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E12 - It's a Halloween Party, Tatami-chan

Source: Crunchyroll
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SIGN    The House Spirit
SIGN    Episode 12: "It's a Halloween Party, Tatami-chan"
[00:04] N
    There's a Halloween costume party tonight.
SIGN    Chow-chow
[00:08] N
    What's this?
[00:09] N
    There are rambunctious youths
    causing a stir again.
[00:13] N
    But why are they in Shibuya?
[00:15] N
    Why do they always become
     rowdy in Shibuya?
[00:29] Tatami
    Look at them go.
[00:30] Tatami
    The youths of Shibuya are
    making a ton of noise.
[00:33] Landlady
    How terrifying...
[00:34] Landlady
    Shibuya has been overrun by monsters.
[00:37] Landlady
    It's the end of the world!
[00:39] Snow
    Apparently, it's a costume
    festival called Halloween.
[00:42] Snow
    Shibuya's on fire.
[00:44] Tatami
    What a bizarre event.
[00:46] Tatami
    It looks fun, though.
[00:49] Pumpkin
    Yo, what are you dressed as?
[00:51] Pumpkin
    A nun?
[00:52] Landlady
    How rude!
[00:53] Landlady
    This is my usual outfit.
[00:55] Landlady
[00:55] Scream
    This old lady's really going for it.
[00:57] Scream
    She's so pale, too.
[00:59] Landlady
    I hate this city.
[01:01] Landlady
    We must escape, quickly!
[01:03] Tatami
    What does Halloween have to do with Shibuya?
[01:06] Snow
    I don't know.
[01:07] Snow
    They probably aren't related.
[01:08] Tatami
    So why are they partying here?
[01:11] Snow
    I don't think humans care where
     they go, so long as they can party.
[01:14] Tatami
    That's how it was during the
    world soccer tournament, too.
[01:17] Tatami
    They were going crazy at the intersection.
[01:20] Snow
    There's a youth dancing there, too.
[01:23] Tatami
    Hey, you there, what kind of dance is that?
[01:26] Babby
    It's just a dance.
[01:27] Tatami
    The justadance, huh?
[01:29] Tatami
    I've never heard of it.
[01:30] Landlady
    Look! A truck's been flipped over.
[01:34] Landlady
    How terrible.
[01:35] Snow
    I think they're getting
    a little out of hand.
[01:37] Tatami
    Humans sure do like going crazy.
[01:39] Tatami
    Look, those strangers
    are hugging each other.
[01:42] Tatami
    They're usually so collected.
[01:44] Tatami
    Look how much they change.
[01:45] Snow
    Look, look.
[01:46] Snow
    There was an explosion at that store.
[01:47] Snow
    The party's turning extreme.
SIGN    Manager
[01:51] Manager
    We're out of control!
[01:53] Staff
    Time to blow off some steam!
SIGN    Staff
[01:56] Tatami
    Those guys aren't in costume. They're real.
[02:00] Priest
    Now's my chance to tickle the masses!
[02:03] Dog
    I can walk the streets
    with my head held high.
[02:07] Tatami
    There are some monsters out there, too.
[02:09] Tatami
    We don't have to worry about what
    people think of us, either, huh?
[02:12] Snow
[02:13] Snow
    This is a comfortable
    party for our kind, too.
[02:15] Tatami
    Well, then, why don't we get out there, too?
[02:18] Tatami
    Let's go!
[02:20] Police
    Hey, rowdy youth, cease your rioting!
[02:23] Landlady
    They've finally angered the police!
[02:26] Tatami
    I can't get enough!
[02:27] Tatami
    Woohoo! Anarchy!
[02:30] Police
    Disband immediately, fools!
[02:32] Police
[02:33] Tatami
[02:37] Landlady
    Monsters and humans aren't
    very different, are we?
[02:40] Landlady
    This scene makes that abundantly clear.
[02:42] Landlady
    We are no different in that we are
    irrational, unpredictable creatures.
[02:47] Tatami
    Party! Party! Woo!
[02:49] Police
    Screw it all! You're all under arrest!
[02:51] Police
    Under arrest!
[02:52] Landlady
    Hey, what are you doing?!
[02:53] Landlady
    I haven't done anything!
[02:55] Landlady
    I was just walking by!
[02:57] Police
    Walking by? Are you sure?
[02:59] Police 2
    You look like you might
    curse someone to death!
[03:01] Landlady
    What prejudice!
[03:03] Landlady
    This is why I can't stand the police!
[03:04] Police
    Tie them all down!
[03:06] Landlady
    Hey, don't!
[03:07] Landlady
    Watch where you put your hands!
[03:10] N
    This festival, held once a year,
[03:13] N
    was one where the monsters and humans
    get to know each other better.
[03:17] N
    I suppose it's safe to say that
    Tatami-chan is doing well in Tokyo.
[03:24] N
    I look forward to seeing
[03:25] N
    how much a part of the human world
    she's become when next we see her.