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E4 - Duel

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:04] Lemming
    I love you! Please go out with me!
[00:08] Ard
    I'm very sorry.
[00:10] Ard
    I'm not in a position to
    focus on romance right now.
[00:14] Ard
    Would you be willing to settle
    for being friends for now?
[00:20] Ard
    I'm stumped.
[00:21] Ard
    Lately I've had to deal
    with these once a day.
[00:24] Ard
    I still don't even understand how
    I'm supposed to handle these things.
[00:27] Lemming
    So he's keeping me in reserve for now?
[00:29] Lemming
    I guess it's a matter of how
    to win him over from here?
[00:32] Lemming
    He is from a distinguished family, too...
[00:35] Ard
    Hey, your dark side is showing.
[00:38] Lemming
    He seems like a virgin, too,
[00:41] Lemming
    so if I just get him in bed...!
[00:44] Ard
    No, wait, hold on!
[00:46] Ireena
    That's enough right there!
[00:57] Lemming
    Well, um...
[00:58] Lemming
    I'll see you later!
[01:05] Ard
    Y-You saved me.
[01:07] Ard
    Thank you so much, Miss Ireena.
[01:16] Ireena
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[02:55] Jessica
    Then Ardy really isn't...
[02:57] Headmaster Golde
    Yes, he's announced that he won't be
    participating in the battle event.
[03:02] Jessica
    That's a shame.
[03:04] Jessica
    However, Her Majesty has already
    promised to increase our budget.
[03:09] Jessica
    I do not think it will be a problem.
[03:11] Headmaster Golde
    No, actually, that wasn't the only issue.
[03:15] Jessica
    It's not?
[03:16] Headmaster Golde
    I wanted him to take up
    teaching at our academy.
[03:21] Jessica
    You want Ardy... as an instructor here?
[03:24] Headmaster Golde
    Though, of course, there are many against it.
[03:28] Headmaster Golde
    Especially the nobles
    that became instructors.
[03:30] Headmaster Golde
    They positively refuse to accept the
    child of a commoner as a teacher.
[03:34] Jessica
    I'm sure.
[03:35] Headmaster Golde
    My thought was that if Ardy made an
    irrefutable display at the upcoming battle event,
[03:41] Headmaster Golde
    then the nobles opposing him
    would have to accept it.
[03:49] Jessica
    Headmaster, would you please
    leave this matter in my hands?
[03:53] Headmaster Golde
    Oh, do you have some bright idea?
[03:59] Ard
    Human relationships are so difficult.
[04:03] Ard
    What do I do to get Ireeny
    to stop being upset?
[04:09] Ginny
    Um, it's Ginny.
[04:11] Ard
    Miss Ginny? Please come in.
[04:17] Ginny
    I thought I'd come by!
[04:19] Ard
    What's the matter?
    Why are you here so late?
[04:29] Ginny
    What do you think?
[04:32] Ginny
    My mother complimented me
    and said it looked really good.
[04:35] Ard
    Please be careful not to catch a cold.
[04:39] Ginny
    Ardy, you've been especially
    popular lately, huh?
[04:42] Ginny
    Not that I mind that at all.
[04:45] Ginny
    I'm the one pushing the
    Ardy Harem Plan, after all.
[04:49] Ginny
[04:51] Ginny
    If some other girl were
[04:54] Ginny
    to steal your first time,
[04:56] Ginny
    then I wouldn't like that...
[04:58] Ard
[05:00] Ginny
[05:02] Ginny
    I think I'm going to be a bit
    more aggressive from now on.
[05:07] Ginny
    If I told you that you could do
    anything you wanted with me,
[05:10] Ginny
    what would you do?
[05:22] Ireena
    I've really done it now.
[05:40] Ard
    Um, what is this about?
[05:43] Ginny
    Ardy, you want to do it, too, don't you?
[05:47] Ginny
    Your eyes are saying you do.
[05:50] Ard
    The Charming Evil Eye?!
[05:52] Ard
    My body won't move!
[05:53] Ard
    Is this because of her succubus Skill?
[05:59] Ginny
    It's my first time, too,
[06:03] Ginny
    but it's okay...
[06:05] Ireena
[06:07] Ireena
    Pardon me!
