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E8 - Khun’s Strategy

Source: Crunchyroll
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[01:41] Quant
    I am so pissed off!
[01:45] Leroro
    That's his problem.
[01:47] Leroro
    He becomes angry and indiscriminate.
[01:49] Leroro
    He forgets to hold back.
[01:52] Leroro
    Even against a weak opponent,
    he crushes them with his full strength.
[02:00] Quant
    You know I'm a Ranker, and you're
    still making light of me?
[02:04] Quant
    You can't be serious.
[02:06] Leroro
    The amount of Shinsu Quant can use
    inside the tag arena is being limited.
[02:12] Leroro
    That said, it's likely we'll become
    unable to continue the test.
[02:23] Quant
    I-It was a good plan, though.
[02:26] Quant
    You need to be at least that bold.
[02:29] Shibisu
    A-Are you doing your best to stay calm?
[02:35] Hansung Yu
    He's pretending.
[02:37] Leroro
    I-In any case, his patience is admirable.
[02:39] Quant
    So, what comes after the surprise attack?
[02:43] Shibisu
[02:44] Khun
    It can't be helped. We'll go with plan B.
[02:49] Quant
    I see. You're running.
[02:51] Quant
    Then I'll give you a 111-second head start.
[02:55] Quant
    And I'll use the stairs
    instead of the elevator.
[02:58] Quant
    Well? Pretty big handicap, right?
[03:01] Quant
    I can't believe how generous I am!
[03:11] Quant
    One, two, three...
[03:13] Leroro
    It's a bit odd, though.
[03:15] Hansung Yu
    What is?
[03:16] Quant
    Four, five, six...
[03:16] Leroro
    Quant may be an idiot, but he's still a Ranker.
[03:20] Leroro
    Would Khun really come up
    with such a trite strategy?
[03:20] Quant
    Seven, eight, nine...
[03:24] Hansung Yu
    Trite, huh?
[03:25] Quant
    Ten, eleven, twelve...
[03:27] Leroro
[03:28] Hansung Yu
    Nothing. I'm sure we'll
    understand if we keep watching.
[03:30] Quant
    Thirteen, fourteen...
[03:37] Quant
    Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen...
[03:42] Green
    Isn't this unfair?
[03:42] Quant
    Eighteen, nineteen...
[03:44] Endorsi
[03:46] Green
    They said they divided the teams evenly,
     but ours is clearly full of trash.
[03:53] Endorsi
    I suppose.
[03:55] Green
    You're obviously an exception, princess.
[04:00] Green
[04:02] Endorsi
    Why are you so anxious?
[04:05] Bam
    Endorsi, I don't see Rach—I mean, Michelle.
[04:12] Endorsi
    Michelle wandered off somewhere.
[04:16] Bam
    I see.
[04:17] Endorsi
    Why? Did you need to talk to her?
[04:19] Bam
    No. U-Um...
[04:22] Bam
    Why did you team up with her?
[04:25] Endorsi
    No reason. Because those two
    were the last ones left.
[04:30] Endorsi
    That's all.
[04:32] Bam
    I see.
[04:36] Serena
    Look, Anaak's entering the elevator.
[04:39] Hoh
    It seems that way.
[04:43] Hoh
    In other words, she's headed to the top floor.
[04:49] Shibisu
    Haven't we already won?
[04:51] Shibisu
    Once she crosses the bridge,
    the goal will be right there.
[04:55] Khun
    You think a Ranker would give us
    time without any kind of plan?
[04:59] Shibisu
[05:00] Quant
    One hundred eight, one hundred nine,
     one hundred ten...
[05:04] Quant
    One hundred and eleven.
[05:09] Khun
    Time's up. Places, everyone!
[05:12] Khun
    It'll take at least ten minutes
    for Anaak to reach the bridge.
[05:16] Khun
    Quant has no choice but to
    take the stairs to the exit.
[05:19] Khun
    It's perfect for a concerted attack.
[05:22] Khun
    Stop him for at least five minutes.
