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E10 - Happy Happy Greeting

Source: Crunchyroll
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SIGN    A Destructive God Sits Next to Me
SIGN    Happy New Year
SIGN    Delusion 10
[01:30] Mom
[01:33] Mom
    We're making our first family
    shrine visit of the year.
[01:35] Mom
    Do you want to come?
[01:38] K
[01:39] Mom
    You should at least get a little exercise.
[01:43] K
    I'm not going.
[01:44] K
    Not a chance in hell!
[01:47] K
    I can tell you exactly what would happen
    to my peaceful winter break if I did.
SIGN    Gwaaaah!
[01:52] K
    I guarantee you I'd hear Hanadori-kun
    screaming in the distance...
[01:55] K
    Then Tsukimiya-kun would be like,
    "Fancy seeing you here!"
[01:58] K
    And there's no way in hell
    it'd actually be a coincidence.
[01:58] U
    Hey! What are you praying for, Seri-kun?
[02:01] K
    I just want some peace and quiet
    before the new semester starts...
[02:04] Mom
    Here, these New Year's cards are for you.
[02:07] Mom
    You sure got a lot this year.
    Did you make more friends?
[02:10] Mom
    Okay, we're going now.
[02:13] K
    Why are there so many?
[02:15] K
    I don't even know that many people...
SIGN    Miguekoroirya
SIGN    This year!
SIGN    Geskoroirya
SIGN    Let's combine our powers and do
    our best together for world peace!
SIGN    Gestöber,
    Happy New Year!
    Enjoy this brief respite
    before our next round
     of dedly deadly battles.
    Cerberus also says hello.
[02:25] K
    You again?
SIGN    To Koyuki Seri
[02:26] K
    Why'd Hanadori-kun send two, anyway?
[02:30] K
    Don't tell me this whole stack is...
SIGN    To Koyuki Seri
[02:34] ---
    Nah, surely not.
SIGN    Gestöber, are you going
    to a shrine after Christmas?
    Will you buy the Hamaya
    or the Kumade?
    -The Hamaya slays evil.
    -The Kumade rakes in blessings.
    (Menukoro Trivia)
SIGN     I can't wait to shatter
     the darkness with
    you this year!
    Miguel devours my sole
    (? sorry, spelled wrong)
     more each day...
    This is... loneliness...
    Save me... Gest...
SIGN    Making a snowman with Cerberus and Tsukimiya!
    Peace! Hope you can join us next year!
[02:40] K
    They are all from Hanadori-kun!
SIGN    Slam
[02:46] K
    The New Year just started,
    and already I'm yelling at him.
[02:48] K
    Is this what the whole
    year's going to be like?
[02:51] K
[02:52] K
    Here's one from Tsukimiya-kun.
SIGN    Tsukimiya
[02:55] K
    "Live as your heart tells
    you this year, Seri-kun.
[02:59] K
    Whether you're honest with your
    feelings or stupidly stubborn,
[03:03] K
    try for greatness or live
    like a piece of garbage,
[03:05] K
    we all end up in the same place."
[03:08] U
    A dead end, Seri-kun!
[03:10] K
    Is that how you want to start off the year?!
[03:12] K
    Jeez! What's with these guys?
[03:14] K
    Oh, Hibiki-kun sent one, too.
[03:16] K
    How nice of him.
[03:18] Hibiki
    Happy New Year, Gestöber-senpai!
[03:24] Hibiki
    But I'm sure a card from me is
    no better than chain mail, right?
[03:29] Hibiki
    I'm worried just writing to you may
    bestow some kind of curse upon you.
[03:33] Hibiki
    But I'm sorry...
[03:35] ---
    You've done so much for me,
    and all I can do is repay it with evil...
[03:39] Hibiki
    I'm sorry I'm a grim reaper.
SIGN    Sorry.
    Really sorry.
    Sorry if you get cursed.
[03:43] K
    So gloomy...
[03:46] K
    Okay, moving on!
SIGN    To Koyuki Seri
SIGN    From Your Teacher
[03:48] K
    Hey, the teacher sent me one, too!
[03:50] K
    I'm sure it just says something stupid.
[03:52] Teacher
    Happy New Year, Koyuki!
[03:54] Teacher
    You studying hard?
[03:56] Teacher
    I hope you don't get held back this year!
