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E10 - To the Battlefield of Old

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:07] Lydia
[00:10] Lydia
    Let's wash each other's backs!
[00:11] Ginny
    No, thank you!
[00:12] Lydia
    Let me rub your sudsy boobs!
[00:22] Latima
    Excuse me.
[00:24] Latima
    It's a pleasure to meet you.
[00:26] Latima
    I'm Latima.
[00:28] Latima
    You'll all be staying here in this
    villa until our next expedition.
[00:33] Latima
    Lady Lydia has informed me
[00:36] Latima
    you all are welcome to use this home as
    you would your own or your close friend's.
[00:41] Latima
    Please relax and make yourself at home.
[00:45] Ard
    We're grateful.
[00:49] Ard
    Like a close friend's home, huh?
[00:54] Ard
    And yet I killed someone so irreplaceable.
[01:00] Ard
    Do I even have any right to call
    her a close friend anymore?
[01:05] Lydia
    This sensation!
[01:06] Lydia
    This volume!
[01:07] Lydia
    They're the best!
[01:09] Ginny
    Don't grope my breasts!
[01:14] Ard
    She's still a scumbag.
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[02:51] Ginny
    It's starting, isn't it?
[02:53] Ireena
    W-Will we be okay?
[02:56] Ard
    Our Verda Army is on standby
[02:59] Ard
    in a location far removed
    from the front lines.
[03:02] Ard
    We won't be coming into major
    conflict with the enemy.
[03:06] Ard
    Even on the off chance that we do,
[03:08] Ard
    that magic equipment will protect you two.
[03:13] Ard
    Judging from Verda and Lydia's conversations,
[03:17] Ard
    we're currently in the past age when I,
[03:20] Ard
    that is, the Demon Lord Varvatos,
    was expanding his forces
[03:24] Ard
    and the battle against the demons and the
    Outer Ones was entering its final stages.
[03:29] Ard
    Plus, from what I can see,
[03:31] Ard
    this is the probably the
    Battle of Aralia Plains.
[03:34] Ard
    Demons ruled over the Aralia Plains,
[03:38] Ard
    and the combined forces of
    the Lydia Army and Verda Army
[03:42] Ard
    took down the many fortresses
    and castle towns built there,
[03:45] Ard
    building the foundation for
    our control of the continent.
[03:51] Ard
    I don't recall this battle
    being any trouble, however.
[03:56] Lydia
[04:15] SoldierAdlib
    My stomach hurts!
[04:16] VerdaSoldierA
    Medics! Call the medics!
[04:18] VerdaSoldierC
    Don't come back over that little!
[04:19] SoldierAdlib
    You all right?
[04:20] VerdaSoldierC
    Get back to the front-lines pronto!
[04:22] SoldierAdlib
    I know!
[04:23] SoldierAdlib
    Argh, my leg!
[04:24] VerdaSoldierF
    Oh, I've left that corpse alone on purpose.
[04:27] VerdaSoldierF
    It's for Lady Verda's data collection.
[04:32] Ginny
    Miss Ireena!
[04:33] Ginny
    We need to carry this
    container to the supply squad!
[04:37] Ireena
    I-I know.
[04:41] Ireena
    Wh-What was that?
[04:42] Ard
    Hmm, it seems like an enemy attack.
[04:52] Bulgan
[04:53] Bulgan
[04:54] Bulgan
    Let your guts scatter across the ground!
[05:03] Ireena
    I-I thought the enemy
    wouldn't come to the rear?
[05:06] Ard
    It looks like this enemy had some brains.
[05:09] Ard
    Crushing the enemy's supplies and
    medics is a standard tactic of war.
[05:14] Ard
    My prediction that we'd
    be safe back here was off,
[05:18] Ard
    but that's even better for us.
[05:20] Ard
    This might not be enough
    to meet the Demon Lord,
[05:24] Ard
    but an achievement is still an achievement.
[05:37] Lydia
    Something's off.
[05:39] Lydia
    I can't believe he hasn't shown himself,
    even after we've advanced so far.
[05:42] Messenger
    I have news!
[05:44] Messenger
    The Verda Army supporting our rear suffered
    a surprise attack from the enemy!
[05:48] Lydia
    Hidden forces? How many?
[05:50] Messenger
    There were not that many of them.
[05:52] Messenger
    However, the one leading them
[05:55] Messenger
    is the enemy commander, Bulgan.
[05:56] Lydia
[06:12] Bulgan
[06:14] Bulgan
    I can't—
[06:24] Ard
    I guess he was all show.
[06:27] Ard
    Is everyone all right?
[06:29] Ard
[06:33] Sylphy
    Big Sis Lydia?
