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E6 - The Raging Champion

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[00:06] Sylphy
[00:24] Sylphy
    I've gotten strong!
[00:27] Sylphy
    Now I can help Big Sis Lydia!
[00:30] Sylphy
    No one will have to be sacrificed anymore!
[00:36] Sylphy
    I should be getting back to the village.
[00:39] Sylphy
    Spending three years down in a dungeon
    might have been overdoing it.
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[02:15] Sylphy
    Wh-What is all this?!
[02:26] CoachmanA E6
    Watch it, bumpkin!
[02:28] CoachmanA E6
    Pay more attention!
[02:28] Sylphy
    B-Bumpkin?! How rude!
[02:31] Coachman B E6
    Move it, move it, out of the way!
[02:37] Sylphy
    C-Can things change this
    drastically in three years?
[02:41] Sylphy
    What ever happened to our
    battle against the Evil Gods?
[02:47] Masked Man
    Glad to see you in good health
    and just as you were before,
[02:51] Masked Man
    Lady Sylphy Marheaven.
[02:54] Sylphy
    Who are you?
[02:56] Masked Man
    Your rigorous training must
    have been truly taxing.
[03:00] Masked Man
    I must say, I am impressed that you
    would dedicate 3,000 long years to it.
[03:06] Sylphy
[03:07] Sylphy
    Th-Three thousand years?
[03:09] Sylphy
    What do you mean?
[03:10] Sylphy
    I thought it was three years?
[03:12] Masked Man
[03:13] Masked Man
    Were you not aware that time flows
    much differently within that dungeon
[03:17] Masked Man
    when you set out to train in it?
[03:20] Sylphy
[03:21] Sylphy
    U-Uh, o-of course I knew that!
[03:25] Sylphy
    It looks like the world has changed a lot!
[03:27] Masked Man
[03:29] Masked Man
    I must say the world has grown quite dull.
[03:33] Sylphy
    H-Hold on a second!
[03:36] Sylphy
    Hey, who are you?
[03:39] Sylphy
    How do you know my name?
[03:41] Sylphy
    You're acting overly-familiar.
[03:43] Masked Man
    My apologies. I was feeling
    talkative, since we're old friends.
[03:49] Sylphy
    We know each other?
[03:51] Sylphy
    Now that you mention it,
    you seem kind of familiar...
[03:54] Masked Man
    Indeed we do.
[03:56] Masked Man
    You seem to have forgotten, Lady Sylphy,
[03:58] ---
    but I originally served Varvatos as my
    master alongside Lydia Viigensgeight.
[04:03] Sylphy
[04:05] Sylphy
    What is he up to now?!
[04:10] Masked Man
    That man is
[04:12] Masked Man
    already dead.
[04:15] Sylphy
    He died?
[04:17] Sylphy
    The Demon Lord died?
[04:19] Sylphy
    Then what about everyone else?
[04:21] Sylphy
    What happened to Big Sis?!
[04:24] Masked Man
    Your surprise is understandable.
[04:27] Masked Man
    The demon lord truly is dead.
[04:30] Masked Man
    However, his soul has been reincarnated
    into this world once more.
[04:35] Sylphy
[04:36] Masked Man
[04:37] Masked Man
    If you wish to learn of Lady Lydia's
    past and her current condition,
[04:41] Masked Man
    I believe asking that reincarnation
    would be the quickest way.
[04:45] Masked Man
    The reincarnation has abandoned his past
    and his duties as Demon Lord Varvatos,
[04:48] Masked Man
    and now enjoys a tranquil life
    under the name Ard Meteor.
[04:58] Sylphy
    Ard Meteor...
[05:08] Golde
    Let me get straight to the point.
[05:10] Golde
    One month from now,
[05:11] Golde
    our Laville Magic Academy plans
    to host a school festival.
[05:15] Golde
    Alternatively, it will be
    an opportunity for students
[05:18] Golde
    to display the results of their education,
[05:20] Golde
    as well as an important opportunity for us
    to welcome visitors from far and wide.
[05:25] Ginny
    He means it's a chance to earn money.
