
    I'm not an animal. I don't
    have a mating season.
[17:33] Puck
    How rude.
[17:35] Subaru
    I'm unsure how to comment
    on that... on many levels.
[17:38] Rem
    The magic release period is a phenomenon
[17:41] ---
    that occurs in beings that
     possess very powerful magic.
[17:43] Rem
    The strength of one's magic is
    affected by the nature of their od,
[17:46] Rem
    which makes it highly restrictive.
[17:48] Subaru
    Od? Is that something different
    from magic and gates and all that?
[17:53] Ram
    You don't even know what od is?
    I question your common sense.
[17:56] Ram
    You're as superficial and
    thoughtless as they come, Barusu.
[17:59] Subaru
    You're even more sharp-tongued than usual.
[18:02] Subaru
    Do you hate the cold?
[18:03] Ram
    Strong and weak points are purely
    a matter of subjectivity.
[18:07] Ram
    I don't look at the world from
    such a narrow perspective.
[18:11] Ram
    Don't say things just to suit
    yourself, you moron. Die.
[18:14] Subaru
    That got messy toward the end! Harsh, too!
[18:16] Beatrice
    We'll get nowhere if we leave you
    two to explain this, I suppose.
[18:20] Beatrice
    I'll have to explain it to you myself.
[18:23] Beatrice
    Od is a vessel for magic.
[18:25] Beatrice
    It's a container for storing magic
    taken in through a gate, I suppose.
[18:28] Subaru
    I see. A container for storing magic.
[18:31] Subaru
    Please, continue.
[18:33] Beatrice
    The way you said that irritates me.
[18:36] Beatrice
    Anyway, the stronger one's od is,
    the more magic one can use, I suppose.
[18:40] Beatrice
    But all containers have a limit
    to how much they can hold.
[18:44] Roswaal
    And when one's od reaches its limit,
[18:46] Roswaal
    magic spills out of it.
[18:49] Roswaal
    So it becomes necessary to release
    some before that happens.
[18:52] Subaru
    Expelling what's in your belly
    before it explodes, huh?
[18:57] Subaru
    So it's like being constipated?
[18:59] Beatrice
    Choose your words, I suppose!
[19:01] Subaru
    So basically, Puck venting
    some of his excess mana
[19:04] Subaru
    is the cause of all this cold.
[19:06] Emilia
    Yes, that's right.
[19:08] Emilia
    I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
[19:11] Subaru
    That's a messed-up way
    to relieve constipation.
[19:14] Subaru
    Does this happen regularly?
[19:16] Puck
    Twice a year or so.
[19:18] Puck
    When I lived in the forest with Lia,
    I was able to release it whenever,
[19:23] Puck
    but since I came here,
    I've had to tone it down,
[19:26] Puck
    so I guess this is the backlash from that.
[19:28] Puck
[19:29] Subaru
    Don't "tee-hee-hee" me!
[19:31] Subaru
    I won't complain if releasing your
    magic is something you need to do,
[19:34] Subaru
    but why did the effects intensify
    so drastically in just three days?
[19:38] Puck
    At first, I just did it a little at a time.
[19:41] Puck
    But I had more mana stored up than usual,
[19:44] Puck
    and no one said anything when
    it got cold, so I thought,
[19:47] Puck
    "Hey, maybe I can get
    away with a little more."
[19:50] Puck
    "Yes! I definitely can!"
[19:52] Puck
    "They're more simple-minded than I thought!"
[19:54] Puck
    And here we are.
[19:55] Subaru
    You did a sloppy job of it!
[19:56] Beatrice
    For a great spirit as powerful as Bubby,
[19:59] ---
    the magic release period is
    something he can never be rid of.
[20:01] Beatrice
    Out of consideration for
    how cute and fluffy he is,
[20:04] Beatrice
    you all need to stop making
    a big deal of... sniffle...
[20:07] Subaru
    You're sniffling, too!
[20:09] Subaru
    Also, since you thought you'd be
    in trouble if you were caught,
[20:12] Subaru
    I bet you were trying to put up a
    barrier to close in the cold, right?
[20:16] Subaru
    Be honest.
[20:18] Subaru
    She's blowing her nose!
[20:19] Beatrice
    I have no idea what you're talking about.
[20:24] Emilia
[20:26] Emilia
    Both Puck and I really feel bad
    for letting all this happen.
[20:32] Emilia
    But Puck's magic release
    period should be over soon...
[20:35] Emilia
    Right, Puck?
[20:37] Puck
    Yeah, if you let me keep going at
    this pace for about two more days,
[20:40] ---
    that should be plenty.
[20:41] Subaru
    If you keep going at this pace,
[20:43] Subaru
    you'll find Ram's and my
    frozen bodies rolling around.
[20:47] Subaru
    And Emilia-tan, aren't you cold
    in those light clothes?
[20:50] Subaru
    I wanna see you in winter clothes!
[20:52] Emilia
    Well, you know I have a
    contract with Puck, right?
[20:56] Emilia
    So I can adjust the influence
    Puck's magic has on me.
[21:02] Emilia
    Which means...
[21:04] Emilia
    This much cold...
[21:06] Emilia
    Yeah. It doesn't bother me.
[21:09] Subaru
    Don't you feel bad for putting
    your daughter through all this?
[21:13] Subaru
    Let's try to think of another way.
