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E11 - Those with Resolve

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:01] Olivia
    Let's start our meeting
    concerning the Demon Lord.
[00:05] Councilperson A
    Please wait, Lady Olivia.
[00:08] Councilperson A
    It appears to me there are people
    unworthy attending this meeting here.
[00:12] Councilperson B
    Lady Verda and Lady Lydia
    have taken a liking to them,
[00:16] Councilperson B
    so we have to accept their participation.
[00:19] Councilperson C
    Mere guests that don't
    even serve Sir Varvatos?
[00:23] Varvatos
    Council of Seven,
[00:24] Varvatos
    they as well as Lydia are indeed guests.
[00:28] Varvatos
    I'm sure some of you find it
    odd for them to attend this.
[00:32] Varvatos
    However, their contributions
    must not be ignored.
[00:37] Varvatos
    I shall start by saying this to you.
[00:39] Varvatos
    I have changed my views on this Demon Lord.
[00:43] Varvatos
    With his declaration of war upon
    us, we must now defeat him.
[00:48] Alvarto
    Meaning our next battle will
    be to defeat the Demon Lord?
[00:54] Varvatos
    We will face him with the
    full might of our armies,
[00:56] Varvatos
    and settle everything within that same day.
[01:01] Lizer
    By full might, do you mean
    you intend to deploy
[01:04] ---
    all Top Four Heavenly Kings
    on the same battlefield?
[01:07] Varvatos
    I intend to take the
    battlefield myself, as well.
[01:13] Alvarto
    How lovely!
[01:14] Alvarto
    This is truly wonderful!
[01:16] Lydia
    How long has it been since you
    and I fought side by side?
[01:20] Sylphy
    There's no need for you to fight at all!
[01:24] Councilperson A
    Please wait!
[01:25] Councilperson A
    If you do that, then the
    defenses of each region will!
[01:28] Councilperson C
    Our enemy's forces will
    attack us all at once.
[01:31] Varvatos
    Your concern is a valid one.
[01:34] Varvatos
    Which is why we will
    settle it within one day.
[01:38] Ard
    However, the Demon Lord has
    declared that he's immortal.
[01:41] Ard
    How do you intend to overcome
    that, Your Majesty?
[01:45] Varvatos
    That's a secret.
[01:48] Varvatos
    The battle will commence three days from now.
[01:50] Varvatos
    You have but one order.
[01:52] Varvatos
    Destroy the castle
[01:56] Varvatos
    controlled by the enemy.
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[03:32] Latima
    If there's anything you need,
[03:34] Latima
    please feel free to summon me.
[03:36] Ard
    Thank you very much, Miss Latima.
[03:38] Ard
    What's Lady Lydia...?
[03:40] Latima
    She went to give instructions to her men,
[03:43] Latima
    since we operate under a different command
    structure from Lord Varvatos's army.
[03:49] Ard
    Is that so?
[03:52] Latima
    Should I tell her you asked for her?
[03:53] Ard
    No, don't mind me.
[04:02] Ard
    History should have changed for certain now.
[04:05] Ard
    Those who were supposed
    to have died still live,
[04:08] Ard
    and Lydia hasn't been cursed, either.
[04:13] Ard
    That self-proclaimed god
    told us to correct history.
[04:18] Ard
    So if we return with things like this...
[04:21] New Demon Lord
    Exactly what you're thinking will happen.
[04:26] Ard
    Do you need me for something, Demon Lord?
[04:30] New Demon Lord
    The history they've laid out
    isn't so easily overturned.
[04:34] New Demon Lord
    At this point, a powerful corrective
    force would take action,
[04:38] New Demon Lord
    and Lydia would ultimately
    meet the same fate.
[04:42] Ard
    Did you come here from a different era, then?
[04:47] New Demon Lord
    Cut the foolish act in front of me.
[04:50] New Demon Lord
    I know you're currently Ard Meteor,
[04:53] New Demon Lord
    but there's no need to keep
    wearing that mask around me.
[05:01] New Demon Lord
    I am you,
[05:04] New Demon Lord
    and you are me.
[05:06] New Demon Lord
    Would you continue to wear your
    mask when standing before a mirror?
