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E5 - Accursed Beast

Source: Crunchyroll
(Please feel free to edit the speaker names if incomplete or inaccurate. Names are handled on a best-effort basis depending on the info on the source file. Dialogue is left as is.)
[00:00] Kyousuke
    She loved you!
[00:03] Kyousuke
    And I loved you...
[00:06] Kyousuke
    your talent, your poetry, and you.
[00:10] Kyousuke
    But that ends today.
[00:13] Kyousuke
    I am going to cut ties with you.
[00:22] Takuboku
    "That accursed beast,
    the dyer's daughter, Oroku
[00:27] Takuboku
    carrying a cat along
    the beach in the setting sun...
[00:31] Takuboku
    with an innocent expression,
    lissome and lithe..."
SIGN    Woodpecker Detective's Office
[02:06] Takuboku
    "I ponder...
[02:08] Takuboku
    the dangerous religion
    of this dissolute age
[02:10] Takuboku
    the witchcraft of the Christian Deus...
[02:16] Takuboku
    the captains of the Black Ships...
[02:19] Takuboku
    the mysterious land of the Red-haired...
[02:22] Takuboku
    the crimson colored glass...
[02:25] Takuboku
    and sharply scented carnations
[02:27] Takuboku
    the striped cottons of the
    barbarians from the West
[02:30] Takuboku
    and arrak, that strange and rare liquor.
[02:36] Takuboku
    The pale people of Dominica
SIGN    Poem 5
    Accursed Beast
[02:39] Takuboku
    speak in multisyllabic litanies,
    even in my dreams,
[02:43] Takuboku
    of the forbidden god of their sect
[02:45] Takuboku
    or of the blood-stained holy crucifixion..."
[02:49] Kayo
    I'm coming in!
[02:51] Takuboku
    "The deceptive instrument which
    shows poppy seeds large as apples...
[02:56] Takuboku
    The strange spectacles which bring the
    heavens closer as you peer into the sky..."
[02:56] Kayo
    What is that? It's too early in the
    morning for something so creepy.
[02:59] Kayo
    Come on. Hurry up and eat.
[03:01] Takuboku
    Is it creepy?
[03:04] Takuboku
    This is called "Gateway to Heresy."
[03:07] Takuboku
    A friend of mine, Kitahara Hakushuu,
    a man overflowing with wisdom wrote...
[03:12] Takuboku
    The son of the Uchimoto steamship
    company seems to have killed someone.
[03:16] Kayo
[03:17] Kayo
    There isn't a single decent person
    among the so-called upper class.
[03:19] Takuboku
    You have a grudge against
    the Uchimoto ships or something?
[03:22] Kayo
    It's nothing like that.
[03:24] Kayo
    I just feel sorry for the young lady
    who was killed. That's all.
[03:31] Kayo
    Oh! Ishikawa-san!
[03:33] Kayo
    Do you have this month's rent?
[03:34] Takuboku
    Yes. I'll have it within
    the next day or two.
[03:38] Kayo
[03:39] Takuboku
    A poet never goes back on his word.
[03:42] Kayo
[03:43] Kayo
    What does he think he's doing? At his age...
[03:50] Kyousuke
    Good morning!
[03:52] Takuboku
[03:54] Kyousuke
    Were you up all night?
[03:56] Takuboku
[03:57] Takuboku
    I couldn't sleep, so I opened up
    Kitahara-kun's Gateway to Heresy
[04:00] Takuboku
    and ended up even more awake than before.
[04:02] Takuboku
    People like him are geniuses.
[04:06] Kyousuke
    True, Kitahara-san may be a genius,
[04:09] Kyousuke
    but your talent is in no way
    inferior to his.
[04:14] Takuboku
    You really are kind, Kyousuke-san.
[04:17] Kyousuke
    In any case... Don't push yourself too hard.
[04:20] Kyousuke
    If you let your health fall apart,
    nothing else matters.
[04:24] Takuboku
    "For me...
[04:26] Takuboku
    to soothe my troubled heart
[04:29] Takuboku
    someone sang me a song of praise."
[04:33] Takuboku
    I composed that yesterday
     while thinking of you.
[04:37] Kyousuke
    Changing the subject,
    aren't you going to work?