[06:10] Ireena
    Um, about earlier!
[06:17] Ireena
[06:20] Ireena
    What are you doing?!
[06:22] Ireena
    Dummy, dummy, dummy!
[06:26] Ireena
    Stupid Ard!
[06:26] Ard
    Miss Ireena, please calm down!
[06:33] Ireena
    Stupid Ard!
[06:36] Ginny
    You're so barbaric, Miss Ireena.
[06:40] Ginny
    At this rate,
    you'll only make Ardy dislike you.
[06:43] Ginny
    Besides, what did you even come here for?
[06:46] Ireena
    I-I wanted... to make up with Ard.
[06:50] Ireena
[06:51] Ginny
[06:53] Ginny
    So then you're dressed like that
    as part of your plan to make up?
[06:55] Ireena
    Th-That's right!
[06:57] Ireena
    I-I was taught that boys w-w-will
    listen to anything you ask
[07:01] ---
    if you're wearing a naughty outfit!
[07:03] Carla
    They'll fall for it, easy.
[07:03] Ireena
    Ard's mother, Carla, taught me that!
[07:06] Ard
    Mother, what nonsense have you been
    putting into my Ireeny's head?
[07:13] Ginny
[07:14] Ireena
    Wha?! What's so funny?!
[07:16] Ginny
    Oh, nothing, I was just thinking
    that such childish aspects
[07:19] Ginny
    are but a part of your charm, Miss Ireena.
[07:25] Ireena
    Why, you! You're making
    fun of me, aren't you?!
[07:28] Ginny
    Heavens, no.
[07:29] Ginny
    Would I have any reason
    to tease you, Miss Ireena?
[07:33] Ireena
    For starters, this is all your fault!
[07:36] Ireena
    I was able to hold back all this time!
[07:39] Ireena
    But ever since you started
    making passes at him,
[07:41] Ireena
    seeing Ard surrounded by
    women just makes me irritated!
[07:45] Ginny
    Wow, now you're blaming your
    own failures on other people?
[07:50] Ginny
    I don't think that's very ladylike.
[07:52] Ireena
    Don't lecture me about what's ladylike!
    Not while wearing that outfit!
[07:55] Ard
    Hey, come on you two...
[07:57] Ireena
    At this point, we need a duel!
[07:59] Ginny
    A duel?
[07:59] Ireena
    That's right! I'll beat you up!
[08:02] Ard
    Hey, hold on!
[08:03] Ginny
    You're on.
[08:04] Ard
[08:05] Ginny
    I accept your challenge.
[08:07] Ginny
    I'm going to win anyways.
[08:09] Ireena
    Now you've said it!
[08:10] Ireena
    Then if you lose,
    you stop getting close to Ard!
[08:14] Ginny
    Yes, I'll promise you that.
[08:17] Ginny
    If you'd like, I'll even run a lap around
    the capital stark naked while we're at it.
[08:21] Ireena
    You're on!
[08:22] Ireena
    I'll run a lap around the capital stark naked
    and even eat a meat pie through my nose!
[08:26] Ard
    Stop it!
[08:28] Ard
    Both of you!
[08:29] Ard
    Now sit down right there!
[08:32] Ard
    What is all this about a duel?!
[08:33] Ard
    You two are far too foolish,
[08:35] Ard
    wanting to hate and injure each other
    over something so minor!
[08:38] Ard
    I will not allow the two of you to duel!
[08:41] Ard
    Now, apologize to one another!
[08:44] Ard
    Otherwise I'll make you go without dinner!
[08:49] Ireena
    I-I'm sorry, Ginny.
[08:51] Ireena
    I didn't mean to get so mad.
[08:53] Ginny
    I-I'm sorry, too.
[08:56] Ginny
    I let the mood get the better of me.
[09:02] Jessica
    I've heard your dilemma!
[09:04] Ard/Gin/Ireena
    Professor Jessica?!
[09:08] Jessica
    If a duel is off the table,
[09:09] Jessica
    then why not participate in the event?
[09:11] Both
[09:13] Jessica
[09:13] Jessica
    The upcoming battle event we'll be holding.
[09:16] Jessica
    If you both win your way up the bracket
    and settle your fight there,
[09:19] Jessica
    then even Ardy can't complain, right?
