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E10 - Another World! Staying with Figurines at a Hot Spring Inn

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:03] Subaru
    Everyone, thank you for waiting!
[00:05] Subaru
    Can you believe this time
    is an onsen episode?!
[00:07] Bellnoa
    Who are you talking to?
[00:08] Bellnoa
    What do you mean "episode"?
[00:09] Nona
    And what is that strange pose you're doing?
[00:12] Haruto
    Man, I'm so glad everyone is happy!
SIGN    Episode 10
    "Another World! Staying with Figurines at a Hot Spring Inn"
[00:15] Haruto
    Who'd have thought that Kanmuri's
    apology would be tickets to an onsen?
[00:18] Haruto
    On top of which he also sent 1/6 scale yukata!
[00:21] Haruto
    I honestly have such a great friend!
[00:24] Nona
    Haruto-san! It's okay to look this way.
[00:27] Haruto
    No, actually, I like it better like this.
[00:29] Haruto
    This feeling, like I'm secretly
    listening in on the women's bath...
[00:32] Subaru
    That's high level stuff...
[00:34] Haruto
    So, you know... If you would oblige me...
[00:37] Nona
[00:38] Haruto
    There're the old clichés, aren't there?
[00:40] Haruto
    Stuff like, when girls say to each other,
[00:41] Haruto
    "Haven't your boobs gotten bigger?" and such.
[00:43] Nona
    Oh, I see.
[00:44] Nona
    Subaru-san, haven't your boobs gotten bigger?
[00:48] Subaru
    I'm a figurine, so they
    haven't changed at all, jerk!
[00:50] Bellnoa
    But I do wonder about
    eavesdropping and peeping.
[00:54] Bellnoa
    I can feel it even now.
    As though someone is watching...
[00:58] Nona
    Hey, stop that!
[01:00] Subaru
    Don't worry. No one's going
    to spy on a solo guy in a bath.
[01:05] Subaru
    What? So, Bellnoa, you've finally...
[01:08] Bellnoa
    Yes. I finally understand.
[01:11] Bellnoa
    I am the main character in a game,
[01:13] Bellnoa
    and now I've been made into a small figurine.
[01:16] Nona
[01:17] Bellnoa
    The game I'd been casually
    playing turned out to be...
SIGN    Play time: 1 hour
(Flashback) [01:20] Bellnoa
    Huh? This protagonist's situation
    sort of reminds me of me!
SIGN    Play time: 5 hours
(Flashback) [01:24] Bellnoa
    Huh... This protagonist's
    adventure seems really familiar...
SIGN    Play time 20 hours
(Flashback) [01:28] Bellnoa
    Oh. This is me.
[01:30] Subaru
    It's amazing you didn't notice before that.
[01:33] Nona
    Wasn't it a shock?
[01:35] Bellnoa
    Well... I think happiness came first.
[01:38] Bellnoa
    There's no reason for me to force myself
    to go defeat the Demon Dragon King.
[01:42] Bellnoa
    Now I can enjoy this world fully,
    with no reservations.
[01:45] Nona
    I see.
[01:47] Bellnoa
    Now that I think about it,
    we've played Subaru's game,
[01:50] Bellnoa
    but we haven't interacted
    with Nona's work at all.
[01:53] Bellnoa
    Don't you wonder about
    the world you came from?
[01:55] Nona
[01:57] Nona
    I guess I do, but my memory only
    goes until just before the last episode.
[02:02] Nona
    I don't know what happens in the end.
[02:07] Nona
    But... there is someone
    I want to see from my anime.
[02:11] Nona
    A young man...
[02:13] Nona
    Yes, the one with the straw hat...
[02:17] Nona
    I think... before I left on my
    journey, we were always together...
[02:22] Nona
    And when I rose into the sky,
    he watched me, waving the whole time.
[02:27] Nona
    I can't quite remember
    his name or his face, but...
[02:31] Nona
    He said that when my mission
    was over and I returned to Earth,
[02:34] Nona
    we'd see each other again.
[02:37] Nona
    Huh? What's wrong with the two of you?
[02:39] Nona
    It was a pretty warm
    and fluffy story, wasn't it?
[02:41] Nona
    Your expressions should
    be warm and fluffy, too!
[02:43] Subaru
    Nona-san. Nona-san.
[02:45] Nona
[02:46] Subaru
    Wouldn't that be your
    ex-boyfriend, or an old flame?
[02:50] Nona
    What? It can't be!
[02:52] Nona
    Is it, Haru—
[02:55] Nona
    Haruto... san?
[03:03] Nona
    In the end, Haruto-san didn't tell me anything.
[03:07] Nona
    Stupid Haruto-san.
[03:10] Nona
    But... this feeling I get when
    I think of the boy in the straw hat...
[03:16] Nona
    Am I the one cheating?
[03:21] Nona
[03:26] Nona
[03:27] Nona
    Wh-Where am I?
[03:29] Nona
    Why am I being treated like a bad tanuki
    in some kind of punishment game?
[03:33] Rue
    Perhaps it has something
    to do with stories from before.