[04:40] Takuboku
    Yes. Of course I'm going.
[04:43] Takuboku
    As an ordinary consumer,
    I need to earn my daily living.
[04:47] Takuboku
    Though I work and work...
[04:51] Kyousuke
    Do you have any plans tonight?
[04:53] Kyousuke
    Let's go eat something
    to give you some stamina.
[04:55] Kyousuke
    I received my wages yesterday.
[04:57] Takuboku
    I somehow feel apologetic toward you.
[05:00] Kyousuke
    Oh, right. You paid your rent, didn't you?
[05:03] Takuboku
[05:05] Takuboku
    I'll take care of it in the next day or so.
[05:07] Kyousuke
    Let's meet in the usual
     place at seven, then.
[05:16] Yoshii
    "Every morning...
[05:17] Yoshii
    always on the same beach
[05:20] Yoshii
    if we meet, I begin to smile—this maiden."
[05:23] Sakutarou
    That's good.
[05:25] Yoshii
    You think so?
[05:26] Sakutarou
[05:27] Sakutarou
    That is exactly the frame of mind I'm in.
[05:31] Sakutarou
    So, who were you thinking
    of when you composed that?
[05:38] Sakutarou
[05:39] Sakutarou
    She's the one that I—
[05:40] Yoshii
    But you haven't made a single move.
[05:42] Sakutarou
    Even so... How could you be so cruel?
[05:44] Yoshii
    What do you mean, "cruel"?
[05:46] Yoshii
    It's not as though Kiku-san belongs to you.
[05:49] Sakutarou
[05:50] Nomura
    Hey! You guys fighting?
[05:53] Sakutarou
[05:55] Sakutarou
    Yoshii-kun has betrayed me.
[05:57] Yoshii
    Hold on! You're making me
    out to be a disgrace!
[05:59] Nomura
    Now, now. I have no idea
    what you're talking about.
[06:02] Sakutarou
    Well, I... Ever since
    she started working here,
[06:07] Sakutarou
    my heart follows her.
[06:09] Sakutarou
    I talked with Yoshii-kun about it, but he...
[06:12] Nomura
    Would that "she" be...
[06:15] Sakutarou
    Yokoyama Kiku-san.
[06:16] Nomura
[06:18] Sakutarou
    Could it be that you also—
[06:19] Nomura
    D-Don't be stupid.
[06:22] Nomura
    Who'd want a girl like...
[06:40] Takuboku
    Excuse me!
[06:42] proprietor
[06:43] Takuboku
    I'll take this please.
[06:54] Takuboku
    "Fresh and new...
[06:55] Takuboku
    the smell of the paper of Western books
[06:58] Takuboku
    makes me hunger for money all the more."
[07:03] Sakutarou
    So Nomura-san, you have
    feelings for Kiku-san, too.
[07:08] Nomura
    That girl stole something important to me.
[07:12] Sakutarou
    Something important?
[07:13] Nomura
    My heart.
[07:20] Sakutarou
    Beautiful, genuine, and dignified...
[07:24] Sakutarou
    It would be hard not to
    fall in love with her.
[07:28] Nomura
    You're not wrong.
[07:29] Yoshii
    I will not let you have her!
[07:31] Yoshii
    Whether my opponent be
    Nomura-san or Hagiwara-kun,
[07:36] Yoshii
    I will not give her up!
[07:37] Sakutarou
    And I—
[07:39] Sakutarou
    I'd never give her up, even if it kills me.
[07:41] Nomura
    Well, there is the question of her feelings...
[07:42] Yoshii
    I see.
[07:44] Yoshii
    Then why don't we settle this
    with our poems?
[07:47] Sakutarou
    With poems?
[07:48] Yoshii
    We have staked our lives on literature.
[07:51] Yoshii
    It's only logical that a battle on love's
    pathway be settled through literature.
[07:54] Sakutarou
    That's true, but...
[07:56] Nomura
    I'll pass.
[07:59] Yoshii
    What about you, Hagiwara-kun?
[08:01] Yoshii
    Do you think you can surpass
    the poem I read earlier?
[08:05] Sakutarou
    Of course. I accept your challenge.
[08:12] Satou
    It's already after three.
[08:13] Satou
    What happened?