[09:21] Jessica
    Plus, if you two participate and do well,
[09:25] Jessica
    then it will help our plans to
    make Ardy an instructor succeed!
[09:30] Ard
[09:31] Both
    Plans to make him an instructor?
[09:33] Ard
    Wh-What is this about?
[09:34] Jessica
    The position of student is no longer
    fitting for someone like you.
[09:38] Jessica
    You ought to join us and take
    up the role of educator.
[09:43] Jessica
    Or so the Headmaster was saying.
[09:48] Ard
[09:50] Ireena
    But how does that involve us?
[09:52] Jessica
    If the two of you who received training
    from Ardy perform well and win,
[09:56] Jessica
    then it would prove Ardy's ability to lead.
[09:59] Both
    I see.
[10:01] Jessica
    So with that said, you two,
[10:02] Jessica
    would you participate in the event for us?
[10:05] Ireena
    B-But Ard always says...
[10:07] Ireena
    that power isn't meant to be flaunted.
[10:11] Ireena
    He says it's meant to protect others,
[10:13] Ireena
    or to carry out one's own convictions.
[10:17] Ginny
[10:19] Ard
    That's exactly right, Miss Ireena.
[10:21] Ard
    Besides, I've already—
[10:22] Jessica
    By the way, new instructors get
    to wear really cool uniforms, too!
[10:27] Jessica
    Of course, that would include Ardy.
[10:30] Jessica
    Don't you two want to see it?
[10:31] Ireena/Ginny
    We do!
[10:32] Ard
[10:34] Ireena
    If I'm participating, then I'm going to win!
[10:37] Ginny
    I won't lose, Miss Ireena!
[10:42] Both
    Let's both fight fair and square!
[10:46] Jessica
    My, oh my! I can't wait for
    the day of the battle event.
[10:50] Jessica
[11:16] Announcer
[11:18] Announcer
    And here comes contestant
    Lemming's splendid attack!
[11:21] Announcer
    Now, how do our three guest commentators
    view the developments we've seen so far?
[11:26] Weiss
    Miss Lemming's skill with offensive
    magic is certainly astonishing.
[11:31] Weiss
    Though her opponent, Miss Lizzie,
    is showing wonderful astuteness.
[11:35] Weiss
    It's hard to say which way
    this match will play out yet.
[11:39] Announcer
    I see. And what do the two Meteors think?
[11:43] Jack
    I still can't quite get excited for this.
[11:45] Jack
    Maybe if one of them was
    beefy, like a gorilla...
[11:49] Announcer
    I-I see.
[11:51] Carla
    These girls are rather nice!
[11:54] Carla
    Their breast sizes and
     butt shapes are perfect!
[11:58] Carla
    Once this is over,
    perhaps I'll go speak to them.
[12:02] Ard
    My stupid parents are the worst...
[12:06] Olivia
    Still, they're wonderful
    students, aren't they?
[12:09] Ard
    Yes, absolutely.
[12:11] Olivia
    Those two are talented enough that
[12:13] Olivia
    Alvarto would want to take them
    as his pupils, aren't they?
[12:17] Ard
    Well, I have never met this
    Alvarto, so I couldn't say.
[12:24] Olivia
    I guess you haven't.
[12:33] Judge
    Match over!
[12:35] Judge
    Winner, contestant Lizzie!
[12:37] Lizzie
    I did it!
[12:37] Announcer
    That was a splendid turnaround
    from contestant Lizzie!
[12:41] Staff
    Contestant Ireena, you're up.
[12:43] Ireena
[13:04] Ard
    I suppose I should pray for their
    victory as their guardian or teacher,
[13:10] Ard
    but with the plan to make me an instructor
    at hand, I can't quite do it.
[13:14] Ard
    I hope they both lose with
    as few injuries as possible.
[13:34] Ard
    I hope they lose.
[13:35] Ireena
[13:47] Opponent
[13:57] Judge
    Match over!
[13:58] Judge
    Winner, contestant Ireena!
[14:06] Ireena
    I did it!
[14:09] Ireena
    I won, Ard!
[14:19] Ginny
    Impressive, Miss Ireena.
