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E5 - The Story of a Lonely King

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[00:05] Weiss
    Where I am?
[00:06] Ard
    The nurse's office at the academy.
[00:09] Weiss
    I see.
[00:11] Ard
    What happened?
[00:14] Weiss
    Ireena... was kidnapped.
[00:17] Ard
    By whom?
[00:19] Weiss
    The Frenzied King of Dragons, Elzard.
SIGN    The Greatest Demon Lord
    Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
[01:54] Golde
    The Frenzied King of Dragons, Elzard?!
[01:57] Golde
    The one who nearly destroyed the
    world several thousand years ago?
[02:01] Golde
    That monster on par with
    demons and Evil Gods?!
[02:04] Golde
    What does a monster like
    that want with Miss Ireena?!
[02:07] Weiss
    That's probably...
[02:09] Ard
    That doesn't matter right now.
[02:13] Ard
    We'll rescue Miss Ireena.
[02:15] Ard
    No matter who we must face,
[02:16] Ard
    that's all we should be thinking about.
[02:18] Golde
    B-But even with your strength, that's...
[02:22] Ard
    "Impossible" doesn't exist in my dictionary.
[02:27] Jack
    Now that's my boy!
[02:30] Jack
    Right, Weiss?!
[02:35] Weiss
    I have a proposal, then.
[02:40] Ard
    What's this?
[02:42] Weiss
    The royal treasury.
[02:43] Weiss
    Just use it without asking
    any questions for now.
[02:46] Weiss
    I'm entrusting everything to you.
[02:48] Ard
    Thank you very much.
[02:52] Jack
    Are you sure?
[02:53] Weiss
    We have no choice but to rely on him.
[02:55] Jack
    That's not what I mean.
[02:57] Jack
    You're not going to tell him about you two?
[03:01] Weiss
    Until Ireena met Ardy,
[03:04] Weiss
    she spent all of her time
    locked up in the mansion.
[03:07] Weiss
    To her, every outsider was a source of fear.
[03:12] Weiss
    She instinctively understood that we
    couldn't keep our secret concealed forever.
[03:18] Weiss
    That's true even now.
[03:21] Weiss
    Yet Ireena changed after meeting Ardy.
[03:24] Weiss
    Though even that was because he
    didn't know the truth about us.
[03:30] Weiss
    I can't bring myself to tell Ardy the truth.
[03:35] Weiss
    How could I rob Ireena of the one friend
    she's finally found for herself?
[03:46] (Flashback) Ireena
    Will you truly be my friend?
[03:50] (Flashback) Ireena
    No matter what happens?
[03:52] (Flashback) Ireena
    You won't ever betray me or come to hate me?
[03:55] (Flashback) Ard
    I swear it on the name of
    the Demon Lord Varvatos.
[03:59] (Flashback) Ireena
    On the name of Varvatos...
[04:02] (Flashback) Ard
    I hope we can be good friends
    from now on, Miss Ireena.
[04:07] (Flashback) Ard
    By the way, I have a quick question for you.
[04:09] (Flashback) Ireena
    What's that?
[04:11] (Flashback) Ard
    Could you please tell me
    the truth about yourself?
[04:15] (Flashback) Ireena
    I'm actually...
[04:30] (Flashback) Ireena
[04:36] (Flashback) Ireena
[04:37] (Flashback) Ireena
[04:42] Ireena
    A dream?
[04:51] Ireena
    What's this?!
[04:53] Elzard
    Hey there, Ireeny.
[04:56] Elzard
    How are you feeling?
[04:58] Elzard
    I'd like to get the ritual
    started right away.
[05:02] Ireena
    What on earth is this?!
[05:04] Ireena
    Why am I...
[05:05] Elzard
    Come on, you understand, don't you?
[05:09] Elzard
    I want the blood running in your family.
[05:13] Ireena
    How do you know about us?
[05:17] Elzard
    Well, how do I know, indeed?
[05:20] Elzard
    More importantly, look.
[05:22] Elzard
    You can see it, can't you?
[05:26] Elzard
    That's called an Orphan of Chaos.
[05:30] Elzard
    It was created using the flesh from
[05:32] ---
    one of the many Evil Gods that the
    Demon Lord Varvatos slew long ago.
[05:37] Elzard
    By sacrificing your blood to this
    monster with the flesh of an Evil God,
[05:43] Elzard
    I can summon one of the Evil Gods from
    the dimension in which they're sealed.
[05:51] Ireena
    For what purpose?
[05:52] Elzard
    Now that's simple!
