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E3 - The Demon Lord's Play

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:01] Ard
    Could you say that one more time?
[00:04] Golde
[00:07] Golde
    I would like you
[00:08] Golde
    to participate in the students' battle
    event our queen shall be attending,
[00:13] Golde
    and put on an excellent,
    ostentatious performance for her!
[00:25] Ard
    No, thank you.
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[02:00] Golde
    As you know,
[02:01] Golde
    this academy is a national institution.
[02:04] Golde
    This upcoming battle event is
[02:06] Golde
    a unique opportunity for us to
    appeal for a greater budget!
[02:09] Ard
    So you're hoping to use me
    as a tool to acquire funding?
[02:12] Golde
    No, no, no!
[02:14] Golde
    I'm just thinking about the students
    and the future of this academy!
[02:19] Golde
    Ardy, I'm begging you here!
[02:21] Golde
[02:27] Ard
    Please raise your head, Headmaster.
[02:30] Ard
    It's my belief that magic exists
    to help those in need.
[02:36] Ard
    Even if you are trying to secure
    a budget, making a show of it...
[02:38] Olivia
    Goes against your aesthetics, huh?
[02:42] Olivia
    A certain, dumb, younger brother of mine
[02:43] Olivia
    once said something similar long ago.
[02:47] Olivia
    Though he went and reincarnated
    without asking anyone first,
[02:50] Olivia
    so I never got the chance to ask him
    about the meaning of such aesthetics.
[02:55] Ard
    A dumb younger brother?
[02:56] Olivia
    He wasn't my blood relative, though.
[02:58] Olivia
    We were orphans, after all.
[03:02] Ard
[03:03] Ard
    Could you please give me
    some time to consider it?
[03:06] Golde
    Of course!
[03:08] Golde
    I look forward to an amicable response!
[03:11] Olivia
    I'm going to ascertain who you truly are,
[03:15] Olivia
    son of the great mage.
[03:20] Ard
    What do I do?
[03:21] Ard
    If I refuse, they could take
    away my scholarship status,
[03:25] Ard
    or at worst, possibly expel me.
[03:28] Ard
    Then my academy life with Ireeny is gone.
[03:33] Ard
    Though nothing's riskier than participating
    in the battle event with Olivia watching!
[03:38] Ginny
    Mister Ard!
[03:41] Ard
    Oh, Miss Ginny, what's the matter?
[03:45] Ginny
    Um, i-if you don't have
    any plans after classes,
[03:47] Ginny
    would you go on a date with me?
[03:50] Ard
[03:51] Ard
    A date, you say?
[03:53] Ginny
[03:55] Ard
    A date as in the event lovers
    embark upon together?
[03:58] Ard
    That kind of date?
[04:01] Ard
    Wait, but why would Miss
    Ginny ask that of me?
[04:04] Ard
    No, no, no, no,
[04:06] Ard
    don't take this the wrong way, Ard Meteor.
[04:08] Ard
    You shouldn't harbor any wicked hopes.
[04:11] Ard
    I should turn her down right now.
[04:13] Ginny
    How about it?
[04:19] Ard
    All right.
[04:20] Ard
    I'll accompany you.
[04:22] Ginny
    Yay! A date with Mister Ard!
[04:25] Ard
    I'd like to ask a favor of you, as well.
[04:27] Ginny
[04:28] Ard
    Could you drop the "Mister"
    and just call me Ard?
[04:33] Ard
    We are classmates, after all.
[04:35] Ginny
    No way! I couldn't do that!
[04:37] Ard
    Then how about Ardy, at least?
[04:40] Ginny
    Hmm... Ardy?
[04:43] Ard
    Yes. That would be preferable.
[04:47] Ginny
    Ardy! I'm looking forward to our date!
[04:50] Ard
    Me, too.
[04:51] ---
    Hang on a dang second!
[04:53] Ginny
    Miss Ireena.
[04:54] Ireena
    M-Me, too!
[04:56] Ireena
    I want a date, too!
[05:01] Ginny
    Sure! I'm totally okay with that!
[05:03] Both
[05:04] Ireena
    D-Do you really mean that? I mean...
[05:07] Ginny
    I don't plan on trying to monopolize Ardy.