[03:36] Nona
    You... You're...
(Flashback) [03:38] Nona
    Haruto-san, are you secretly cheating
    on me using your cell phone?
(Flashback) [03:42] Haruto
    Th-That hurts in a plain kind of way.
(Flashback) [03:44] Haruto
    Please look the other way this once.
(Flashback) [03:45] Haruto
    There's an event where I can get
    a limited, rare version
(Flashback) [03:48] Haruto
    of one of my favorite characters.
(Flashback) [03:49] Haruto
    If I let this slip by then all the money
    I spent in this game was for nothing!
(Flashback) [03:52] Nona
    What do you mean, "favorite"?
(Flashback) [03:55] Haruto
    I-I mean...
(Flashback) [03:57] Haruto
    The social network game,
    Weapon Girls War's full-body tank girl...
[04:02] Nona
    Hitoma Rue-san!
[04:03] Rue
    I am honored that you know of me.
[04:06] Rue
[04:07] Rue
    the majority of your fighting strength lies
    in the modules in your arms and legs.
[04:12] Rue
    As you cannot currently utilize them,
    escape is an impossibility!
[04:16] Rue
    Two enemies remain.
    Bellnoa-dono. Subaru-dono.
[04:20] Rue
    I will crush each of them!
[04:21] Nona
    What? Why, Rue-san?
[04:24] Nona
    Why are you doing this?
[04:26] Rue
    Commander Haru loves me most...
[04:29] Rue
    I am doing this to prove that.
[04:32] Nona
    By Commander Haru, do you mean Haruto-san?
[04:34] Nona
    What are you basing that on?
[04:36] Rue
    Real money.
[04:38] Rue
    On the sum of money
    Commander Haru invested in my game.
[04:42] Rue
    It's enough that even
    I'm a little worried for him.
[04:44] Nona
    Huh? How much did Haruto-san spend?
[04:47] Rue
    Well, then.
[04:48] Nona
    No! No! Wait, Rue-san! Wait!
[04:52] Shadow Nona
[04:53] Shadow Nona
    I'm not done yet.
[04:54] Shadow Nona
    Fight me!
[04:58] Shadow Nona
    Nanobots have repaired, rebuilt,
    and reconstructed us countless times.
[05:04] Shadow Nona
    And each time, we have become a little
    more excessive, a little more lacking...
[05:10] Shadow Nona
    Full body tank warrior,
[05:12] Shadow Nona
    if one must fight to survive, then show me
    that you can claim victory from me!
[05:17] Shadow Nona
    And claim the thing I love the most!
[05:26] Seijirou
    I'm sorry you're always working
    so late, Tatsutagawa-kun.
[05:29] Kakumi
    Kanmuri-san... I mean, President.
[05:32] Kakumi
    Why are you here at this time of night?
[05:34] Seijirou
    Oh, it's nothing.
[05:35] Seijirou
    I wanted to talk to you about this.
[05:38] Kakumi
    It can't be! When did this...?
[05:40] Kakumi
[05:41] Seijirou
    So you did have them, after all.
[05:43] Seijirou
    It's said that if you work a fragment
    into a doll, it will start moving...
[05:46] Seijirou
    The legendary Shards of Galatea.
[05:49] Seijirou
    That's a fake that I made.
[05:51] Kakumi
[05:52] Seijirou
    Miraculous figurines that move on their own.
[05:55] Seijirou
    I understand the attraction.
[05:57] Seijirou
    But... it's time to stop.
[06:00] Seijirou
    Among the heroines of anime and games
[06:03] Seijirou
    are those who possess
    the power to destroy the Earth.
[06:07] Shadow Nona
    What's wrong? If all you do
    is run, you'll never win.
[06:10] Shadow Nona
    I am DP, the Destruction Planet System.
[06:15] Shadow Nona
    Just as the name says, my role
    is the destruction of planets!
[06:22] Shadow Nona
    Accurate marksmanship while
    running over unstable ground.
[06:26] Shadow Nona
    So this is what they call current
    state-of-the-art technology.
[06:30] Rue
    Still, all I can do is fight!
[06:34] Rue
    In the game, I fought with
    all of my fighting ability...
[06:38] Rue
    and Commander Haru praised me,
    loved me, spent money on me.
[06:42] Rue
    Still... though Commander Haru
    should have been looking only at me...
[06:46] Rue
    in this world, Commander Haru
    wasn't mine alone!
[06:49] Shadow Nona
[06:50] Rue
    So if I fight and win,
    Commander Haru will praise me.
[06:54] Rue
    If I'm the only one to survive,
    then he'll love only me!
[06:58] Shadow Nona
    Every last one of you...
[07:01] Shadow Nona
    You forget my nature and speak
    of happiness, of love...
[07:04] Rue
    Commander Haru has finished
    every story in my game.
[07:09] Rue
    Living happily ever after in this
    world is the true story ending!
[07:15] Shadow Nona
    Flowers that fade without ever blossoming.
[07:17] Shadow Nona
    There are countless stories
    that end amidst happiness.