[05:55] Elzard
    Because I want to destroy this world that's
    gone soft with love, bonding, and friendship crap!
[06:01] Elzard
    This disgusting world can go perish!
[06:08] Elzard
    That's all that's driven my actions since I went
    on my rampage several thousand years ago!
[06:14] Ireena
    We won't let you do that.
[06:16] Ireena
    Ard will...
[06:18] Ireena
    Ard will come for me!
[06:20] Elzard
    Will he?
[06:23] Elzard
    Sure, he possesses inhuman strength,
[06:26] Elzard
    but when all is said and done,
    he's still human, you know.
[06:31] Ireena
    What's that supposed to mean?!
[06:33] Elzard
    What if...
[06:35] Elzard
    he were to learn about your secret?
[06:38] Elzard
    What would happen then?
[06:40] Elzard
    If he were to learn the truth,
[06:43] Elzard
    he would come to hate you.
[06:45] Elzard
    He would despise you as a monster.
[07:02] Elzard
    My condolences.
[07:05] Elzard
    Now, let's start the ritual.
[07:20] Ginny
[07:24] Ginny
    You're going to rescue Miss Ireena, right?
[07:28] Ard
[07:29] Ard
    Though this will entail
    quite a bit of danger,
[07:32] Ard
    so I can't allow you to accompany me.
[07:34] Ginny
[07:36] Ginny
    Ardy, you gave me strength,
[07:40] Ginny
    and I gained confidence.
[07:41] Ginny
    I thought I had changed.
[07:44] Ginny
    But I couldn't make friends.
[07:48] Ard
    Miss Ginny.
[07:49] Ginny
    I thought that part would never change,
[07:52] Ginny
    and I resigned myself to being alone.
[07:57] Ginny
[07:58] Ginny
    Miss Ireena...
[08:02] (Flashback) Ireena
    Don't you dare hurt my friend!
[08:07] Ginny
    Ireena called me her friend.
[08:11] Ginny
[08:14] Ard
[08:15] Ard
    I should be able to make
    it back by dinner time.
[08:20] Ard
    Miss Ginny.
[08:21] Ard
    Please prepare a delicious
    dinner and wait for us.
[08:24] Ard
    I'm sure Miss Ireena will
    be hungry when we return.
[08:31] Ard
    Now, I'm heading off.
[08:35] Ard
    Oh, right, right.
[08:37] Ard
    You just mentioned not
    being able to make friends,
[08:40] Ard
    but Miss Ireena's not the only one.
[08:42] Ard
    I consider you a friend, as well.
[08:45] Ginny
[08:47] Ard
    Once Miss Ireena's back, let's laugh
    and do silly things together again.
[08:54] Ginny
[09:06] Ireena
[09:06] Ireena
    No! Stay away!
[09:09] Ireena
    Stay away!
[09:20] Elzard
    You monsters make a perfect pair!
[09:57] Ireena
[09:58] Elzard
    So you came, Ard Meteor!
[10:03] Ard
    Good day, you worms.
[10:10] Ard
    You've certainly done it this time.
[10:13] Ard
    I have no intention of letting
    a single one of you escape,
[10:16] Ard
    so prepare yourselves.
[10:21] DemonLeader
    Don't panic!
[10:25] DemonLeader
    A-A Nine Cast?!
[10:38] Ard
    Miss Ireena, I'm sorry I was late.
[10:46] Ireena
[10:49] Ireena
    I was so scared!
[10:58] Elzard
    Not bad.
[11:01] Elzard
    Yeah, it's been a long time
    since I've felt this way.
[11:05] Elzard
    I could go mad.
[11:18] Ard
    Please don't worry.
[11:19] Ard
    I assure you a lizard like
    this is no match for me.
[11:24] Elzard
    Look at you, showing off.
[11:26] Elzard
    You like that monster that much?
[11:29] Ard
[11:31] Elzard
    That woman isn't as pure as you think she is.
[11:36] Elzard
    She may be going by Olhyde now,
[11:39] Elzard
    but that's just a fake name.
[11:40] Ireena
[11:41] Ireena
    Don't say it!
[11:43] Elzard
    Her true name is Laville.
[11:46] Elzard
    The true royalty.
[11:48] Elzard
    And that girl...
[11:54] Elzard
    carries the blood of the Evil Gods.
[12:01] Weiss
    With this world's religion
    centered around the Demon Lord,
[12:05] Weiss
    all of the "Evil Gods" have
    become subjects of hatred.
