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E8 - Young Man

Source: Crunchyroll
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[00:22] Kyousuke
    The doctor is here.
[00:28] Kyousuke
    You seem quite engrossed in reading that.
[00:31] Takuboku
    Dostoevsky's return from his death
     sentence is depicted here...
[00:37] Takuboku
    I wanted to reread that part.
[00:39] Kyousuke
    Would it be all right
    if I invited the doctor in?
[00:42] Takuboku
[00:43] Kyousuke
    Please, come in.
[00:46] Takuboku
    Kyousuke-san, could you step outside?
SIGN    Woodpecker Detective's Agency
SIGN    Poem 8
    Young Man
[02:32] doctor
    Well then, take care.
[02:35] doctor
    I told him this, as well,
[02:37] doctor
    but please make sure he
    rests as much as possible.
[02:39] Kyousuke
    I will.
[02:40] Kyousuke
    I'll bring your payment soon.
[02:43] Kyousuke
[02:46] Kyousuke
    Thank you.
[02:58] Kyousuke
    The rain doesn't seem to be stopping.
[03:02] Kyousuke
    What did the doctor say?
[03:04] Takuboku
    That I seem to be doing much better.
[03:06] Kyousuke
    I see.
[03:08] Kyousuke
    You're not cold?
[03:09] Takuboku
[03:13] Kyousuke
    Maybe I'll try reading that, too.
[03:16] Takuboku
    I heard Natsume-sensei
    collapsed at an inn in Shuzenji
[03:18] Takuboku
    where he'd gone to recuperate.
[03:20] Takuboku
    And here I am in this
     run-down place...
[03:23] Kayo
    Sorry it's so run-down.
[03:26] Kyousuke
    Oh. Today was Sunday, wasn't it?
[03:28] Kyousuke
    You're already back from helping
    with the church's soup kitchen?
[03:31] Kayo
SIGN    Quick-acting Restorative
[03:34] Kayo
    The doctor's fees must be ridiculous.
[03:38] Kayo
    I can't say it's because
    of that, exactly, but
[03:40] Kayo
    I've brought you some investigative work.
[03:42] Kayo
    Come in!
[03:44] Tamaki
    Pardon the intrusion.
[03:49] Kayo
    This is my friend.
[03:51] Kyousuke
[03:53] Kayo
    A threatening letter arrived
    at my friend's house.
[03:55] Kyousuke
    A threatening letter?
[03:56] Takuboku
    We're not interested. Please look elsewhere.
[04:00] Kyousuke
    I'm sorry.
[04:02] Kyousuke
    He's not feeling well right now...
[04:04] Kayo
    It's not like he has to go jumping around.
[04:07] Kayo
    If he'd just listen to—
[04:08] Takuboku
    I said we're not interested.
    If you'd please leave.
[04:12] Kayo
    You really are pathetic,
[04:15] Kayo
    looking like you're carrying all
    the sorrows of the world alone.
[04:17] Takuboku
[04:18] Takuboku
    It's important to consider your words
    based on timing and circumstances.
[04:21] Kayo
[04:25] Kayo
    Failing to consider timing and circumstances
[04:27] Kayo
    is your specialty, isn't it, Ishikawa-san?
[04:30] Kyousuke
    Kayo-chan, that's just cruel...
[04:33] Kayo
    But... considering he's the one saying it...
[04:38] Kyousuke
    Where are you going?
[04:39] Takuboku
[04:42] Kyousuke
    Aren't you being too mean?
[04:44] Kyousuke
    The day before yesterday,
[04:46] Kyousuke
    he coughed up blood
    and collapsed right in front of me!
[04:54] Kyousuke
    Is that... for Ishikawa-kun?
[04:57] Kayo
    Is something wrong with that?
[04:59] Kyousuke
    No. I didn't mean it that way...
[05:01] Kayo
    I... When I was young I was sick, too.
[05:06] Kayo
    That's why...
[05:16] Tamaki
    Ishikawa-sensei left.
[05:18] Kyousuke
    Huh? Yes...
[05:20] Kyousuke
    He said he was going to the bathroom.
[05:22] Tamaki
    No. Just now, he went outside.
[05:24] Kyousuke
[05:28] Kyousuke
    You're sure it was Ishikawa-kun?
[05:30] Tamaki
[05:31] Tamaki
    And he wasn't carrying an umbrella.
[05:37] Kayo
    I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help.
[05:40] Tamaki
    Not at all.