[06:35] Lydia
    Apparently, it was over
    before we even arrived.
[06:39] Ard
    Well, he wasn't even worth killing,
[06:42] Ard
    but even a general this
    weak is still a general.
[06:45] Ard
    So I made sure to capture him alive.
[06:47] Lydia
    This weak?
[06:50] Lydia
    That's the big general we've
    been trying to take down.
[06:54] Ard
    Huh? The big general?
[06:58] Sylphy
    You stole the glory from us!
[07:00] Sylphy
    You cheeky new recruit!
[07:03] Ireena
    Ard is just that awesome!
[07:05] Ireena
    That's my Ard!
[07:08] Lydia
    Well, either way.
[07:10] Lydia
    You're impressive!
[07:13] Lydia
    It's a just matter of time now,
[07:16] Lydia
    until you meet with Varvy.
[07:18] Ireena
[07:20] Ginny
    Is that?
[07:21] Lydia
    Of course.
[07:23] Lydia
    I'm talking about Varvatos.
[07:29] Ireena
    Th-This is the Castle Millennion?
[07:33] Ginny
    It's an amazing castle,
[07:36] Ginny
    befitting that great man!
[07:40] Ard
    Beautiful, isn't it? Epic, isn't it?
    And above all, it's cool, isn't it? My castle!
[07:50] Ireena
    Th-The inside's incredible, too.
[07:52] Ginny
    I've never seen a building more worthy of
    being described as luxurious and gorgeous.
[07:58] Sylphy
[07:59] Sylphy
    There's nothing fun about this castle!
     It's just big.
[08:04] Sylphy
    The castle that Big Sis built
    is a million times better!
[08:10] Sylphy
[08:12] Sylphy
    Is there something on my face?
[08:14] Ard
    No, it's nothing.
[08:16] Ireena
    I-It's finally happening!
[08:19] Ireena
    I can't believe we'll get
    to see him in person!
[08:23] Ginny
    It feels like this is going
    too smoothly, and I'm scared.
[08:27] Ard
[08:29] Ard
    When I was in my prime, that is,
    when I was Varvatos in this castle,
[08:33] Ard
    such a feat would come naturally.
[08:35] Ard
    Yet right now I'm Ard Meteor.
[08:39] Ard
    If a nameless, common soldier easily
    defeated a big general, I'd be suspicious.
[08:56] Alvarto
    Bravo, bravo!
[09:01] Alvarto
    Oh, my apologies.
[09:03] Alvarto
    Please take that as my
    praise for your endeavors.
[09:07] Alvarto
    After all, this is the only
    way I can express my respect.
[09:12] Ard
    I've heard much about you, Sir Alvarto.
[09:19] Lydia
    You're the same as always, aren't you?
[09:23] Lydia
    If you want a fight that badly,
    I'll be your opponent.
[09:27] Alvarto
    I'd have no complaints about
    sparring with the Champion.
[09:31] Alvarto
    However, right now I would like to
    savor the heights of the unknown.
[09:39] Varvatos
    Lydia, Alvarto, why are you
    two always causing trouble?
[09:57] Lydia
    Long time no see, Varvy.
[10:01] Alvarto
    You're as lovely as ever today, my lord.
[10:04] Sylphy
[10:05] Ireena
[10:08] Ginny
    I can't...
[10:10] Ireena
    Ginny?! Get a grip!
[10:11] Ireena
    Hey! Ginny, come on! Ginny!
[10:26] Varvatos
    I don't recall summoning you, Alvarto.
[10:29] Varvatos
    How many promising recruits
    have you crushed this way?
[10:33] Varvatos
    That's why I wanted to hold this
    audience in secret, but as usual...
[10:38] Alvarto
    I'm overjoyed by your praise.
[10:42] Varvatos
    Either way, you should leave now.
[10:45] Varvatos
[10:47] Alvarto
    I understand.
[10:49] Alvarto
    I shall take my leave for now.
[11:03] Ard
    I've been alive for a long time,
[11:04] Ard
    but this is the first time
    I've been jealous of myself.
[11:08] Varvatos
    So you are Ard Meteor?
[11:12] Ard
    Yes, I am, Your Majesty.
[11:18] Varvatos
    Follow me.
[11:20] Lydia
    Still, it really has been a long time, huh?
[11:24] Lydia
    Hey, weren't you starting to miss me by now?
[11:29] Lydia
    You don't have any friends
    aside from me, after all.
[11:33] Varvatos
    You're calling yourself a friend?
[11:36] Lydia
    What, acting all shy now?
[11:43] Varvatos
    You all may relax, as well.
[11:47] ServantA
    Your Majesty, would you
    like something to drink?