[05:11] Ginny
    In fact, I think Ardy should
    be building a harem!
[05:18] Ireena
    What's a harem?
[05:21] Ginny
    You don't know about them?
[05:23] Ginny
    Well, you see, a harem is...
[05:29] Ireena
    N-No! No way!
[05:31] Ireena
    Absolutely not!
[05:33] Ireena
    I'll never permit any harem!
[05:36] Ginny
    Huh? Why not?
[05:38] Ginny
    I think Ardy would look cool
    surrounded by lots of women.
[05:43] Ireena
    No means no!
[05:54] Ginny
    Ardy! Miss Ireena!
[05:58] Ireena
    Wow, Ginny! You're so cute!
[06:01] Ginny
    You, too, Miss Ireena.
[06:05] Ireena
    Where did you buy that outfit?
[06:05] Ard
    Man, watching two beautiful women
    frolic together cleanses the soul.
[06:06] Ginny
    At my favorite shop!
[06:12] Ginny
    Ardy, what do you think of how I look?
[06:15] Ginny
    I put a lot of effort into it for our date!
[06:18] Ard
    Oh, well, this truly is a good look on you.
[06:21] Ireena
[06:22] Ireena
    Praise me, too!
[06:24] Ard
    You look wonderful, too, Miss Ireena.
[06:26] Ireena
[06:27] Ginny
    Since it's our first date, I went with
    the orthodox choice of watching a play.
[06:32] Ard
    Oh? What are they performing?
[06:34] Varvatos Actor
    I am the omnipotent ruler...
[06:37] Varvatos Actor
[06:40] Varvatos Actor
    I will annihilate all of the evil gods!
[06:44] Ard
    To think I'd be watching
    my past life like this...
[06:56] Ard
    It would seem Ginny is starting to activate
[07:00] ---
    the succubus ability that she
    subconsciously sealed away.
[07:04] Ard
    It was said to ensnare and charm
    men and women of all ages.
[07:09] Ard
    What power and talent...
[07:12] Ard
    It's even affecting me slightly...
[07:20] Ard
    No, I must not!
[07:21] Ard
    How can I let myself harbor
    such wicked thoughts?!
[07:24] Lydia Actress
    You take action on your
    own too much, Varvatos!
[07:29] Lydia Actress
    Please, rely on my strength a little more!
[07:32] Varvatos Actor
    I'm sorry, Lydia.
[07:36] Lydia Actress
    I'm worried about you, Varvatos.
[07:40] Ard
    H-H-Hold on.
[07:42] Ard
    Is this really a play about
    the Demon Lord Varvatos?
[07:45] Ard
    Whose story am I watching here?
[07:49] Lydia Actress
[07:51] Lydia Actress
    I'll always be there for you...
[07:54] Varvatos Actor
    Thank you, Lydia.
[07:57] Varvatos Actor
    Having you around eases my weary heart.
[08:00] Ard
    No! That is absolutely, overwhelmingly,
    fundamentally wrong!
[08:04] Ard
    Lydia was actually...
[08:10] (Flashback) Varvatos
    Hey, wait! Lydia!
[08:12] (Flashback) Varvatos
    If you rush in now, then the
    tactics we prepared will—
[08:15] (Flashback) Lydia
    Shut up!
[08:16] (Flashback) Lydia
    Let's go, boys!
[08:18] (Flashback) Men
[08:20] (Flashback) Lydia
    We just have to win, that's all!
[08:23] Ard that!
[08:27] Lydia Actress
    The flowers have bloomed!
[08:30] Ard
    Flowers, my ass!
[08:34] Ard
    I'm exhausted.
[08:36] Ard
    I'm extremely exhausted between reliving my
    past and interjecting over their performance.
[08:41] Ginny
    That was so much fun!
[08:43] Ginny
    The Demon Lord Varvatos was a wonderful man!
[08:46] Ard
    Uh... sure.
[08:48] Ginny
    But I don't think I would've enjoyed
    it this much if I just watched it by myself.
[08:54] Ginny
    It's because you were with me, Ardy.
[09:00] Ireena
[09:01] Ireena
    let's go get something to eat already!
[09:05] Ginny
    I know a good place!
[09:07] Ginny
    I'll lead the way!
[09:11] ARd
    Miss Ginny, th-this is...
