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E9 - According to a God

Source: Crunchyroll
(Please feel free to edit the speaker names if incomplete or inaccurate. Names are handled on a best-effort basis depending on the info on the source file. Dialogue is left as is.)
[00:11] Ireena
    That's five wins in a row!
[00:13] Ginny
    That's ten losses in a row!
[00:19] Ireena
    Just how unlucky are you?
[00:21] Ginny
    Here we are on a field trip,
[00:24] Ginny
    and I'm already finished.
[00:26] Ard
    Come on, it's barely even started.
[00:30] Ard
    It's just a game, so you're overreacting.
[00:32] Ireena
[00:33] Ireena
    In fact, you should think about it positively—
    that card absolutely loves you.
[00:37] Ireena
    Okay, let's start the next round!
[00:45] Ginny
    Having the Frenzied King of Dragons'
    love me doesn't make me happy!
[00:48] Ginny
    Why, you! You! You!
[00:51] Ard
[00:53] Ard
    Even if she was an enemy, I feel bad
    about her getting this treatment.
[00:59] Ard
    So this is the magic scholar Verda
    and the Champion Lydia.
[01:03] Ard
    How did those two end up like this?
[01:06] Ard
    Well, history typically exaggerates
    and idealizes anyway.
[01:25] Ireena
[01:26] Ginny
    Something's not right.
[01:28] Ard
    This is probably—
[01:36] Ireena
    A-Ard, is this?!
[01:39] Ard
[01:41] Voice
[01:43] Voice
    chosen ones.
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[03:18] Ard
    Are you a demon?
[03:21] MysteriousChild
    Humans tend to call the unknown evil.
[03:24] MysteriousChild
    In that sense, perhaps I am a demon, as well.
[03:28] MysteriousChild
    However, if you focus on my true
    nature, then I am no demon.
[03:33] Ard
    Then what are you?
[03:35] MysteriousChild
    If I were to express it using your language,
[03:39] MysteriousChild
    then the word "god" might be appropriate.
[03:48] Ard
    A god, you say?
[03:50] Ard
    We'll leave it at that for now.
[03:53] Ard
    So, what is it you desire from us?
[03:56] MysteriousChild
    There are an infinite number of worlds,
[03:58] MysteriousChild
    past and future repeating indefinitely.
[04:01] MysteriousChild
    Time gone by will never come back.
[04:04] MysteriousChild
    However, "that being" is
    trying to upset that order.
[04:07] MysteriousChild
    Trying to transcend those
    laws and alter the world.
[04:12] MysteriousChild
    The encounter with the Demon Lord
[04:15] MysteriousChild
    will greatly shake your world,
[04:17] MysteriousChild
    and one shall vanish.
[04:19] Ard
    I'm sorry, but could you please
    explain it so we can understand, too?
[04:26] MysteriousChild
    I want you to eliminate "that being."
[04:32] MysteriousChild
    I pray that you are the one to remain.
[04:38] MysteriousChild
    Now, farewell.
[04:48] Ireena
    Where are we?
[04:50] Ginny
[04:57] Ard
    Well, this is quite unexpected.
[05:01] Ard
    It would seem that we have been
    transported to ancient times.
[05:06] Ireena
    W-We're in ancient times?
[05:09] Ginny
    How can you tell that?
[05:11] Ard
    As you can see, there are
    two moons in the sky.
[05:14] Ard
    It's an impossible sight in our world.
[05:18] Ard
    Long ago, a certain event caused
    one of the moons to be lost.
[05:22] Ard
    It was an event that occurred during ancient times.
[05:26] Ireena
    So you're saying we were
    sent to the ancient past?
[05:28] Ard
    Yes. Judging from the sights around us,
[05:32] Ard
    I believe we are in the
    Makina District of the Vardia Empire,
[05:36] Ard
    the great nation governed
    by Demon Lord Varvatos.
[05:41] Ard
    Assuming my memory is correct, that is.
[05:44] Ginny
    The age of the Demon Lord's rule...
[05:47] Ireena
    The Demon Lord?
[05:48] Ireena
    That's right, he mentioned—
[05:50] Ard
[05:51] Ard
    Considering what that thing
    calling itself a god told us,
[05:55] Ard
    the Demon Lord should be
    alive during this time.
[05:59] Ard
    Which means...