[05:26] Khun
    Lookouts, stand by.
[05:28] Khun
    If plan B doesn't work out, lure their "it"
[05:31] Khun
    to the exit for me.
[05:35] Lozeal
    You heard him.
[05:36] Both
    You can count on us.
[05:37] Leeron
    He's coming.
[05:46] Quant
    Trying to gang up on me?
[05:49] Quant
    Which means your "it" is headed up to the exit.
[05:54] Quant
    Then I'd better hurry after her.
[05:56] Quant
    But first, I'll treat you to a
    special lesson from Professor Quant.
[06:01] Quant
    Scouts move up to the front
    lines to gather information.
[06:05] Quant
    It's common for us to end up outnumbered.
[06:10] Quant
    Now, here's your question...
[06:14] Quant
    What does a Scout do to avoid
    becoming a sacrificial pawn?
[06:20] Lozeal
    He vanished?
[06:21] Leeron
    Where is he?
[06:25] Guun
    Where is he?
[06:31] Dede
    Piece of shit!
[06:34] Dede
    Attack him!
[06:48] Quant
    Over here!
[07:00] Quant
    You pretending to be a Scout?
[07:03] Quant
    Remember this: the guys who are
    too confident in their strength die first.
[07:08] Quant
    Sorry, but a spear belongs in your hands.
[07:15] Quant
    Lie there for a while.
[07:19] Lozeal
    How many minutes has it been?
[07:21] Leeron
    It hasn't even been one yet!
[07:24] Lozeal
    Damn it!
[07:26] Black
    Kill him!
[07:27] Murch
    Get him!
[07:28] Cheonhwa
    Rankers are amazing!
[07:29] Paracule
[07:32] Endorsi
    You should be happy.
[07:33] Bam
[07:34] Endorsi
    If team A wins, you'll fail
    the position selection test.
[07:40] Endorsi
    I'm sure the handsome Lauroe and
    that plain gloomy girl will pass.
[07:44] Bam
    So you have your finger on the pulse
    of positions other than your own.
[07:48] Endorsi
    Don't underestimate a Princess of Jahad.
[07:51] Bam
[07:55] Bam
[07:56] Endorsi
    If you have a question, spit it out.
[07:59] Bam
[08:02] Bam
    If she keeps doing what she's doing,
    will Michelle pass the test?
[08:07] Endorsi
    Which would you prefer?
[08:09] Bam
[08:16] Leeron
    Sorry. The stair team's been wiped out.
[08:19] Leeron
    Their "it" will reach the
    top of the stairs soon.
[08:22] King
    When he does, my Super Inferno—
[08:25] Shibisu
    Seriously? What are we going to do, Khun?
[08:27] Shibisu
    I know! Let's call Lauroe! He can—
[08:30] Khun
    Lauroe's asleep at the starting line.
[08:32] Shibisu
[08:34] Khun
    I reviewed his data during
    my Light Bearer class.
[08:37] Khun
    He'll pass regardless of
    the results of this test.
[08:40] Shibisu
    Damn it. Is it finally time
    for me to use my killer arts?
[08:46] Rak
    In the name of chocolate bars, I will crush you!
SIGN    Passed
[08:53] Rak
    Say something, damn it!
SIGN    Passed
[08:59] Hansung Yu
    He really puts those away.
[09:01] Leroro
    It's over.
[09:03] Leroro
    Anaak is as good as caught.
[09:06] Leroro
    Team A loses.
[09:08] Hansung Yu
    Are you sure about that?
[09:10] Leroro
    Quant learned which exit
    Anaak is headed toward.
[09:15] Leroro
    It's only a matter of time
    before he catches up.
[09:19] Leroro
    If he catches up with her on the bridge
    to the exit, she'll have nowhere to run.
[09:26] Leroro
    Khun's strategies have reached their end.
[09:28] Rak
    Don't underestimate the blue turtle!
[09:31] Rak
    I'm sure he's got a plan.