[21:17] Subaru
    Of course! There's no need for the
    rest of us to stay in the mansion!
[21:21] Subaru
    Beako is keeping the cold
    contained with her barrier,
[21:23] Subaru
    so if we just stay outside the
    mansion while that's going on...
[21:26] Rem
    Impressive as always, Subaru-kun!
    You have my respect!
[21:29] Subaru
    At this time of year, it's not
    too hot or too cold out—
[21:35] Beatrice
    Doesn't look like it'll let
    up anytime soon, I suppose.
[21:38] Subaru
[21:39] Emilia
    I guess we can't camp out in this.
[21:41] Subaru
    No! If we have a tent...
[21:43] Roswaal
[21:45] Roswaal
    Were you thinking of making me,
    the master of this mansion, sleep outside?
[21:51] Subaru
    Th-Th-Then... can you do anything
    about this with your magic?
[21:55] Subaru
    Like, throw a fireball or something at Puck
    to bring him up to the perfect temperature?
[22:01] Roswaal
    Controlling the degree of
    such magic is too difficult.
[22:03] Roswaal
    If my hand movement is
    thrown just slightly off,
[22:05] Roswaal
    the mansion would become a sea of flames.
[22:08] Subaru
    Man, why does it feel like there's a
    flood above us and a fire below us?
[22:12] Subaru
    Wait! That's it! A flood
    above us and a fire below!
[22:16] Emilia
    What do you mean?
[22:17] Subaru
    It's a riddle we had back in my homeland!
[22:20] Subaru
    The answer is: a bath!
[22:23] Subaru
    In other words, the way to get
    through this freezing cold is...
[22:26] Emilia
    The way to get through it is...
[22:27] Subaru
    By using all the magic stones of fire in
    this mansion to boil the water in the big bath!
[22:32] Subaru
    And then...
[22:33] Subaru
    For two days, we'll all...
[22:36] Subaru
    hang out in a hot spring! What do you say?!
[22:38] Rem
    Impressive as always, Subaru-kun!
    You have my respect!
[22:41] Ram
    Unfortunately, we can't do that.
[22:44] Subaru
    Why not?!
[22:51] Subaru
    Is this... mayonnaise?
[22:54] Rem
    Yes. I've been making it for you,
     since you love mayonnaise.
[22:58] Rem
[23:05] Rem
    When there wasn't enough mayonnaise,
[23:07] Rem
    you were angry at me.
[23:11] Rem
    So this time, I used the big bath!
[23:17] Rem
    If you wish to compliment me, I don't mind.
[23:21] Subaru
    Are you stupid?!
[23:24] Rem
    You're right! The mayonnaise has frozen!
[23:26] Subaru
    Not for that!
[23:27] Rem
    But worry not, Subaru-kun!
[23:29] Rem
    If we boil it, it'll be
    a nice, warm mayonnaise bath!
[23:32] Subaru
    Forget about that!
[23:33] Subaru
    You're gonna earn the wrath of
    every mayo lover in the world!
[23:36] ---
[23:40] Subaru
    It's still this cold right beside the fire?
[23:43] Puck
    But if not for this, everyone in
    the mansion would be frozen solid.
[23:47] Puck
    Want to test that out?
[23:48] Subaru
    We're not testing that!
[23:50] Subaru
    Also, instead of releasing
    magic over two days,
[23:52] Subaru
    can't you just unleash it in one
    massive blast and be done with it?
[23:57] Puck
    Does that mean you're giving me...
[24:00] Puck
    permission to destroy this entire world?
[24:04] Subaru
    No, I'm not!
[24:06] Puck
    I was kidding.
[24:06] Subaru
    Anyway, does this magic release
    period only happen to spirits?
[24:10] Subaru
    Do you or Beako go through it, Ros-chi?
[24:12] Roswaal
    In my case, I use my magic on a
    daily basis to keep it regulated.
[24:18] Roswaal
    My daily duties require it, after all.
[24:23] Roswaal
    So my od always has plenty of leeway.
[24:26] Subaru
    Why'd you look at Ram when
    you mentioned daily duties?
[24:29] Subaru
    Uh. Never mind. I don't want to know.
[24:32] Beatrice
    I manage by maintaining the forbidden
    library and using Door Crossing, I suppose.
[24:36] Beatrice
    Oh, yes. And recently, smacking away a
    certain noisy human has been helping, too.
[24:42] Subaru
    Right, right. Very cute.
[24:44] Subaru
    What about you girls, then?
[24:46] Subaru
    You don't have a mating—
    I mean, a magic release period?
[24:51] Rem
    Only certain people have magic powerful
    enough to necessitate a magic release period.
[24:56] Emilia
    I'm not a very powerful magic user, either,
[25:00] ---
    so I've never had one.
[25:02] Emilia
    Oh, but I have a lot of experience
    with them because of Puck.
[25:07] Emilia
    So... I'm sorry about what happened this time.
[25:09] Emilia
    I really feel bad.
[25:11] Subaru
    Emilia-tan's really hard on herself today.
[25:14] Subaru
    So, Puck, when was the last time you
    got to use a good amount of magic?
[25:18] Subaru
    For reference.
[25:20] Puck
    The last time was probably when I fought
     that lady in black in the capital.
[25:25] Puck
    I actually ran out of mana.
[25:27] Subaru
    I hope you're not asking me to bring
    you another opponent that insane!