[04:01] K
    No way! Are my grades that bad?!
[04:03] K
    Bad enough I'm in danger of getting held back?!
[04:05] Teacher
    Just kidding! That's a joke!
[04:07] K
    Not funny! What kind of teacher are you?!
[04:09] K
    Oh, no...
[04:11] ---
    It's only New Year's and I'm
    already this mentally exhausted.
[04:14] K
    I wasn't ready for the New Year at all!
SIGN    New Year's
[04:18] M
    If I get held back too, will I be able to
    go on a class trip with Koyukichi-dono?
[04:24] K
    What the hell? How are you conversing
    with him across time and space?
SIGN    New Year's
[04:28] K
    Did you write these together?
[04:30] Suzuran
    I also wish to go on a
    pre-honeymoon with Utsugi-sama.
[04:35] Suzuran
    If we all get held back together,
    I'll have my chance to XXXX him.
[04:39] K
    Seriously, stop talking to each
    other via my New Year's cards!
[04:41] K
    You guys are all really close, aren't you?
[04:43] K
    Damn it! Did you all have to kick off
    the new year by messing with me?!
[04:46] K
    I absolutely do not want
    this to be my future!
SIGN    Kotoko
[04:54] K
    Is this...
[04:56] Sumiso
    Happy New Year, Koyuki-kun!
[05:00] Sumiso
    I know it's cold, so I hope you don't get sick.
[05:03] Sumiso
    This will be our last year in high school.
[05:05] ---
    I hope we end up in the same class!
[05:09] K
    S-Sumiso-sama! My archangel
    who came for me in the pits of hell!
SIGN    Amazake
[05:21] K
    So I ended up visiting the shrine, too.
[05:24] K
    The same class as Sumiso-san...
[05:26] K
    What a wonderful and alluring thought.
SIGN    Clean-up Duty
[05:33] K
    What is this?
[05:34] K
    With every moment of shy eye contact,
    a secret message is shared...
[05:40] K
    "I love you!"
[05:48] K
    What are you doing here?!
[05:49] H
    Visiting the shrine!
[05:50] U
    ROFLing at your stupid poem!
SIGN    Please mind your manners
    on the shrine grounds.
    -Mitoya Shrine
[05:55] U
    Hanadori was all sad because you
    didn't send him a New Year's card.
[06:00] H
    Qw-Qwiet! Qwiet!
[06:02] K
[06:02] U
    So I told him that if we came here,
    he'd run into you eventually.
[06:06] K
    First day of the year,
    and he's already scaring me.
[06:08] U
    Hanadori worked so hard
    to write all those cards, too.
[06:11] H
    I was hoping they would bring him
    good luck in the new year somehow.
[06:14] K
    Yeah, thanks.
[06:17] K
    I know Hanadori-kun doesn't mean any harm,
[06:20] U
    Honestly, Hanadori...
[06:20] K
    but it's clearly because of these two
    that I'm in danger of being held back.
[06:22] U
    Qwiet! Qwiet!
[06:23] U
    You're such a goof, Hanadori.
[06:24] H
    Qwiet! Qwiet!
[06:25] K
    I guess I should've asked the gods
    to keep these two away from me.
[06:29] U
    Seri-kun, are you seriously asking the
    gods to solve your problems for you?
[06:33] U
    Shouldn't you just try studying first?
[06:36] H
    That's right, Gestöber.
[06:37] H
    I'll help you, if you want.
[06:39] H
    I'm a god myself, after all.
[06:42] K
    Leave me alone!
[06:44] U
    Just ask for help, okay?
[06:47] U
    I'm at the top of our class.
[06:48] U
    Leave this to me.
[06:49] K
[06:49] H
    All my grades are better
    than yours, Gestöber.
[06:51] K
    Die in a fire.
[06:52] H
    What's giving you the most trouble?
[06:53] K
    You two!
[06:54] K
    I want to just study normally!
[06:57] K
    But you guys...
SIGN     Great Luck
    Everything's going your way.
    Fear nothing.
    Your luck is strong.
     The universe...
[06:59] U
    I think the first thing you need is a goal.
[07:02] U
    Why are you studying?
[07:04] U
    Ignoring what's right in front of you,
    your goal is to be a teacher, right?