[09:13] Ireena
    Hey, Ard! I can't see!
[09:16] Ginny
    The hidden gem is just through here.
[09:19] Ard
    Good grief! At this point,
    we just have to follow her.
[09:27] DarkCapeA
    She's an incredibly tough woman.
[09:30] DarkCapeB
    I guess there's at least some reason she's
    hailed as the messenger of the sacred goddess.
[09:34] Ireena
[09:36] DarkCapeC
    Still, even if she is the
    queen, she's still human.
[09:39] DarkCapeC
    It should almost be ready now.
[09:40] Ireena
[09:42] DarkCapeA
    Soon enough, the queen
    will be in our clutches!
[09:48] Ginny
    What's the matter, Ardy?
[09:53] DarkCapeLeader
    Once that magic circle is complete,
[09:55] DarkCapeLeader
    even the queen won't escape unscathed.
[09:58] DarkCapeLeader
    Let's get going.
[10:03] Ard
    I'm planning to tail those guys.
[10:06] Ard
    I'm sorry for cutting our date
    short, but you two should...
[10:10] Ireena
    I'm going with you, Ard!
[10:12] Ireena
    If the queen is in danger,
    then I can't just watch and do nothing!
[10:15] Ginny
    Same here!
[10:16] Ginny
    I'm not who I was before!
[10:18] Ginny
    I should be able to help you somehow now!
[10:26] Ard
    All right.
[10:27] Ard
    At the very least, I guarantee
    I'll keep you two safe.
[10:47] Ard
    This is looking shadier by the minute.
[11:02] Ireena
    A magic circle...
[11:04] Ginny
    It's so big...
[11:07] Ard
    Oh, now I see.
[11:09] Ard
    So, that's how it is.
[11:11] Ireena
    That's how it is?
[11:13] Ard
    Apparently, we're...
[11:14] Voice
    Don't move or we'll kill you!
[11:18] Ard
    So this was a trap.
[11:21] DarkCapeLeader
    You fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
[11:23] DarkCapeLeader
    Don't get any funny ideas now, got it?
[11:25] DarkCapeLeader
    Your lives are in our hands now.
[11:32] DarkCapeLeader
    You've got an awful lot of pluck.
[11:35] DarkCapeLeader
    You think you can escape from us?
[11:37] Ard
    Well, let's see.
[11:39] Ard
    It looks to me like you have
    no intention of killing us.
[11:44] Ard
    If you were planning to kill us,
[11:46] Ard
    you would have attacked us
    by surprise or something.
[11:50] Ard
    Yet you went out of your way to hold an
    obviously suspicious conversation to lure us in,
[11:54] Ard
    and you even prepared the construction
    of this magic circle ahead of time,
[11:57] Ard
    which is more than enough for me to surmise
[12:00] Ard
    you plan to kidnap us alive
[12:03] Ard
    rather than kill us.
[12:06] Ard
    In addition to that!
[12:11] Ireena
[12:13] Ginny
[12:18] DarkCapeLeader
    Your guess was only half right!
[12:21] DarkCapeLeader
    There's no need for us to keep
    anyone but our target alive!
[12:30] DarkCapeLeader
    Wh-What?! Why won't you die?!
[12:33] Ard
    This scheme you lot have
    prepared poses no threat to me.
[12:45] DarkCapeLeader
[12:47] DarkCapeLeader
    How on earth are you—
[12:49] DarkCapeA
    Who the hell is this guy?!
[12:51] DarkCapeB
    His whole body was burned!
[12:53] DarkCapeC
[12:54] DarkCapeLeader
    Don't panic!
[12:55] DarkCapeLeader
    We're only facing three people!
[12:57] DarkCapeLeader
    We still have the upper hand here!
[12:59] Ard
    It doesn't matter how many small fry
    like you try to gang up on me.
[13:05] Ard
    I'm still in the middle of my date.
[13:09] Ard
    Now, then!
[13:29] Ard
    Now I made a point of leaving you awake.
[13:32] Ard
    If you'll confess why you
    tried to go after us,
[13:35] Ard
    then I won't have to get rough.
[13:38] DarkCapeLeader
    You monster!
[13:39] DarkCapeLeader
    You won't get away with this!
[13:49] Ireena
    A-A demon?!