[08:15] Takuboku
    Yes... I wasn't feeling very well.
[08:19] Satou
    I see.
[08:20] Satou
    You do seem tired...
[08:23] Takuboku
    Not at all. Work is work.
[08:25] Takuboku
    I can't let my circumstances
    dictate everything.
[08:28] Satou
    Good. Then we'll be counting on you today.
[08:32] Takuboku
    Yes, sir. Leave it to me.
[08:37] Satou
    Is something wrong?
[08:39] Takuboku
    Well... I was wondering if
    I might have an advance.
[08:42] Satou
[08:43] Satou
    But you asked for an advance
    last week, too, to pay your rent.
[08:46] Takuboku
    Oh. I ended up sending that to my parents...
[08:51] Satou
    It's really hard to talk
    to accounting about this...
[08:55] Satou
    Will this be enough?
[08:56] Takuboku
    Thank you.
[08:58] Takuboku
    I will forever be indebted to you!
[09:01] Takuboku
    That's a nice suit.
[09:02] Satou
    Oh, this?
[09:03] Satou
    The other day, I splurged and
    bought it on monthly installments.
[09:06] Satou
    I just happened to see it in the store
    and fell in love at first sight.
[09:10] Satou
    It's not often...
[09:12] Takuboku
    "So large and great...
[09:14] Takuboku
    his physical being loathsome
[09:16] Takuboku
    standing before him, speaking."
[09:23] Sakutarou
    "I simply wish...
[09:25] Sakutarou
    for a day beside you
[09:28] Sakutarou
    for a dream of a thousand years."
[09:30] Nomura
    Impressive... Very passionate.
[09:34] Yoshii
    Exactly the kind of poem I'd expect
    a closet lecher like you to compose.
[09:38] Sakutarou
    There's no need to talk about
    a person's poem like that!
[09:40] Nomura
    Oh, I forgot.
[09:42] Nomura
    Shall we get this warmed up?
[09:44] Yoshii
    Drinking will hardly help
    with the poetry, will it?
[09:47] Sakutarou
    You're wrong. Drinking will help
    our tongues move more freely.
[09:51] Yoshii
    But it will slow the movement
    of our minds, won't it?
[09:54] Sakutarou
    Poems are not spoken from the mind.
[09:57] Yoshii
    Even so, they aren't spoken
    from the tongue, are they?
[10:00] Sakutarou
    You speak them with your tongue!
    Or do you speak them with your teeth?
[10:03] Sakutarou
    If you don't—
[10:03] Bokusui
    Poems are read from the heart.
[10:07] Nomura
[10:10] Bokusui
[10:12] Kiku
[10:14] Bokusui
    Sorry for the trouble.
    Can I ask you to heat this up?
[10:17] Kiku
    Of course.
[10:19] Kiku
    All of you have had the most
    troubled expressions.
[10:21] Kiku
    Are you discussing literature again?
[10:24] Sakutarou
[10:25] Yoshii
    Well, it is literature of a sort...
[10:27] Kiku
    Don't give up.
[10:32] Bokusui
    Truly, that is what you call lovely.
[10:35] Bokusui
    I've been thinking Kiku-san
    is pretty lovable, too, you see.
[10:39] Bokusui
    Will you let me join in?
[10:41] Yoshii
[10:42] Sakutarou
    Wakayama-san is like us,
    aspiring toward literature.
[10:45] Sakutarou
    There's no logical reason to refuse.
[10:48] Bokusui
    In that case, allow me to read a poem.
[10:51] Bokusui
    To be honest, I've already written it.
[10:54] Bokusui
    "Look at the mountains
[10:55] Bokusui
    The mountains shine in the sunlight
[10:57] Bokusui
    Look at the sea
[10:59] Bokusui
    The sea shines in the sunlight
[11:01] Bokusui
    Now! My lips to yours."
[11:13] Man A
    About Oen...
[11:15] Takuboku
    Yes. Hananoya's proprietress
    told me all about it.
[11:20] Man A
    Meaning you understand and accept?
[11:22] Takuboku
    Well, now, that's...
[11:24] Takuboku
    It isn't something I can do
    at my own discretion.
[11:27] Takuboku
    Oen's feelings are what's
    most important here, you see.
