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E12 - Beyond Our Determination

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:04] Ireena
    He's gone...
[00:06] Ginny
    Miss Ireena.
[00:08] Ireena
    We kind of keep getting
    left behind, don't we?
[00:13] Ginny
[00:14] Ginny
    I feel like we've been completely
    lacking a reason to be here so far.
[00:19] Ireena
    We wouldn't be able to do anything
    if we went on the battlefield...
[00:23] Ireena
    I know that's true,
[00:25] Ireena
    but I don't want to admit it.
[00:29] Ginny
[00:31] Ginny
    we're not going to take the
    option of giving up, right?
[00:35] Ireena
[00:39] Ginny
    If only you would give up,
[00:41] Ginny
    then I could make smooth progress on
    the 10,000 Person Ardy Harem Plan.
[00:46] Ireena
    I won't accept any harems!
[00:48] Ireena
    And wait, you just increased how
    many are in it, didn't you?!
[00:54] Latima
    Miss Ireena. Miss Ginny.
[00:56] Latima
    I have an important announcement.
[00:59] Ireena
    An important...
[01:00] Ginny
[01:02] Latima
[01:03] Latima
    At Sir Ard's orders,
[01:05] Latima
    you two are to depart at once.
[01:10] Ginny
    Does that mean there's
    something that we can do?
[01:14] Ireena
[01:19] Ginny
    Miss Latima, could you please explain?
[01:23] Latima
    Our deployment is part of the
    operation Sir Ard devised.
[01:28] Latima
    Sir Ard has uncovered the truth
    behind the Demon Lord's immortality,
[01:31] Latima
    and he ordered me to head to the castle
    occupied by the Demon Lord with you two
[01:36] Latima
    when the appropriate time came.
[01:38] Ireena
    Why did he tell you,
    instead of telling us directly?
[01:42] Latima
    Because it was important to
    act under absolute secrecy.
[01:48] Ireena
    Then could you tell us what the plan is?
[01:52] Latima
    Sir Ard theorizes that the
    Demon Lord's immortality
[01:55] ---
    results from the use of a secret
    soul-separation technique.
[01:58] Ireena
    Secret soul-separation technique?
[02:00] Ireena
    You mean that thing?
[02:03] Ireena
    The kind that separates
    the soul from the body...?
[02:06] Latima
    And seals it into an appropriate vessel.
[02:09] Latima
    Death requires both the loss of the
    soul and the body at the same time,
[02:13] Latima
    so separating the two makes
    one practically immortal.
[02:19] Ginny
    So then?
[02:20] Latima
    According to Sir Ard,
[02:22] Latima
    there are two drawbacks to that technique.
[02:25] Latima
    One is that the user must never be more than
    a certain distance away from the vessel.
[02:30] Latima
    The other is that if their vessel is ever
    destroyed, they lose their immortality.
[02:36] Latima
    So he surmises that the Demon Lord
    moved the vessel along with his soul
[02:40] ---
    to the castle that he's occupied.
[02:42] Ginny
    Now that you mention it,
[02:43] Ginny
    Lord Varvatos did mention during the meeting
[02:45] Ginny
    that they would win once they reached the castle.
[02:49] Ireena
    So we've been entrusted with the secret
    mission of destroying that vessel?
[02:54] Latima
    That is correct.
[02:56] Latima
    The battle currently being carried
    out under Lord Varvatos's direction
[03:00] Latima
    is nothing more than a diversion.
[03:04] Latima
    Though no one knows that's the case.
[03:07] Latima
    Sir Ard discovered a secret
    passage into the castle.
[03:11] Latima
    We'll be using that.
[03:12] Ireena
    But why us?
[03:15] Ireena
    Why leave such a major role to us?
[03:21] Ginny
    That's not very like you, Miss Ireena.
[03:25] Ginny
    You're usually the type to be
    overjoyed at moments like this.
[03:30] Ginny
    If Ardy found out you were so weak,
[03:34] Ginny
    I'm sure he'd be disappointed.
[03:37] Ireena
[03:38] Ireena
    D-Don't say stupid things!
[03:40] Ireena
    There's no way he'd be disappointed in me.
[03:43] Ginny
    Uh-huh, that attitude suits you much better.