[07:09] U
    Ignoring why you want to do that...
SIGN     Luck Will Come
    Stay strong and face your problems,
     and luck will come. You'll find a hint
     about how to deal with what troubles you.
[07:11] U
    Ignoring whether it's a good idea,
    if that's what you want to do,
[07:13] ---
    then you'll have to deal
    with kids like Hanadori.
[07:16] U
    So don't run from Hanadori.
     Get closer to him.
[07:20] U
    I think, in part, this will help
    get you closer to your dream.
[07:25] K
    He told me to ignore so much that
    I don't even know what he's saying.
[07:28] U
    What? Why not?
[07:30] K
    That's not what I want!
[07:30] H
    Um... Um... I want this one.
[07:32] ---
    Can't you just hand over a really good set
    of study notes so I don't get held back?
[07:37] U
    Oh, no! Your goal is to cheat, Seri-kun?
[07:40] K
    No. I'm just saying that if
    I can't become a teacher
[07:43] ---
    because I've been goofing off with
    Hanadori-kun, it won't do me any good!
[07:46] K
[07:47] K
    H-Hey! What did you just put in my pocket?
SIGN    Academic Success
[07:53] U
    Oh, a good luck charm!
[07:55] U
    That sure was nice of Hanadori.
SIGN    Academic Success
[07:57] U
SIGN    Nothing but misery!
SIGN    Terrible Luck
[08:05] H
    You can have that, too, Gestöber.
SIGN    Heh heh
[08:07] K
    I will kill you, I swear.
[08:08] K
    Don't give me your own fortune
    when it's bad luck!
[08:12] ---
[08:13] K
    Hanadori-kun is acting weird...
[08:19] U
    Seri-kun, this is...
[08:22] K
    No way!
[08:24] H
    Listen well, sheeple!
[08:26] H
    Open your eyes and worship the true god!
[08:29] K
    He's drunk on amazake?!
[08:30] H
    I am your god!
    Miguel, the dark god of destruction!
[08:39] Gorio
    I wondered who was making
    all that racket at our shrine.
[08:42] Gorio
    So it turned out to be you, Hanadori?
[08:44] Gorio
    Long time no see.
[08:46] K
[08:47] Gorio
    You've got some nerve, causing trouble in
    front of our god on an auspicious day like this.
[08:53] K
    Gorio-senpai lives here?
[08:55] H
    I am none other...
[08:57] K
    Crap. If this gets any more out of hand...
[09:00] Gorio
    Hanadori, I think you need
     some help waking up.
[09:01] H
    Let me go! Let me go!
[09:04] ---
    Let me go!
[09:04] K
    Wait! I'm so sorry!
[09:06] K
    I'll take him home!
[09:09] Gorio
    Calm down!
[09:14] H
[09:17] H
    Gestöber said to wait!
SIGN    Smack
[09:26] Gorio
    Hanadori, you little...
[09:30] K
    What do I do?
[09:43] H
    Did you see that, Gorio?
[09:45] H
    That's Gestöber's special move,
    the Stealthy Ninja Blizzardwalk!
[09:49] H
    It blocks any attack!
[09:51] ---
    See? I'm unharmed!
[09:55] K
[09:58] H
    What's wrong, Gestöber?
[10:00] H
    Why is your face so swollen?
[10:01] H
    Who made Gestöber so ugly?
[10:05] H
    Who did it?!
SIGN    Smack
[10:07] K
    You did!
[10:12] Sumiso
    What's that?
[10:13] Yae
    No idea.
[10:14] Sumiso
    It feels like a good omen!
[10:20] K
    I've shown him pity until now,
[10:22] ---
    but now I'm totally done!
[10:24] K
    No matter what anyone says,
    I can't hang around Hanadori-kun.
[10:27] H
[10:29] H
    Wait, Gestöber!
SIGN    Grab
[10:31] K
    What are you do—
[10:32] H
    Gestöber, I'm... I'm d... d-d-drunk...
[10:38] K
    H-Hey, don't tell me...
[10:41] K
[10:45] K
    And so, to apologize for
    all the trouble we caused,
[10:50] ---
    we spent the rest of winter
    break working at Gorio's shrine.
[10:54] K
    Damn it all!
[10:57] K
    I never did get to study.
[10:59] K
    What if I really do get held back?