[25:31] Subaru
    I can't choose between being
    disemboweled and freezing to death!
[25:35] Puck
    The other time was probably when Roswaal
    came to the forest to pick up Lia.
[25:39] Puck
    It's embarrassing to say,
    but I think I caused quite a fuss.
[25:43] Roswaal
    Ah, yes. That was quite exciting.
[25:47] Roswaal
    That was the first time in my life I had
    taken part in such a large-scale magic war...
[25:52] Roswaal
[25:55] Puck
    You just came right for me without
    an appointment. I couldn't believe it.
[25:59] Roswaal
    We spent a full day and
    night clashing in earnest.
[26:04] Subaru
    What actually happened there, Emilia-tan?
[26:07] Emilia
    I heard the maps had to be redrawn later.
[26:11] Subaru
    Okay, nope!
[26:13] Subaru
    Operation: Pitting Friends Against
    Each Other as Enemies is rejected!
[26:16] Puck
[26:17] Subaru
    Don't give me that! No changing
    the geography by fighting!
[26:20] Subaru
    Apologize to Ino Tadataka!
[26:21] Puck
    Sorry, Tadataka-san!
[26:26] Puck
    Was that okay?
[26:30] Subaru
    Well, for now, our first priority
    should be keeping our fire going.
[26:35] Emilia
    I really am sorry.
[26:37] Emilia
    When Puck and I lived in the forest,
    there was no one around to bother,
[26:41] Emilia
    so I never saw his magic release
    period as much of a problem.
[26:44] Subaru
    Nah, you don't need to keep apologizing.
[26:48] Subaru
    I'll figure something out.
[26:50] Subaru
    There's no night that doesn't break into dawn!
[26:52] Subaru
    There's no rain that doesn't cease!
[26:56] Subaru
    Oh, right... The rain.
[26:58] Subaru
    By later tonight, the rain...
[27:01] Subaru
    No, even without nightfall, this cold
     will turn the rain into snow.
[27:05] Emilia
    Subaru? Did you come up with
    some strange idea again?
[27:09] Rem
    Impressive as always, Subaru-kun!
    You have my respect!
[27:13] Subaru
    You guys are jumping the gun a bit.
    Also, that's too much respect.
[27:16] Subaru
    But I do have an idea...
[27:19] Subaru
    for a way to get through this
    magic release period peacefully,
[27:21] Subaru
    not just temporarily, while making
    it entertaining and enjoyable!
[27:26] Rem
    What sort of method is it?
[27:29] Subaru
    Back in my homeland, Hokkaido...
[27:31] Subaru
    I have to add that that's my
    homeland in a very broad sense...
[27:34] Subaru
    But we had a festival there!
[27:36] Subaru
    Since Puck's got mana to burn,
    let's burn it with a bang!
[27:41] Subaru
    We'll call it...
[27:42] Subaru
    The Roswaal Mansion's First Wild and Crazy...
[27:48] Subaru
    Snow Festival!
[27:50] Rem
    Impressive as always, Subaru-kun!
    You have my respect!
[27:52] Emilia
    Wild and Crazy Snow Festival?
[27:53] Subaru
    I know, right?
[27:56] Subaru
    All right, Rem, help me out!
[27:56] Emilia
    Is the "wild and crazy" part necessary?
[27:58] Rem
    Wild and crazy!
[27:58] Subaru
    Yeah! Let's get to work!
SIGN    The 1st
SIGN    Wild and Crazy Snow Festival
SIGN    Final Round
SIGN    Roswaal Mansion & The Villagers of Arlam
[28:11] subaru
    The driving snow has enveloped the
    mansion as well as our hearts!
[28:15] Subaru
    It's a world of white, white,
    white, as far as the eye can see!
[28:18] Subaru
    But just as there is no night
     that doesn't break into dawn,
[28:21] Subaru
    there is no snow that doesn't cease!
[28:23] Subaru
    Say goodbye to the frozen sky!
[28:24] Subaru
    Welcome to the Roswaal mansion's
    out-of-season Snow Festival!
[28:28] Subaru
[28:29] Subaru
    Do you wanna go to New York?!
[28:31] Guy
    New York?
[28:33] Kids
[28:34] Subaru
    Do you wanna go to New York,
    no matter what it takes?!
[28:38] All
[28:40] Mildo
    Where's New York?
[28:41] Petra
    It's a town that was in Subaru's homeland.
[28:44] Dyne
    He called it a town swirling
    with love and desire!
[28:46] Lucas
[28:47] Subaru
    The rules are simple.
[28:49] Subaru
    You'll all try to build the most unique
    and imaginative snow sculpture.
[28:53] Subaru
    We have a fantastic prize
    for the winner, too!
[28:57] Mildo
    Will we get to go to New York?
[28:59] Subaru
    Sorry, that's kind of impossible.
[29:01] Subaru
    But it's a prize that's just
    as amazing as New York!
[29:06] Subaru
    Okay, everyone! Do your best to win!
[29:09] All
[29:13] Emilia
    I never would have even
    thought of a snow festival.
[29:17] Subaru
    Well, if we can't hide it,
    we might as well celebrate it.
[29:23] Emilia
    I'll work to beat the band and
    make an amazing sculpture!
[29:27] Subaru
    No one says "to beat the band" nowadays...
[29:38] Subaru
    Ah, found you, Beako!