[11:31] Man A
    You're quite an impressive man.
[11:33] Takuboku
    Am I?
[11:36] Takuboku
    If I were just a little more brazen,
[11:38] Takuboku
    providing for my lifestyle
    would be easier...
[11:42] Takuboku
    "Though I work and work,
    still, the way I live..."
[11:53] Takuboku
[11:56] Takuboku
    Sorry to keep you waiting!
[11:58] Kyousuke
    No, I just got here.
[12:01] Kyousuke
    Have you already been drinking?
[12:03] Takuboku
    With a certain wealthy man.
[12:05] Takuboku
    Now, shall we go to the foot
    of the Twelve-stories?
[12:08] Kyousuke
[12:09] Takuboku
    That's right. It's simply a lust for flesh.
[12:11] Takuboku
    But it's still a lust for flesh, you know.
[12:14] Takuboku
    Besides which, Kyousuke-san...
[12:15] Takuboku
    Are you sure you're all right like that?
    Your whole life... like that?
[12:19] Kyousuke
    Well, no, but...
[12:21] Takuboku
    Then tonight is the night we settle things!
[12:26] Bokusui
    "Once drunk, everyone
[12:27] Bokusui
    jokes about their triumphs in love
[12:30] Bokusui
    with tears mingled in, ah, these youths."
[12:33] Nomura
    Huh. The more he drinks,
    the more Wakayama he gets.
[12:37] Sakutarou
    The more he drinks, the more
    his heart sings, I suppose.
[12:40] Yoshii
[12:41] Yoshii
    Which poem is it? A poem
    worthy of giving to Kiku-san.
[12:45] Yoshii
    Tell me!
[12:46] Nomura
    About that...
[12:47] Nomura
    The thing is, Kiku-san has...
[12:49] Kiku
    I'm leaving for the day!
[12:56] Sakutarou
[12:59] Sakutarou
    Um... There's something
    I'd like to give you.
[13:04] Kiku
    What is it?
[13:06] Sakutarou
    It's just... Um...
[13:08] Sakutarou
[13:12] Kiku
    "Every morning...
[13:14] Kiku
    always on the same beach
[13:16] Kiku
    if we meet, I begin to smile—this maiden."
[13:21] Sakutarou
    Yoshii-kun wrote this poem for you.
[13:25] Kiku
[13:26] Yoshii
    That's right.
[13:27] Yoshii
    I love—
[13:31] Kiku
[13:33] Senjaku
[13:34] Kiku
    I was waiting for you.
[13:36] Senjaku
    Is it all right for you to leave?
[13:37] Kiku
[13:38] Kiku
[13:40] Kiku
    Thank you for the beautiful poem.
[13:44] Yoshii
    No problem...
SIGN    Woodpecker
SIGN    Hananoya
[13:48] madam
    I'm very sorry.
[13:50] madam
    Another guest came just before you.
[13:58] Takuboku
    Oen is such a beauty, you see?
[14:00] Takuboku
    There's no end to the offers from people
     wanting to take her home.
[14:02] Kyousuke
[14:04] Oen
    Stop talking about that.
[14:06] Takuboku
    If you let someone take you in,
[14:08] Takuboku
    you'd never worry for money
    and you could live how you liked...
[14:12] Kyousuke
[14:13] Kyousuke
    What is it you like about Ishikawa-kun?
[14:15] Oen
    I'm from Hanamaki.
[14:19] Oen
    When I came here, my first
    guest was Hajime-san...
[14:23] Oen
    I started crying...
[14:26] Oen
    When that happened,
    instead of making love to me,
[14:29] Oen
    he just patted my head all night.
[14:31] Takuboku
[14:34] Oen
[14:36] Takuboku
    Does it tickle?
[14:38] Kyousuke
    I'm going home!
[14:43] Oen
    Oh, my.
[14:45] Takuboku
    Well. Shall we head up?
[14:47] Takuboku
    There's something I wanted
     to talk to you about.
[14:52] Yoshii
    "Upon visiting...
[14:53] Yoshii
    my friend happens to be pleasantly drunk
[14:56] Yoshii
    delighted in love,
    the moon on a misty night."
[14:59] Sakutarou
    One of Wakayama-san's poems, isn't it?
