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E1 - Now Groveling

Source: Crunchyroll
(Please feel free to edit the speaker names if incomplete or inaccurate. Names are handled on a best-effort basis depending on the info on the source file. Dialogue is left as is.)
[00:05] N
    It's early in the afternoon.
SIGN    Gakesaka Minori
SIGN    Birthday: January 24
SIGN    Sign: Aquarius
SIGN    Height: 151cm
SIGN    Weight: 43kg
SIGN    Blood type: O
[00:07] ---
    Here, at the school rooftop,
[00:08] ---
    Doge Suwaru has an urge to see
    first-year Gakesaka Minori's boobs.
[00:11] N
    Here begins the art of the
    grovel, begging like crazy!
[00:14] N
    Grovel enough, and you'll get what you want!
[00:16] N
    Let's all grovel together!
[00:20] Doge
    I'm begging you!
[00:21] Doge
    I want to see your boobs!
[00:23] Doge
    Please! I'm on my knees!
[00:24] N
    He's begging right off the bat.
[00:27] Gakesaka
    Huh? What? N-No way.
[00:29] Gakesaka
    You can't even call what I have boobs.
[00:32] Gakesaka
[00:34] N
    Why are you being modest?
[00:35] Doge
    Why would you say that?!
[00:37] Doge
    I just want to see
[00:38] Doge
    your beautiful boobs, that's all!
[00:40] N
    That seems like a lot to ask for.
[00:42] Gakesaka
    It's just a board! It's a cliff!
[00:45] Doge
    You can't
[00:46] Doge
    go putting yourself down
[00:47] Doge
    by calling it a board or a cliff!
[00:48] Doge
    You're amazing!
[00:49] Doge
    You're cute as hell!
[00:51] Doge
    So, please!
[00:52] Doge
    Let me see your boobs!
[00:54] N
    I appreciate the enthusiasm,
    but you're pretty awful.
[00:56] Gakesaka
    No, really, I can't.
[00:58] Gakesaka
    You really shouldn't look.
[00:59] Doge
    No, I'm not giving up.
[01:01] Doge
    I won't give up until I see your boobs!
[01:04] N
    He's persistent.
[01:05] Gakesaka
    You're just going to be disappointed.
[01:07] Doge
    I won't be disappointed!
[01:08] Doge
    There's no way!
[01:10] Doge
    I'm not giving up until I see your boobs!
[01:12] Doge
    Please, grant me my wish!
[01:14] Doge
    I'm begging you!
[01:16] Gakesaka
    No, really, it's a 90 degree drop.
[01:19] Doge
    So what if it's a straight drop?!
[01:20] Doge
    I'll climb that cliff!
[01:22] Doge
    No matter how far, no matter how many times!
[01:24] Gakesaka
    It'll make you want to make
    all kinds of confessions.
[01:26] Doge
    I'll listen!
[01:27] Doge
    I'll hear you out!
[01:28] Doge
    Anything you have to say.
[01:30] N
    Couldn't you listen to each
    other a little better?
[01:32] Gakesaka
    See? See? Nothing.
[01:34] Gakesaka
    Doesn't that make you
    want to make confessions?
[01:37] Gakesaka
    Doesn't it make you want to jump?
[01:38] N
    Don't undress!
[01:40] Doge
    Not being able to see your boobs
    will make me want to jump even more!
[01:42] Doge
[01:43] Doge
    Show me your boobs!
[01:44] Doge
    For mercy's sake!
[01:47] Gake
    Please, we should stop this.
[01:49] Gake
    Okay? Okay?
[01:51] N
    Please, stop!
[01:52] Doge
    No, I won't!
[01:53] Doge
    I'm not giving up!
[01:54] Doge
    I'll climb that cliff, overcome the
    board and arrive at your boobs!
[01:59] N
    That moment, the grovel power reached
    critical mass, releasing grovel energy upon her!
[02:04] N
    (and stuff.)
[02:07] Gakesaka
    P-Please don't be shocked.
[02:16] Gakesaka
    Th-This is so embarrassing.
SIGN    End card: jonsun
[03:20] A
    Senpai, I didn't think you'd be so happy.
[03:23] A
    Y-You'd better take responsibility.
[03:26] A
    Huh? Where are you? Senpai?!