[03:49] Ginny
    At times like these, you should just go
    "Yay! Hooray!" and celebrate without a care.
[03:57] Ireena
    Yeah, you're right! That's true!
[04:00] Ireena
    I'll do this!
[04:05] Latima
    Step back!
[04:11] Ireena
[04:14] Latima
    Please go on!
[04:15] Latima
    I'll hold the enemies back!
[04:18] Latima
    Hurry! Go on!
[04:21] Ireena
    Got it!
[05:00] Olivia
    Let's push forward and conquer!
[05:09] Sylphy
    Jeez, Big Sis Lydia, where did you go off to?
[05:13] Sylphy
    I wish you'd tell me when you'll be back!
[05:25] Ginny
[05:26] Ireena
    There's no mistake.
[05:28] Ireena
    It's the vessel housing
    the Demon Lord's soul.
[05:34] Ireena
    Let's do this, Ginny!
[05:36] Ginny
[05:50] Ireena
    Why, you!
[05:52] Ginny
    What? What's this?
[05:54] Latima
    It's no use.
[05:57] Latima
    That restraint spell also
    seals away your magic power.
[06:02] Ginny
[06:04] Ireena
    What's going on here,
[06:08] Ireena
[06:14] Ard
    Miss Ireena! Miss Ginny!
[06:17] DemonLord
    Now, those are some familiar faces.
[06:19] DemonLord
    I thought I'd never get
    to see those two again.
[06:24] DemonLord
    Let me make this boring excuse for you anyway.
[06:27] DemonLord
    If you value the hostages'
    lives, then join my army.
[06:32] Ard
    And what will happen to them if I say no?
[06:35] DemonLord
    Nothing will happen.
[06:37] DemonLord
    I already told you.
[06:38] DemonLord
    This is nothing more than a farce.
[06:42] Ard
    So you have no intention of harming them?
[06:46] Ard
    Are you really just trying
    to give me an excuse?
[06:50] Ard
    To let me say I had to join you
    in order to save the hostages?
[06:55] DemonLord
    I already know what you're thinking.
[06:57] DemonLord
    And how Lydia feels, too.
[07:00] DemonLord
    I'm sure that when she does die,
[07:02] DemonLord
    she'll be filled with satisfaction
[07:04] DemonLord
    instead of lament and regret.
[07:06] DemonLord
[07:07] DemonLord
    What about how we feel?
[07:09] DemonLord
    We had to kill our best
    friend with our own hands.
[07:12] DemonLord
    We encouraged her to do
    what would lead to that.
[07:15] DemonLord
    Bearing that sin for all eternity is just...!
[07:18] DemonLord
    Even if Lydia did long for a miserable end,
[07:22] DemonLord
    isn't it only natural that we
    would long for her to be happy?
[07:27] DemonLord
    I'll be taking many lives
    to ensure that Lydia lives.
[07:32] DemonLord
    I'll probably even drive the
    world to the brink of ruin.
[07:36] DemonLord
    However, if that's what
    it takes to save Lydia,
[07:39] DemonLord
    then it's a cheap price to pay!
[07:40] DemonLord
    The lives of others mean nothing to me now!
[07:45] DemonLord
    A part of you, deep in your heart,
    feels the same way, right?
[07:50] DemonLord
    So then why hesitate?
[07:57] DemonLord
    If you must still continue to hesitate,
[08:00] DemonLord
    then I'll give you another excuse.
[08:02] DemonLord
    I may not do anything to harm those girls,
[08:05] DemonLord
    but I can't guarantee what will happen to them
    when the Varvatos's army reaches this castle.
[08:13] Ard
    Wha?! Are you threatening me?!
[08:16] Ard
    So even putting your vessel here was
    all part of your calculated plan?
[08:20] DemonLord
    Hmph! Let me put even more plainly.
[08:24] DemonLord
    If you don't want to lose
    those two, then join me.
[08:32] Ireena
    Why are you doing this?
[08:34] Latima
    The reason for my actions is simple.
[08:37] Latima
    Lady Lydia.
[08:38] Ireena
    Wh-What do you mean?
[08:41] Latima
    There's no need for you two to know that.
[08:43] Latima
    In the end, you two are simply
    tools to manipulate Ard Meteor.
[08:48] Latima
    Just be quiet while you're put to use.