[15:01] Sakutarou
    When it comes to poems about alcohol,
    no one can match him.
[15:06] Yoshii
[15:07] Yoshii
[15:09] Yoshii
    Why did you give her my poem?
[15:11] Sakutarou
    Because that poem moved me.
[15:16] Yoshii
    Love truly is a fragile thing, isn't it?
[15:20] Sakutarou
    Yes, it is.
[15:24] Sakutarou
    "Two pitch-black cats
[15:27] Sakutarou
    on a rooftop in the
    seductive, restless night
[15:30] Sakutarou
    from the tips of their tall,
    pin-straight tails
[15:32] Sakutarou
    a crescent moon,
    thin as a thread, grows hazy
[15:36] Sakutarou
    meow, good evening
[15:38] Sakutarou
    meow, good evening
[15:40] Sakutarou
    mraow, mraow, mraow
SIGN    Hananoya
[15:47] Sakutarou
[15:48] Sakutarou
    the master of this house is ill."
[15:53] Takuboku
    I really do feel
[15:54] Takuboku
    that the hearts of people who come from
     the same area are connected at the root.
[15:58] Oen
    Yes. I feel that, too.
[16:02] Takuboku
    "One's hometown
[16:03] Takuboku
    those children who have left
[16:05] Takuboku
    are all alike
[16:07] Takuboku
    there is no sadness which
    can overwhelm happiness."
[16:11] Oen
    "One's hometown
[16:13] Oen
    those children who have left
[16:14] Oen
    are all alike
[16:16] Oen and Takuboku
    there is no sadness which
    can overwhelm happiness."
[16:22] Takuboku
    Are you crying?
[16:24] Oen
    I'm sorry.
[16:26] Takuboku
    Do you want to go back? To your hometown...
[16:29] Oen
[16:31] Oen
    If I did, I wouldn't be able
    to see you, Hajime-san.
[16:36] Takuboku
    Oen, I have something I want to ask you.
[16:53] Sakutarou
    "In the distance, a pistol shot rings out.
[16:56] Sakutarou
    And another pistol shot.
[16:58] Sakutarou
[16:59] Sakutarou
    My detective dons clothes of crystal
[17:02] Sakutarou
    and sneaks in through the lover's window.
[17:05] Sakutarou
    The floors are of clear jade.
[17:07] Sakutarou
    From the spaces between each finger
[17:09] Sakutarou
    flows ghastly pale blood.
[17:12] Sakutarou
    Atop the tragic woman's corpse
[17:14] Sakutarou
    a cold katydid chirps.
[17:18] Sakutarou
    One morning, at the beginning
    of the Month of Frost,
[17:20] Sakutarou
    the detective dons his clothes of crystal
[17:23] Sakutarou
    and turns at the intersection in town.
SIGN    Kikunyuusha Milk
SIGN    Milk Newspapers Kikunyuusha
[17:29] Sakutarou
    At the intersection, a fountain of autumn.
[17:33] Sakutarou
    Now, the lone detective feels troubled.
[17:36] Sakutarou
[17:37] Sakutarou
    That distant, desolate marble footpath
[17:41] Sakutarou
    where the villain slips away at speed."
[17:47] Takuboku
    Oh, my.
[17:48] Takuboku
    They've arrested a statesman who'd been
    receiving money from Uchimoto steamships.
[17:52] Takuboku
    It says it started with a letter the woman
    killed by the son of the family left.
[17:57] Takuboku
    This looks like it'll be a big deal.
[17:59] Kayo
    Serves him right.
[18:01] Kayo
    The murdered young lady will be happy, too.
[18:03] Takuboku
    This seems very similar to...
[18:05] Kayo
    To what?
[18:06] Takuboku
    Well, it's just...
[18:08] Takuboku
    With the Arakawa mines case, too,
[18:09] Takuboku
    it started with a murder
    related to a letter,
[18:12] Takuboku
    which lead to uncovering
    the mine pollution issues...
[18:15] Takuboku
    Now that I think about it,
[18:17] Takuboku
    the real murderer who tried to frame
    the head clerk hasn't been caught yet.
[18:22] Kayo
    "And that real murderer might be pulling
    the strings behind this case, too."