[07:23] Shadow Nona
    My story is about destroying planets.
[07:26] Shadow Nona
    That is all.
[07:27] Shadow Nona
    There is no need for me to wish for
    an ending happier than where I started.
[07:32] Rue
    Is that why... you're crying?
[07:37] Rue
    Because it's so sad?
[07:40] Bellnoa
    I figured it must be you, DP System.
[07:43] Bellnoa
    Honestly, rampaging like that.
[07:45] Shadow Nona
    Bellnoa, perfect timing.
[07:48] Shadow Nona
    I will settle things with you, as well.
[07:50] Bellnoa
[07:52] Bellnoa
    Haruto would grieve.
[07:53] Shadow Nona
    That's true.
[07:55] Shadow Nona
    After all, Bouida Haruto
    loves both you and Nona.
[07:59] Bellnoa
    You just don't understand.
[08:01] Bellnoa
    Haruto would grieve...
[08:03] Bellnoa
    over you being hurt!
[08:10] Shadow Nona
[08:20] Rue
    Commander Haru...
[08:22] Rue
    Hitoma Rue, embarrassed, but still reporting...
[08:25] Rue
    And I lost terribly in battle...
[08:28] Haruto
    It's all right.
[08:30] Haruto
    You don't need to fight here.
[08:32] Haruto
    More importantly,
    I'm happy I got to meet you!
[08:35] Rue
    Commander Haru!
[08:37] Haruto
    But to think that you hid in the box
    of yukata from Kanmuri Seijirou.
SIGN    Yukata
SIGN    False Bottom
[08:42] Haruto
    I wonder if that means
    he's still investigating
[08:44] Haruto
    about what makes figures start moving.
[08:46] Rue
    Commander! I, um...
[08:49] Rue
    I realize that, on top of causing
    so much trouble,
[08:50] Rue
    this is incredibly brazen
    and selfish of me, but...
[08:53] Rue
    I was hoping you'd pet me.
[08:56] Subaru
[08:57] Haruto
[08:58] Subaru
[08:59] Subaru
    What's with the smooth transition
    from request to instant fulfillment?
[09:02] Subaru
    It's a little creepy.
[09:03] Haruto
    Oh, it's a smart phone game.
[09:05] Haruto
    There's a feature where you use the touch
    screen to pet them to improve their mood.
[09:09] Subaru
    I see.
[09:10] Subaru
    But, I mean... Does it really feel that good?
[09:14] Rue
    It is very good.
[09:15] Bellnoa
    Things have calmed down
    over here, too, Haruto.
[09:18] Haruto
    That appearance.
[09:19] Haruto
    That's the final magic from
    that extra dungeon, isn't it?
[09:23] Haruto
    But when a huge dragon's at 1/6 scale...
[09:27] Haruto
    You're sort of like a big goose.
[09:29] Haruto
    At least say I'm a swan!
[09:31] Bellnoa
    At any rate, DP System...
[09:33] Bellnoa
    You didn't lose to me because
    of a difference in our abilities.
[09:36] Bellnoa
    Those secret feelings that dulled your edge.
[09:40] Bellnoa
    Go ahead and say everything you want to say.
[09:43] Haruto
    Huh? Is there something going on?
[09:45] Shadow Nona
    I was jealous.
[09:47] Haruto
[09:47] Shadow Nona
    Of the Nona that you love.
[09:50] Shadow Nona
    Inside her is me, who only
    seeks the power to destroy.
[09:55] Shadow Nona
    Why am I the only one...
[09:58] Shadow Nona
    I want to be loved, too!
[10:00] Haruto
    What are you saying?
[10:01] Haruto
    I love you, ShadowNona!
[10:04] Haruto
    My love for Nona includes you!
[10:08] Shadow Nona
    S-So it is Nona in the end...
[10:13] Haruto
    Huh? What's wrong?
[10:14] Subaru
    Your phrasing was a little...
[10:16] Bellnoa
    He doesn't understand.
[10:17] Rue
    That's no good at all.
[10:19] Haruto
    What? Only criticisms?
[10:21] Haruto
    Fine! Since it's come to this,
    I'll pet you, too!
[10:25] Shadow Nona
    Wha— You! Don't think you can
    use this to avoid it...
[10:25] Haruto
    There, there.
[10:28] Subaru
    Does it really feel that good?
[10:30] Rue
    It is a very good thing.
[10:32] Nona
    Haruto-san. I'm sorry.
[10:34] Nona
    Thank you!
[10:38] Haruto
[10:40] Nona
    While I was transformed, I heard everything...
[10:43] Nona
    Everything I didn't know she felt...
[10:46] Nona
    I think... I do need to know, after all.
[10:49] Nona
    My true story.
[10:52] Nona
    If I don't know the true
    ending I left behind...
[10:55] Nona
    then I feel like I'm not really
    the Nona you said you love.
[11:02] Haruto
    All right.
[11:04] Haruto
    Then, let's watch it together...
    the final episode.
[11:07] Haruto
    The end of Planetary Explorer Girl.