[08:52] Ginny
    My goodness, how troublesome.
[08:55] Ginny
    Your biggest weakness is that
    fragile mentality of yours.
[08:59] Ginny
    Since you always so arrogantly
    believe that you can do anything,
[09:02] Ginny
    your ability to think completely
    stops when you're in a pinch.
[09:08] Ginny
    But I'm different.
[09:10] Ginny
    Being in a pinch was a natural
    part of my daily life,
[09:13] Ginny
    so I'm able to break out of this situation.
[09:17] Latima
    What could you two possibly do
    when you can't even use magic?
[09:22] Ginny
    That's true.
[09:23] Ginny
    We can't use magic.
[09:25] Ginny
    Though what about atypical magic?
[09:29] Ireena
[09:30] Ginny
[09:31] Both
[09:37] Ireena
    Honestly, you tick me off!
[09:39] Ginny
    I'll take that as praise.
[09:42] Latima
    Unexpected though that was,
    it's not a problem.
[09:46] Latima
    All of your efforts shall end in vain.
[09:59] Ireena
    No matter how many you call upon,
    they're no match for us!
[10:03] Ginny
    Once we're finished with the opening
    act, you're next, Miss Latima.
[10:08] Latima
    Is that so?
[10:09] Latima
    Then there's only one action I should take!
[10:14] Lydia
    Now this sounds interesting.
[10:16] Lydia
    Let me in on this, would you?
[10:21] Lydia
    Hmph! Come on,
[10:23] Lydia
    call up something that
    puts up a better fight.
[10:26] Ireena
    Why are you here, Lady Lydia?
[10:30] Lydia
    Those hairpins I gave you?
[10:33] Lydia
    They're magic equipment with a spell
    that monitors your current status.
[10:38] Ginny
    They held such a power?
[10:41] Lydia
    Give it up, Latima!
[10:43] Latima
    N-No! Even if you...
[10:46] Latima
    No, all the more so because it's for you!
[10:49] Latima
    This world can go to ruin
    if it means saving you!
[10:56] Lydia
[10:57] Lydia
    I guess all of you would feel that way.
[11:10] Lydia
    You dumbass.
[11:13] Latima
    Lady Lydia, I...
[11:20] Lydia
    Every single one of you...
[11:25] Lydia
    I'd be lying if I said
    it didn't make me happy.
[11:28] Lydia
    But I'm prepared to accept
    whatever fate befalls me.
[11:33] Lydia
    I'm fighting to protect the
    hopes and dreams of others
[11:36] Lydia
    and to create a world where
    everyone can live with a smile!
[11:42] Lydia
    Once I've accomplished that, I'll disappear
    after seeing everyone's smiles.
[11:47] Lydia
    That's what it means to be Champion.
[11:50] Lydia
    In the end, I'll bear the full responsibility
    and sin of all our bloodshed
[11:54] Lydia
    and go to Hell.
[11:57] Lydia
    That's what it means to be Champion.
[12:00] Lydia
    And I'm the Champion before
    I'm your best friend.
[12:05] Lydia
    So I'll live like the Champion
    and die like the Champion.
[12:12] Lydia
    So don't you go living life always
    looking back, you big dumbass!
[12:21] Demon Lord
[12:28] Varvatos
[12:30] Ard
    It's over already.
[12:32] Ard
    Your plan is ruined.
[12:34] Demon Lord
    It's not over yet!
[12:36] Demon Lord
    You only robbed me of my immortality!
[12:38] Demon Lord
    Even if I'm defeated in this battle,
[12:41] Demon Lord
    so long as you join me, I'll...!
[12:44] Ard
    You already know what
    my answer is, don't you?
[12:48] Ard
    My alter ego, do you
    truly wish to save Lydia?
[12:54] Demon Lord
[12:56] Ard
    Are you sure you aren't just trying to run?
[13:00] Ard
    What you truly want
[13:02] Ard
    is to save yourself from
    the guilt of slaying Lydia.
[13:06] Ard
    You want to forgive
    yourself and die in peace.
[13:09] Ard
    You're just using Lydia
    toward that end, aren't you?
[13:13] Demon Lord
[13:15] Ard
[13:16] Ard
    Both you and I have always acted
    on our own selfish feelings
[13:19] Ard
    without thinking about how others feel!