SIGN    Kikunyuusha Milk
[05:58] Yoshii
    Looks like that entertainment
     producer the police arrested,
[06:01] Yoshii
    Sonobe, has been released.
[06:03] Sakutarou
[06:04] Yoshii
    Remember? There was that
     "bat-man" everyone loved,
[06:07] Yoshii
    an acrobat named Kagami,
    who fell to his death.
[06:10] Sakutarou
[06:11] Sakutarou
    I can't believe that bat-man would...
[06:14] Nomura
    Did you see him in person?
[06:16] Sakutarou
    Yes. Just once at the Twelve-stories.
SIGN    Wondrous Powers of Flight
[06:19] Sakutarou
    It was quite impressive.
[06:22] Sakutarou
    To think he fell because his rope broke.
[06:24] Sakutarou
    I did think it was strange, but...
SIGN    Asakusa Daily News
[06:27] Akutagawa
    Even monkeys fall from trees.
[06:29] Sakutarou
    Isn't that idiom a little inconsiderate?
[06:34] Akutagawa
    Masters of mountains die in the mountains.
[06:39] Nomura
    But they say they found a note
    accusing Sonobe of things
[06:42] Nomura
    in Kagami's room, right?
[06:45] Nomura
    Why was he acquitted?
[06:49] Yoshii
    It says there wasn't enough evidence.
[06:51] Yoshii
    This Sonobe seems to have a lot
    of influence in political circles.
[06:56] Kyousuke
    Have any of you seen Ishikawa-kun?
[06:58] Nomura
    What's wrong?
[06:59] Kyousuke
    He went out.
[07:00] Kyousuke
    And he didn't have an umbrella... and...
[07:03] Nomura
    Just calm down a little.
[07:05] Kyousuke
    The doctor said to make sure he
    rested as much as possible, but...
[07:09] Kyousuke
    he's gone...
[07:12] Yoshii
    Probably just doing it for attention again
     and intends to act innocent later.
[07:15] Kyousuke
    No. He didn't seem like that at all...
[07:18] Nomura
    You're always letting him
    trick you like that.
[07:23] Kyousuke
    He told me not to say
    anything about this, but...
[07:27] Kyousuke
    The truth is, Ishikawa-kun...
[07:30] Kyousuke
    coughed up blood and collapsed.
[07:36] Tamaki
    Are you jumping in?
[07:42] Tamaki
    I hear death by drowning
    is quite excruciating,
[07:45] Tamaki
    but from here, I'm sure your
    death would be certain.
[07:48] Takuboku
    I'm not going back.
[07:53] Takuboku
    What's so funny?
[07:54] Tamaki
    You're just as Kayo-san said you were.
[07:57] Tamaki
    You're quite spoiled, aren't you?
[07:59] Takuboku
    What did you say?
[08:01] Tamaki
    After all, I was simply
    passing on my way home,
[08:05] Tamaki
    but you thought I was here
    to fetch you, didn't you?
[08:09] Tamaki
    Still, this must be some kind of fate.
[08:13] Tamaki
    I hear you've solved quite
    a few difficult cases.
[08:17] Tamaki
    Won't you accept my request?
    I'll pay however much you want.
[08:24] Takuboku
    Even the act of living seems pointless.
[08:27] Takuboku
    Why would I care about
    other people's problems?
[08:36] Tamaki
    Everything that is born dies...
[08:38] Tamaki
    whether humans, or puppies,
    or flowers by the roadside...
[08:43] Tamaki
    No matter what you do,
    no matter what you leave behind,
[08:46] Tamaki
    it all returns to nothingness.
[08:48] Tamaki
    There is no meaning to the act of living.
[08:53] Tamaki
    But if this body,
[08:54] Tamaki
    which has no meaning in simply living,
    can be of use to someone,
[08:59] Tamaki
    doesn't that create a reason
    for having been born?
[09:06] Tamaki
    Please, come to my house.
[09:07] Tamaki
    I'll make you some nice warm cocoa.
[09:12] Kyousuke
    He says it's just light inflammation
    of the abdominal membranes, but...
[09:15] Kyousuke
    I don't know if that's true or not.
[09:20] Nomura
    Stop worrying!
[09:22] Nomura
    He wouldn't die even if you killed him!
[09:23] Yoshii
    He's just pretending to be weak
    as an excuse to borrow more money.
[09:27] Kyousuke
    That's what I thought at first, too, but...