[14:25] Ireena
[14:26] Ireena
    When we fight, it will be at the finals.
[14:29] Ireena
    I hope we both last that long.
[14:33] Ginny
    Of course.
[14:55] Announcer
    That's the match!
[14:57] Announcer
    Contestant Ginny wins!
[14:59] Announcer
    This means the final match will be between
    contestant Ginny and contestant Ireena!
[15:10] Announcer
    Although Miss Ireena has shown
    wonderful talent here,
[15:14] Announcer
    she didn't let the other students get close.
[15:20] (Flashback) Friends
[15:27] Announcer
    Um, Baron Olhyde?
[15:29] Weiss
[15:31] Weiss
    Though I believe Ardy's
    instruction played a big role.
[15:34] Weiss
    Ardy has constantly been teaching
    Ireena since the day they met.
[15:39] Weiss
    I find it rather ominous that
    Ardy possesses such leadership skills.
[15:45] Announcer
    Now! We're finally about
    to start the last match!
[15:54] Ireena
    I will not lose!
[15:57] Ginny
    That's my line!
[16:00] Olivia
    Hmph, now this looks like
    a fight worth watching.
[16:04] Ard
[16:09] Judge
    Now then, let the final battle commence!
[16:38] Announcer
    Wh-What's this?!
[17:04] Jessica
    Looks like this isn't the only
    place they decided to run amok.
[17:07] Jessica
    Anyway, there's no time to
    investigate. Let's split up.
[17:11] Jessica
    I'll take both Ireeny and
    Ginny to go handle it.
[17:14] Jessica
    Ardy, you and Lady Olivia will each go alone.
[17:17] Jessica
    Sound good?
[17:18] Olivia
[17:20] Jack
[17:20] Jack
    We're going with you!
[17:23] Carla
    Maybe I'll go all-out like I used to.
[17:25] Ard
    No, if you do that, you'll
    blow up the royal capital.
[17:29] Jessica
    Then let's spread out.
[17:59] Ginny
    Miss Ireena!
[18:00] Ireena
    Hurry up and get back up!
[18:02] Ireena
    If you let yourself get taken out here,
[18:04] Ireena
    then we'll never be able to settle our match!
[18:09] Ginny
    That's right!
[18:23] Ireena
    Th-This is...
[18:32] Ginny
    You mustn't falter, Miss Ireena!
[18:45] Ginny
    No way!
[18:50] Weiss
    Don't lay a hand on my daughter!
[18:52] Ireena
[18:53] Weiss
    Both of you, step back!
[19:15] Ireena
[19:17] Weiss
    The suffering you feel is the weight
    of having dared attack my daughter!
[19:36] Ginny
    The Heroic Baron is incredible!
[19:40] Ireena
    Of course he is!
[19:41] Ireena
    He's my papa, after all!
[19:43] Jessica
[19:44] Jessica
    Roughly all as planned.
[19:59] Ireena
[20:02] Ginna
    Professor Jessica, why?!
[20:05] Jessica
[20:07] Jessica
    Too bad for you that
     I'm not Professor Jessica.
[20:13] Jessica
    My true name is Elzard,
    the Frenzied King of Dragons.
[20:18] Elzard
    Ireena, all of this was to capture you.
[20:24] Elzard
    There's no need to fear.
[20:26] Elzard
    We wouldn't want you dying on us.
[20:28] Elzard
    If you come along quietly
    we won't have to hurt you.
[20:32] Elzard
    For now.
[20:39] Ireena
[20:40] Ginny
    P-Please run!
[20:42] Ginny
    Miss Ireena, I'll hold her off!
[20:46] Elzard
    Good grief.
[20:58] Elzard
    This is a perfect chance to show
    you how futile it is to resist me.
[21:07] Ireena
    Don't you dare hurt my friend!
[21:20] Ireena
    Go ahead and take me away!
[21:23] Ireena
    But if you dare harm Ginny...
[21:26] Ireena
    then I'll bite my tongue and die!
[21:29] Elzard
    Now that pisses me off.
[21:31] Elzard
    I really do hate you.
[21:42] Ginny
    Miss Ireena!
[21:44] Elzard
    You escaped death this time, Ginny.
[22:00] Ginny
    Miss... Ireena!