[05:29] Golde
    Since this year marks our
    100th year anniversary, as well,
[05:31] Golde
    we intend to put on a show in addition to the Sword King Battle Tournament
[05:34] Golde
    as our main attractions.
[05:36] Ireena
    A play?!
[05:37] Ireena
    I love plays!
[05:38] Ireena
    Just the other day, Ard, Ginny,
    and I went to see one!
[05:42] Golde
    That's convenient.
[05:43] Golde
    I won't force you to participate in
    the battle tournament, but in return,
[05:46] Golde
    I would you like to ask for
    your participation in the show.
[05:48] Golde
    How about it, Ardy?
[05:50] Ard
    I see, you're making a deal...
[05:53] Ard
    Miss Ireena, Miss Ginny,
    how do you feel about it?
[05:56] Ireena
    I want to do it!
[05:57] Ireena
    I've always admired actresses!
[06:00] Ginny
    If you and Miss Ireena are
    both going on stage,
[06:03] Ginny
    then I would love to help you!
[06:05] Golde
    The royal capital is currently
    raving with talk of Ardy,
[06:09] Golde
    so we're sure to sell out,
    which lets us rest easy...
[06:13] Golde
    Or so I'd like to say,
[06:14] Golde
    if not for one other concern.
[06:17] Ard
    What's this?
[06:18] Golde
    A threatening letter.
[06:20] Both
    A threatening letter?
[06:22] Golde
    In short, they're demanding
    we cancel the school festival.
[06:26] Golde
    Every year there's been some harassment,
    so it's not an unusual matter.
[06:30] Golde
    What makes this one unusual...
[06:33] Ard that it's written on parchment
    made of human skin, correct?
[06:37] Ard
    The sender...
[06:39] Ard
    is Lars Al Ghoul?
[06:42] Golde
    Ardy, I'd like to ask you to participate
    in the play and patrol the entire school.
[06:48] Golde
    I'm asking this because I know you possess
    the means to fend off this threat.
[06:52] Golde
    If something were to happen in
    the middle of the performance,
[06:55] Golde
    our typical student wouldn't stand a chance.
[06:59] Ireena
    We've got it!
[07:00] Ireena
    Ard would never give in to such a threat!
[07:03] Ireena
    Just leave this to us!
[07:05] Ard
    Please hold on.
[07:06] Ard
    Risking myself is one thing,
[07:08] Ard
    but I can't put the two
    of you in danger, as well.
[07:10] Ireena
    Don't worry!
[07:11] Ireena
    Both Ginny and I will fight alongside you!
[07:14] Ginny
    You just worry about showing
    off how cool you are, Ardy!
[07:20] Ard
    These two...
[07:21] Ard
    Even so, there aren't not enough of
    us to patrol the entire school.
[07:25] Ard
    We can't round up the common
    students to help, either.
[07:28] Golde
    Of course, Miss Olivia will be working
    with you to devise countermeasures.
[07:32] Golde
    She's been recruiting those
    who might be able to help you,
[07:36] Golde
    and she's busy conducting
    interviews right now.
[07:41] Ard
    I don't believe that Olivia simply
    wants to help or to protect us.
[07:45] Ard
    I'm sure she's plotting something.
[07:50] Ireena
    I'm excited!
[07:51] Ireena
    I wonder what story would
    be good for the play?
[07:54] Ginny
    Perhaps the tales of Demon Lord
    Varvatos's magnificent adventures?
[07:59] Ireena
    You think so, too, huh, Ginny?
[08:01] Ginny
[08:02] Sylphy
    Where is Ard Meteor?!
[08:08] Ard
[08:11] Sylphy
    Is it you?!
[08:12] Male Student A E6
    N-N-No, it's not!
[08:13] Sylphy
    You, then?
[08:14] Sylphy
    When I find out where you're hiding
    I'm going to beat you to a pulp!
[08:19] Sylphy
    Show yourself!
[08:21] Sylphy
[08:24] Sylphy
    That was mean, Olivia!
[08:27] Olivia
    Your fault for making a scene.
[08:29] Olivia
    Good grief, you haven't matured
    at all over the last 3,000 years.