[09:30] Kyousuke
    last night, I found this poem.
[09:32] Kyousuke
    "If a young man who laughs
    often were to die,
[09:36] Kyousuke
    would the world feel
    even a little saddened..."
[09:39] Sakutarou
    Even the poems he writes to pay
    his debts are such wonderful poems.
[09:43] Sakutarou
    It's one of the amazing things
    about Ishikawa-san, isn't it?
[09:46] Akutagawa
    Wonderful poems born of lies.
[09:47] Kyousuke
    It's not like that!
[09:49] Kyousuke
    He's... At his heart, he's...
    very straightforward, and...
[09:53] Kyousuke
    if it seems like he lies sometimes,
[09:56] Kyousuke
    it's because his brain works too quickly!
[09:58] Yoshii
    True. He might be serious this time.
[10:02] Kyousuke
[10:03] Sakutarou
    I'm sure... it's already too late...
[10:05] Kyousuke
    It can't be...
[10:06] Nomura
    Namandabu, namandabu...
[10:08] Akutagawa
    Nothing more can be done.
[10:11] Kyousuke
[10:25] Takuboku
    You live in quite the impressive house.
[10:28] Tamaki
    It's a house built through many evil deeds.
[10:33] Takuboku
    Is your dad a bandit or something?
[10:35] Tamaki
    My dad?
[10:38] Tamaki
    If you'll wait a moment,
    I'll bring you a change of clothes.
[10:57] Takuboku
    "To Sonobe, who killed my older brother,
[10:59] Takuboku
    and to you, who cared for him
    and just watched him die,

[11:03] Takuboku
    I swear my revenge."
[11:07] Tamaki
    That is the matter I wanted to bring to you.
[11:11] Tamaki
    Here. I believe they'll be the right size.
[11:16] Tamaki
    I'll go change and return.
[11:19] Takuboku
    In other places it's called
    "adolescence," the awkward age.
[11:25] Tamaki
    In that case, I'll change here, as well.
[11:43] Tamaki
    Apologies for the late introduction.
[11:45] Tamaki
    I'm Sonobe's wife, Tamaki.
SIGN    Woodpecker
[11:55] (Flashback) ringleader
    Now, gather 'round!
[11:57] (Flashback) ringleader
    The power of flight, so rare in this world.
[12:00] (Flashback) ringleader
    People call him the bat-man, Kagami!
[12:12] (Flashback) spectator
    He really is a bat-man!
[12:20] (Flashback) Sonobe
    Here's your share.
[12:24] (Flashback) Sonobe
    What is it?
[12:26] (Flashback) Kagami
    I want you to leave Tamaki-san.
[12:28] (Flashback) Sonobe
    What did you say?
[12:31] (Flashback) Kagami
    I know everything.
[12:32] (Flashback) Kagami
    You're using the church
    as a front to sell children.
[12:42] (Flashback) Kagami
    I'm planning to lodge
    a complaint against him.
SIGN    Letter of Accusation
[12:47] (Flashback) crowd
    I've heard he really flies!
[12:48] (Flashback) crowd
    Won't they hurry up?
[12:51] (Flashback) crowd
    I've only heard of him.
[12:54] (Flashback) crowd
    Oh! It's the bat-man!
[12:56] (Flashback) crowd
    Oh! Over there!
[12:57] (Flashback) crowd
    Where? Where?
[13:18] (Flashback) Tamaki
[13:23] (Flashback) Ooyama
    Why don't you just confess?!
[13:25] (Flashback) Ooyama
    You learned Kagami was
    going to publicly accuse you,
SIGN    Letter of Accusation
[13:29] (Flashback) Ooyama
    and tampered with his lifeline.
[13:31] (Flashback) Ooyama
    Isn't that right?!
[13:33] (Flashback) Sahara
    Ooyama-san, a moment.
[13:36] (Flashback) Ooyama
    What is it?
[13:37] (Flashback) Sahara
    The superintendent's asking for you.
[13:39] (Flashback) Ooyama
    The superintendent?
SIGN    Letter of Accusation
[13:48] (Flashback) Sonobe
    What is the meaning of this?
[13:50] (Flashback) Tamaki
    Has something happened?
[13:54] (Flashback) Sonobe
    To think Kagami had a younger brother...
[13:57] (Flashback) Sonobe
    As I suspected, you and Kagami were...
[14:08] Tamaki
    That silly man.
[14:10] Tamaki
    He's afraid for the world to learn
    I was unfaithful to him.
