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E7 - The Exciting Festival

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[00:05] Ireena
    Hey, Ard!
[00:07] Ireena
    Let's go to that one next!
[00:09] Ard
[00:12] Ard
    Despite appearances,
[00:14] Ard
    we're currently patrolling the school.
[00:17] Ard
    All because of the threat from Lars al Ghoul.
[00:22] Ireena
    This frozen dessert is delicious.
[00:25] Ard
    Oh, Miss Ireena.
[00:27] Ard
    You have some syrup on your cheek.
[00:30] Ireena
[00:31] Ireena
    Oh, you're right.
[00:33] Ard
    We're just pretending to enjoy the
    school festival to its fullest.
[00:39] Ireena
    I want to eat something else, too!
[00:41] Student A E7
    Oh, then come stop by ours!
[00:44] Student B E7
    No, no, ours is putting
    out way tastier stuff!
[00:47] Ireena
    It feels like a dream.
[00:49] Ireena
    I never thought I'd get along
    with everyone like this.
[00:53] Ard
    We certainly aren't just letting ourselves
    get excited as we go around to attractions.
[00:59] Ard
    What's that?!
[01:02] Sylphy
[01:03] Sylphy
    You're acting suspicious!
[01:06] Sylphy
    Now surrender and turn yourself in!
[01:10] Ard
    For now, let's go ask the idiot—
[01:12] Ard
    No, pardon me, let's go ask
    Miss Sylphy what's going on.
[01:20] Ard
    What are you doing here?
[01:22] Sylphy
    This man is a demon!
[01:23] Sylphy
    I'm sure of it!
[01:25] Father
    No, no, no, I'm not!
[01:27] Sylphy
    Most with eyes like yours are demons!
[01:31] Father
    Lower your sword! Please!
[01:34] Father
    Ah! Lady Olivia! Please help me!
[01:37] Father
    This crazy girl is making
    baseless accusations
[01:40] Father
    and trying to kill me!
[01:44] Olivia
    Hey, put the sword away.
[01:46] Olivia
    He's not a demon.
[01:49] Olivia
    He's staff at the restaurant I usually go to.
[01:53] Olivia
    The French fries he cooks up are exquisite,
[01:56] Olivia
    and I even apprenticed under him for a while.
[01:59] Olivia
    So I can vouch for his identity.
[02:02] Ard
    Exquisite French fries?
[02:04] Ard
[02:05] Ard
    You were one of my top generals, right?
[02:08] Ard
    You went and learned how to fry potatoes?
[02:09] Ard
    Just how badly do you love potatoes?
[02:12] Sylphy
    D-Did I go and do it again?
[02:15] Olivia
    You don't need to join the patrols anymore.
[02:22] Ireena
    Why don't you go help our
    class with our attraction?
[02:25] Sylphy
    If you say so, Big Sis.
[02:29] Ard
    Good grief.
[02:34] Ireena
    It always feels strange
    looking at this tree,
[02:37] Ireena
    no matter how often I see it.
[02:38] Ard
    If I recall, the third king of Laville...
[02:41] Ard
    the man known as the Great Sword King
[02:43] Ard
    is said to have sealed something
    special here in this spot.
[02:49] Ard
    I doubt I'm the only one who's curious
    what that something special is.
[02:54] Ireena
[02:55] Ireena
    But even Papa said he didn't know.
[02:58] Ard
    Even royalty doesn't know?
[03:01] Ard
    Lady Olivia, do you know
    anything about this tree?
[03:06] Olivia
    I can't discuss this tree, even with you two.
[03:10] Ard
    So to put it another way,
[03:12] Ard
    it's something that important, then?
[03:18] Olivia
    Speaking of the Sword King,
[03:20] Olivia
    one of this school festival's main attractions
    is the Sword King Battle Tournament.
[03:23] Olivia
    I've already announced my participation.
[03:26] Ard
    Well, well...
[03:28] Ard
    Looks like the champion's
    already been decided, then.
[03:31] Olivia
    No, it's not yet guaranteed that I'll win.
[03:35] Olivia
[03:37] Olivia
    you'll be participating, too.
[03:40] Ard
[03:41] Olivia
    I went ahead and submitted the form
    to announce your participation.
[03:45] Ard
    But I'll be performing in the play.
