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E8 - The Masked Man Sneers

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:06] Female Announcer E8
    Class C's play will begin shortly.
[00:10] Female Announcer E8
    Everyone, please take your seats.
[00:17] Mob Girl A E8
    Miss Ireena's lovely!
[00:19] Mob Girl B E8
    So cool!
[00:22] Ireena
    There're so many people.
[00:27] Sylphy
    Big Sis Lydia.
[00:29] Ginny
    It's finally time.
[00:30] Ginny
    I only have a minor role,
[00:32] Ginny
    but I'm still anxious.
[00:34] Ireena
    S-S-Stop that!
[00:35] Ireena
    You'll m-m-make me even more nervous!
[00:39] Ard
    Miss Ireena, please calm down.
[00:41] Ard
    You don't have to think about
    performing it perfectly
[00:45] Ard
    or living up to the audience's expectations.
[00:48] Ard
    You'll both make the performance more
    beautiful just by appearing in it.
[00:53] Ard
    So please take it easy.
[00:54] Ireena
    Y-Y-You're right!
[00:56] Ireena
    J-J-Just like you s-s-said,
[01:00] Ireena
    I-I-I feel much better n-n-now.
[01:03] Ireena
    Th-Th-Thank you...
[01:06] Ard
    We might be doomed.
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[02:40] Ireena
    If you can hear my voice,
    then stand and fight!
[02:43] Ireena
    You're not allowed to give up!
[02:49] Sylphy
    Writhe in fear before me,
    you inferior creatures!
[03:03] Ard
    My might shall carve a path forward!
[03:05] Ard
    Follow me, your Demon Lord!
[03:08] Ard
    This is way more embarrassing
    than I expected.
[03:10] Ard
    I'm playing a glorified version of myself!
[03:12] Spectator 1 E8
[03:14] Spectator 2 E8
    Sir Ard's so cool!
[03:16] Spectator 3 E8
    He's like a real Demon Lord.
[03:19] Ard
    Still, this takes me back.
[03:21] Ard
    This battle against of Avia Desa Veers.
[03:26] Ard
    This was a truly distinct battle.
[03:30] (Flashback) Varvatos
    We'll go with the usual strategy.
[03:32] (Flashback) Varvatos
    First, Lydia and I will charge into
    the enemy and gather information.
[03:36] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Anyone with any objections, raise your hand.
[03:40] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I can't trust you to watch Big Sis's back!
[03:43] (Flashback) Sylphy
    So I'll go and—
[03:44] (Flashback) Lydia
    Shut up. You be quiet.
[03:47] (Flashback) Sylphy
[03:49] (Flashback) Lydia
    I told you to be quiet.
[03:51] (Flashback) Lydia
    Did you not hear me?
[03:54] (Flashback) Sylphy
    But I also...
[03:56] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I also...
[03:59] (Flashback) Evil God
    Listen, worms!
[04:01] (Flashback) Evil God
    I shall wait until tomorrow afternoon,
[04:03] (Flashback) Evil God
    so talk amongst yourselves all you like.
[04:05] (Flashback) Evil God
    Also, tonight you should
    eat your favorite foods,
[04:09] (Flashback) Evil God
    and those with lovers should
    lie with them until exhausted.
[04:12] (Flashback) Evil God
    Because after tomorrow you'll
    never do those things again!
[04:28] (Flashback) Sylphy
    Hey, Var, do you have a moment?
[04:31] (Flashback) Varvatos
    What's wrong?
[04:32] (Flashback) Sylphy
    Do you think I'm useless?
[04:38] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I can fight, too.
[04:41] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I won't drag you down,
[04:43] (Flashback) Sylphy
    and I got stronger to help protect everyone.
[04:46] (Flashback) Varvatos
    We recognize that.
[04:48] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Both Lydia and I do recognize that.
[04:50] (Flashback) Sylphy
    Then why did she just—
[04:52] (Flashback) Varvatos
    That's because we don't want to lose you.
[04:55] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Especially Lydia. She's thinking
    of making you her successor.
[05:01] (Flashback) Varvatos
    You might be dumb and
    short-tempered like Lydia,
[05:03] (Flashback) Varvatos
    but there aren't many people who can
    work as hard as you do for others.
[05:07] (Flashback) Sylphy
    B-But I want to help Big Sis Lydia!
[05:13] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Very well.
[05:14] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Then feel free to act as you please.
[05:16] (Flashback) Varvatos
    I'll take responsibility.
[05:19] (Flashback) Sylphy
[05:20] (Flashback) Sylphy
    Thank you!
[05:21] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I'll do my best!
[05:24] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Though you'll still need to think
    of yourself first and foremost.
[05:29] (Flashback) Varvatos
    If you were to die...
[05:31] (Flashback) Varvatos
    I would be a little depressed, too.