[14:16] Tamaki
    That's why he can't take
    that letter to the police.
[14:20] Tamaki
    He says it has to do with
    a man's pride or something.
[14:25] Takuboku
    And... what do you think?
[14:28] Tamaki
    About what?
[14:30] Takuboku
    About this threatening letter.
[14:32] Tamaki
    Kagami-san lost his parents at a young age.
[14:36] Tamaki
    He and his brother were very close.
[14:40] Tamaki
    So, I believe he is serious.
[14:45] Takuboku
    But, why bring it to me?
[14:48] Tamaki
    On the weekends, I go to help
    at the church soup kitchen.
[14:53] Tamaki
    While there, I asked
    Kayo-san for advice, and...
[14:56] (Flashback) Kayo
    We've got the perfect person
    at our boarding house.
[15:00] Takuboku
[15:01] Takuboku
    So, what is it you want me to do?
[15:04] Tamaki
    I'd like you to find Kagami-san's brother.
[15:07] Tamaki
    Kagami-san was a noble, honorable man.
[15:11] Tamaki
    I can't allow his little brother
    to commit a crime.
[15:16] Tamaki
    It's the only thing I can do now...
[15:25] Tamaki
    It's my husband.
[15:33] Yoshii
    Where could he have gone?
[15:36] Sakutarou
    What should we do?
[15:38] Yoshii
    Even if you ask that, it doesn't...
[15:43] Yoshii
    How did it go?
[15:44] Nomura
    Someone saw someone like him
    at the Ookawa Bridge.
[15:47] Kyousuke
[15:48] Sakutarou
    Anything else?
[15:49] Nomura
    He seemed to be staring at the water
    with a troubled expression.
[15:53] Yoshii
    That's certainly unpleasant news.
[15:57] Akutagawa
    Even kappa are swept away by rivers.
[15:59] Sakutarou
    Akutagawa-kun, this is no time for jokes.
[16:02] Kyousuke
    Now it's come to this,
    we should go to the police...
[16:04] Takuboku
    Two cocoas, please!
[16:09] Takuboku
    We didn't get to have
    any earlier, after all.
[16:12] Takuboku
    What's this?
[16:15] Takuboku
    You all look like drowned rats.
    What have you been doing?
[16:19] Kyousuke
    A-And you! After leaving like that.
[16:21] Kyousuke
    What is going on?
[16:23] Takuboku
    Going on?
[16:25] Takuboku
    Just because I was a little ill,
    you want me to lie around forever?
[16:28] Kyousuke
[16:30] Kyousuke
    Aren't you Kayo-chan's...
[16:32] Kyousuke
    Ishikawa-kun. Please, explain!
[16:34] Kyousuke
    What on earth...
[16:35] Takuboku
    It hardly requires explanation...
[16:38] Takuboku
    In short, it's a case, Kindaichi-kun!
[16:44] Takuboku
    So the house where Kagami lived
    with his brother is this way?
[16:48] Tamaki
    Yes, but...
[16:49] Tamaki
    it seems no one's lived there
    since the accident.
[16:51] Takuboku
    After the incident, you went
    there alone, Tamaki-san?
[16:55] Tamaki
[16:56] Tamaki
    I thought that if we had a chance
    to talk, he'd understand.
[17:03] Tamaki
    Excuse me...
[17:04] older woman
[17:05] Tamaki
    I wanted to ask about the
    people who used to live here.
[17:09] older woman
    And who are you?
[17:11] Takuboku
    I'm with the Asahi Shimbun.
SIGN    Tokyo Asahi Shimbun Local News
    Ishikawa Takuboku
[17:14] older woman
    A reporter?
[17:17] Takuboku
[17:18] Takuboku
    Did Kagami-san live here
    with his younger brother?
[17:21] older woman
    Yes. They came here from the countryside
    about a month before he died.
[17:27] Takuboku
    After Kagami-san's death, have you
     seen his younger brother around?
[17:31] older woman
    The police asked me that, too.
[17:35] older woman
    The night of the incident...
[17:42] older woman
    he was screaming something
    about "I'll kill you," but...
[17:46] older woman
    I haven't seen him since.
[17:48] Takuboku
    What kind of person is the younger brother?
[17:50] older woman
    I don't really know.
[17:52] older woman
    The elder brother was a sociable sort,
[17:55] older woman
    but the younger brother wouldn't
    even answer when you greeted him.