[03:49] Olivia
    Surely you can do both, right?
[03:52] Ard
    Besides, I don't like showing off my power—
[03:55] Olivia
[03:57] Olivia
    I don't care about your preferences.
[03:59] Olivia
    If you won't participate,
[04:01] Olivia
    then I'll make my own decision
    and act on a certain matter.
[04:05] ---
    Are you okay with that?
[04:07] Ard
    Th-This woman!
[04:10] Olivia
    I'm looking forward to it.
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[05:47] Ard
    "The Erotic Maid Café."
[05:50] Ard
    I suppose that is very easy to understand,
[05:53] Ard
    but couldn't we have gone with
    a slightly vaguer name for it?
[05:59] Sylphy
[06:03] Sylphy
    Why, you!
[06:04] Sylphy
    You just touched my butt, didn't you?!
[06:06] Sylphy
    A perverted groper deserves
    to be sentenced to death!
[06:10] Ard
    Please let me handle this.
[06:23] Ard
    You went too far.
[06:25] Sylphy
[06:26] Ard
    Now, if you'll excuse me...
[06:29] Female Student A E7
    Please don't say such a thing!
[06:31] Female Student B E7
    Please let us offer you our hospitality!
[06:35] Ginny
    You should.
[06:44] Ard
    A-All right.
[06:45] Ard
    Just for a little bit, then.
[06:48] FemaleStudents
    Welcome back, Master!
[06:54] Female Student A E7
    What would you like today?
[06:56] FemaleStudents
    A drink? A meal? Or perhaps... me?
[07:01] Female Student C E7
    Today, I would recommend me!
[07:03] Female Student D E7
    Me, too!
[07:04] Female Student E E7
    No, me!
[07:06] Female Student BG
    Pick me instead!
[07:07] Ard
    I'd like a drink, please.
[07:09] Ard
    One orange juice.
[07:12] Ireena
    What are you doing?!
[07:13] Ireena
    All while I was out patrolling?!
[07:16] Ireena
    I can't leave you alone for one second!
[07:19] Ginny
    We're providing our service
    to Master. What of it?
[07:23] Ireena
[07:25] Ginny
    Oh, you don't need to force
    yourself, Miss Ireena.
[07:28] Ireena
    I can provide service just as well!
[07:31] Ginny
    Hmm, can you?
[07:35] Ireena
    Where are you looking?!
[07:44] Ireena
    I'll handle all the waiting
    and serving for Ard!
[07:48] Ireena
    All of you can back off!
[07:50] Ginny
    That's tyranny, Miss Ireena!
[07:53] Ginny
    Ardy is everyone's master!
[07:55] Ginny
    Please, you have to understand that!
[07:57] FemaleStudents
    That's right, that's right!
[07:59] Ireena
    Argh, jeez, shut up!
[08:01] Ireena
    Ard is solely my master!
[08:04] Sylphy
    Everyone, fighting is bad.
[08:07] Sylphy
    So we'll compromise,
    and I'll serve him for you!
[08:11] Ginny
    No, Miss Sylphy, we would be
    grateful if you didn't do anything.
[08:19] Announcer
    To everyone on campus...
[08:20] Announcer
    The festival of swordsmanship honoring
    the spirit of Laville's third king,
[08:25] Announcer
    the Sword King Battle Tournament,
    will be starting tomorrow!
[08:28] Announcer
    For this year's 100th anniversary,
    the grand prize will be
[08:32] Announcer
    a replica of his Holy Sword, Vald-Galgulus!
[08:36] Sylpy
    I'm entering!
[08:38] Ireena
    I was just thinking about entering it, too.
[08:41] Ireena
    You'll be in it, right, Ard?
[08:43] Ard
    Yes. Apparently so.
[08:45] Ginny
[08:46] Ginny
    Th-Then maybe I should enter, too.
[08:49] Ginny
    If I go up against you, Ardy,
[08:51] Ginny
    please use the match to
    give me an intimate lesson!
[08:55] Ireena
    You mean you just want to use it as an
    excuse to do naughty things, don't you?
[09:00] Ginny
    Such mistrust again!
[09:02] Ginny
    That reminds me,
[09:04] Ginny
    we never did settle our match
    during the last battle event.