[12:09] Weiss
    If the world were to learn
    that our royal family
[12:11] Weiss
    is descended from those Evil Gods,
[12:13] Weiss
    it could overthrow the entire nation.
[12:16] Jack
    So that's why you rule
    indirectly through proxies.
[12:22] Weiss
[12:23] Weiss
    Though because of that,
[12:25] Weiss
    my daughter and I have also been
    forced to hide our true identities.
[12:29] Jack
    Yeah, Ard doesn't know that you two
    are this country's true royalty.
[12:35] Weiss
    Because of that, my daughter...
[12:37] Weiss
    might lose the first friend she's ever had.
[12:46] Elzard
    Just so you know, that's the truth!
[12:48] Elzard
    That's why Lars al Ghoul went after her!
[12:52] Ard
    None of that even matters.
[12:55] Elzard
    What was that?
[12:57] Ard
    It doesn't matter if she's descended from
    Evil Gods, or even an Evil God herself.
[13:02] Ard
    What does matter
[13:03] Ard
    is that she is kinder and more
    courageous than anyone else!
[13:07] Ard
    She is worthy of love and respect!
[13:10] Ard
    To a man like me, she's truly radiant.
[13:13] Ard
    She's like the sun.
[13:16] Ard
    Yet you call her monster.
[13:18] Ard
    You dismiss her with such
    a discriminatory remark.
[13:22] Ard
    I will never forgive you for that.
[13:25] Elzard
    Now I want to see your face
    twisted with despair even more.
[13:37] Elzard
    That's odd.
[13:38] Elzard
    It didn't look like you
    activated any defensive magic.
[13:41] Elzard
    Which means...
[13:42] Elzard
    That spear...
[13:43] Ard
    This spear has the ability to
    nullify lightning attack spells.
[13:48] Elzard
    Did you think that would be
    enough to make me despair?
[13:56] Ard
    Miss Elzard,
[13:57] Ard
    you're not watching your feet.
[14:09] Ard
    The way you fight is largely shaped by the
    flaw unique to those with absolute power.
[14:14] Ard
    When you have never experienced
    a hard fought battle,
[14:17] Ard
    your tactics become monotonous.
[14:21] Ard
    If you ask me,
[14:23] Ard
    the strong lack a sense of danger.
[14:26] Ard
    Even now you seem to think that
    you aren't going to die.
[14:31] Elzard
    So what?!
[14:33] Ard
    Allow me to say it clearly.
[14:36] Ard
    There is nothing in this world
    that cannot be destroyed.
[14:49] Ireena
[14:51] Ireena
    Thank goodness you're not hurt!
[14:53] Ireena
    Thank goodness!
[14:55] Ard
[15:01] Elzard
    Ard Meteor!
[15:05] Elzard
    It's not over!
[15:06] Elzard
    It's not finished yet!
[15:12] Ard
    Good grief.
[15:13] Ard
    No one likes an insistent woman.
[15:19] Elzard
[15:23] Ard
    Miss Ireena.
[15:25] Ard
    I would prefer it if you please
    not watch the battle from here.
[15:28] Ireena
[15:29] Ard
    That past of old is pain.
[15:32] Ard
    That is the life of a pathetic man.
[15:34] Ard
    That one is alone.
[15:36] Ard
    Even though there are those who follow him,
[15:37] Ard
    none rule together with him.
[15:40] Ard
    No one understands him.
[15:42] Ard
    Everyone leaves him.
[15:45] Ard
    Even his one and only friend tossed him away.
[15:47] Ard
    He sinks into a sea of madness and isolation.
[15:52] Elzard
    Despair, Ard Meteor!
[15:55] Ard
    There will be no relief in such an end.
[15:58] Ard
    It will be death by drowning
     in anguish and despair.
[16:02] Ard
    Surely that will be...
[16:04] Ard
    The Story of a Lonely King.
[16:04] Ard
    Private Kingdom.
[16:08] Ireena
    Th-This is...
[16:11] Lydia
    Threat designation: Level 3.
[16:13] Lydia
    Releasing limiters by 15%.
[16:17] Lydia
    Commencing defensive action.
[16:33] Elzard
    What is that?!
[16:34] Elzard
    Who on earth are you?!
[16:36] Ard
    Shall we dance for the first
    time in a while, Lydia?
[16:39] Lydia
    Yes, my lord.
[16:47] Ard
    I'm just a villager!
[16:50] Ard
    But I'll fight you in your arena.
[16:53] Ard
    Now keep up, scumbag!
[16:55] Elzard
    You're challenging a dragon
    to an aerial battle?!