[05:40] (Flashback) Evil God
    It seems you've put down
    several of my comrades so far,
[05:44] (Flashback) Evil God
    but today you shall meet your end!
[05:49] (Flashback) Evil God
    I shall bury you with my
    greatest, prized weapon,
[05:54] (Flashback) Evil God
    the Holy Sword Demise-Argis!
[06:02] (Flashback) Evil God
    Here I come, worms!
[06:03] (Flashback) Evil God
    I'll teach you true despair!
[06:20] (Flashback) Evil God
[06:24] (Flashback) Evil God
    Hey, wait!
[06:32] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I did it!
[06:33] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I did it!
[06:36] (Flashback) Sylphy
    My trap dealt him a huge blow!
[06:42] (Flashback) Alvarto
    You've done it now, Sylphy Marheaven!
[06:45] (Flashback) Alvarto
    What are you going to do about the
    excitement running through me?!
[06:51] (Flashback) Subordinate 1 E8
[06:53] (Flashback) Subordinate 2 E8
    How dare you!
[06:59] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Hey, Sylphy,
[07:01] (Flashback) Varvatos
    these traps are your doing, right?
[07:04] (Flashback) Sylphy
    That's right!
[07:06] (Flashback) Sylphy
    That means I earned the biggest
    honor this time around!
[07:10] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Yeah, that's true.
[07:12] (Flashback) Varvatos
    So? You remember where you
    placed the traps, right?
[07:17] (Flashback) Sylphy
[07:17] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I laid them down in every nook
    and cranny of the battlefield.
[07:20] (Flashback) Sylphy
    There's no way I could remember
    where all of them are.
[07:24] (Flashback) Varvatos
    I see, I see.
[07:26] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Then, Sylphy, how are we
    supposed to get out of here?
[07:32] (Flashback) Sylphy
    Well, um...
[07:36] (Flashback) Sylphy
[07:37] (Flashback) Varvatos
    You dumbass!
[07:47] (Flashback) Sylphy
    Th-This isn't fair.
[07:50] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I earned the biggest honor, and I get this?
[07:53] (Flashback) Sylphy
    Besides, you said you would take
    responsibility, didn't you?
[07:56] (Flashback) Sylphy
    You lied to me!
[07:58] (Flashback) Varvatos
    I see you haven't learned your lesson at all.
[08:01] (Flashback) Varvatos
    You'll need three sets of Olivia's
    fully loaded spartan discipline.
[08:04] (Flashback) Lydia
    Let her off the hook already.
[08:07] (Flashback) Lydia
    A lot may have happened,
[08:09] (Flashback) Lydia
    but thanks to Sylphy,
    not a single person died.
[08:13] (Flashback) Lydia
    That's practically a miracle, isn't it?
[08:16] (Flashback) Lydia
    Considering what we've been through...
[08:18] (Flashback) Lydia
    Honestly, my little sister always,
    always pulls off something interesting.
[08:25] (Flashback) Sylphy
    Big Sis Lydia sure knows how
    to handle just rewards!
[08:29] (Flashback) Varvatos
[08:32] (Flashback) Lydia
    Now, now, that's enough, isn't it?
[08:36] (Flashback) Lydia
    Sylphy, you're plenty incredible.
[08:39] (Flashback) Lydia
    But you go a little too far.
[08:43] (Flashback) Lydia
    There's no need to shoulder
    everything yourself.
[08:45] (Flashback) Lydia
    Trust in your allies and move forward.
[08:48] (Flashback) Lydia
    I'm sorry I yelled at you during the meeting.
[08:50] (Flashback) Lydia
    I couldn't think of any
    good words at the time.
[09:03] Ard
    Well that was a big success.
[09:05] Ireena
[09:05] Ginny
[09:06] Ginny
    Sylphy forgot her lines,
[09:08] Ginny
    but you managed to save it
    with your ad-libbing, Ardy.
[09:12] Ireena
    Jeez, partway through everything you
    two were saying wasn't in the script,
[09:16] Ireena
    so I was really sweating it!
[09:21] Sylphy
    Thank goodness it worked out.
[09:23] Sylphy
    I caused everyone so much
    trouble, but they're so kind.
[09:31] Ard
    Tomorrow's finally the last
    day of the school festival.
[09:34] Ard
    All that's left is the final
    match of the battle tournament
[09:37] Ard
    and the closing event,
    the Spirit Festival, huh?
[09:40] Ireena
    I guess there weren't any problems after all?
[09:43] Ireena
    I wonder what that threat was all about.
[09:47] Ginny
[09:48] Ginny
    Where did Miss Sylphy go?
[09:55] Sylphy
    Big Sis!
[09:57] Sylphy
[10:07] Sylphy
    I miss you, Big Sis.
[10:25] Ard
    Miss Sylphy is late.