[09:07] Ginny
    This time, I'll beat you black
    and blue, so prepare yourself!
[09:11] Ireena
    Come try me if you can, you horny succubus!
[09:21] Sylphy
    The Holy Sword, Vald-Galgulus...
[09:25] Sylphy
    Big Sis's sword...
[09:30] Announcer
    Now, that time of year has come once again!
[09:32] Announcer
    It's the Sword King Battle Tournament!
[09:34] Announcer
    Contestants can only use sword
    techniques and enhancement magic.
[09:38] Announcer
    Though this year, we have three exceptional
    people partaking in the tournament!
[09:43] Announcer
    Two of which are attending this very school!
[09:45] Announcer
    Everyone knows of the
    children of the Great Heroes!
[09:49] Announcer
    My heart's racing with anticipation!
[09:52] Announcer
    And the last one is none other!
[09:54] Sylphy
[09:55] Announcer
    The living legend! The founder and
    pinnacle of all swordsmanship!
[10:00] Announcer
    One of the Top Four Heavenly Kings!
    Lady Olivia vel Vine!
[10:05] Spectator1
    Is it really her?
[10:07] Spectator2
    They get to challenge that master swordsman?!
[10:10] Sylphy
    Huh? What about me?
[10:13] Sylphy
    Hey, what about me?
[10:15] Sylphy
    Do I not count among those three?
[10:18] Ireena
    Well, cheer up.
[10:21] Ireena
    I'm sure something good
    will happen to you someday.
[10:23] Sylphy
[10:25] Announcer
    Now, the eight strongest
    contenders who conquer
[10:28] Announcer
    the preliminary round of the tournament
    will advance to the final rounds!
[10:46] Competitor
    I-I yield.
[10:52] Ard
    If I lose here, she'll
    think I lost on purpose.
[10:56] Ard
    If I'm going to lose, it should
    be in the final rounds.
[10:59] Announcer
    It's the final match of preliminary block eight
    in the Sword King Battle Tournament!
[11:04] Announcer
    Once the winner of this match is decided,
[11:06] Announcer
    we'll have our eight contenders
    moving on to the finals!
[11:09] Ireena
    Final match...
[11:10] Ireena
    That just leaves Ginny.
[11:20] Ireena
    Her opponent is a favorite
    to win, alongside Lady Olivia.
[11:41] Ard
    Not good. She'll lose, at this rate.
[11:44] Ard
    Being anxious will take away
    even her faint chance to win.
[11:50] Ard
    Miss Ginny!
[11:51] Ard
    It's still too early in the fight to give up!
[11:54] Ard
    Keep your hopes up and face
    him until the very end!
[12:18] Announcer
    That's the match!
[12:20] Announcer
    An unexpected comeback!
[12:22] Announcer
    The winner is this nameless woman of talent!
[12:24] Announcer
    Ginny Fin de Salvan!
[12:32] Classmate
    Ireena, Sylphy,
[12:34] Classmate
    could you hurry back to our café?
[12:36] Classmate
    We're short-handed.
[12:38] Ireena
[12:39] Sylphy
    Of course.
[12:40] Ireena
    Later, then.
[12:42] Ard
[12:46] Ginny
[12:48] Ard
    You did well.
[12:50] Ginny
[12:51] Ginny
[12:52] Ginny
    Where are Miss Ireena and Miss Sylphy?
[12:54] Ard
    They returned to the café.
[12:57] Ginny
    Is that so?
[13:00] Ard
[13:05] Ard
    "The Miss & Mister Beauty Contest"?
[13:08] Ard
    I suppose that's all right.
[13:10] Ginny
    Then, please come with me!
[13:11] Ard
    No, I have to patrol.
[13:14] Ginny
    Lots of people will be at the
    Miss & Mister Beauty Contest,
[13:18] Ginny
    so wouldn't that count as patrolling?
[13:21] Ginny
    Besides, I want you to come watch me, Ardy.
[13:24] Ginny
    Is that so bad?
[13:28] Ard
    A-All right...
[13:35] Ard
    She's right.
[13:36] Ard
    There are a lot of people here.
[13:38] Ard
[13:40] Ard
    Where have I...?
[13:46] Ard
    Oh yeah, him!
[13:49] Ard
    Is he here for Ginny?