[08:33] Ard
[08:35] Sylphy
    You there! You just nodded, didn't you?!
[08:37] Ard
[08:38] Ard
    You're Ard Meteor, aren't you?
[08:40] Ard
    The reincarnation of Demon Lord Varvatos!
[08:43] Ard
[08:44] Sylphy
    What on earth happened here
    while I was away training?
[08:48] Sylphy
    Where's Big Sis Lydia?
[08:49] Sylphy
    What happened to the Evil Gods?
[08:51] Sylphy
    You're going to tell me everything!
[08:53] Ard
    N-No, I have no idea what's going on here...
[08:56] Sylphy
    It's no use playing dumb!
[08:58] Sylphy
    I've done my research!
[09:00] Ard
    H-How does she know I've reincarnated?
[09:03] Ard
    I thought she left to train in a dungeon before
    the final battle and went missing after that.
[09:09] Ireena
    Ard's the Demon Lord?
[09:11] Ginny
    I never thought of that idea.
[09:13] Ginny
    But thinking about it, that makes sense!
[09:16] Ard
[09:17] Olivia
    Sylphy, you say you've done your research,
     so tell me more about that.
[09:21] Sylphy
    Well, Ard Meteor?!
[09:23] Sylphy
    If you don't intend to answer me,
    then I'll just force you to tell me!
[09:27] Ard
    I don't understand why you burst
    in here saying all these things.
[09:30] Sylphy
[09:32] Sylphy
    Is the Demon Lord running away?
[09:34] Ard
    This isn't even a matter of running away...
[09:37] Sylphy
    Honestly, that's so pathetic.
[09:39] Sylphy
    If it were me,
[09:40] Sylphy
    I'd be too embarrassed to go on living!
[09:45] Ireena
    Why, you... You just come in
    spouting whatever you please!
[09:49] Ireena
    If you want a duel that badly,
[09:50] Ireena
    then I'll take you on in Ard's place!
[09:53] Sylphy
[10:03] Sylphy
    Wh-Who are you to Ard Meteor?
[10:06] Ireena
    His friend!
[10:07] Ireena
    His one and only best friend!
[10:09] Ireena
    There's no one who's a closer
    friend to him than me,
[10:12] Ireena
    and all of his other friends come after me!
[10:15] Ireena
    That's who I am to him!
[10:17] Sylphy
[10:19] Sylphy
[10:20] Sylphy
[10:22] Sylphy
    are going to be my friend!
[10:26] Ireena
    No way!
[10:28] Sylphy
    I-I guess I'll have to duel you and
    make you spill everything, then!
[10:35] Olivia
    Very well, then!
[10:37] Olivia
    We're changing today's
    class to swordsmanship!
[10:39] Ard
    No, wait, please hold on, Lady Olivia!
[10:42] Sylphy
    My, my, what's the matter, Ard Meteor?
[10:45] Sylphy
    Losing your nerve again, like old times?
[10:48] Sylphy
    You always got a tummy ache at
    truly crucial moments, didn't you?
[10:52] Ard
    This bitch!
[10:53] Ard
    I won't fall for it.
[10:55] Ard
    Calm down.
[10:56] Olivia
    What's the matter, Ard Meteor?
[10:58] Olivia
    Why are you hesitating to practice with her?
[11:01] Olivia
    Why not just teach her a lesson
    like you did with Elraldo Spencer?
[11:07] Ard
    This woman's planning to use Sylphy
    to see if I'm the Demon Lord or not.
[11:13] Ard
    All right, then I'll humbly accept.
[11:16] Ard
    Oh, well. At this point...
[11:19] Ard
    I'll just have to put my all
    into losing spectacularly.
[11:23] Ard
    That's my only choice!
[11:26] Ireena
    Go get her, Ard!
[11:27] Ireena
    You can beat that girl up in three seconds!
[11:33] Sylphy
    I'll beat you black and blue!
[11:49] Student A E6
[11:50] Student B E6
    What's with those two?!
[11:53] Ard
    This isn't good.