[11:03] H
    I'm having a surprisingly good
    time learning how the normies live!
[11:07] H
    Don't worry!
[11:08] H
    I'll help you study!
[11:11] K
[11:12] U
    Live as your heart tells you, Seri-kun.
[11:14] H
    Don't worry, Gestöber!
[11:15] K
    Shut up and get lost!
[11:19] K
    Do I not have a prayer this year, either?
[11:22] K
    Dear God...
[11:25] K
    It's so warm today...
[11:26] Girl
[11:28] ---
    About the farewell party...
[11:30] Girl
[11:32] K
    Oh, sorry. I was spacing out.
[11:34] ---
    Read this.
SIGN    Farewell Party Duties List
[11:35] K
    Farewell party?
[11:36] K
    That's right. It's the last semester.
[11:39] K
    Once our upperclassmen graduate,
[11:41] ---
    we'll be in our last year, too...
[11:44] K
    I need to get my act together.
[11:46] K
    My last year in high school...
[11:48] K
SIGN    Class 2-3 Koyuki Seri
SIGN    Subject Score Class Average
[11:51] K
    Can I even make it that far?
SIGN    Modern Lit
    Math II
    Math B
    English II
[11:55] K
    There's still time!
[11:56] K
    We still have the final exams!
[11:59] Sumiso
    I hope we end up in the
    same class, Koyuki-kun!
[12:05] K
    I can't space out now!
[12:07] K
    This time, I really need to make
    sure nobody gets in my way!
[12:13] K
    He's spacing out more than me.
[12:16] U
    Hanadori, Seri-kun, Mogami-kun!
     Let's have lunch!
[12:21] U
[12:23] U
    Is he dead?
[12:24] U
    Hey, Hanadori. You said you wanted to
    have buns at the school store, right?
[12:29] U
    Once we're third-years, why don't I
    propose that to the student council?
[12:43] U
    Hey, get it together, Hanadori.
[12:46] Gorio
    Well, if it isn't Hanadori.
[12:51] Gorio
    You'd better not be up to
    something just because
[12:54] ---
    we third-years aren't gonna be
    around to watch you anymore.
[12:57] U
    Look, Hanadori! It's Gorio-senpai!
[13:15] Gorio
    What's his problem?
[13:17] K
    Hanadori-kun's been weird lately.
[13:22] M
    But Kabu-dono is always weird.
[13:25] K
    Well, yeah, but...
[13:27] U
    He's not even interested in the things
    he'd usually be all excited about.
[13:30] U
    Did something happen?
[13:34] K
    It's probably some new way of
    getting me to pay attention to him.
[13:38] K
    If he's finally being quiet,
    let's just ignore him.
[13:40] U
    We have to solve this mystery!
[13:42] U
    In the name of Gestöber!
[13:44] U
    Seri-kun, you're the only one
    who can restore him to normal!
[13:48] ---
[13:49] U
    First, let's ask around!
[13:51] ---
[13:51] M
[13:53] Hibiki
    Miguel-senpai's acting weird?
[13:56] Hibiki
    But Gestöber-senpai,
    you're being even weirder...
[13:59] K
    I got grabbed by some bad people...
[14:00] U
    And thus Detective Seri-kun was born!
[14:02] M
    You look so smart, Koyukichi-dono!
[14:05] K
    What are you making me do?!
[14:06] K
    Why don't you just talk to him
    yourself, Tsukimiya-kun?
[14:09] K
    You know this is ridiculous!
[14:11] U
    That won't do, Seri-kun.
[14:13] U
    I may be his friend, but that doesn't mean
    I can pry about deep, personal problems.
[14:16] K
    You do it to me all the time!
[14:19] U
    So, Hibiki-kun, have you noticed
    anything strange about Hanadori?
[14:24] Hibiki
    Let me think...
[14:28] Hibiki
    Could it be...
[14:29] ---
    My nightly rituals to drive away bad luck
     mistakenly came back upon Miguel-senpai?
[14:30] Hibiki
    Bad luck, bad luck, go away!
[14:34] K
    You do that every night?
[14:36] U
    Sturmhut is a knight of the light
    who was invaded by darkness.
[14:40] U
    Maybe he tried to absorb
    Hibiki-kun's bad luck for him...