[13:51] Announcer 2
    Entry number 18! Miss Lilith takes the stage!
[14:00] Elraldo
[14:02] Elraldo
    Lilith! Lilith! Lilly!
[14:03] Ard
    Excuse me, are you by chance...
[14:06] Ard
    Mister Elraldo?
[14:08] Elraldo
[14:12] Ard
    I knew it.
[14:14] Ard
    Though his appearance has...
    significantly changed.
[14:18] Ard
    I had heard that you were holed up
[14:20] Ard
    in your dorm room ever since
    the commotion around our duel.
[14:25] Elraldo
    I-I haven't done anything wrong!
[14:28] Elraldo
    It's true!
[14:29] Elraldo
    S-So... please don't kill me!
[14:33] Ard
    Why are you here?
[14:35] Elraldo
    I-I just came to watch L-L-Lilly.
[14:39] Elraldo
    That's all.
[14:40] Elraldo
    Ah, Lilly...
[14:43] Announcer 2
    Now, next up is entry number 19, Miss Ginny!
[14:52] Elraldo
    Ginny's taking the stage?
[14:55] Elraldo
    I see. So she's changed, then.
[14:58] Ard
    One could say the same about you.
[15:01] Elraldo
    Ever since that day when she met you,
[15:04] Elraldo
    she's grown stronger and
    improved things for herself.
[15:08] Elraldo
    Compared to her, I haven't changed at all.
[15:11] Ard
    No, you've changed plenty.
[15:14] Elraldo
    Ginny's family has had the duty of serving
    and protecting my family for generations.
[15:22] Elraldo
    So when we were children,
[15:25] Elraldo
    Ginny was always at my side as my guardian.
[15:28] Elraldo
    But she was always bad at everything
    she did when she was young.
[15:33] Elraldo
    It made me feel like I had to be
    the one to protect her instead.
[15:37] Elraldo
    Yet, even though I felt that way,
    I got frustrated at how slow she was.
[15:40] Ard
    So that's why you did what you did?
[15:43] Elraldo
    That wasn't the only reason.
[15:44] Elraldo
    My father was constantly telling me
    to act like a duke's eldest son.
[15:49] Elraldo
    I was raised being told to think
    of everyone below royalty as ants.
[15:53] Elraldo
    That was incredibly stressful for me...
[15:57] Elraldo
    So to escape from it, I began
    insulting and bullying Ginny.
[16:03] Elraldo
    But because of what I've done,
[16:05] Elraldo
    I've left a curse of inferiority on
    her heart that still hasn't lifted.
[16:12] Elraldo
    It might not mean much
    to say, coming from me,
[16:16] Elraldo
    but I'm relieved.
[16:18] Ard
[16:20] Elraldo
    Because you beat me back then,
    she's gained the chance to change.
[16:26] Elraldo
    There's no doubt that her
    curse is halfway gone now.
[16:31] Elraldo
    So I'm relieved.
[16:33] Ard
    Then what about the curse on you?
[16:36] Ard
    Think you'll break that curse
    of guilt and self-loathing?
[16:40] Elraldo
    That's something I'll probably
    bear for the rest of my life.
[16:46] Elraldo
    I haven't even managed
    to apologize to her yet.
[16:49] Elraldo
    I need to be able to face her with
    sincerity, bow my head properly,
[16:52] Elraldo
    and atone for what I've done.
[16:55] Elraldo
    I doubt my curse will be broken
    until I'm finally able to do that.
[16:59] Elraldo
    But I'm afraid to face her.
[17:03] Elraldo
    I doubt you'd be able to
    understand these feelings.
[17:06] Ard
    That's not true.
[17:08] Ard
    I bear a similar burden myself.
[17:11] Ard
    I still haven't been able to
    tell Sylphy about that yet...
[17:17] Elraldo
    I thought you were an unpleasant
    man who just had it all,
[17:22] Elraldo
    but I guess you've suffered, too?
[17:26] Elraldo
    Looks like the contest's
    results are already decided.
[17:30] Elraldo
    A guy like me shouldn't stay here any longer.
[17:41] Announcer 2
    This year's winners are class 1-C's
     Miss Ginny and Mister Ard!
[17:46] Mob1
    So cute!
[17:48] Mob3
    I wish the guy beside her would die.