[10:27] Ard
    I wonder what happened.
[10:28] Ginny
[10:29] Ginny
    Miss Ireena said she was acting
    strange after the play.
[10:34] Ginny
    Could this mean...
[10:36] Ard
[10:37] Ginny
    ...she's fallen?!
[10:38] Ard
    Huh? Wh-What do you mean?
[10:41] Ginny
    I'm sure it hit her after you helped
    her during our play yesterday!
[10:46] Ard
    No way, that couldn't be.
[10:49] Ginny
    I'm certain of it.
[10:51] Ginny
    I'm sure you'll see a confession
    in the near future!
[10:55] Ard
    Come on, g-give me a break.
[10:58] Ginny
    Oh, speak of the devil.
[11:04] Sylphy
    Hey, Ard...
[11:06] Sylphy
    I'm going to win this match for sure.
[11:08] ---
[11:09] Sylphy
    So once the tournament is over,
[11:11] Sylphy
    I want you to come to the
    Tree of the Sword King.
[11:17] Ginny
    Good luck.
[11:19] Ard
    No way.
[11:21] Announcer
    This year's tournament
    has been truly unexpected!
[11:24] Announcer
    All of the favorite contenders have
    been eliminated one after another,
[11:26] Announcer
    leaving our dark horse at the top!
[11:28] Announcer
    This final match will be
    the peak of unexpected!
[11:31] Ireena
    I won't lose, Sylphy!
[11:36] Announcer
    Now, time for the match that's
    on everyone's mind to start!
[11:42] Ireena
[11:49] Announcer
    That's the match!
[11:50] Announcer
    Winner, Contestant Sylphy!
[12:15] Ireena
    Hey, Ginny, what on earth is going on here?
[12:18] Ginny
    Quiet, Miss Ireena.
[12:20] Ginny
    Ahh, this is totally a confession!
[12:22] Ireena
    Huh?! I'll go stop them!
[12:25] Ginny
[12:26] Ireena
    Let me go!
[12:29] Ginny
    You can't go interrupting them!
[12:32] Ard
    Miss Sylphy.
[12:34] Ard
    Sorry for the wait.
[12:39] Sylphy
    Hey, Ard Meteor,
[12:42] Sylphy
    I've been watching you
    ever since I came here,
[12:47] Sylphy
    trying to decide if you truly are Varvatos.
[12:51] Sylphy
    Hey, Ard, I...
[12:53] Sylphy
[12:55] Ard
    Miss Sylphy?
[12:57] Sylphy
    Ard, I...
[13:00] Sylphy
    want to kill you so badly!
[13:15] Sylphy
    It is here
[13:16] Sylphy
    that I shall proclaim your release.
[13:26] Ard
    It wasn't just a replica?
[13:29] Sylphy
    The Holy Sword Vald Galgulus.
[13:31] Sylphy
    The divine weapon once favored
    by the Champion, Lydia.
[13:35] Sylphy
    That is what was actually sealed
    in the Tree of the Sword King.
[13:39] Sylphy
    Truly amusing that it was hidden
    in the academy you all attend.
[13:44] Sylphy
    Truly fate indeed.
[13:46] Sylphy
    Either way, now I have fulfilled
    one of my objectives.
[13:50] Ard
    Sylphy, you...
[13:52] Sylphy
[14:05] Sylphy
[14:06] Sylphy
[14:08] Sylphy
[14:15] Sylphy
    I'll murder you, Ard Meteor!
[14:19] Sylphy
[14:20] Sylphy
    Die! Die!
[14:23] Ard
[14:30] Ard
    Sylphy is acting strange.
[14:32] Ard
    Did someone brainwash her?
[14:37] Ireena
    What's going on?
[14:38] Ginny
    I don't know.
[14:40] Alvarto
    Ah, such a comedy, isn't it?
[14:44] Alvarto
    The young girl takes up her former
    master's weapon to exact revenge.
[14:48] Alvarto
    Now this is much more worth
    watching than that boring act.
[14:54] (Flashback) Sylphy
    You told me that Ard Meteor is the
    reincarnation of the Demon Lord,
[14:59] (Flashback) Sylphy
    but I don't believe that!
[15:01] (Flashback) Alvarto
    Good grief.
[15:02] (Flashback) Alvarto
    You're as dumb as ever, aren't you?
[15:06] (Flashback) Alvarto
    It's an irrefutable fact that he is.
[15:09] (Flashback) Alvarto
    Though saying that won't get
    through to a fool like you
[15:12] (Flashback) Alvarto
    who's grown fond of her mortal enemy.
[15:14] (Flashback) Alvarto
    Therefore, I'll force you to dance for me.
[15:31] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Farewell, my friend.
[15:43] (Flashback) Alvarto
    What I just showed you is the truth
    from several thousand years ago.