[14:43] Hibiki
    Oh, no! What should I do?
[14:45] K
    Don't say that. He'll take you seriously!
[14:48] M
[14:48] ---
    There's also a possibility that
    Kabu-dono's hair got tangled up
[14:52] ---
    in the straw curse dolls I pound
    into trees every night!
[14:54] K
    Why the hell do you do that every night?
[14:56] M
    Maybe my rivalry with Kabu-dono
    made me do it unconsciously...
[15:00] K
    Why do you trust yourself so little?
[15:03] M
    How could I be so cruel?!
[15:04] M
    That's a terrible thing to do,
    even to Kabu-dono!
[15:07] M
    Koyukichi-dono, please nail me to a cross!
[15:11] HIbiki
    I'm sorry, Miguel-senpai!
[15:13] M
[15:14] Hibiki
[15:16] K
    Who are these people?
[15:16] ---
[15:17] ---
[15:19] Sumiso
[15:21] ---
    I'm afraid I don't know.
[15:22] Sumiso
    I haven't seen him lately.
[15:24] K
    Right, of course not. Sorry.
[15:26] Sumiso
    But he must be so happy to have a friend
     like you who really cares about him.
[15:33] Sumiso
    You're so kind, Koyuki-kun!
[15:36] K
[15:39] Aitsu
[15:41] ---
    Does anyone know him better than you two?
[15:43] K
[15:45] K
    As much as I hate to admit it...
[15:47] Aitsu
    Maybe his dark destruction isn't going well?
[15:50] Aitsu
    Or someone made fun of him?
[15:52] Aitsu
    Beats me.
[15:53] K
    I know I'm the one who asked,
[15:54] K
    but I really don't care.
[15:56] K
    I want to go home.
[15:57] Aitsu
    Seri-kun, you didn't complain when
    we were talking to Sumiso-san.
[16:02] Suzuran
    Spring is the season of new
    encounters and farewells.
[16:08] Suzuran
    Perhaps Hanadori Kabuto is concerned about
     his new class in the coming school year.
[16:13] K
[16:15] Suzuran
    Or perhaps a more permanent farewell...
[16:18] Suzuran
    Maybe his family is moving,
    or fleeing in the night to escape debts.
[16:21] Suzuran
    In either case, he'd be leaving Mitoya High.
[16:24] K
    No way. That's too sudden...
[16:27] Suzuran
    If that's the case,
[16:28] ---
    there are far more pressing
    issues than the farewell party.
[16:30] Suzuran
    Perhaps, anyway.
[16:32] K
    You are just guessing, right?
[16:34] Suzuran
    Your petty problems aside,
    where is Utsugi-sama?
[16:42] K
    Damn it.
[16:44] K
    I never did figure anything out.
[16:46] ---
    And Tsukimiya-kun vanished, too.
[16:48] K
    Nothing good comes from hanging with them.
[16:51] K
    That's why I didn't want to be with—
[16:53] K
[16:57] K
    Hey, that's Hanadori-kun.
[17:15] K
    I'm sure it was something really dumb...
[17:18] K
    But it's rare to see him alone like that.
[17:23] K
    He's not really transferring, is he?
[17:27] K
    Maybe he's just upset he won't have any
    enemies to fight when the third-years graduate.
[17:33] K
    Or maybe he's working on some weird
    speech to give at the farewell party...
[17:39] K
    I'm doing it again!
    This is just what they want!
[17:45] Sumiso
    This may be rude of me to say,
[17:48] ---
    but I don't think Hanadori-kun is the kind
    of guy who can be friends with just anyone.
[17:54] Sumiso
    Help him out, Koyuki-kun.
[17:58] K
    If something's bugging him,
    he should just say so.
[18:01] K
    Like he always does.
[18:09] Teacher
    Hanadori? Hanadori... Huh?
[18:12] Teacher
    Hanadori came to school today, right, Koyuki?
[18:15] K
    What? Oh, yeah.
[18:16] Teacher
    Where'd he go?
[18:19] Kids
    Hey, remember that Hanadori Kabuto
    kid in our second-year class?
[18:23] ---
    The dark... something or other?
[18:26] Kids
    He transferred schools and couldn't fit in
    or make friends, and because of that, he...
[18:34] Teacher
    What's wrong, Koyuki?