[13:22] Ard
    So why not truly do something for someone
    else for the first time in our lives?
[13:26] Ard
    We should work to honor Lydia's wishes!
[13:29] Demon Lord
    Shut up!
[13:33] Demon Lord
    Yeah, that's right!
[13:34] Demon Lord
    That's right!
[13:36] Demon Lord
    I do want to forgive myself! Save myself!
[13:39] Demon Lord
    But even so!
[13:40] Demon Lord
    I won't let you deny how I feel about Lydia!
[13:46] Demon Lord
    This is the end for you!
[13:48] Demon Lord
    The path of old is despair.
[13:51] Ard
    That is the life of a pathetic man.
[13:54] Demon Lord
    Even though there are those who follow him,
[13:56] Ard
    None rule together with him.
[14:03] Both
    Surely that will be...
[14:08] Both
    A Private Kingdom!
[14:25] Demon Lord
    Why did you end your own life?!
[14:27] Demon Lord
    Was it not because you
    couldn't endure the solitude?
[14:30] Demon Lord
    How dare someone like you
    accuse me of running?!
[14:33] Demon Lord
    Have you forgotten our
    last words with Lydia?!
[14:37] Ard
    Th-There's no way I ever could!
[14:42] (Flashback) Lydia
    You bastard! What are you thinking?!
[14:45] (Flashback) Varvatos
    What do you mean?
[14:47] (Flashback) Lydia
    Why are you thinking, accepting
    their demand for a ceasefire?!
[14:50] (Flashback) Lydia
    Are you insane?!
[14:52] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Obviously I'm sane.
[14:55] (Flashback) Varvatos
    We'll agree to a ceasefire and enter
    into a non-aggression treaty.
[14:58] (Flashback) Varvatos
    We'll allow them to govern their own land,
[15:00] (Flashback) Varvatos
    and while we won't recognize the
    formation of a demon nation,
[15:05] (Flashback) Varvatos
    we'll tolerate it.
[15:06] (Flashback) Lydia
    How can you trust them?!
[15:09] (Flashback) Lydia
    There'll just be more
    fighting again in no time!
[15:12] (Flashback) Lydia
    We should crush them right now!
[15:14] (Flashback) Lydia
    Now is our chance!
[15:15] (Flashback) Varvatos
    I don't plan on changing my mind,
    no matter what you say.
[15:20] (Flashback) Lydia
    Screw you!
[15:21] (Flashback) Lydia
    I thought we shared the same ambition!
[15:25] (Flashback) Lydia
    You traitor!
[15:27] (Flashback) Varvatos
    And have you ever stopped
    to consider how I feel?
[15:33] (Flashback) Lydia
    I don't give a damn how you feel!
[15:35] (Flashback) Varvatos
    If you want to fight them that badly,
    then do it on your own!
[15:38] (Flashback) Varvatos
    I don't care what you do anymore!
[15:51] Demon Lord
    I never should have said such things to her!
[15:54] Demon Lord
    I never intended to say them!
[15:57] Demon Lord
    I should have been honest
[16:00] Demon Lord
    and told her how I truly felt,
[16:03] Demon Lord
    how I didn't want her to die!
[16:06] Demon Lord
    Coming to an end like that...
[16:08] Demon Lord
    I'll never accept that Lydia had
    to face such a miserable end!
[16:13] Demon Lord
    That's why I'll save Lydia
[16:16] Demon Lord
    and seek judgment at Lydia's hands!
[16:19] Demon Lord
    Lydia deserves happiness!
[16:50] Ard
    I see.
[16:53] Ard
    If that's what you wish, then—
[17:00] Ard
    It's over, Disaster Rogue, my alter ego.
[17:05] Demon Lord
    Do you truly believe that
    this is for the best?
[17:11] Demon Lord
    Please, remember...
[17:13] Demon Lord
    the days we spent with Lydia.
[17:15] Demon Lord
    And just how
[17:17] Demon Lord
    precious they were.
[17:32] Demon Lord
[17:33] Demon Lord
[17:35] Demon Lord
    I can't fail,
[17:37] Demon Lord
    not this time...
[17:40] Demon Lord
    I only truly understood after I lost her...
[17:43] Demon Lord
    How I felt for Lydia.