[11:54] Ard
    Our fighting is too high-level,
    so it's automatically
[11:57] Ard
    raising everyone's opinion of me.
[11:58] Sylphy
    What's the matter?
[12:00] Sylphy
    Spooked by the evolution
    of my technique, perhaps?
[12:03] Ard
[12:04] Sylphy
    Well, you could reincarnate millions of times
    and you still wouldn't be a match for me.
[12:11] Sylphy
    Poor thing.
[12:13] Ard
    No, I can't let myself
    get drawn into her pace!
[12:18] Ard
    I'll just a land a single light
    blow on her, and then I'll lose.
[12:23] Ard
    Looks like she still hasn't fixed her habit
    of letting her body list after thrusting.
[12:28] Ard
    You're wide open, just like old times!
[12:33] Sylphy
    I've already seen through
     what you're planning!
[12:49] Olivia
    The match goes to Ard Meteor.
[12:52] Students
[12:53] Ireena
    Well, that's what I expected!
[12:55] Ginny
    Ardy, that was wonderful!
[12:57] Ard
    I went and did it.
[12:59] Ard
    I let myself get baited by her.
[13:02] Ard
    I was just planning to get her a little,
[13:04] Ard
    but I let myself get serious...
[13:06] Ard
    I guess her training wasn't all for show.
[13:09] Sylphy
    I-I don't accept that!
[13:12] Sylphy
    I won't accept that!
[13:14] Sylphy
    I've gotten stronger!
[13:16] Sylphy
    Far stronger than the Demon Lord!
[13:19] Sylphy
[13:30] Ard
[13:31] Sylphy
    I haven't lost yet!
[13:34] Sylphy
    Vel Stena...
[13:35] Ard
[13:36] Ard
    Don't use that technique here!
[13:38] Sylphy
[13:57] Sylphy
    D-Don't get so full of yourself!
[14:02] Olivia
    That's enough, Sylphy Marheaven!
[14:05] Olivia
    Look around you!
[14:07] Sylphy
[14:14] Olivia
    That sword disperses poisonous
    mana with its slashes.
[14:18] Olivia
    You forgot about that and let
    your emotions control you.
[14:21] Olivia
    You haven't changed at all since then.
[14:23] Olivia
    You're still a foolish child!
[14:25] Sylphy
    I-I, um...
[14:28] Olivia
    How do you think Lydia would
    react if she saw you just now?!
[14:33] Sylphy
    Why do you have to go so far?
[14:35] Sylphy
    That's nothing compared to
    what Demon Lord Varvatos did!
[14:42] Ireena
    When you do something bad, you apologize!
[14:45] Ireena
    I get that you're strong now,
[14:47] Ireena
    but that's all the more reason you
    shouldn't hurt others with your strength!
[14:57] (Flashback) Lydia
    What is your monstrous strength even for?
[15:00] (Flashback) Lydia
    Think about that a damn bit!
[15:03] (Flashback) Sylphy
    I'm shorry!
[15:12] Ireena
    There, there, so long as you understand.
[15:24] Ard
    My apologies for taking up
    everyone's time this afternoon.
[15:28] Ard
    But I would like for us to discuss
    the upcoming school festival.
[15:31] Ard
    This time, in addition to the
    annual battle tournament,
[15:34] Ard
    our class will be leading the school
    in the production of a play.
[15:39] Ard
    In my opinion,
[15:40] Ard
    I believe a signature chapter of
[15:42] Ard
    the Demon Lord's Adventures
    would be most suitable to perform.
[15:47] Ginny
    I think the tale of the Demon Lord and the
    Hero conquering an Evil God would be best!
[15:51] Ard
[15:52] Ard
    as far as tales of adventure go,
[15:54] Ard
    we'll want to include the three main
    elements of departure, initiation, and return,
[15:59] Ard
    but as for specifics...
[16:01] Ard
[16:02] Ard
    We're missing a student, aren't we?
[16:04] Ireena
    Now that you mention it, she's not here.
[16:06] Sylphy
[16:07] Sylphy
    Say that one more damn time, go on!
[16:10] Ard
    Her, huh?