[09:36] Leroro
    I see.
[09:38] Leroro
    Perhaps Khun replicated the badge using his bag.
[09:41] Hansung Yu
    That's impossible.
[09:43] Hansung Yu
    I used Shinsu to prevent them
    from being copied or compressed.
[09:48] Leroro
    In that case, team A...
[09:50] Rak
    I'm sure he's thinking of something!
[09:53] Rak
    More chocolate bars, please!
[09:59] Shibisu
    Sorry to keep you waiting.
[10:01] Shibisu
    Now that I'm here, you can relax.
[10:03] Shibisu
    I won't let that little redhead get near Anaak!
[10:07] Shibisu
[10:09] Shibisu
    What's wrong with you guys?
[10:12] Shibisu
    Hold on. Are your expectations
    for me really that low?
[10:16] Quant
    Who are you calling a little redhead?
[10:22] Shibisu
    Did you sneak up behind me again, master?
[10:29] Narae
    I'm sorry!
[10:32] Narae
    Their "it" has disappeared!
[10:34] Khun
    I see.
[10:37] Quant
    Shibisu was desperate.
[10:43] (Flashback) Shibisu
    Win on the back of my dead body, Anaak!
[10:48] Quant
    He'd pass even without trying
    so hard on this test.
[10:52] Quant
    Did he do it for his teammates?
[10:54] Quant
    Their passionate friendship
    brings tears to my eyes.
[10:57] Quant
    Now, then...
[11:05] Quant
    Found your "it."
[11:09] Quant
[11:09] Khun
    Good job making it this far.
[11:13] Quant
    Hey, where's your "it"?
[11:16] Khun
    Anaak's not here.
[11:17] Quant
    So she hasn't arrived yet?
[11:20] Quant
    She should have reached the bridge by now.
[11:23] Quant
    Where did you hide her?
[11:24] Khun
    It's true that she was just here, but she
     jumped down toward the exit below.
[11:33] Quant
    That's ridiculous. From this height?
[11:35] Khun
    She's a Princess of Jahad.
[11:38] Khun
    Apparently, she trained in
    physical enhancement after
[11:42] Khun
    she was injured during the Fisherman test.
[11:45] Khun
    She's probably running through
    the darkness right now.
[11:49] Khun
    Are even Rankers scared
    to dive from this height?
[12:05] (Flashback) Anaak
    What are you doing—
[12:06] (Flashback) Khun
    You're late. Get on.
[12:09] (Flashback) Anaak
    What? But the redhead is right behind—
[12:11] (Flashback) Khun
    Just do it. This is how
    we'll deceive their "it."
[12:15] (Flashback) Khun
    There's no time to explain.
[12:18] (Flashback) Khun
    Just wait there.
[12:25] Khun
    Isn't your Shinsu limited during this test?
[12:31] Khun
    Maybe you'll run out soon.
[12:35] Quant
    You copied your Lighthouse, didn't you?
[12:39] Khun
    Huh? What are you talking about?
[12:42] Quant
    Even if you turn off its glow,
    I can tell from the Shinsu aura.
[12:47] Quant
    You're hiding your "it"
    using a copied Lighthouse...
[12:51] Quant
    under the bridge.
[12:53] Khun
    There you go again.
[12:54] Khun
    I have no idea what you're talking about.
[12:58] Quant
    In that case, a question for you...
[13:01] Quant
    If you jump off with me and
    end up flat as a pancake,
[13:08] Quant
    what will happen to your "it"
    on top of your Lighthouse?
[13:18] Quant
    What's wrong? Scared?
    You're scared, aren't you?
[13:21] Quant
    Let me hear you beg me to save you!
[13:25] Quant
    If you cry enough, I might even do it,
[13:28] Quant
    former son of the Khun family!
[13:33] Quant
    Are you trying to die?!
[13:48] Khun
    This way, "it." Follow the
    sound of my clapping hands.
[13:52] Quant
    I'm going to kill you!