[15:47] Alvarto
    The Champion Lydia is
    no longer in this world.
[15:50] Alvarto
    Kill your enemy!
[15:52] Alvarto
    Strike down the Demon Lord!
[15:54] Alvarto
    That is your only reason for living!
[15:59] Alvarto
    There are no alterations to
    the ending laid out for you.
[16:02] Alvarto
    Play the fool until the very last
    and this tale will end a comedy!
[16:08] Alvarto
    I look forward to it so very much!
[16:13] Sylphy
[16:22] Sylphy
    He's dead.
[16:23] Sylphy
    He's dead, he's dead!
[16:25] Sylphy
    I did it, Big Sis!
[16:29] Sylphy
    Big Sis...?
[16:40] Sylphy
    Big Sis... isn't here.
[16:43] Sylphy
    A world without Big Sis is...
[16:46] Sylphy
[16:47] Sylphy
[16:48] Ireena
    What are you doing?!
[16:50] Ireena
    Do you even understand what
    you're doing right now?!
[16:55] Ireena
    Giga Shield!
[17:02] Ginny
    I won't go easy on you
    any longer, Miss Sylphy!
[17:09] Ireena
    No way...
[17:11] Ginny
    Miss Ireena, allow me, too!
[17:17] Ireena
[17:18] Ireena
    Sylphy, I'll be the one to stop you!
[17:22] Sylphy
    I'll kill you, too.
[17:24] Ireena
    Because I'm...
[17:26] Ireena
[17:28] Ireena
    I'm this girl's big sister!
[17:30] Ard
    Stop it, Sylphy!
[17:37] Ard
    Are you two all right?
[17:40] Ireena
[17:41] Sylphy
    Demon Lord!
[17:42] Sylphy
    Demon Lord!
[17:43] Sylphy
    Demon Lord!
[17:44] Ard
    That's enough, Sylphy.
[17:48] Sylphy
[17:50] Ard
    Even cancellation magic won't
    break her mind control?
[17:53] Ard
    In that case,
[17:55] Ard
    there's only one option!
[17:59] Ard
    I don't want to turn you,
    the Raging Champion, into a butcher.
[18:03] Ard
    I want you to be etched into people's
    hearts as a proud, noble warrior.
[18:10] Ard
    So I...
[18:13] Ard
[18:18] Ard
[18:20] Ard
[18:22] Ard
[18:25] Ard
[18:27] Ard
[18:34] Lydia
    Stop, Sylphy!
[18:41] Sylphy
    Big Sis?
[18:50] Ard
[18:52] Alvarto
    My, my...
[18:54] Alvarto
    It's actually refreshing when someone
    proves this utterly useless.
[19:04] Alvarto
    Worthless dog.
[19:06] Ard
    Were you the one who brainwashed Sylphy?
[19:09] Alvarto
    And if I was?
[19:11] Ard
    What are you after?
[19:13] Alvarto
    Why, you.
[19:14] Alvarto
    We long for the revival of our master.
[19:18] Alvarto
    To accomplish that, we must
    sacrifice that young lady there.
[19:22] Alvarto
    To those ends, you are
    nothing but a hindrance.
[19:26] Alvarto
    Which is why I took
    measures to eliminate you.
[19:29] Alvarto
    Now then, shall we have a go?!
[19:44] Alvarto
    Arstella. Foto—
[19:45] Ard
    Too slow!
[19:51] Ard
    You're not worthy of that sword.
[19:59] Alvarto
    I'll take the entire royal
    capital out with me!
[20:02] Alvarto
    Vel. Stena. Ol—
[20:12] Ard
    Holy Swords choose their wielders.
[20:14] Ard
    Looks like you were never chosen.
[20:21] Ard
    Now behold.
[20:22] Ard
    This is how you use a Holy Sword.
[20:25] Ard
    Vel. Stena. Olvidius.
[20:29] Alvarto
[20:35] Alvarto
    I-Impossible! That can't be!
[20:46] Ard
    Is this over?
[20:48] Ard
    No, that would be too foolish.
[21:01] Lydia
    You dumbass.
[21:05] Ard
[21:20] Lydia
    You big dumbass.
[21:24] Sylphy
    Big Sis?
[21:26] Lydia
    You haven't changed at all, have you?
[21:30] Sylphy
    Big Sis!
[21:31] Sylphy
    I...! I...!
[21:34] Lydia
    Hey, Sylphy, don't blame Var.
[21:38] Lydia
    He's not at fault.
[21:42] Lydia
    Besides, there's still more
    to like about this world.
[21:46] Lydia
    So live to your fullest.
[21:49] Lydia
    After you've lived out a full life,
[21:50] Lydia
    then let us meet again, Sylphy.
[21:56] Sylphy
    Big Sis!
[22:07] Ard
    Dumbass, huh?