[18:26] Kayo
    You weren't going to say that, were you?
[18:29] Takuboku
    Kayo-san, are you sure you don't
    have a talent for writing fiction?
[18:33] Takuboku
    But in the Arakawa mines case,
    more than the murder of Tatsukichi,
[18:37] Takuboku
    it seemed like exposing the scandal
    about the minerals was the real objective.
[18:41] Kayo
    Educated people always make things
    too difficult. That's the problem.
[18:45] Kayo
    More importantly, your rent.
[18:49] Takuboku
    There's two month's worth in there.
[19:02] Kyousuke
    Excuse me...
[19:04] Kyousuke
[19:06] Kyousuke
    Is something wrong?
[19:07] Kyousuke
    It's cold out here. Please, come inside.
[19:10] Oen
    No, thank you. I have to catch a train.
[19:14] Kyousuke
    Are you traveling far?
[19:20] Kyousuke
    Is someone waiting for you?
[19:23] Oen
    The man who will be my husband.
[19:25] Kyousuke
[19:26] Kyousuke
    Then, you—
[19:27] Oen
    Will you give this to Hajime-san?
[19:42] Takuboku
    Well, that was a close one!
[19:45] Kyousuke
[19:46] Kyousuke
    Just now, Oen-san was...
[19:48] Takuboku
    Yes. I saw.
[19:50] Takuboku
    Is that for me?
[19:52] Kyousuke
    Oh. Yes...
[19:55] Takuboku
    Quite the conscientious woman, isn't she...
[19:58] Takuboku
    I could buy another suit like this
    and still have change left over.
[20:02] Kyousuke
    What on earth is going on?
[20:04] Takuboku
    What do you mean?
[20:05] Kyousuke
    That suit and that money.
[20:07] Takuboku
[20:08] Takuboku
    This was from the remuneration
    for persuading Oen, and this...
[20:12] Takuboku
    I suppose you could call it a farewell gift.
[20:14] Kyousuke
    Which means you...
[20:16] Kyousuke
    After selling Oen off
    and receiving money for it,
[20:19] Kyousuke
    you took her money, too?
[20:21] Takuboku
    I didn't "sell her off."
[20:23] Takuboku
    Oen agreed to it, after all.
[20:25] Takuboku
    She should be grateful to me, really.
[20:28] Kyousuke
[20:29] Takuboku
    Yes. The man is very wealthy.
[20:33] Takuboku
    From now on, she'll never
    have to worry about money—
[20:36] Kyousuke
    She loved you!
[20:38] Kyousuke
    And I loved you...
[20:40] Kyousuke
    your talent, your poetry, and you!
[20:44] Kyousuke
    But that ends today.
[20:47] Kyousuke
    I am going to cut ties with you.
[21:01] Takuboku
    "That accursed beast,
    the dyer's daughter, Oroku
[21:05] Takuboku
    carrying a cat along
    the beach in the setting sun...
[21:09] Takuboku
    with an innocent expression,
    lissome and lithe...
[21:15] Takuboku
    The accursed beast ties fabric
    in the chikuzen-shibori style
[21:19] Takuboku
    her slim, elegant fingertips
    stained dark blue
[21:23] Takuboku
    and her gold ring flashes..."
[21:27] Oen
    I'm from Hanamaki. When I came
    here, my first guest was...
[21:29] Kyousuke
    What is it you like about Ishikawa-kun?
[21:32] Man A
    You're quite an impressive man.
[21:33] Kyousuke
    I am going to cut ties with you.
[21:47] Takuboku
    Cut ties?
[21:49] Takuboku
    Well, that's just fine.
[21:52] Takuboku
    You know, I'm... trying so desperately...
[21:56] Takuboku
    "Though I work and work
[21:59] Takuboku
    still, it never gets any easier to live
[22:02] Takuboku
    I stare at my hands."
[23:38] Bokusui
    Kindaichi-kun, they say you
    cut ties with Ishikawa-kun?
[23:40] Kyousuke
    I can never forgive him!
[23:42] Bokusui
    If you're too stubborn, someone might
    steal your spot as his partner, you know.
SIGN    Next Time: "Honeysuckle"
SIGN    Illustration: Saki Kaoru