[13:58] Khun
    It's time to end this.
[14:10] Bam
    Amazing! Khun even expected
    their "it" to jump off with him!
[14:16] Endorsi
[14:22] Bam
[14:27] Leroro
    Well, well. They won a game.
[14:32] Leroro
    A surprising comeback for team A.
[14:35] Hansung Yu
    You're always jumping to conclusions.
[14:37] Leroro
    But even considering his remaining Shinsu,
[14:41] Leroro
    it's not possible for Quant
    to climb that distance.
[14:45] Quant
    Damn it!
[14:48] Quant
    That stupid blue bowl-cut bastard!
[14:50] Quant
    I'll make him cry! I'll beat
    him to a pulp! I'll kill him!
[14:53] Quant
    I hate him!
[14:56] Quant
    Damn it. But I can't lose...
[15:00] Lauroe
    Sounds like you need help.
[15:02] Quant
    Who are you?
[15:05] Hansung Yu
    Team A has lost.
[15:09] Anaak
    All right.
[15:10] Anaak
    This game is—
[15:19] Anaak
    The Ranker...
[15:28] Hansung Yu
    Team A, your test has ended.
[15:34] Paracule
    That's a Ranker for you!
[15:36] Murch
[15:37] Black
    Take that!
[15:43] Shibisu
    Damn it!
[15:44] Lozeal
    Don't move.
[15:45] Shibisu
[15:46] Shibisu
    How did he climb that far?
[15:49] Shibisu
    Is he a monster?
[15:52] Khun
    It's my fault.
[15:54] Khun
    I underestimated his strength.
[15:58] Khun
    I was so confident when
    I became the leader, too.
[16:01] Khun
    I ruined everything.
[16:05] Khun
    It's because I suggested we capture their "it."
[16:08] Khun
    I'm sorry.
[16:09] Shibisu
    You have nothing to apologize for.
[16:12] Shibisu
    Right, guys?
[16:13] Narae
    Your strategy was amazing.
[16:17] King
    You gave the Ranker trouble twice.
[16:19] Dede
    There's no way team B could
    come up with a better strategy.
[16:23] Shibisu
    That's right.
[16:24] Shibisu
    Results aside, we did our best.
[16:27] Shibisu
    Cheer up.
[16:32] Khun
[16:33] Khun
[16:35] Shibisu
[16:39] Shibisu
    You useless lump! Don't ruin the mood!
[16:45] Shibisu
    Damn you!
[16:46] Shibisu
    You're always sleeping!
[16:48] Anaak
    You can't even beat a blanket?
[16:49] Shibisu
    Do I need to give you a taste of my killer arts?
[16:56] (Flashback) Lauroe
    Sounds like you need help.
[16:59] (Flashback) Quant
    Who are you?
[17:00] (Flashback) Lauroe
    It's me. Also...
[17:07] (Flashback) Khun
[17:08] (Flashback) Quant
[17:10] (Flashback) Khun
[17:13] (Flashback) Khun
    Don't you want to go up?
[17:15] (Flashback) Quant
    What? I don't know what you're—
[17:18] (Flashback) Khun
    You want to go up, don't you?
[17:22] (Flashback) Quant
    You're betraying your teammates?
[17:34] Khun
    Come climb up here, Bam.
SIGN    Passed
[17:42] Leroro
    Why did they betray them?
[17:45] Hansung Yu
    Betray them?
[17:46] Leroro
    Helping Quant just before their team
    achieves victory is surely a betrayal.
[17:52] Hansung Yu
    He didn't betray his team.
SIGN    Friend List
SIGN    - Make ten friends within one week.
SIGN    Shibisu
SIGN    Hatz
SIGN    Twenty-Fifth Bam
SIGN    Khun
SIGN    Pon Secal Lauroe
SIGN    Hoh
SIGN    Serena Linen
SIGN    Rak
SIGN    Endorsi
[17:57] Hansung Yu
    This is Khun's real team.
[18:00] Leroro
    The Scout's assignment?