[17:46] Demon Lord
    That's why I want to save her.
[17:49] Demon Lord
    I loved her.
[18:00] Demon Lord
    You are committing that same sin once again!
[18:04] Demon Lord
    Don't forget that!
[18:06] Demon Lord
    Once more...
[18:08] Demon Lord
    Once more you are killing
    Lydia with your hands!
[18:23] Ard
    What's this?
[18:28] Lydia
    Looks like you're going home.
[18:31] Lydia
    Well, guess that's best for you guys.
[18:34] Ireena
    Lady Lydia, you knew about us?
[18:39] Lydia
    Kind of.
[18:58] Lydia
    Hey, can I ask you all one thing?
[19:02] Lydia
    What's the future like?
[19:05] Lydia
    Is the world a place where
    everyone can live with a smile?
[19:14] Ginny
    The future...
[19:16] Ginny
    The future is a wonderful world,
    just like you longed for, Lady Lydia!
[19:21] Ireena
    I have fun every day,
[19:23] Ireena
    and even though we sometimes fight,
[19:25] Ireena
    we're all happy.
[19:28] Ireena
    I do think it's a world
    where everyone's smiling!
[19:33] Lydia
    I see.
[19:34] Lydia
    Then our sacrifice wasn't all for naught.
[19:38] Lydia
    Can I ask you to convey
    one last thing for me?
[19:41] Lydia
    It seems there are a few things
    I need to say to Ard.
[19:45] Both
[20:02] Varvatos
    What is this?
[20:04] SubordinateA
    I have a message.
[20:06] SubordinateA
    We have put the Demon Lord's army to rout!
[20:08] Varvatos
    Is that true?!
[20:12] Varvatos
    Was it them?
[20:16] SoldierB
[20:17] SoldierB
    Don't let a single one escape!
[20:20] Varvatos
    Men, settle down!
[20:23] Varvatos
    Our army has won.
[20:25] Varvatos
    Pursuing them any further is pointless.
[20:38] Lydia
    Good job.
[20:41] Varvatos
    There was nothing I did this time.
[20:44] Varvatos
    Aside from having talented subordinates.
[20:48] Varvatos
    What happened to Ard Meteor?
[20:50] Varvatos
    Was he not with you?
[20:54] Lydia
    He went home.
[20:56] Lydia
    To where he belongs.
[20:59] Varvatos
    I see.
[21:03] Varvatos
    So it's over.
[21:06] Lydia
    No, it's just begun.
[21:15] God Child
    I can't help but feel utterly impressed at
    your wonderful completion of your mission.
[21:21] Ard
    Who are you people, really?
[21:23] Ard
    Would you mind telling me
    what it is you're after?
[21:27] God Child
    There are no words to express who we are.
[21:30] God Child
    Though I hope you'll believe me on this—
[21:33] God Child
    At the very least, I'm your ally.
[21:37] Ard
    Still, I pray that we never see you again.
[21:43] God Child
    You and I both.
[21:50] Olivia
    Ard Meteor.
[21:52] Olivia
    Ard Meteor, we're here. Wake up.
[21:54] Sylphy
    Wake up already!
[21:58] Sylphy
    Good grief! Jeez!
[22:00] Sylphy
    All three of you sleep too soundly!
[22:08] Olivia
    Come on, hurry up and get out.
[22:10] Olivia
    The other students have already
    started making their way there.
[22:14] Sylphy
[22:15] Sylphy
    This is so nostalgic!
[22:17] Sylphy
    The old royal capital, Kingsglaive!
[22:20] Sylphy
    It hasn't changed much around here.
[22:23] Ireena
    A lot of things happened to us...
[22:25] Ginny
    But we're back home now.
[22:27] Ireena
    That's right, Ard!
[22:29] Ireena
    Lady Lydia left a message
    for you when we departed.
[22:33] Ard
    A message?
[22:35] Ireena
    Yeah. Um...
[22:37] (Flashback) Lydia
    No matter what comes,
    no matter what happens to us,
[22:42] (Flashback) Lydia
    we'll always be best friends.
[22:47] Ginny
    Miss Ireena!
[22:49] Ginny
    What are you doing?
[22:51] Ireena
    I'm coming now!
[22:57] Ard
[23:26] Ard
    Lydia, thank you.