[16:57] Elzard
    Such arrogance!
[16:58] Elzard
    I'll make you pay with your life!
[17:05] Lydia
    Magic reaction from below.
[17:06] Lydia
    High probability of circle
    formation in 0.2 seconds.
[17:14] Lydia
    Thermal reaction from left and right.
[17:16] Lydia
    Direct hit imminent in 3
    seconds at current speed.
[17:20] Ard
    Construct the acceleration spell.
[17:22] Ard
    We'll counterattack after dodging.
[17:23] Lydia
    Yes, my lord.
[17:29] Ard
    Lydia, ready Code Alpha!
[17:33] Lydia
[17:34] Lydia
    Stand by for Executioner Ray.
[17:37] Lydia
    Complete. Ready to fire.
[17:41] Elzard
    Too slow, too slow!
[17:42] Elzard
    Not enough!
[17:45] Elzard
    That was easy.
[17:47] Elzard
    You'll be way happier off dying here.
[17:51] Elzard
    Your Ireeny is a monster,
[17:53] Elzard
    but you're on another level!
[17:57] Elzard
    You're both the same, and you'll
    never be able to stay friends.
[18:01] Elzard
    She will come to fear you and
    betray you without hesitation.
[18:08] Elzard
    There is no love or friendship in this world!
[18:13] Ireena
[18:18] Elzard
    Now die in isolation!
[18:20] Elzard
    That's a fitting end for you!
[18:23] Ireena
[18:26] Ireena
    You can do it!
[18:28] Ireena
    Don't you go losing to
    someone like her, you hear?!
[18:34] Ard
    You've made one mistake.
[18:36] Ard
    I'm not alone anymore.
[18:41] Ard
    Lydia, ready Phase II!
[18:44] Lydia
[18:45] Lydia
    Shifting to Brave Demon
    Full Body, Second Form.
[18:57] Lydia
    Analysis complete.
[18:59] Lydia
    Activating Magic Canceller.
[19:08] Elzard
    It's over, Ard Meteor!
[19:17] Elzard
    What on earth?!
[19:20] Ard
    Analyze, understand, and control.
[19:23] Ard
    That's the essence of how I fight.
[19:25] Ard
    I understand everything about you now.
[19:28] Ard
    Not just the way you structure your magic.
[19:31] Ard
    Even your true, inner feelings.
[19:33] Elzard
[19:34] Ard
    Ultimately, you just hated the fact
    that world forced you into solitude
[19:39] ---
    all by yourself, didn't you?
[19:43] Ard
    But I won't forgive you for dragging my
    friend into such retaliatory destruction.
[19:51] Ard
    Frenzied Dragon King, perish in despair.
[19:55] Elzard
    This is the first time
[19:57] Elzard
    I've ever felt so furious!
[20:01] Ard
    Ready Code Sigma.
[20:04] Lydia
[20:05] Lydia
    Preparing Ultimatum Zero.
[20:10] Lydia
    Magical energy charge at 40 percent.
[20:13] Lydia
    Fifty percent...
[20:15] Elzard
    Elsym Rufasa Ulvis Azra!
[20:19] Lydia
    Eighty percent...
[20:21] Lydia
    Ninety percent...
[20:24] Lydia
    Charge has reached 100 percent.
[20:27] Lydia
    What shall we do now?
[20:28] Ard
    No other choice.
[20:29] Ard
    Ultimatum Zero.
[20:34] Ard
[20:48] Elzard
    Am I dying?
[20:51] Elzard
    Ard Meteor...
[20:53] Elzard
    You killed...?
[21:01] Ard
[21:02] Ard
    Thank you for your help.
[21:04] Ard
    Now return inside my soul.
[21:07] Lydia
    Yes, my lord.
[21:22] Ard
    Miss Ireena.
[21:24] Ireena
    M-Man, you really are incredible, Ard!
[21:29] Ard
    So, Miss Ireena...
[21:31] Ard
    Will you continue to be my friend?
[21:34] Ireena
    Of course I will!
[21:35] Ireena
    I look forward to it, Ard!
[21:39] Ard
[21:41] Ard
    Well, we should hurry back.
[21:43] Ard
    Miss Ginny should be preparing us dinner.
[21:48] Ireena
    What am I even thinking?
[21:50] Ireena
    Ard said he was my friend even
    after learning my secret.
[21:56] Ireena
    I have to get stronger.
[22:00] Ireena
    I have to become stronger than anyone else,
[22:02] Ireena
    so I can stand beside Ard.
[22:04] Ireena
    Then I'm sure he'll...