[29:40] Subaru
    Man, it worked out great,
[29:42] Subaru
    thanks to you tweaking your
    barrier's range a bit.
[29:46] Beatrice
    Honestly, this is all such a big fuss.
[29:49] Beatrice
    I might as well have expanded
    my barrier beyond the forest
[29:51] Beatrice
    so they could have their
    festival in the village, I suppose.
[29:54] Subaru
    That would be bad news for
    the village, though...
[29:56] Subaru
    and even worse, for my
    first date with Emilia-tan.
[29:59] Subaru
    That secret flower garden
    would be ruined, you know?
[30:02] Beatrice
    I do know. But I really don't care.
[30:05] Subaru
    Anyway, Beako, aren't you
    going to join in the fun?
[30:08] Subaru
    There's no need to be shy.
[30:10] Beatrice
    Just who is being shy, I suppose?
[30:13] Beatrice
    I'm very busy. Shoo! Shoo!
[30:16] Subaru
    Don't be like that.
[30:18] Subaru
    It's important to play outside now and then...
[30:20] Subaru
    especially for children.
[30:25] Subaru
    Buenos Aires!
[30:30] Mildo
    Hey, it's Subaru!
[30:31] Dyne
    It's him! It's Subaru!
[30:33] Lucas
    Have a taste of white fear!
[30:35] Subaru
    Man, you guys have so
    much energy, even in this cold.
[30:38] Subaru
[30:40] Subaru
    You'll eventually realize
[30:42] Subaru
    that the ones being played with in the snow
[30:45] Subaru
    were all of you.
[30:51] Puck
    Want another one?
[30:53] Subaru
    No, I don't!
[30:56] Petra
    Subaru, look!
[30:58] Petra
    I made this out of snow!
[31:00] Subaru
    Oh, a snow bunny!
[31:03] Petra
    Isn't it cute?
[31:05] Petra
    Did I do a good job?
[31:07] Subaru
    You sure did.
[31:08] Subaru
    Okay, in that case...
[31:10] Subaru
    Let's make it look even fancier!
[31:12] Subaru
    Watch this.
[31:17] Petra
[31:18] Petra
    It's really a rabbit now!
[31:21] Subaru
    Seeing you that happy makes
    me feel excited, too.
[31:25] Subaru
    All right! Let's power it up even more!
[31:29] Subaru
    We'll give it a tail and wings...
[31:31] Petra
[31:32] Subaru
    And missiles and a transformation ability
    and a cockpit and caterpillar tracks...
[31:35] Petra
    Wait a minute! Wait!
[31:41] Subaru
    How's that?!
[31:42] Subaru
    The flying assault form of
    the ultra-firepower weapon...
[31:47] Subaru
    S-N0 BUN-E!
[31:52] Subaru
    I guess Petra's more into real
    robots than super robots...
[32:01] Beatrice
    Sheesh... He is unbelievable, I suppose.
[32:05] Puck
    I think Subaru just wants
    to play with you, Betty.
[32:09] Puck
    Actually, I'd like to do that too, if possible.
[32:12] Beatrice
[32:25] Emilia
[32:27] Beatrice
    Bubby insisted, I suppose.
[32:30] Beatrice
    So I'll join you for just a little bit.
[32:32] Beatrice
    Be grateful, I suppose.
[32:37] Emilia
    Well, just know I won't lose!
[32:47] Puck
    They're all making some nice sculptures.
[32:50] Subaru
    Yeah, but it's sort of a shame
    all their motifs lean toward realism.
[32:55] Subaru
    I guess it's because they don't have
    the concept of popular characters.
[32:58] Subaru
    There are a lot of castles
    and animals and such.
[33:00] Subaru
[33:01] Subaru
    This one looks really...
[33:04] Subaru
[33:07] Guy
    Thank you, Subaru-sama.
[33:09] Guy
    This ulgarm is my best work.
[33:11] Subaru
    Is this saying that once you
    pass through its throat,
[33:13] ---
    you'll forget what warmth felt like?!
[33:15] Subaru
    That's not funny!
[33:16] Subaru
    I do like art that makes an impact,
    and I want to commend your effort.
[33:20] Subaru
    But because it shows a lack of consideration
    for your judge, I give it seven points!
[33:28] Emilia
    Yep, it's looking good!
[33:32] Emilia
    Hey, that's cheating!
[33:34] Emilia
    You know you shouldn't do that.
[33:37] Beatrice
    There's no rule written
    anywhere saying it's wrong.
[33:40] Emilia
    Well, it is! No magic allowed!
[33:43] Emilia
    Cheating is wrong.
[33:45] Emilia
    You should grasp victory with your own hands.
[34:00] Subaru
    What a beautiful sight.
[34:03] Puck
    By the way, I'm curious about the
    scoring for this Snow Festival.
[34:06] Puck
    Who's in charge of that?
[34:08] Subaru
[34:09] Subaru
[34:10] Subaru
    and Muraosa, who's participating
    as a secret judge.
[34:13] Subaru
    If everyone knows who the judges are,
[34:15] Subaru
    people might resort to bribery
    or under-the-table deals to win.
[34:20] Puck
    You think anyone would go that far
    to win this prize you're offering?
[34:23] Subaru
    Well, it's a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind
    item presented by me.
[34:28] Puck
    Wow, this isn't even your problem,
    and you're being so generous.
[34:33] Subaru
    It's Emilia-tan who's suffering
    the most, along with you, right?