[05:11] Ard
    What do you mean by that?
[05:13] New Demon Lord
    Good grief... Can you not understand
    unless I show you this?
[05:17] Ard
[05:19] New Demon Lord
    There's no reason to be surprised.
[05:22] New Demon Lord
    You were sent back to this era.
[05:25] New Demon Lord
    So it's not that strange that I would be, too.
[05:29] New Demon Lord
    We are indeed the same person.
[05:32] New Demon Lord
    The worlds we were born
    into may be different,
[05:34] New Demon Lord
    which is why we've had different
    experiences up until now,
[05:38] New Demon Lord
    but we both lived as Varvatos,
[05:40] New Demon Lord
    we were both reborn as Ard Meteor,
[05:42] New Demon Lord
    and then I gained many things
    only to quickly lose them.
[05:47] New Demon Lord
    You haven't yet lost anything, have you?
[05:52] New Demon Lord
    For me, it was no good.
[05:55] New Demon Lord
    Nothing ever worked out.
[05:57] New Demon Lord
    Which is why I even cast
    aside the name of Ard Meteor.
[06:02] New Demon Lord
    Now I'm just known as
    The Complete Failure, Disaster Rogue.
[06:08] New Demon Lord
    You can call me that, too.
[06:11] Ard
    How did you manage to come to this era?
[06:15] New Demon Lord
    The same way you did.
[06:18] Ard
[06:20] New Demon Lord
    The moment I agreed to his proposal
[06:23] New Demon Lord
    I found myself in this era.
[06:26] New Demon Lord
    Ironic, isn't it?
[06:28] New Demon Lord
    In order to achieve my goal
[06:30] New Demon Lord
    I have to go by the name I
    despised to death back then.
[06:35] Ard
    Your goal? What on earth are you plotting?
[06:39] New Demon Lord
    I'll save Lydia.
[06:41] New Demon Lord
    I want to atone for my own sin.
[06:44] New Demon Lord
    That's all.
[06:46] New Demon Lord
    It's the same for you, isn't it?
[06:51] New Demon Lord
    Join me.
[06:53] New Demon Lord
    There's no need for us to fight.
[06:57] Ard
    I'd like to ask two questions.
[06:59] Ard
    Did you discuss this with the
    current me from this era?
[07:05] New Demon Lord
    I hate myself more than anything else.
[07:08] New Demon Lord
    Especially who I used to be in this era
[07:11] New Demon Lord
    since my foolishness cost me Lydia.
[07:15] New Demon Lord
    No, forced me to kill her myself.
[07:20] Ard
    My other question.
[07:22] Ard
    Why are you fighting against
    the me of this era?
[07:25] Ard
    If you want to save Lydia, then
    opposing him is the height of folly.
[07:30] New Demon Lord
    Certain circumstances prevent me from
    joining forces with him, no matter what.
[07:37] New Demon Lord
    I'm destined to fight him, in fact.
[07:40] New Demon Lord
    Just as that self-proclaimed
    god gave you a mission,
[07:45] New Demon Lord
    he assigned one to me, as well.
[07:47] New Demon Lord
    This is what he said to me:
[07:50] New Demon Lord
    "Destroy the world."
[07:53] Ard
    How does destroying the world
    relate to saving Lydia?
[08:02] New Demon Lord
    You remember how Lydia died, right?
[08:06] Ard
    Of course.
[08:07] Ard
    I could never forget it.
[08:08] New Demon Lord
    Then there's no way you
    can't understand how I feel.
[08:13] New Demon Lord
    Her mind was violated by that curse,
[08:16] New Demon Lord
    and she lost her allies...
[08:18] New Demon Lord
    Many things like that ate away at her
[08:21] New Demon Lord
    until that day finally came.
[08:26] Ard
    In order to face the final Outer One in
    battle, I would need to shoulder great risk.
[08:32] Ard
    Yes, even the risk of losing Lydia.
[08:36] Ard
    That was unbearable to me.
[08:39] Ard
    So I thought I would overlook
    and ignore that last enemy.
[08:44] Ard
    When placing Lydia's life on the scales
    against eliminating all Outer Ones,
[08:49] Ard
    I chose Lydia.