[16:14] Ireena
[16:16] Sylphy
    B-Big Sis Ireena?!
[16:18] Ireena
    What's going on here?
[16:20] Sylphy
    W-Well, um...
[16:22] Sylphy
    It's their fault!
[16:23] Sylphy
    That's right!
[16:24] Sylphy
    These guys came and started making fun of me!
[16:26] Sylphy
    Saying I was a commoner and getting cocky!
[16:28] Ireena
    Is that true?
[16:30] Noble Student A
    What's this nonsense about making fun of you?
[16:33] Noble Student A
    We were just stating the facts.
[16:35] Noble Student A
    Our class of nobles, Class A,
[16:38] Noble Student A
    will earn the most praise and profit
[16:41] Noble Student A
    at this school's memorable 100th
    anniversary school festival.
[16:44] Sylphy
[16:45] Sylphy
    Awfully confident, aren't you?!
[16:47] Noble Student B
    For one thing, there's a hard difference
    between noble and commoner.
[16:52] Noble Student B
    No matter how hard you commoners work,
[16:53] Noble Student B
    you'll never measure up to a noble.
[16:56] Ireena
    You quit spouting stupid nonsense!
[16:59] Ireena
    Labeling people as noble or commoner
[17:01] Ireena
    and discriminating against them
    is honestly so stupid!
[17:05] Sylphy
    Big Sis Ireena!
[17:06] Ireena
    We're going to give the school festival
    our best and fight fair and square!
[17:12] Noble Student A
    Then don't come crying to us!
[17:13] Noble Student B
[17:16] Ireena
    Sorry, Ard.
[17:17] Ard
    What are you talking about?
[17:19] Ard
    You and I think alike, don't we?
[17:22] Ard
    To be honest, I was starting to get
    a bit angry at their lines, as well.
[17:28] Ard
    Besides, see?
[17:34] Ard
    Let's all work together
    and show them what for!
[17:41] Ard
    So, after voting, by your leave, I'll
    be playing the role of Demon Lord.
[17:48] Ard
    The role of his partner, the Hero, Lydia...
[17:51] Sylphy
    Here, here, here!
[17:52] Sylphy
    I think Big Sis Ireena should play it!
[17:54] Sylphy
    I mean,
[17:55] Sylphy
    I won't accept anyone else for the role!
[17:59] Ard
    Then the role of Lydia shall
    be played by Miss Ireena.
[18:03] Ard
    Next, is there anyone willing to
    play the role of the Evil God?
[18:07] Student A E6
    The Evil God, huh?
[18:08] Student B E6
    They're the villain, right?
[18:09] Student C E6
    That's harsh.
[18:10] Ard
    Oh, well.
[18:11] Ard
    In this current age, the
    Evil Gods are seen as absolute evil
[18:14] Ard
    and worthy of scorn.
[18:16] Ard
    We'll just have to decide by lottery.
[18:17] Sylphy
    Oh, fine, then.
[18:19] Sylphy
    If none of you want to take it, then I will!
[18:23] Ard
    That's right.
[18:24] Ard
    She was always like that, even long ago.
[18:27] Ard
    She'd step forward and take on the
    tasks others didn't want to do.
[18:31] Sylphy
[18:31] Ard
[18:31] Sylphy
    if I play the Evil God,
[18:33] Sylphy
    then I can openly get a rematch against you!
[18:36] Ard
    Then that settles the matter of the show.
[18:39] Sylphy
    What? Say something.
[18:41] Ard
    One more thing.
[18:42] Ard
    Let's discuss what our
    class will be putting on.
[18:45] Ard
    The nature of our attraction will
    determine how much money we bring in,
[18:49] Ard
    so does anyone have any good ideas?
[18:52] Students
    What should we do for it?
[18:52] Students
    What would be good?
[18:54] Ginny
    Ardy, may I for a moment?
[18:56] Ard
    Go ahead, Miss Ginny.
[18:58] Ginny
    I have an idea.
[19:00] Ginny
    It's something both novel,
    founded in tradition,
[19:03] Ginny
    and capable of producing surefire profit.
[19:08] Ginny
    A maid café!