[34:37] Subaru
    So of course I'd help out.
[34:40] Puck
    Personally, Subaru, I think that
    part of you is really... you know.
[34:44] Subaru
    No, I don't know. There were too
    many demonstrative terms in there.
[34:48] Puck
[34:49] Rem
    Subaru-kun, please look at this!
[34:51] Rem
    My sister and I constructed
    this sculpture together!
[34:54] Subaru
    Rem and Nee-sama?
[34:56] Subaru
    You're participating in this, not just helping?
[34:58] Ram
    Oh, Barusu. I suppose our supreme
    artistic sense drew you here.
[35:03] Subaru
    I'm not sure how I feel about you making
    me sound like a moth drawn to a flame,
[35:07] Subaru
    but I'm here to see your work.
[35:08] Subaru
    What convinced you to participate in
    a freezing cold snow festival, Ram?
[35:13] Ram
    You expected me to just stay in bed
[35:16] ---
    while Rem and all the others were
    outside playing in the snow?
[35:19] Subaru
    You're being unnecessarily hostile...
[35:21] Subaru
    But I guess that means you
    didn't want to be left out.
[35:24] Rem
    I asked her to join me because I so
    earnestly wished to have fun with her.
[35:28] Subaru
    Don't you feel any guilt at all, making
    your little sister beg like that?
[35:32] Ram
    Feeling my sister's love so keenly
    gives me a superiority complex.
[35:36] Ram
    Go ahead and envy me.
[35:40] Subaru
    What is this?
[35:42] ---
    Ram and Rem.
[35:43] Ram
    Our finest work, a compilation of our strength,
     artistic talent, and sisterly love.
[35:47] Rem
    Yes, I believe this is the best
    work my sister's direction
[35:51] ---
    and my meager abilities could produce.
[35:52] Subaru
    You just casually admitted that
    Nee-sama was only watching!
[35:56] Subaru
    So, what's your sculpture's name?
[35:58] Rem
    We've titled it...
[36:00] Rem
    A Statue of the Magnificent Subawaal.
[36:02] Subaru
    I can tell where it's going just from the name!
[36:04] Rem
    Here it is!
[36:16] Rem
    My sister wanted to sculpt Roswaal-sama,
[36:18] ---
    and I wanted to sculpt you, Subaru-kun.
[36:22] Ram
    After searching for a compromise,
    this is the solution we reached.
[36:25] Subaru
    It looks like a compromise,
    but it's really not!
[36:28] Roswaal
    My, my!
[36:30] Roswaal
    What brings the three of you together here?
[36:34] Roswaal
    And... what is this?
[36:36] Ram
    Roswaal-sama, I am sorry you had to see that,
[36:39] Ram
    but please take a good look at this.
[36:41] Rem
    My sister and I built it together.
[36:43] Rem
    We know you are as family to us,
    but please give us your unbiased opinion.
[36:54] Subaru
    Okay... sorry, but... five points.
[36:57] Ram
    And then he said...
[36:59] Subaru
    Nothing's changing!
    It's exactly what it looks like!
[37:02] Subaru
    I pray you two will find fame
    in the future! That's all!
[37:07] Ram
    N-No... That can't be...
[37:10] Rem
    Then what about you, Roswaal-sama?
[37:13] Both
[37:17] Ram
    F-Four points?!
[37:21] Puck
    What's a perfect score, anyway?
[37:23] Subaru
    We give up to ten points.
[37:25] Subaru
    And there are three judges,
[37:26] ---
    so a total of thirty points
    is a perfect score.
[37:29] Roswaal
    The quality is certainly satisfactory,
[37:32] Roswaal
    but it just sort of...
[37:34] Roswaal
    gives me chills.
[37:37] Ram
    I know our concept wasn't wrong!
[37:40] Ram
    The Barusu part of it just got in the way!
[37:42] Rem
    That can't be true!
[37:44] Rem
    It makes no sense that a merging
    of my ideals and yours could fail!
[37:48] Rem
    I'm certain we're just a bit ahead of our time!
[38:01] Subaru
    Hey, Emilia-tan.
[38:02] Emilia
    Mine's almost finished.
[38:05] Emilia
    Beatrice is working hard on hers, too.
[38:07] Emilia
    It's a work in progress,
    but do you want to see it?
[38:11] Emilia
    Wait, what is this?
[38:14] Subaru
    Emilia-tan, do you actually...
    see something good in this sculpture?
[38:18] Subaru
    Are we the only ones who're behind the times?
[38:21] Emilia
    It looks... really strange...
[38:25] Subaru
[38:26] Lucas
[38:27] Dyne
    Come over here!
[38:29] Mildo
    We made one, too!
[38:32] Dyne
    Look! Look, Subaru!
[38:34] Lucas
    It looks just like you!
[38:35] Subaru
    Oh, you guys sculpted me, too?
[38:37] Mildo
    Stand beside it!
[38:38] Subaru
[38:40] Subaru
    Like this?
[38:43] Dyne
    It's not quite right!
[38:45] Mildo
    The real Subaru has mean eyes!
[38:47] Lucas
    Super-mean eyes!
[38:48] Subaru
    My eyes aren't mean!
[38:49] Lucas
    We gotta make the eyes look meaner!
[38:54] Mildo
    His head fell off!
[38:55] Lucas
    He's decapitated!
[38:57] Subaru
    You're not supposed to laugh about that!