[18:03] Hansung Yu
    Team A had to lose while leaving as
    many hints as possible for team B.
[18:10] Hansung Yu
    He carefully chose what he'd
    need to bring to the tower
[18:15] Hansung Yu
    in order for these ten to pass the test.
[18:19] Leroro
    Khun, Anaak, Shibisu, and Lauroe are
    currently guaranteed to pass, but...
[18:24] Hansung Yu
    I doubt that idiot will
    grant Khun's wish so easily.
[18:31] Quant
    Damn it.
[18:32] Quant
    Those Regulars think they can toy with me?
[18:40] Quant
    Impudent brats.
[18:42] Black
    I told you, I'm the leader!
[18:44] Green
    Don't be ridiculous! It's me!
[18:46] Paracule
    Don't make me laugh! It's clearly me!
[18:51] Bam
    Everyone's desperate to earn points.
[18:54] Hatz
[18:57] Bam
    Rachel won't join the group at all.
[18:59] Endorsi
[19:01] Endorsi
    We're all good with me being
    the leader of team B, right?
[19:06] Endorsi
    What? You got a problem with that?
[19:09] Green
    O-Of course not.
[19:11] Green
    You there! How dare you develop
    a strategy without the princess?!
[19:14] Green
    Long live the princess!
[19:17] Endorsi
    The "it" is decided. I'll start
    by putting on the "it" badge.
[19:26] Paracule
    She wants all our Fishermen
    to move together?
[19:29] Paracule
    Is she stupid?
[19:31] Murch
    Their "it" will find us.
    It'll be over immediately.
[19:34] Murch
    The Spear Bearer revolutionaries should—
[19:37] Hatz
    Don't you mean revolutionary airheads?
[19:39] Both
    What was that?!
[19:41] Hatz
    After watching team A, you should know
    that it's impossible to capture a Ranker.
[19:48] Hatz
    The woman's strategy to
    have the Fishermen scatter
[19:52] Hatz
    after seeing what their "it"
    does may serve as a distraction.
[19:59] Hatz
    And we've got a Wave Controller on our side.
[20:02] Murch
    Should I?
[20:04] Murch
    That still won't impress
    the test administrators!
[20:07] Paracule
    Yeah. The Spear Bearer revolutionaries
    will capture their "it."
[20:11] Both
    And you will help us!
[20:19] Serena
    Hey, Hoh.
[20:23] Serena
    Are you still serious about climbing the tower?
[20:26] Hoh
[20:27] Serena
    I've lost confidence.
[20:30] Serena
    I don't know if I'll be able
    to kill guys I've come
[20:33] Serena
    to like without hesitation.
[20:37] Serena
    I used to be a seriously hopeless person.
[20:41] Serena
    A cat burglar, as they say.
[20:44] Serena
    But my luck ran out when
    I snuck onto a certain ship.
[20:50] Serena
    Something terrifying happened.
[20:56] Serena
    There was a Ranker on the ship.
[21:00] Serena
    In the blink of an eye, my friends died.
[21:05] Serena
    I don't want to die.
[21:08] Serena
    The life I've led so far has
    been nothing but worthless.
[21:11] Serena
    Just when I had that thought,
[21:14] Serena
    a god appeared before me and
    brought me to the tower.
[21:19] Serena
    At first, I was motivated.
[21:22] Serena
    I killed everyone I met
    because I wanted to stay.
[21:25] Serena
    But now...
[21:29] Hoh
    That's always been our relationship, hasn't it?
[21:36] Hoh
    We do it to climb the tower.
[21:38] Hoh
    No matter what happens, no hard feelings.
[21:42] Serena
[21:45] Both
    We're sorry!
[21:47] Hatz
    Stop wasting my energy.
[21:51] Hatz
[21:54] Hatz
    He's here.
[22:00] Hatz
    It's the Ranker.
[22:02] Hatz
    Hurry. We'll stop him here.
[22:11] Endorsi
    My plan worked.