[06:01] Ard
    we can assume we'll make progress
[06:03] Ard
    if we're able to get an audience
    with the Demon Lord.
[06:07] Ginny
    A-An audience with the Demon Lord?!
[06:10] Ard
    Then we need to fulfill the request of this
[06:13] Ard
    self-proclaimed god-child
    and eliminate "that being".
[06:16] Ard
    Most likely, once we're
    able to achieve that...
[06:19] Ginny
    We'll be able to return to our time!
[06:22] Ard
[06:24] Ard
    our initial objectives should be meeting
    the Demon Lord and eliminating "that being."
[06:30] Ard
    Those are our two goals.
[06:33] Ireen
    Yeah, but just telling us it's "that being"
    doesn't give us any clues, does it?
[06:40] Ard
    We'll meet the Demon Lord.
[06:42] Ard
    That will be our first objective, however...
[06:57] Girl
    Damn it!
[07:00] Ireena
    Wh-What's that?
[07:01] Ard
    I'm certain that's a Death Stinger.
[07:04] Ginny
    That thing is?!
[07:06] Ginny
    That's completely different
    than the ones we know of!
[07:17] Ard
    This might be none of our business,
[07:19] Ard
    but shall we help her out?
[07:45] Girl
    A-A Death Stinger... in a single blow?
[07:53] Ginny
    That's our Ardy!
[07:56] Ireena
    This was nothing for Ard!
[08:04] Olivia
    You're quite strong, aren't you?
[08:08] Olivia
    Let me thank you for saving my subordinate.
[08:12] Both
    Lady Olivia!
[08:15] Olivia
    Who are you?
[08:16] Olivia
    Have we met somewhere before?
[08:18] Ireena
    U-Uh, um...
[08:20] Ginny
    We, um...
[08:23] Ard
    My apologies.
[08:25] Ard
    These two envy and admire your reputation.
[08:30] Ard
    That's why they're overly affectionate.
[08:34] Ard
    Please go easy on them.
[08:36] Olivia
    That so?
[08:51] Olivia
    You're unfazed?
[08:53] Ard
    From so little, yes.
[08:56] Olivia
    Very well. Then follow me.
[09:06] Ireena
    Y-You know...
[09:15] Ireena
    It feels like we're really in a legend.
[09:23] Olivia
    You seem interested in the state of the city.
[09:27] Ard
    Yes. It's been a long time since
    I last visited this region.
[09:32] Olivia
    What's your name?
[09:35] Ard
    I'm Ard Meteor.
[09:37] Ard
    May I ask why you've brought
    us here, Lady Olivia?
[09:41] Olivia
    I'll be blunt. Ard Meteor, join our forces.
[09:48] Olivia
    As you know, this is an
    age of powerful champions.
[09:52] Olivia
    Those from beyond...
[09:54] Olivia
    The Outer Ones are attacking.
[09:57] Olivia
    Ever since, the demons they give birth to
[10:00] ---
    have been clashing with humanity
    in intensifying battles.
[10:04] Olivia
    The current state of the war is
    thanks to our king, Varvatos,
[10:10] Olivia
    developing magic for humanity.
[10:12] Olivia
    From what I can tell, you're quite
    talented at the use of magic.
[10:16] Olivia
    Not to mention pulling off that level
    of destruction without a chant.
[10:20] Olivia
    You could potentially contribute
    greatly to our cause.
[10:24] Ard
    I see.
[10:26] Ard
    And to put it another way, you can't allow
    someone with such power to roam free?
[10:32] Ard
    I have two conditions.
[10:35] Olivia
    State them.
[10:36] Ard
    First is that you allow these two,
    Ireena and Ginny, to join, as well.
[10:40] Ireena
[10:40] Ginny
[10:41] Olivia
    You want them to die early?
[10:44] Ard
    I'll be sure to protect them.
[10:46] Olivia
    So what's your other condition?
[10:49] Olivia
    We'd also like to be enlisted
    as part of Lady Verda's forces.
[10:54] Olivia
[10:55] Olivia
    Do you understand the meaning
    of what you're suggesting?
[10:59] Ard
    Yes, of course I do.
[11:03] Ard
    What do you say?
[11:05] Olivia
    A man of your combat prowess
    requesting logistical support...
[11:10] Ard
    Despite appearances,
    we're fledgling magic scholars.
[11:14] Ard
    Besides, I don't have much ambition.