[08:50] New Demon Lord
    Then why?!
[08:52] New Demon Lord
    Why didn't you just share those feelings?!
[08:55] New Demon Lord
    If you had, then it wouldn't have
    wound up like that! Would it?!
[08:58] New Demon Lord
    It was my fault.
[09:00] New Demon Lord
    My fault that Lydia stormed into
    the enemy territory all alone!
[09:03] New Demon Lord
    My fault that she lost in battle and got
    turned into a threat to the entire world!
[09:12] New Demon Lord
    You know I couldn't bear that guilt.
[09:16] New Demon Lord
    That's why I killed myself.
[09:19] New Demon Lord
    Yet the world wouldn't just let me rest.
[09:24] New Demon Lord
    It reincarnated me as Ard Meteor,
[09:27] New Demon Lord
    and everything new that I obtained
[09:29] New Demon Lord
    kept getting taken away
    from me by my own failures.
[09:32] New Demon Lord
    All my endeavors, my hopes, and my dreams.
[09:35] New Demon Lord
    At this point, I'm positive I'll
    just keep racking up more sins.
[09:41] New Demon Lord
    So I wanted to finally end it.
[09:44] New Demon Lord
    I wanted to atone for this
    guilt and end it all.
[09:49] New Demon Lord
    I'll save Lydia,
[09:51] New Demon Lord
    become a hated threat to this world,
[09:54] New Demon Lord
    and have her kill me.
[09:56] New Demon Lord
    Once I have Lydia tread down
    the path I was forced to walk,
[10:01] New Demon Lord
    it'll finally be over for me.
[10:05] New Demon Lord
    You should prepare to commit
    this final sin with me, as well.
[10:11] New Demon Lord
    Join me.
[10:14] Ard
[10:24] (Flashback) Lydia
    Don't do anything stupid.
[10:30] New Demon Lord
    I'll give you some time.
[10:32] New Demon Lord
    I'll await your reply three days
    from now at The Ruined Earth.
[10:45] Latima
    Sir Ard, breakfast is ready to be served.
[10:51] Ard
    Miss Latima, have you been with
    Lady Lydia for a long time?
[10:57] Latima
[11:02] Ard
    If... What if you had to weigh
    your own life against Lady Lydia's?
[11:06] Ard
    What would you do?
[11:10] Latima
    That's a foolish question.
[11:11] Latima
    I would do anything for Lady Lydia.
[11:18] Lydia
    Hey! You're late!
[11:20] Lydia
    What were you doing, shitting?
[11:22] Sylphy
[11:23] Ireena
    You always eat a lot, don't you, Sylphy?
[11:28] Sylphy
    That's because I'm growing woman!
[11:30] Ginny
[11:31] Sylphy
[11:32] Sylphy
    If you have something you
    want to say, then say it!
[11:35] Ginny
    No, it's nothing.
[11:41] Ginny
    What's the matter, Ardy?
[11:49] (Flashback) Ginny
    Ardy, are you the Demon Lord?
[11:52] (Flashback) Ard
    No, I'm not.
[11:54] (Flashback) Ginny
    Sorry for asking such a strange thing.
[11:58] (Flashback) Ard
    It's fine.
[12:01] Ireena
[12:01] Lydia
    Hey, Ard!
[12:02] Lydia
    You free today? You're free, right?
[12:04] Ard
[12:06] Lydia
    Today, you're hanging out with me. Got it?
[12:15] Lydia
    So good!
[12:17] Lydia
    This is amazing!
[12:20] Lydia
    You there, young lady!
[12:21] Lydia
    Care to spend a night of
    passion with me tonight?
[12:26] Lydia
    Hey, Ard! You should try, too!
[12:30] Lydia
    You'll never be a full-fledged warrior if
    you can't enjoy fooling around with women!
[12:34] Ard
[12:36] Lydia
    Huh? Idiot?
[12:38] Lydia
    The one who calls someone an
    idiot is the idiot! Idiot!
[12:40] Ard
    And you just called me
    an idiot, big dumb Lydia!
[12:45] Lydia
    Shut up!
[12:48] Ard
    Don't punch people!