[17:50] Ard
[17:51] Ginny
    My, I never thought I'd actually win!
[17:56] Ginny
    Does this mean I'm actually
    a little attractive?
[17:59] Ard
    More than just a little.
[18:01] Ard
    You can hold your head
    high as the winner today.
[18:05] Ard
    I guarantee you that, Miss Ginny.
[18:08] Ard
    Though it's not like I have any
    authority to back that guarantee.
[18:15] Ginny
[18:17] Ginny
    You really think so?
[18:20] Ard
    You truly are a lovely woman.
[18:23] Ard
    So have confidence in yourself.
[18:27] Ginny
    Thank you so much.
[18:29] Ginny
    I think I might be able to
    like myself a little more.
[18:36] Student Mob 1
    Oh! Ginny's back!
[18:38] Student Mob 2
    Congratulations on winning the contest!
[18:40] Ginny
[18:42] Ard
    What an incredible amount of customers.
[18:48] Ginny
    It's so full of customers.
[18:50] Ard
    Looks like our advertising
    has already paid off.
[18:53] Ireena
    You're late—ahh!
[18:56] Ireena
    I wanted to enter that contest, too!
[18:59] Ireena
    Not fair!
[19:06] Announcer
    Now, it's time for the third match!
[19:08] Announcer
    It's no exaggeration to say
    this is the real final battle!
[19:12] Announcer
    The living legend is already
    facing the number one rookie!
[19:18] Ard
    This is what I least wanted to happen.
[19:20] Ard
    It's hard to hold back so
    I don't give myself away.
[19:23] Olivia
    Shall we play around again,
    my foolish little brother?!
[19:37] Ard
    It would be too unnatural if
    I lost without doing anything!
[19:41] Olivia
[19:42] Olivia
    Don't die on me now!
[19:44] Olivia
    Hey, Ardy!
[19:46] Olivia
    An arena is no place to put on an act!
[19:52] Ard
    Not good! She's serious!
[19:53] Ard
    Reflect Mega Wall!
[20:02] Spectators Male
    You can't do that.
[20:03] Spectators Male
    That's against the rules!
[20:04] Spectators Male
    Ah, he did it now.
[20:05] Spectators Male
    Don't come back again!
[20:07] Spectators Female
    Lady Olivia!
[20:08] Ard
    Ahh, I went too far...
[20:12] Ard
    In the end, I was disqualified
    for using prohibited magic.
[20:17] Ard
    Olivia didn't make it back in
    time for her match and forfeited.
[20:20] Announcer
    This next match is between the daughter of
    the Heroic Baron and our no-name dark horse!
[20:27] Sylphy
    Big Sis!
[20:28] Sylphy
    Do your best out there!
[20:30] Ginny
    I won't lose to the likes of you!
[20:34] Ireena
    Don't get full of yourself!
[20:36] Ginny
    I'll never lose to someone
[20:38] Ginny
    who dares to monopolize Ardy for herself!
[20:49] Ireena
    What is this harem nonsense?!
[20:51] Ireena
    I'm the only one allowed to be with Ard!
[20:54] Ginny
    If you think of him as more than a friend,
[20:57] Ginny
    then why don't you just come out and say it?!
[20:59] Spectators Female
    Huh? What?
[21:00] Spectators Male
[21:01] Spectators Male
    What's with this match?
[21:02] Spectators Male
    Is Ard the guy from earlier?
[21:04] Spectators Male
    Take this seriously!
[21:04] Ard
    Will this match end soon?
[21:06] Ard
[21:19] Announcer
    The winner is Ireena!
[21:28] Ireena
    Now we've settled who belongs beside Ard!
[21:32] Ginny
    Huh? What are you saying?
[21:35] Ginny
    Just because you won in swordsmanship?
[21:38] Ard
    That was a splendid battle, both of you.
[21:41] Sylphy
    You did it, Big Sis!
[21:44] Ireena
    Anyway, I'll be the one at Ard's side!
[21:47] Ginny
    Absolutely not!
[21:53] Maskedman
    Good grief.
[21:55] Maskedman
    Nothing is more useless than actors
    who won't follow their script.
[22:02] Maskedman
    This will cause the outcome to change.
[22:05] Maskedman
    And we can't have that.