[38:59] Subaru
    That's no joke!
[40:14] Emilia
    I worked so hard, and I only got
    nine points? I don't think that's right.
[40:19] Emilia
    And Beatrice only got seven points.
[40:22] Puck
    Maybe a contest like this was a little
    too difficult for you and Betty.
[40:26] Puck
    By the way, what did you make?
[40:29] Emilia
    Just what it looks like.
[40:31] Emilia
    They're both you.
[40:33] Puck
    This is me?
[40:35] Emilia
    It might be a bit bland,
[40:36] Emilia
    but I think it looks just like you.
[40:39] Puck
    It scares me to think about how I look to you,
[40:43] Puck
    but maybe it's just too artistic
    for ordinary folks to understand.
[40:48] Emilia
[40:50] Emilia
    The snow bunny that ended up winning
[40:52] Emilia
    is obviously really good,
    no matter who's looking at it.
[40:56] Emilia
    Roswaal and the old man loved it, too.
[41:00] Emilia
    I thought Subaru would be
    more excited about it,
[41:02] ---
    but it was strange how quiet he was.
[41:05] Puck
    Yeah, no comment from me.
[41:08] Puck
    I am curious about the big prize, though.
[41:11] Emilia
    Me, too. That thing from Subaru's homeland...
[41:14] Emilia
    What was it again? Something like... cornpota?
SIGN    Corn Potage
[41:25] Petra
[41:27] Kids
    I wanna try!
[41:27] Kids
    Me, too!
[41:31] Emilia
    I guess all these snow sculptures
    will have melted by tomorrow.
[41:36] Emilia
    And there are so many... It's really a shame.
[41:40] Puck
    That's just how snow is.
[41:42] Puck
    It doesn't last forever.
[41:45] Puck
    That's all there is to it.
[41:50] Subaru
    Hey! What're you doing?
[41:53] Subaru
    The party's starting!
[41:58] Emilia
    Okay! We're coming!
[42:03] Subaru
    So, thank you all for participating in
    the Roswaal Mansion Snow Festival today.
[42:08] Subaru
    And congratulations on your great work.
[42:10] Subaru
    I had a lot of fun myself.
[42:13] Subaru
    When Puck's magic release period
    comes around again next year,
[42:15] Subaru
    let's have another snow festival.
[42:17] Subaru
    And this time, it'll be even flashier!
[42:20] Subaru
    With that...
[42:21] Subaru
[42:22] All
[42:25] Subaru
    Looks tasty!
[42:26] Beatrice
[42:34] Rem
    Thank you for everything today, Subaru-kun.
[42:37] Subaru
    Same to you, Rem.
[42:38] Subaru
    You helped out with a lot
    of stuff. It must've been rough.
[42:41] Subaru
    I'll make sure you're compensated somehow.
[42:45] Rem
    There's no need for that.
[42:46] Rem
    I'll just gaze upon your sleeping
    face a bit longer than usual tonight.
[42:54] Subaru
    Huh? Did you just say something creepy?
[42:56] Rem
    No, I didn't say anything creepy at all.
[43:00] Roswaal
    Incidentally, Subaru-kun...
[43:02] Roswaal
    How do you feel about alcohol?
[43:05] Roswaal
    Do you turn bright red from
    the smell alone and say,
[43:08] Roswaal
    "I don't want to go home tonight..."
[43:12] Roswaal
    Or anything like that?
[43:15] Subaru
    Even this world has that kind of
    mixer talk I've always heard about?
[43:20] Subaru
    I haven't really had much alcohol before.
[43:23] Roswaal
    Is that so?
[43:24] Roswaal
    Given your personality,
[43:26] Roswaal
    I thought you would be the type to reach
    for such luxuries in hopes of looking cool.
[43:30] Emilia
    Children shouldn't drink alcohol.
[43:33] Emilia
    It'll stunt your growth.
[43:35] Subaru
    Just so you know,
[43:36] ---
    I'm not so young that I'd be
    breaking any of the kingdom's laws!
[43:39] Subaru
    I'm eighteen this year! I'm an adult!
[43:42] Emilia
    I don't think adults act so loud and rowdy.
[43:45] Emilia
    I didn't know you were eighteen, though.
[43:47] Emilia
    That's really surprising.
[43:49] Emilia
    I thought you were younger.
[43:52] Subaru
    And how old did you think I was?
[43:54] Emilia
[43:56] Emilia
[43:56] Emilia
    Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen!
[43:58] Subaru
    That's younger than Felt!
[44:00] Subaru
    And adding a year to it doesn't change much!
[44:02] Subaru
    Anyway, what about you, Emilia-tan?
[44:05] Emilia
    I'm not thirteen.
[44:07] Emilia
    I've never had alcohol, but I'm old enough to.
[44:10] Subaru
    I didn't doubt that part.
[44:12] Subaru
    And if you were thirteen, I'd be a criminal.
[44:15] Emilia
    Why would that make you a criminal?
[44:18] Subaru
    Well, because...
[44:20] Subaru
    You're so cute that it makes
    me want to commit crimes.
[44:23] Emilia
    Also, going back to the alcohol,
    Puck says I can't have any.
[44:26] Subaru
    You heard me and ignored it?!
[44:27] Puck
    Of course I said that.
[44:29] Puck
    Alcohol is what bad grown-ups drink.