[12:50] Lydia
[12:52] Lydia
    Wh-Why you!
[12:53] Lydia
    Punching a maiden in the face is the worst!
[12:56] Ard
    A maiden? I don't see a maiden around here.
[12:59] Ard
    All I see before me is a barbaric horndog!
[13:02] Lydia
    Why, you!
[13:16] Lydia
[13:18] Lydia
    That help clear up your thoughts some?
[13:23] Ard
    Honestly, for an idiot, your
    intuition is awfully sharp.
[13:29] Ard
    If you had to sacrifice everything to regain
    something you lost, someone precious,
[13:37] Ard
    what would you do?
[13:42] Lydia
    You can use flight magic, right?
[13:45] Ard
    What about it?
[13:46] Lydia
    There's something I want to show you.
[13:57] Ard
    This place is?
[13:58] Lydia
    The very sin I committed.
[14:08] Ard
[14:10] Ard
    Why would the spirits of the dead...?
[14:14] Ghosts
[14:17] Ghosts
    You fiend!
[14:19] Ghosts
    You killed my child!
[14:21] Ghosts
    I hate you, hate you, hate you!
[14:23] Ghosts
    Give them back!
[14:25] Ghosts
    I'll kill you!
[14:30] Ard
[14:31] Lydia
    It really is hard.
[14:33] Lydia
    I know I have to face it,
[14:35] Lydia
    but I always want to run away from it.
[14:37] Ard
    What is all this?
[14:40] Lydia
    This is a city where only demons once lived.
[14:45] Lydia
    Long ago, we attacked this place.
[14:47] Lydia
    It was a strategic point for us in the war.
[14:49] Lydia
    A place we had to seize
    no matter what it took.
[14:52] Lydia
    It was easy enough to take down
    the castle and its defenders,
[14:56] Lydia
    but holding it was a challenge.
[14:59] Lydia
    The common people living in the
    city wouldn't listen to us.
[15:03] Lydia
    Worse yet, they'd attack us at night.
[15:08] Lydia
    So we decided to kill them all.
[15:12] Lydia
    If we didn't, we'd be
    sacrificing our own allies.
[15:15] Lydia
    So we took what we thought
    was the best action.
[15:17] Ard
    But you were facing demons,
    right? In which case...
[15:21] Lydia
    It's fine? Because we were facing monsters?
[15:27] Lydia
    I don't think that's very true.
[15:29] Lydia
    Humans and demons aren't that different.
[15:32] Lydia
    And I'm just a murderer.
[15:35] Lydia
    I'm aware of that fact,
[15:37] Lydia
    yet I'll continue staining my hands.
[15:42] Lydia
    Perhaps those who truly should be
    called monsters are those like us.
[15:50] Lydia
    Did you know? I've already
    decided how I'll die.
[15:54] Lydia
    I'll fight, and fight,
    and fight through it all,
[15:57] Lydia
    and once I've created a world where
    there's no threat to humanity,
[16:00] Lydia
    a world where no one has to be
    sad, even demons if possible,
[16:04] Lydia
    then I'll die a pitiful, miserable death.
[16:09] Lydia
    I'm not someone who's worth bending your
    ideals or sacrificing yourself to save.
[16:18] Ard
    What about how we feel?
[16:22] Ard
    If you die like that.
[16:25] Lydia
    You always have to atone for your sins.
[16:29] Lydia
    At the very least,
[16:30] Lydia
    I have to, or I won't be able
    to die with my head held high.
[16:34] Lydia
[16:36] Lydia
    Please don't try to change the way I die.
[16:48] Latima
    Welcome home.
[16:50] Lydia
    Ah, I'm hungry!
[16:52] Lydia
    Something simple will do,
    just serve something.
[16:54] Latima
    As you wish.
[16:57] Ireena
    Where did you two go?
[16:58] Ireena
    Running off in secret is not fair!
[17:00] Ginny
    We were worried about you.
[17:02] Lydia
    Yeah, I'm sorry.
[17:04] Lydia
    Didn't mean to make you feel lonely.
[17:08] Lydia
    Here's something to make
    it up to you, Ireena, Ginny.
[17:14] Ireena
[17:15] Ginny
    It's lovely.