[13:52] Ard
    I see. So that's what's going on.
[13:57] Demon
    Lightning Burst!
[14:05] Ireena
    D-Did he flee?
[14:07] Ginny
    It looks like it?
[14:10] Ard
    Girls, I'm going after him.
[14:13] Both
[14:14] Ireena
    Wait, but...
[14:15] Ireena
    He can fly?
[14:17] Ginny
    By the time we return to the manhole
    and climb up to the surface,
[14:21] Ginny
    he could be anywhere.
[14:23] Ard
    Why would we have to go back?
[14:26] Ard
    If he's going to fly,
    then we just need to do the same.
[14:34] Ginny
    A-Are humans supposed to be able to fly?
[14:37] Ard
    Just please remember that I am able to fly.
[14:53] CitizenA
    What's that?!
[15:02] Mother
    No! Someone save my daughter!
[15:07] CitizenB
    H-Hey, is that—
[15:09] CitizenC
    R-Run! There's a demon loose!
[15:13] Ard
    This is bad.
[15:14] Ard
    At this rate, the panic will spread.
[15:17] Ard
    The only way to settle this...
[15:21] Ard
    Listen up, citizens!
[15:24] Ard
    My name is Ard Meteor!
[15:27] Ard
    I am the son of the great mage, Jack Meteor!
[15:31] CitizenD
    Meteor? The great mage?
[15:34] Ard
    I will pursue that demon,
    so he is already as good as dead!
[15:39] Ard
    I shall punish the villain that dares
    to threaten your peaceful lives!
[15:44] Demon
    Punish me? I have a hostage, you know.
[15:46] Ard
[15:48] Ard
    Now where is that supposed to be?
[15:52] Ard
    When did you start hallucinating
    that you had a hostage?
[15:56] Demon
    What did you do?
[15:58] Ard
    Just a little illusion spell.
[16:01] Ard
    Though even so, the quality
    of demons sure has fallen.
[16:05] Demon
    Who the hell are you?!
[16:09] Ard
    Just a passing villager.
[16:14] Demon
    There is no villager like you!
[16:19] Ard
    Since you don't seem to know,
    allow me to teach you.
[16:24] Ard
    You can't escape from me.
[16:28] Ard
    Flash of Babel!
[16:43] Ard
    Now, then...
[16:44] Mother
    Um, thank you so much for rescuing my child.
[16:49] Ard
    No, it was only the right thing to do.
[16:54] CitizenF
    I-I don't know what that was,
    but wasn't it amazing?!
[16:58] CitizenG
    I've seen it before!
[16:59] CitizenG
    The great mage's magic!
[17:01] CitizenH
    His powerful, special magic!
[17:04] CitizenI
    Thank you! Thank you!
[17:06] CitizenJ
    Great mage!
[17:07] Citizen C
    Raise him up!
[17:08] Ard
    Huh? Hey!
[17:10] Citizens
    Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
[17:14] Citizens
    Sir Ard!
[17:16] Citizens
    Hooray! Hooray!
[17:19] Ginny
    D-Did something happen?
[17:24] Ard
    We were granted the honor of an audience
    with Her Majesty, thanks to today's events.
[17:30] Ard
    I was trying to avoid
    standing out, and yet...
[17:36] Rosa
    Raise your head, Ard Meteor.
[17:41] Ard
    Of course the queen would have an
    abundant aura of elegance and dignity.
[17:48] PrimeMinister
    Hey, commoner!
[17:50] PrimeMinister
    Do not gaze directly on
    Her Majesty's noble figure!
[17:54] Rosa
    It's fine.
[17:57] Rosa
    It is only natural for others
    to be enchanted by my beauty.
[18:03] Ard
    Now, what kind of attitude
    should I take here?
[18:07] Ard
    If possible, I'd like to
    take advantage of this
[18:10] ---
    to secure funding and permission
    to skip attending the battle event.
[18:14] Ireena
    Rosie, long time no see!
[18:18] VassalD
    H-How insolent!
[18:21] VassalE
[18:22] Ireena
    What? Rosie and I are friends!
[18:26] Ireena
    I won't bow my head without good reason.
[18:29] Rosa
    I see you haven't changed.
[18:31] Rosa
    That's the Ireena I know.