[11:17] Olivia
    True, most of her troops
    are scholars or researchers.
[11:22] Olivia
    They're not good at combat, so their
    missions are mostly logistics and healing.
[11:26] Olivia
    They do have the lowest
    casualty rate in our army.
[11:30] Ard
    If you're willing to accept those conditions,
[11:33] Ard
    then we'll serve His Majesty starting today.
[11:38] Olivia
    Very well.
[11:40] Olivia
    I'll use my authority to
    place you directly under her.
[11:45] Ireena
    This is... the Magic Scholar
    Verda's research center...
[11:50] Ginny
    So this is where we'll be stationed?
[11:54] Ard
    If we're in her army, the chances those two
    will be exposed to danger drops drastically.
[11:59] Ard
    Sitting back under Verda's command is the
    safest place for us to be in this era.
[12:05] Ard
    Though it pains me greatly to do that.
[12:14] Ireena
    It settled down?
[12:15] Ginny
    Was there an accident?
[12:17] Ard
    You're both too naïve.
[12:19] Ard
    Our hell has only just begun.
[12:23] Verda
    What a huge success!
[12:26] Verda
    I knew I could do it!
    This experiment went perfectly!
[12:30] Verda
[12:31] Verda
    My, my, we have some cute guests here.
[12:34] Verda
    Did you see, did you? Just now?
[12:36] Verda
    My genius is exploding out again!
[12:39] Verda
    Physically, too!
[12:41] Verda
    Just kidding.
[12:44] Ginny
    Uh, um, was this all right?
[12:47] Ginny
    The research center was completely wrecked.
[12:50] Ireena
    Won't Lady Verda be angry?
[12:52] Verda
    This happens all the time.
[12:54] Verda
    Not mad at all.
[12:56] Verda
    Though what business did you have with me?
[12:59] Ireena
    We have something to discuss with Lady Verda.
[13:01] Ginny
    If she's in, we'd like you to call her for us,
    but more importantly, is she okay?
[13:06] Verda
    What are you two talking about?
[13:08] Verda
    Verda's right here, you know.
[13:10] Both
[13:12] Verda
    I'm Verda!
[13:14] Verda
    The beautiful, genius girl and magic scholar!
[13:16] Verda
    Got it now?!
[13:25] Both
[13:30] Verda
    My goodness, you're so rude.
[13:33] Verda
    Didn't your parents teach you not
    to judge a book by its cover?
[13:37] Ireena
    Yeah, but...
[13:38] Ginny
    This is just...
[13:40] Verda
    Anyway, just wait here.
[13:42] Verda
    I'll restore the research center now.
[13:46] Verda
[13:48] Verda
    People joining my service? That's rare.
[13:50] Verda
    Are you big fans or something?
[13:55] Verda
    I guess my time has finally come!
[13:58] Ireena
    This girl really is Lady Verda, isn't she?
[14:01] Ginny
    I-It's still hard to believe...
[14:04] Ginny
    I'm not sure I want to believe it...
[14:06] Verda
    Anyway, I know you came here
    with Olivia's introduction.
[14:11] Verda
[14:12] Verda
    That's the not the only reason, is it?
[14:16] Ard
    Then allow me to explain who we are.
[14:23] Verda
    The future?!
[14:24] Verda
    You all came from the future?!
    Seriously? For real?! You mean it?!
[14:29] Verda
    I was already getting
    close to the existence of
[14:31] ---
    a higher-dimensional being that wasn't
    the old gods or the Outer Ones,
[14:35] Verda
    but I didn't think it would
    get proven like this!
[14:38] Verda
    Oh, man! My excitement is through the roof!
[14:42] Ireena
[14:43] Ginny
    Lady Verda?
[14:46] Verda
    Oh, right, right.
[14:48] Verda
    Anyway, I understand your situation.
[14:50] Verda
    I'll take you all in.
[14:53] Verda
    I'll help you all find a
    way back to your time, too.
[14:56] Both
    Thank goodness.
[14:57] Verda
    However, in return...
[14:59] Sylphy
[15:04] Ard
[15:05] Ireena
[15:07] Ginny
    No, something's different about her.
[15:11] Sylphy
    I found you!
[15:13] Sylphy
    I'm not letting you escape
    this time, you fool!
[15:16] Sylphy
    Just give it up this time!
[15:21] Sylphy
    Go ahead and get her! Big Sis Lydia!