[17:17] Lydia
    Really? That's great.
[17:18] Sylphy
    Not fair, not fair!
[17:20] Sylphy
    It's not fair that those two get something!
[17:21] Lydia
    Sylphy, you're practically
    my sister, aren't you?
[17:25] Lydia
    Ard, my blood is boiling
    with the pending fight.
[17:29] Lydia
    Join me for a late-night drink.
[17:33] Ard
    Very well. I'll accompany you.
[17:49] Verda
    I am a god!
[17:56] Olivia
    Slay them.
[18:12] Lizer
    Don't expect to even scratch my forces.
[18:19] Subordinate A
    Ow! I screwed up!
[18:21] Subordinate B
    Too weak! You suck!
[18:26] Alvarto
    I just can't get fired up when facing beasts.
[18:29] Alvarto
    However, I'm Alvarto Egzex,
[18:31] Alvarto
    and to make the boring
    interesting is my creed.
[18:35] Alvarto
    Now behold!
[18:37] Alvarto
    We who are born in chaos, live in resentment,
[18:40] Alvarto
    and embrace nothingness at the end.
[18:42] Soldier A
    O-Oh no!
[18:43] Soldier B
[18:43] Varvatos
    Open, Hell's Gate!
[18:57] Alvarto
    Your expression of love is
    wonderful and intense, my lord.
[19:03] Varvatos
[19:03] Varvatos
    That damn dumbass doesn't
    differentiate friend from foe!
[19:07] Varvatos
    This is why I don't like adding
    him to our battle lines.
[19:12] Varvatos
    Setting our internal enemies aside,
    the Demon Lord's army is a nuisance.
[19:17] Varvatos
    We kill them and kill them,
    but there's no end.
[19:20] Varvatos
    It truly is an infinite army.
[19:22] Varvatos
    At this rate, we won't even be
    able to get close to his castle.
[19:26] Varvatos
    If anyone is able to, it would be...
[19:35] Sylphy
    Jeez, this is annoying!
[19:38] Sylphy
    We could handle this a bit
    easier if he were here!
[19:45] Sylphy
    But he ran off somewhere
    while we were advancing!
[19:47] Sylphy
    That's unthinkable!
[19:49] Lydia
    Well, he probably has his
    own things to take care of.
[19:54] Lydia
    Sylphy, I'll leave this up to you.
[19:57] Sylphy
[19:58] Sylphy
    Where are you going, Big Sis?
[20:06] New Demon Lord
    Can I hear your answer?
[20:09] New Demon Lord
    Will you save Lydia alongside me?
[20:13] Ard
    I... won't save Lydia.
[20:18] New Demon Lord
    How did you come to that conclusion?
[20:22] Ard
    Because that's not what she desires.
[20:25] Ard
    I learned what her desire is.
[20:27] Ard
    She wants to shoulder the title of Champion,
[20:29] Ard
    and die in a way that repents
    for her sins in the end.
[20:33] Ard
    That's what Lydia said.
[20:36] New Demon Lord
    Can you truly say that you want
    to grant that wish of hers?
[20:44] New Demon Lord
    Very well.
[20:45] New Demon Lord
    Then let's get this foolish farce started!
[21:02] Ard
    That's some nice magic equipment.
[21:04] New Demon Lord
[21:10] Ard
    What a boring technique.
[21:15] Ard
    How about this?
[21:33] Ard
    Such analytical ability.
[21:35] New Demon Lord
    Grasping the full scale of magic
[21:38] New Demon Lord
    and constructing a spell to cancel it
[21:40] New Demon Lord
    was a special skill of ours.
[21:43] Ard
    I guess we won't be able to settle this.
[21:45] New Demon Lord
    I knew I shouldn't have
    turned you against me.
[21:49] New Demon Lord
    A stalemate or a mutual death.
[21:52] New Demon Lord
    Did you think I couldn't predict
    that's how this would turn out?
[21:56] New Demon Lord
    If you did, then you're wrong.
[21:58] New Demon Lord
    Did you not question it?
[22:00] New Demon Lord
    Why I would have the battle start
    the same day I heard your answer?
[22:05] Ard
    Don't tell me you—!