[18:34] Rosa
    Ireena is my friend.
[18:35] Rosa
    Therefore I shall permit her
    disrespect and forwardness.
[18:41] Rosa
    I will not allow her to be censured.
[18:47] Rosa
    Now then, I have summoned you
    here today to compensate you.
[18:52] Ard
    Hmm, how should a commoner respond
    to a queen in a situation like this?
[18:58] Ard
    While I've summoned the rulers of
    other nations as the demon lord,
[19:02] Ard
    this is my first time having an
    audience with a ruler as a commoner.
[19:05] Rosa
    Your achievements merit commendation.
[19:09] Ard
[19:09] Rosa
    As expected from the great mage's son.
[19:12] Ard
[19:12] Rosa
    I have also taken a liking to you.
[19:14] Rosa
    Therefore, you shall be rewarded.
[19:16] Ard
[19:17] Rosa
    You shall become my husband.
[19:20] Ard
[19:22] ---
[19:23] Rosa
    Perhaps I should state
    it in even simpler terms?
[19:27] Rosa
    Ard Meteor,
[19:29] Rosa
    would you impregnate me?
[19:32] PrimeMinister
    H-Have you gone mad?!
[19:34] Ireena
[19:35] Ireena
    No way!
[19:36] Ireena
    Ard is my Ard!
[19:38] Ginny
    In that case the queen will
    be part of his harem, too!
[19:43] Rosa
    Well, let us say that
    was just a joke for now.
[19:47] Rosa
    As for your reward,
[19:49] Rosa
    I shall promote you to the rank
     of pentagon-class mage.
[19:53] VassalB
[19:54] VassalC
    A commoner to pentagon?!
[19:56] VassalD
    Please stop this, Your Majesty!
[19:58] Ard
    Not good...
[20:01] Ard
    With all due respect, Your Majesty,
[20:03] Ard
    while I understand this
    may sound disrespectful,
[20:06] Ard
    I would prefer if you might grant
    my humble request as reward instead.
[20:11] Rosa
    State it.
[20:13] Ard
    I would like you to increase the budget
    for the Laville National Magic Academy.
[20:18] Rosa
    What? That is all you desire?
[20:21] Rosa
    Yet what would you gain from that?
[20:23] Ard
    I believe it would allow me to
    show my gratitude to Count Golde,
[20:27] ---
    who takes good care of us there.
[20:30] Rosa
    You would prioritize a display of
    gratitude over your personal gain?
[20:34] Rosa
    How humble and compassionate!
[20:37] Rosa
    I like you even more!
[20:39] Rosa
    As reward, I shall grant you both
    pentagon status and an increased budget!
[20:45] PrimeMinister
    You mustn't, Your Majesty!
[20:47] Vassals
[20:49] Rosa
    Fine, fine!
[20:51] Rosa
    Then what if I attach conditions?
[20:53] Rosa
    I shall grant both Ard and
    Ireena pentagon status.
[20:57] Rosa
    In return, you two shall be obligated
    to join the Queen's Shadow,
[21:00] ---
    the special forces that answer directly to me.
[21:04] PrimeMinister
    No, Your Majesty, we can't grant
    pentagon to Olhyde's daughter...
[21:09] Rosa
    That's no issue.
[21:10] Rosa
    Ireena will rise to that
    rank one day anyways.
[21:14] Ireena
    Thanks, Rosie!
[21:16] Ireena
    By the way, can you give Ginny something, too?
[21:19] Rosa
[21:21] Rosa
    How about triangle for you?
[21:25] Ginny
    Th-Thank you so very much!
[21:28] Ard
[21:29] Ard
    How did it come to this?
[21:36] OldLeader
    He's proved more capable than anticipated,
[21:39] OldLeader
    this son of the great mage.
[21:42] Elder1
    We've taken measure of his strength now.
[21:44] Elder2
    That commoner is truly exceptional.
[21:48] Elder3
    Yet he will still be no
    match for that monster.
[21:52] OldLeader
    Can we trust that woman?
[21:55] Elder4
    Your concern is wasted.
[21:57] Elder4
    That woman truly hopes to destroy this world.
[22:01] OldLeader
    All is for the sake of restoring the world to
    its proper state under our lord's proper rule.