[18:08] Takuboku
[18:09] Takuboku
    What about this?
[18:11] Tamaki
    It must belong to his brother.
[18:13] Takuboku
    Are you sure?
[18:14] Tamaki
[18:16] Tamaki
    I know all of Kagami-san's clothes.
[18:29] Takuboku
[18:44] Takuboku
    He got away.
[18:47] Takuboku
    Was that Kagami's brother?
[18:49] Tamaki
[18:50] Tamaki
    Though I didn't see him clearly.
[18:52] Takuboku
    Don't worry. I will catch him.
[18:58] Takuboku
    "The grief...
[18:59] Takuboku
    and envy in a young man's eyes
[19:02] Takuboku
    as he watches little birds in flight
[19:04] Takuboku
    watches as they fly and sing."
[19:07] Tamaki
    Is that how you attract interest from women?
[19:10] Takuboku
[19:11] Tamaki
    Ishikawa-san, I am aware that
    you possess great literary talent.
[19:16] Tamaki
    However, in the end,
    poetry is simply emotional.
[19:21] Tamaki
    Shouldn't you be using that literary talent
    for the good of society instead?
[19:37] Kyousuke
    So, how are things going?
[19:40] Takuboku
    Not good. I've got nothing.
[19:43] Takuboku
    I don't even know what to try next.
[19:45] Kyousuke
    Do you think the threatening letter is real?
[19:49] Kyousuke
    Maybe he just can't accept
    his bother's death,
[19:51] Kyousuke
    so he's started looking
    for someone to blame?
[19:55] Takuboku
[19:56] Takuboku
    Oh. I've got nothing there, either.
[19:58] Kyousuke
    "There, either"?
[20:00] Takuboku
    Possessing the strength to carve
     a path to a new era...
[20:04] Takbuoku
    and still so lovely...
[20:07] Takuboku
    I've never met a woman like her before.
[20:11] Kayo
[20:13] Takuboku
[20:16] Kayo
    A telegram.
[20:17] Takuboku
    Thank you.
[20:19] Kyousuke
    Who is it from?
[20:20] Takuboku
    From Tamaki-san! I'm going out for a bit!
[20:25] Takuboku
[20:26] Takuboku
    The soy sauce mochi you left
    when I was sick was tasty.
[20:28] Takuboku
    Thank you!
[20:30] Kayo
    He really just does whatever
    he wants, doesn't he?
[20:33] Kyousuke
[20:37] Takuboku
    What's wrong?
[20:39] Takuboku
    What happened?
[20:41] Tamaki
    This morning, this arrived...
[20:45] Takuboku
    "First, I will take the life of your husband,
    Sonobe, right in front of you.
[20:50] Takuboku
    Even now, I am watching you
    with narrowed eyes..."
[20:55] Takuboku
    Ridiculous. This isn't a detective novel.
[20:59] Takuboku
    I can't believe you of all people
    would take this seriously—
[21:04] Takuboku
[21:07] Takuboku
    "5:13, Sonobe returns home.
[21:10] Takuboku
    6:32, husband and wife have
    dinner in the dining room.
[21:15] Takuboku
    The brand of cigarette Sonobe
    smokes after dinner is 'Kokka.'
[21:19] Takuboku
    10:32, husband and wife
    retire to the bedroom.
[21:22] Takuboku
    Sonobe starts by removing your clothes..."
[21:26] Tamaki
    It happened just like that.
[21:29] Tamaki
    It happened just as Kagami's
    brother wrote in that letter.
[21:32] Takuboku
    But there's no way for someone outside
    to know what happened in your bedroom—
[21:36] Takuboku
    Could it be a maid let it slip?
[21:40] Tamaki
    Come this way.
[21:45] Tamaki
    This is the second floor.
[21:47] Tamaki
    And outside the window is the Ookawa.
[21:50] Tamaki
    There is no way for a maid to peer in.
[21:52] Takuboku
    But... if that's the case... how?
[21:56] Tamaki
    The thing is, sometimes
    I can feel someone's presence.
[23:38] Hirai
    The death of the bat-man!
    A beauty in men's clothes!
[23:40] Hirai
    A figure hiding in the rafters!
[23:41] Hirai
    It really stirs the imagination!
SIGN    Next Time: "Events Fulfilled"
[23:43] Akutagawa
    Truly bizarre.
[23:44] Hirai
    Actually, there's a very interesting rumor...
SIGN    Illustration: Saki Kaoru