[18:35] K
    Uh, nothing...
[18:37] K
    Wh-What did I just see?
[18:39] K
    That's horrible!
[18:41] U
[18:42] U
    Hanadori is on the roof.
[18:45] K
    Did Tsukimiya-kun give me that vision?
[18:48] K
    That's in really bad taste.
[18:50] U
    Go quickly.
[18:52] U
    Before something truly terrible happens.
[19:05] K
[19:09] H
[19:11] H
    How did you know I was here?
[19:13] K
    What are you doing up here?
[19:14] K
    He's crying. Don't tell me...
[19:17] ---
    He's really transferring?
[19:20] K
    H-Hey, listen...
[19:21] ---
    I came to get you for the
    farewell party rehearsal.
[19:24] K
    We only have today.
[19:25] H
[19:26] H
    I don't have time for that.
[19:29] K
    What? Why?
[19:33] K
    Wh-What's wrong?
[19:38] K
    If something's bothering you, say it!
[19:40] K
    You never worry about saying anything else!
[19:42] H
    But... But...
[19:45] K
    I'd rather you do that than you keep it
    a secret and make me assume the worst!
[19:50] K
    What happened? Tell me!
[19:52] H
    O-Okay, I will, but...
[19:55] K
    Spit it out!
[19:56] H
    Gestöber... When are you going to study?
[20:01] H
    You keep saying you will,
[20:03] ---
    but your grades never go up.
[20:05] H
    You've got bigger problems
    than this farewell party, right?
[20:08] H
    If you fail your finals,
    you might get held back!
[20:13] H
    You'll end up in the same class as Helius!
[20:15] Hibiki
[20:17] Hibiki
    Oops, you're not my senpai anymore!
[20:18] H
    He might say that to you!
[20:21] H
    Listen to me, Gestöber!
[20:22] H
    And please don't get angry!
[20:24] H
    I know you're a hard worker
    and you care about what you do.
[20:27] H
    But there's such a thing as priorities!
[20:30] H
SIGN    Hanadori
SIGN    XX University
    YY University
    ZZ University
[20:31] H
    Even I got an A on the entrance exams
    for the schools you want to go to!
[20:36] H
    Even I got an A, but you're flunking!
[20:40] H
    I don't want to say this...
[20:42] H
    But I can't bear to see you
    throwing your life away!
[20:46] H
[20:47] ---
    I've been agonizing over the best way to
    tell you that without hurting your pride!
[20:54] H
    My pride is in tatters!
SIGN    Shred
SIGN    Shred
SIGN    Shred
SIGN    Shred
SIGN    Shred
SIGN    Shred
[20:56] K
    You think you're being nice?!
[20:57] H
    But you told me to tell you!
[20:57] K
    Whose fault do you think this is?!
[20:59] ---
    You... You...
[21:02] K
    If only you'd just left me alone to begin with!
[21:05] Hibiki
    Calm down, Gestöber-senpai!
[21:07] M
    Strip me naked, too, Koyukichi-dono!
[21:10] K
    Hanadori-kun was literally
    worried to tears about me!
[21:13] K
    I'm jumping off the roof!
[21:16] K
    And so I kept my head down
    for the farewell party,
SIGN    Tsukimiya's Special
    Learn Math Through
SIGN    Gestöber Level English
[21:19] K
    and thanks to the special study materials
    Hanadori-kun and Tsukimiya-kun gave me,
[21:23] K
    I managed to not get held back.
[21:25] K
    I hate to admit it, but this
    is really easy to follow!
[21:30] K
    Damn it all!
[23:08] (Flashback) H
SIGN    Hanadori
SIGN    XX University
    YY University
    ZZ University
[23:09] (Flashback) ---
    Even I got an A on the entrance exams
    for the schools you want to go to!
[23:14] K
    Why's he taking the exams
    for my schools, anyway?
SIGN    Shiver
[23:20] K
    Don't tell me... Don't tell me...
[23:26] Birds
    No... How could you?
[23:28] Birds
    If you want Amino-san back,
    you'll have to beat me!
[23:31] Amino
    Stop it, both of you!
[23:33] Birds
    She's got a point!
[23:35] Birds
[23:35] Birds
    Our battle is just beginning!
[23:37] ---
[23:38] Amino