[44:32] Puck
    I'll guzzle down any alcohol
    that shows itself before Lia!
[44:39] Roswaal
    Well, I see no problem if it's just for tonight.
[44:43] Roswaal
    See? I do have all this well-aged alcohol
    that I found in the wine cellar.
[44:59] Emilia
    Wha's wrong, Subaru? You're makin' a...
[45:05] Emilia
    really funny face...
[45:08] Emilia
    An' there're so many of you! No fair!
[45:12] Subaru
[45:13] Emilia
    All you Subarus are try'na
    hog all the sweets!
[45:19] Subaru
[45:20] Subaru
    C'mon, Emilia-tan, you should really stop now.
[45:23] Subaru
    Look, you're getting crumbs all over you...
[45:27] Emilia
    Alcohol's yummy!
[45:30] Emilia
    I's no fair that y'kept this secret f'so long!
[45:35] Emilia
    Everyone's been sneakin'... sneakin'...
    sneakin' around me with it, right?
[45:47] Subaru
    Oh, damn it! She's so cute!
[45:51] Rem
[45:52] Subaru
    Yes? What is it, Rem-san?
[45:55] Rem
[45:56] Rem
[45:57] Subaru
    Um, that hurts, Rem-san.
[45:59] Subaru
    Are you a really bad drunk?
[46:02] Rem
    Don't make fun of me, Subaru-kun!
    Subaru-kun! Subaru-kun!
[46:05] Subaru
    You said my name three times.
[46:07] Subaru
    Um, what's going on?
[46:09] Rem
    I'm usually serious because
    my job is so important to me.
[46:13] Rem
    But since today is about having fun,
     I let my guard down a bit.
[46:18] Rem
    So it's all your fault, Subaru-kun.
[46:24] Rem
    Purr, purr, purr...
[46:25] Subaru
    Are you a cat?
[46:27] Subaru
    Also, given everything I know, I thought
    demons would hold their alcohol well.
[46:32] Ram
    It's true that demons, as a race,
     hold their alcohol well.
[46:35] Ram
    I often drank alongside the
    adults myself when I was little.
[46:39] Subaru
    You just confessed to underage
    drinking like it's totally normal.
[46:43] Subaru
    But you don't seem to be turning red
    or slurring your speech too much.
[46:48] Ram
    Obviously, I've trained myself differently.
[46:52] Subaru
    So what I've gained from
    my position this evening
[46:55] Subaru
    is the lesson that I shouldn't get
    careless about letting girls drink.
[47:00] Roswaal
    That's quite an extreme statement.
[47:12] Subaru
    Jeez, that Beako...
[47:15] Subaru
    Well, I guess I'll go pick on her for a while.
[47:17] Subaru
    Emilia-tan, sorry, but can
    you keep an eye on Rem?
[47:21] Emilia
    Sure, got it!
[47:23] Emilia
    C'mon over here, Rem...
[47:31] Emilia
    You're so cute.
[47:35] Subaru
    I wanna take a picture.
[47:36] Ram
    I'm burning it into my eyelids.
[47:41] Subaru
    Don't stand off to the side by yourself.
[47:44] Subaru
    If you're alone all the time,
    you won't ever want to do anything.
[47:46] Beatrice
    That was unjustified slander, I suppose.
[47:48] Beatrice
    Also, it's none of your business.
[47:50] Subaru
    Don't be like that. Have a drink.
[47:54] Subaru
    Whoa, now... This isn't alcohol.
[47:57] Subaru
    It's fresh appa juice, squeezed from appas.
[47:59] Beatrice
    Don't treat me like a child, I suppose.
[48:02] Beatrice
    Next to Bubby, I'm the oldest one here.
[48:04] Subaru
    Oh, man, Emilia-tan and Rem are even more
    wrapped around each other than before!
[48:09] Beatrice
    You're being way too rude, I suppose!
[48:12] Subaru
    Wait, no, no!
[48:14] Subaru
    Emilia-tan and Rem are getting cozy over there
     in a way that makes a guy really happy,
[48:17] Subaru
    and it's not that they've stolen
    my heart, but damn, I want a camera!
[48:21] Beatrice
    That wasn't persuasive or even
    consistent at all, I suppose!
[48:24] Subaru
    Well, I don't actually know how old you are,
[48:27] Subaru
    but based on your appearance, it wouldn't
    look good for you to have alcohol.
[48:30] Subaru
    Here, let's toast anyway. Cheers.
[48:41] Subaru
    There are so many stars here.
[48:44] Subaru
    Okay, since you have nothing better
    to do, I'll tell you something amazing.
[48:48] Subaru
    Every star shining in the sky
    has its own name and story.
[48:53] Subaru
    For example, that one with
    the giant, sparkling ego...
[48:56] Subaru
    That's the North Star.
[48:58] Subaru
    If you ever get lost, you can follow it home.
[49:00] Subaru
    It'll usually lead you due north.
[49:02] Beatrice
    That direction is south.
    You're backwards, I suppose.
[49:05] Subaru
    O-Okay, then, that M!
[49:07] Subaru
    The group of stars shaped like
    an M is called Cassiopeia.
[49:11] Beatrice
    I don't even know what an "M" is.
[49:13] Beatrice
    It doesn't look like any shape to me.
[49:17] Ram
    What are you doing, Barusu?
[49:19] Emilia
    What, what? Telling secrets?