[19:10] Ginny
    This is the best, most competitive
    attraction we can host!
[19:13] Ginny
    Maids are pure, chaste,
    dignified, and innocent beings.
[19:18] Ginny
    Yet their masters' orders also come first,
[19:21] Ginny
    and they must obey any order given to them.
[19:22] Ginny
    I'm sure you're already aware of the charm
[19:25] Ginny
    that paradoxical sense
    of transgression can produce.
[19:27] Ginny
    Yet at a maid café, anyone can become
    the master of one such innocent maiden!
[19:33] Ginny
    We'll also make bold modifications to maid
    outfits in order to stoke the customer's lusts,
[19:36] Ginny
    then serve them wholeheartedly!
[19:38] Ginny
    This attraction was previously proposed
    by my mother during her time at school,
[19:42] Ginny
    and they secured the
    greatest profit on record,
[19:43] Maids
    Welcome home, Master.
[19:44] Ginny
    so I can guarantee it will be successful!
[19:46] Students
[19:48] Ginny
    As for designing the maid outfits,
[19:50] Ginny
    I already have several rough drafts prepared.
[19:53] Ginny
    I'll hand them out now,
[19:55] Ginny
    so please have a look.
[20:00] Ginny
    You, too, Ardy.
[20:04] Ard
    Miss Ginny, I think these
    are going a bit too far...
[20:07] Ginny
    I actually went with slightly more modest
    designs, since it's for the school festival...
[20:12] Man A E6
    Th-This is pretty good, isn't it?
[20:14] Woman A E6
    There's no way I'm wearing this!
[20:16] Ginny
    You don't understand, do you?
[20:18] Ginny
    The customers at our maid café won't just
    be those coming in from outside the school.
[20:22] Ginny
    Our very own students will
    be visiting it, as well.
[20:25] Woman A E6
    That's why I won't do it!
[20:26] Woman B E6
    Yeah, yeah!
[20:27] Ginny
    Please hold on.
[20:29] Ginny
    Serving students at this
     maid café would also mean
[20:32] Ginny
    that you'll get to serve Ardy, as well!
[20:37] Ginny
    Under the pretense of our attraction,
[20:39] Ginny
    you'll be able to openly seduce him
    without anything to hold you back!
[20:47] Woman A E6
    Let's do it!
[20:48] Woman B E6
    Ginny's a genius!
[20:49] Woman C E6
    Starting today, it's salons and diets!
[20:52] Ard
    Uh, since we now have the girls' agreement,
[20:55] Ard
    I'll also agree to hosting this attraction.
[20:59] Sylphy
[20:59] Sylphy
    What makes you think you
    can just decide that?!
[21:02] Ard
    Miss Sylphy, even I'm wary of hosting
    an attraction that's too indecent,
[21:06] Ard
    but I do think this is one way we
    could guarantee we win the top prize.
[21:12] Ard
    Though, let's agree that only volunteers have
    to wear Miss Ginny's unique maid outfits.
[21:18] Ard
    You're okay with that, right, Miss Ginny?
[21:20] Ginny
    Yes, of course!
[21:21] Sylphy
    I-I guess we have to, in order to win.
[21:24] Sylphy
    I'll strip down and help, too.
[21:27] Ginny
[21:28] Ginny
    You won't have to.
[21:29] Sylphy
[21:30] Sylphy
    What gives?! That ticks me off!
[21:33] Ard
    Good grief. What is going to happen here?
[21:34] Sylphy
    My breasts?! Is it my breasts?!
[21:36] Sylphy
    I have breasts, too, you know!
[21:36] Ard
    My head hurts.
[21:46] Masked Man
    Are you having fun, Ard Meteor?
[21:48] Masked Man
    Oh, I'm sure you're having fun.
[21:51] Masked Man
    Spending such time with the first
    friend you've made in a while.
[21:55] Masked Man
    Enjoy this while you can.
[21:58] Masked Man
    Meanwhile, I'll be looking forward to
    watching how your new friend, Sylphy Marheaven,
[22:05] Masked Man
    reacts when she finally learns the truth!