[11:49] ServantB
    Your Majesty, I've brought a light meal.
[11:51] ServantC
    Your Majesty, would you like a massage?!
[11:54] ServantD
    Restrain yourself, servant!
[11:56] ServantD
    You must not touch His Majesty's body!
[11:59] Varvatos
    All of you are dismissed.
[12:01] Servants
    Yes, sir!
[12:02] Ireena
    The Demon Lord is far prettier than I imagined.
[12:06] Ginny
[12:08] Ginny
    Such a common form of expression
    is worthy of death, Miss Ireena!
[12:12] Ginny
    The Demon Lord can only be
    described with loftier words!
[12:18] Varvatos
    You there, young lady.
[12:19] Varvatos
    who is this Demon Lord you refer to?
[12:22] Both
    What?! Um, well...
[12:26] Ard
    They merely voiced the other
    name Your Majesty is known by.
[12:30] Ard
    They were simply copying the
    title they heard in the ports.
[12:37] Ard
    Were you... not aware of that?
[12:39] Ard
    That's odd.
[12:40] Ard
    The title of "Demon Lord" was
    already taking root by this time.
[12:45] Varvatos
    Now that's an odd story.
[12:48] Varvatos
    I know there is another
    known as Demon Lord...
[12:52] Ard
    There's another Demon Lord?
[12:56] Varvatos
    But people now call me that?
[12:59] Ard
    No, I'm sure it must have
    been our misunderstanding.
[13:04] Ard
    My sincerest apologies for the
    strange slip of the tongue.
[13:13] Verda
[13:14] Verda
    So then what, then what?
[13:16] Ard
[13:18] Ard
    He didn't demand anything of us,
[13:20] Ard
    and I didn't speak to him
    about that any further.
[13:25] Ireena
    I can't believe there are two Demon Lords.
[13:28] Ginny
    What do you think could be going on?
[13:30] Verda
    I think it's safe to assume that
    who you consider the Demon Lord
[13:34] Verda
    and who we consider the Demon
    Lord are two different people.
[13:39] Ard
[13:41] Verda
    If I may speak in bold conjecture,
[13:44] Verda
    I think it's possible that your history
    differs from the history of our dimension.
[13:52] Ard
[13:54] Verda
    This is just a theory, as well,
[13:56] Verda
    but I think someone altered history.
[13:59] Verda
    And that alteration gave rise to this dimension's
    Demon Lord that all of you don't recognize.
[14:07] Ard
    There's also what that
    self-proclaimed god said.
[14:10] (Flashback) Mysterious Child
    However, "that being" is
    trying to upset that order.
[14:13] (Flashback) Mysterious Child
    Trying to transcend those
    laws and alter the world.
[14:18] (Flashback) Mysterious Child
    The encounter with the Demon Lord
[14:21] (Flashback) Mysterious Child
    will greatly shake your world,
[14:23] (Flashback) Mysterious Child
    and one shall vanish.
[14:25] (Flashback) Mysterious Child
    I want you to eliminate "that being."
[14:30] Ard
    I think we misinterpreted what
    that self-proclaimed god said.
[14:34] Ireena
[14:35] Ard
    The self-proclaimed god demanded
    that we meet the Demon Lord,
[14:39] Ard
    and that we eliminate "that being."
[14:42] Ard
    But if those two demands represent
    the same thing, then...
[14:47] Ginny
    Th-Then the one that's altering
    history is this world's Demon Lord,
[14:51] Ginny
    and if we defeat him to restore our history,
[14:53] Ginny
    we'll be able to return to our world?
[14:57] Ard
    Most likely.
[14:59] Ard
    I thought meeting the
    Demon Lord, or rather His Majesty,
[15:02] Ard
    would greatly advance our quest, though.
[15:05] Ginny
    Way to go, Ardy!
[15:07] Ginny
    I mean, thanks to your deduction
[15:10] ---
    we now know that this world's Demon Lord
    is the one we need to defeat!
[15:14] Ard
    That's still just a theory, and even if want
    to defeat him, we know nothing about him...
[15:18] Ireena
    Then why don't we ask
    for Lord Varvatos's help?
[15:22] Verda
    Oh, that's impossible.
[15:24] Ireena
    Huh? Why?!
[15:26] Verda
    For one thing, the Demon Lord of this world
[15:29] Verda
    appeared out of nowhere
    about three years ago,
[15:33] Verda
    and he conquered the lands between the
    Outer Ones' territory and our own in no time.
[15:39] Verda
    To be honest, we don't know
    what the Demon Lord is after.
[15:42] Verda
    We've tried to negotiate, but he ignores us.