[49:20] Rem
    Subaru-kun, Subaru-kun, Subaru-kun...
[49:22] Subaru
    Hey, everyone. Listen to this.
[49:25] Subaru
    I was talking about the stars in the sky.
[49:27] Emilia
[49:28] Rem
    Subaru-kun, Subaru-kun...
[49:30] Subaru
[49:32] Subaru
    Now for what you've all been waiting for...
[49:35] Subaru
    You're all going to...
[49:39] Suabru
    try to find Subaru together.
[49:44] Subaru
[49:46] Subaru
    Wait, wait, wait!
[49:47] Subaru
    Don't pity me! Don't scorn me!
     It's not what you think!
[49:49] Subaru
    I mean, Subaru is my name,
[49:51] Subaru
    but I was named after
    a star cluster called Subaru!
[49:54] Beatrice
    How cruel of your parents to give you
     the name of a group of shining stars.
[50:00] Ram
    You're named after stars,
    yet you don't shine,
[50:03] Ram
    and you don't attract the eye. How sad.
[50:05] Subaru
    Stop ridiculing me for failing
    to live up to my name!
[50:08] Puck
    Don't worry. Stars are a symbol of hope.
[50:12] Puck
    There's still hope for you, Subaru.
[50:15] Subaru
    You look way too satisfied.
[50:21] Emilia
    Look, look! Lots of snow spirits!
[50:27] Subaru
[50:48] Subaru
    So how about it?
[50:50] Subaru
    The snow festival was fun, wasn't it?
[51:05] Beatrice
    It wasn't bad.
[51:08] Beatrice
    I will say that, I suppose.
[51:14] Puck
    All right,
[51:16] ---
    I'll use the last of my mana to share
    this snow with the people of the capital!
[52:13] Roswaal
    My, my.
[52:16] Roswaal
    Have you had enough of
    your tryst with Subaru-kun?
[52:20] Beatrice
    You shouldn't make any jokes
    besides your outfit, I suppose.
[52:22] Beatrice
    It really isn't funny.
[52:25] Roswaal
    Goodness! You just can't be honest, can you?
[52:33] Roswaal
    This is yours.
[52:34] Roswaal
    It wouldn't be right to not have a
    single drop on the night of a party.
[52:40] Beatrice
    I'll pass, I suppose.
[52:41] Roswaal
    You'd rather be faithful to Subaru-kun?
[52:44] Beatrice
    Don't get the wrong idea.
[52:47] Beatrice
    The reason I'm not drinking isn't because
    I listened to that boy, I suppose.
[52:52] Beatrice
    Long ago, my mother told me not to.
[52:55] Beatrice
    That's all.
[53:01] Beatrice
    What he says has nothing
    to do with me, I suppose.
[53:29] Emilia
    Maybe we should've asked Subaru for help
    with the magic release period from the start.
[53:34] Emilia
    Then we wouldn't have had to
    fret about it as long as we did.
[53:38] Puck
    That's true.
[53:39] Puck
    But you don't want to grow up to be someone
    who relies on others for everything.
[53:45] Puck
    Even if it's beyond your control,
[53:46] ---
    keep trying on your own until
    you know that for sure.
[53:48] Puck
[53:49] Emilia
    Yes, I got it.
[53:51] Puck
[53:54] Emilia
    Hey, do you remember what
    Subaru said during the toast?
[53:57] Puck
    Oh... That we should have another snow festival
     during next year's magic release period.
[54:02] Puck
    I don't think he'd normally be interested,
[54:04] Puck
    but I bet he could make
    a festival really lively.
[54:08] Emilia
    I think that side of Subaru
    is just so... you know.
[54:14] Puck
    Indeed. I think it's... you know, too.
[54:18] Emilia
    Next year, huh?
[54:19] Emilia
    I don't know what will happen
    that far into the future.
[54:23] Emilia
    I wonder how things will be...
[54:25] Puck
    I hope things will be exactly
    how you want them to be.
[54:30] Puck
    Of course, whether or not what Subaru
    talked about happens is a different story.
[54:35] Emilia
    Are you against having a snow festival?
[54:38] Puck
    It's not that.
[54:39] Puck
    I had fun, and it looked like you had fun, too.
[54:44] Puck
    But I don't know whether Subaru will still
    be happy staying by your side until next year.
[54:51] Puck
    The wound on his belly, the wound
    he got when the witch bit him...
[54:54] Puck
    All the scars he carries are
    the results of your actions.
[54:59] Puck
    I know you wouldn't forget that,
[55:01] Puck
    but you need to remember it.
[55:04] Emilia
[55:05] Puck
    But I hope we can have another
    snow festival next year.
[55:09] Puck
    Doing it again next year
[55:10] Puck
    would mean I have enough excess mana
    to have a magic release period,
[55:15] Puck
    and there's no one but Subaru
    who could lead a whole festival.
[55:19] Emilia
    Right... You're right.
[55:22] Emilia
[55:24] Emilia
    I hope that's what will happen, too.
[55:29] Emilia
    Is something wrong?
[55:31] Puck
    Nope, nothing at all.
[55:34] Puck
    It looks like it'll be hot today, so take care.
[55:36] Emilia
    Okay. I'll see you later.
[55:55] Emilia
    Did you wait long?
[55:56] Subaru
    Nah, I just got here.
[56:08] Subaru
    Well, shall we go?
[56:16] Emilia