[15:37] Ard
[15:46] Ireena
    That's the legendary...
[15:48] Ginny
[15:52] Lydia
    Verda, you bitch!
[15:54] Lydia
    I've been telling you you're not
    sending enough support units!
[15:57] Lydia
    Are you mocking me?!
[15:59] Lydia
    Send us twice as many damn troops!
[16:01] Lydia
    If you don't, I'll shove my hand so far
    up your ass, it'll reach your brain!
[16:07] Verda
    Now, now, calm down, Lydie.
[16:11] Verda
    I'm pretty sure I sent a sufficient
    number of support units.
[16:14] Lydia
    Like I've been saying!
[16:15] Lydia
    It's high time for something really
    bad to show up, you hear?!
[16:19] Lydia
    My intuition's screaming at me!
[16:25] Verda
    Fine, then. You can use those three.
[16:28] Both
[16:29] Lydia
[16:30] Lydia
    Who are those—
[16:39] Lydia
    What's your name, young lady?
[16:40] Ginny
    Huh? M-Me? I-I'm Ginny.
[16:45] Lydia
    How about it, young lady?
[16:47] Lydia
    Care to join me for a dreamy
    time at my villa right now?
[16:51] Ginny
    Huh? W-Wait, wh-what do you mean?
[16:55] Lydia
    That reaction. Are you...
[16:59] Lydia
    You're kidding me, right?!
[17:01] Lydia
    You're a succubus and you're a virgin?
[17:02] Lydia
    What the hell? That's great!
[17:07] Ginny
[17:08] Lydia
    You've got a nice ass, young lady.
[17:13] Ginny
    Ah, hey, n-not there!
[17:18] Ginny
[17:20] Lydia
    What the hell are you doing?
[17:22] Ard
    My apologies, but we just
    arrived in the city today,
[17:27] Ard
    so these ladies are quite worn out.
[17:30] Ard
    So please restrain yourself,
    in various senses of the phrase.
[17:34] Lydia
    Why, you!
[17:35] Lydia
    Don't go interfering with
    another person's romance!
[17:37] Ard
[17:38] Ard
    Are you sure you don't mean "sex crime"?
[17:40] Lydia
    Huh?! Are you picking a fight?!
[17:44] Lydia
    Step outside!
[17:47] Ard
    Very well.
[17:51] Ireena
[17:52] Ginny
[17:57] Ard
    You two wait here please.
[18:55] Ard
    You're always like this.
[18:58] Ard
    Always such an awful disposition.
[19:01] Lydia
    Huh?! What did you say to me?! Huh?!
[20:01] Lydia
    You're not bad.
[20:03] Ard
    You weren't as impressive as I expected.
[20:12] Lydia
    You're not very convincing
    with your face so beat up.
[20:17] Ard
    Your own face looks like a goblin's, too.
[20:22] Ard
    Serves you right.
[20:29] Ard
    Sheesh, what an awful era.
[20:31] Ard
    I want to return to the modern era already.
[20:34] Lydia
    Honestly, you're one interesting bastard.
[20:38] Lydia
    Ard, was it?
[20:40] Lydia
    You bring those two with you
    and come be our support units.
[20:44] Lydia
    To be honest, I'd like to tell
    you to come to the front lines.
[20:47] Lydia
    But you have your reasons, right?
[20:49] Lydia
    Otherwise you wouldn't join up under Verda.
[20:53] Ard
    If you can pick up on that much,
[20:56] Ard
    then please don't ask the unreasonable.
[21:00] Lydia
    I need your power.
[21:12] Lydia
    Don't make me spell it out.
[21:14] Lydia
    It's embarrassing.
[21:17] Ard
    Can I ask you one thing?
[21:19] Lydia
    What's that?
[21:20] Ard
    I've heard you're on good
    terms with His Majesty.
[21:23] Ard
    Would it be possible for us
    to get an audience with him?
[21:27] Lydia
    You want to meet him?
[21:29] Ard
[21:31] Lydia
    I don't mind that,
[21:33] Lydia
    but even if I put in a good word,
    he'll hate the idea.
[21:36] Ard
[21:38] Lydia
    If you want to meet him, then go
    accomplish something and win his trust.
[21:44] Lydia
    He'll only open up to those he trusts.
[21:49] Ard
    Very well.
[21:51] Lydia
    All right! It's settled, then!