[15:45] Verda
    Varvy fought him once,
    but he couldn't fully defeat him.
[15:50] Ireena
    Even Lord Varvatos couldn't defeat him?
[15:53] Ard
    I see. Then His Majesty wouldn't
    act without sufficient cause.
[15:57] Verda
    That's right.
[15:59] Verda
    You understand Varvy well.
[16:02] Ard
    I suppose.
[16:03] Ginny
[16:05] Ginny
    why don't we try revealing
    our situation to His Majesty?
[16:09] Ireena
    Our situation?
[16:10] Ginny
[16:12] Ginny
    We tell him that we're from the future.
[16:15] Ginny
    Then if we explain the
    danger of the Demon Lord...
[16:19] Ard
    I see.
[16:21] Ard
    However, we haven't earned enough of
    His Majesty's trust to ask for his help.
[16:28] Ireena
    Which means...
[16:29] Ard
    It could be possible to persuade him
    if we earn more achievements for him.
[16:35] Ard
    Though the problem would be what constitutes
    an achievement big enough to earn his trust.
[16:41] Lydia
    Hey! Is Ard here?!
[16:53] Lydia
    What's brought this on?
[16:56] Lydia
    You agreed instantly, despite
    wanting to work as logistical support.
[17:01] Lydia
    Time for battle!
[17:02] Lydia
    You're joining me on the front lines!
[17:05] Ard
    Roger that!
[17:08] Ard
    Yes, well, you could say
    it's just what we needed.
[17:13] Sylphy
    I bet you're just enjoying the
    taste of your last victory!
[17:17] Sylphy
    This time I'm taking the glory, though!
[17:20] Lydia
    Glory aside,
[17:23] Lydia
    it was wise to leave those
    two behind this time,
[17:27] Lydia
    considering who we'll be facing.
[17:30] Ard
    Who's that?
[17:34] Lydia
    Mevilas the Curse King.
[17:41] Sylphy
    Looks like even you're scared.
[17:44] Ard
    I have certainly heard his name before.
[17:48] Sylphy
    Huh? Only his name?
[17:51] Sylphy
    You should've heard more than
    that! He's a really major enemy.
[17:55] Sylphy
    Listen up.
[17:56] Sylphy
    Just as mages are ranked
    from one through seven,
[18:00] Sylphy
    demons have ranks, as well!
[18:03] Sylphy
    Mevilas is one of the demon's highest ranks,
[18:08] Sylphy
    making him an archdemon!
[18:12] Sylphy
    If you don't want to die,
    then, at least remember that!
[18:16] Ard
    Remember? There's no way I could forget.
[18:20] Ard
    Mevilas is...
[18:36] Ard
    one of the reasons I had to kill Lydia.
[18:40] Lydia
    What's wrong?
[18:42] Ard
    Oh, just, after hearing such a renowned name,
[18:44] Ard
    I'm shaking with excitement.
[18:46] Lydia
    I get it.
[18:47] Lydia
    I thought it was high time for
    a really bad one to show up.
[18:50] Lydia
    I didn't think it would
    be the Curse King already.
[18:59] Lydia
[19:04] Sylphy
    I'm taking the honor of leading the charge!
[19:18] Ard
    Let's hurry onward!
[19:20] Sylphy
    H-Hey, don't get carried away
    just because you want glory!
[19:24] Sylphy
    No matter how many small fry you kill,
    you won't get any honor for them!
[19:30] Lydia
    You're awfully motivated, aren't you?
[19:38] Ard
    I always hated that look of hers.
[19:46] Lydia
    Don't do anything stupid.
[19:50] Ard
    I have no intention of doing anything stupid.
[19:54] Ard
    This time, I won't allow
    history to play out the same way.
[20:22] Ard
    What's this?
[20:42] Lydia
    This head?!
[20:44] Sylphy
    It's Mevilas the Curse King.
[20:49] NewDemonLord
    Looks like you were a little late.
[21:01] Ard
    Who are you?
[21:04] NewDemonLord
    You already have an idea who, don't you?
[21:07] NewDemonLord
    I'm exactly who you suspect I am.
[21:12] NewDemonLord
    I'm the Demon Lord.
[21:14] NewDemonLord
    A monster of violence and tyranny,
    the enemy of the world.
[21:22] NewDemonLord
    Go ahead and tell your leader for me.
[21:25] NewDemonLord
    I'll be taking the lands I set eyes on.
[21:28] NewDemonLord
    If he wants to take them back,
    then he can come steal them by force.
[21:33] Lydia
    Does that mean you're declaring war on us?
[21:41] NewDemonLord
    Farewell, Champion,
[21:43] NewDemonLord
    and you, foolish young man.